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Found 9 results

  1. Theodosia

    Runestone Capacity

    Currently, runestones cannot be held through creation of them more than 20 at a time. The restriction was changed on kRO along with the Rune Patch. Placing it as a report on recommendation of @Lai
  2. Theodosia

    Rune Stone Carry Capacity

    Character Name: Rune Knight Theodosia Suggestion: Update rune carry capacity to be up to date with kRO. Why to add: Makes easier stacking runes at once. Who will benefit: Players using rune knights Is the change drastic: no Room for improvement: just the change to how many you can carry, its not that complex. Sources (cited before for the rune update):
  3. kingtristan

    RK's Giant Growth Description

    The description on Turisus Rune is misleading from its actual effect. Right now it's: Should be:
  4. Drawing Conclusion+Source: Certain Runes effect have been updated on kRO server.
  5. Drawing Conclusion+Source:
  6. Drawing Conclusion+Source: Certain Runes effect have been updated on kRO server.
  7. Skill Name Crush Strike #RK_CRUSHSTRIKE/ Giant Growth #RK_GIANTGROWTH Screenshot of the skill usage. None When you use this skill, which statuses are you in? Crush Strike (Rhydo) and Giant Growth (Thusirus) and plenty of Critical buffs for consistent damage When you use this skill, which equipments do you wear? 2 handed sword When you use this skill, are you mounted? Ferus When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? Have Giant Growth Active and use Crush Strike multiple times for testing When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? Yes What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? The Triple Damage Effect of Giant Growth should affect Crush Strike Damage. How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? Tested with 50 Rhydo Runes on Dummies with 105 Critical while on Thusirus Buff. None of them procs the x3 damage even once. Either I have the most terrible luck in the world or the 3x damage doesn't affect Crush Strike. Source:
  8. Item Name / Item ID: 22540 Describe the bug: Unable to create the rune even when I have all the mats Light Granule, Gold, Mystic Rough Runestone on multiple amounts. Also held elder branches to be sure but still didn't work (getting You can't create items yet pop up). Able to make every other runes except for lux. Searched the forums and no info provided regarding a change. Give your source : Your Char Name / Your Char Stats : o Yvonne o
  9. Topic Name: Optional old RK sprite Character Names: Rupz How long have you been playing LimitRO? Played for a bit awhile back, starting out fresh now. How long have you been a Forum member? Less than a week Is your Suggestion a duplicated one? No Have your suggestion been denied before? No Hey guys! I'm loving the server and it's community! I'm totally aware of the "new outfit NPC" that gives the option for people to change their job sprite's to jRO's new sprites, I wanted to make a suggestion if it were possible to also give an option for players like me to be able to change to the old Rune Knight sprite? For sure there must be some other players like me too! I really really love the Old Rune Knight sprite cause I feel it seems more of a Rune Knight to me and for sure there are some people who don't like it, but I think it should be an option for people to be free to choose which Rune Knight sprite they want to use, I'm sure it shouldn't be too hard since it has been coded and it has been animated as well. Thanks for hearing me out!