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Found 3 results

  1. kingtristan

    RK's Giant Growth Description

    The description on Turisus Rune is misleading from its actual effect. Right now it's: Should be:
  2. Turisus Rune (Giant Growth) should increase damage by 250%. After testing, it appears the damage is increased by more than 250%. Tested with only 30 STR Buff (Using +20 STR Food and +10 STR food) and I deal around 6,4-6,6k damage When use Giant Growth (Turisus Rune), it should add 250% damage. So lets take 6500 damage for an example: 6500 + (6500*250%)= 22.750. But right now it becomes around 36k~39k ? It's like adding 500% damage instead of 250%. 6500+(6500*500%)= 39.000 Note: The test above is using my full equipment. Which are: If i only use katana: Just +30 str is 450ish to 600ish. So if i take 600 damage, it should be around: 600+(600*250%)= 2100 Now with Turisus Rune (just katana): Mind blowing 3k to 4kish damage xD All test use the following stat: (before any buff which is +30 str foods and turisus buff) Please correct me if I'm wrong or misinformed. Perhaps there's another calculation that i missed or something
  3. kingtristan

    Rune Knight Shadow Shield

    Currently, no ASPD is given when use the enchant blade, even when the refine rate is +7 No enchant Blade With Enchant Blade as you can see, even when us enchant blade, the ASPD are the same