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Found 2 results

  1. Rockridge

    Rockridge 🐃🐃🐃🐃🐃 Main Quest Requirements Level 100+ The journey to the west, everything begins near the harbor of Alberta ~~ @go alberta and search for Karam Pucci near the harbor at coordination 240/104. His company Pink Rose is talking about a new continent and a city named Rock Ridge, they are looking for adventurers. "Why are you looking for adventurers?" He will then take you to harbor of Rock Ridge ~~ Speak with Costello (harboro1 80/218), he is mayor of Rock Ridge and standing near the dock. "Mr Karam Pucci sent me" Costello will tell you a bit of tribes in this new wasteland and needs you help to protect against bandits. You will be asked to find Wyatt Warp in the Sheriff's office. "I heard about the Buffallo Bandits" After explaining the situation, Wyatt would like you to report back to the mayor. Walk back to the dock and speak to Costello "You" You made a joke about the Buffallo bandits wanting to take Costello as hostage. Now back to Wyatt Warp and explain what you saw. You need to exist Rock Ridge You will be in the wilderness ~~ Ready to fight <3 Walk to the coordination 153/303 in Kiwawa Desert (rockrdg1) to find Johnny James The drama will begin ~~ 🍿 After that, speak with Wyatt Warp He will ask you to go back to his office. Walk back to Rock Ridge and into the Sheriff's Office, speak with Wyatt Warp. He will ask you to speak with Ivoka Skudi, in the same building. You need to speak with Johnny James, who is now in Prison of Rock Ridge, about the new suggestion made by Ivoka ~~ Go downstairs of Sheriff's Office to enter the Prison. You will lure Johnny into telling you the location of the stolen ores, and how Albert betrayed Johnny. Johnny will be upset and asks you for Albert's mane. Walk upstairs and speak with Wyatt Warp. You will be introduced to Shawn McCurdy, who wants to talk about the mine. Find Shawn McCurdy in Rock Ridge 288/193 Now leave town, and walk east and enter the 2nd map of Kiwawa Desert. You can find Shawn McCurdy at coordination 347/216 Speak with Shawn McCurdy in Kiwawa Desert He will be able to take you to the mine via a temporary passage. When you are inside the Rockridge Mine, speak with Shawn McCurdy, he will ask you to bring him 1 Purple Ore Walk into the mine and you will see many Purple Ores, destroy them, chance to obtain the ore. Bring the ore back to Shawn McCurdy, and you will head up to the surface. Speak with Shawn McCurdy at the surface and he will wish you good luck with taking out Albert. Now walk north and find a Concave Rock. "Knock, knock, knock." This will lure out Albert Ford. Engage to him ~~ "I came to negotiate with you." After a long conversation he will give you Buffalo Bandit Mane Walk back to explain to Wyatt Warp in the Sheriff's Office. (Use @go 39 to teleport to Rockridge) Enter the prison downstairs and show Johnny James the mane. Now Johnny will tell you the location of hidden ores. "under the elevator under the second floor of the mine". Report back to Wyatt Warp, and the plan goes on! Travel to Shawn McCurdy in Kiwawa Desert. He will start working. Then sending you back into the mine. Speak to Shawn McCurdy inside the mine, and he will give you new instructions. Follow his directions and find a Broken Elevator. You will be attacked by 3 Buffalo Bandits ~~ Kill them and check the Broken Elevator again to obtain 1x Purple Ore Crate Bring that back to Shawn McCurdy. He will ask you to gather 5x Brown Muffler 5x Bandit's Scarf and kill 3 Buffalo Bandits. They drop by Buffalo Bandits on the surface. After gathering all items, then bring Albert Ford out thru the Concave Rock. He will say that he will never give up! Get back to Wyatt Warp in Sheriff's Office. Now, you will be rewarded with 1 of following accessories (Character bound). Sheriff's Left Badge [1] Sheriff's Right Badge [1] Choose wisely ~~ Also you will be rewarded with 200x Rock Ridge Coin Congrats ~~ You have completed the Rockridge main quest, you can now enter the Rockridge mine <3 Special NPCs in Rock Ridge Inside Tool Building - Many shops ~ Howard Location: Tool Building You can buy items from him with Rock Ridge Coin Item List Vigilante Suit = 24 Elemental Robe = 24 Golden Ninja Suit = 24 Mine Worker's Vest = 24 Hippie Clothes = 24 Drifter's Cape = 150 Spurred Boots = 150 Liquor Bottle [3] = 180 Elder Staff [3] = 300 Costume Black Cowboy Hat = 150 Costume Cactus Flower Corsage = 150 Black Bandit Mask = 150 Affable Lady Location: Tool Building Offers items for sale with zeny, item list: Elemental Cape Golden Scarf Mine Worker's Backpack Vigilante Badge Hippie Feather Armor Dealer Location: Tool Building Offer's fixed amount of hats for sale. Cigarette Pipe Grampa Beard Sombrero Indian Headband Cowboy Hat This topic will be updated when we have all Daily Quests and other features for Rock Ridge ~~
  2. Changelogs Welcome to the beautiful world, GM Wendi ~~ Born: 2017.11.20 - Server Time 13:00 (exact) Daddy is so proud of you ~~ New Cards Moscovia Series New Town: Rock Ridge Talk to Karam Pucci in Alberta to access. Cash Shop All Cash Headgear will lose it's costume status, and will turn into: Retired Hat Retired Sunglasses Retired Flu Mask Retired Smile Mask All "OLD Gemstones" will be deleted. Note: You can still recycle them to Mato Mato, and if it's refined you can contact me for recycle. Added 1x new costume garment ~~ NPC All Limit Academy will now give auto navigation guide, improvement for newbie's to get directions. Added bulk purchase option for: Guarana Candy Maker Chemist Molgenstein Simplified Dye Maker's crafting process. Preview feature for Costume Maker Alice. Moved Malaya's PvP Warper closer to spawn point (previously was too far away!) Added basic town NPCs to Rock Ridge and Verus City. Added special Socket Enchantment NPC Trois in Asgard's Cash Area. Requires Slotting Advertisement item for every socket attempt. Increased chances of socket enchantment. Doesn't break equipment if socket attempt fails. Bug Fixes Doram Magical Shadow Shield now reduced Catnip Meteor cooldown based on its skill level. Previously was based on shadow shield refine (bug.) Catnip Meteor's cooldown now fixed at 5 seconds for all levels. Time Holder now has its Tomb. Owl Viscount & Marquis now spawn in Nightmare F3 Only. Fixed Frederich not giving reward for Bijou killing. Should fix 16.1 Rubbish Heap issue. If you can't click, talk to Mistress Mob Nidhoggur's Nest's MvP now drops Dragon Soul. Time Holder now drops Monocle[1] Cash Added following items to VIP Shop. Slotting Advertisement Infinity Giant Fly Wing Rental New Costumes Added new costumes to: Costume Girl Alice Angel's Guidance Bloomed Hairpin Heaven's Cage Happy Lunatic Ears Aqua Spell Battleground Shop Camellia Hairpin Debonaire's Hat Tomboy Fairy Ear MvP's Drop Stormy Knight - Ice Drake Horns Valk Randgris - Blessing of Angels Time Holder - Clock Tower Comm Set Normal Castle Treasure Event Box (Emperor) Silk Castle Treasure Event Box (Prince)