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Found 22 results

  1. Cap's Guide to Auto Shadow Spell Shadow Chaser Just to preface this guide, this build can be a decent alternative farmer to those maps where AoE won't make much of a difference, but when used for end-game-ish stuff like mid-tier instances, you will spend a f*ck ton of consumables. The Original Farmer and The Wannabe DPS Going back to its roots, you can use this class to farm pretty much anything. Now that Jack Frost is fixed and can't be spammed anymore (without spending a ton on fixed cast time redux). You'll be taking advantage of high aspd coupled with auto steal. The skill you'll use with auto shadow spell depends on what monster you're trying to farm. Sometimes a single target spell is more advantageous than using an AoE (like auto looting at 100% when there are other monsters on the map besides the one you're targeting). Farming equips aren't that expensive. All you have to make sure is to have high aspd, flee. You can put high STR for increased weight capacity and higher physical attacks. If you just wanna farm, you can focus more on aspd equips like Buffalo Horns or Bakonawa Tattoos. For the sake of this guide, I'm only gonna be focusing on the magic side of things. As for the Wannabe DPS part, that's where things get A LOT more expensive. Not only do you have to make sure you have at least 191 aspd, you also have to raise your matk by a considerable amount. You'll be relying more on your auto casts than your physical damage do kill monsters. STATS STR - You can pretty much leave this at 1, or up to 30. Depends if you still have some points to spend. Just remember that this will be your least wanted stat. You can get your extra weight limit from Gym Passes. (Future updates will also remove the HP/SP regen penalty when you're at 50% weight, and raise it to 70%.) AGI - This can go as high as 120. Or as much as you need to get at least 191 aspd with equips and buffs on. VIT - Just get up to a total of 100, including the bonus you get from Job Levels and equips, for stun immunity. INT - 120. DEX - Only get enough to have a decent cast time. Dex also affects your aspd, but only minimally. LUK - Evert 3 points of this stat gives MATK. GEARS You really have to invest in this build if you want it to actually do something. Now, the chances of this build being used in competitive hunting is slim to none, since it takes some time to get the DPS up. Meanwhile, you have burst damage dealers like Ranger, Genetics, Guillotines Crosses, and recently, Rune Knights. Headgear Upper Hyuke's Black Cat Ears - This is currently my Holy Grail and go-to headgear of choice, no matter the situation. Relatively cheap, but the effects are simply too good to ignore, specially for a class that dishes out multiple magic hits per second. This headgear completely pierces the MDEF of enemies, even MVPs when it procs, for 5 seconds. Right now, Auto Shadow Spell Shadow Chasers are the only ones that can truly utilize this equipment. Other classes rely on manually casting spells on enemies, which most of them have long cast delays and cool downs. You have to keep hitting monsters with magic non-stop for this to proc, which is what an ASS SC is good for. Only downside is there's no slot. Wickebine's Black Cat Ears [1] - Same as above, but slotted. Relatively expensive but definitely worth the investment. Bacsojin Doll Hat [1] - I consider this as my second go-to headgear. Depending on the refine, you can get a pretty high MATK bonus when this hat procs. MATK is increased by 30 multiplied by the refine level. Slotted. But still outclasses by Wickebine's Black Cat Ears in terms of damage when the MDEF pierce procs. Skull Cap [1] - Total of +8% MATK at +7. I wouldn't really recommend getting this hat tho. It sucks lol. But hey, if you already have it, might as well use it. Balloon Hat [1] - When you're starting out. I shouldn't even be including this. Wickebine's Black Cat Ears are about the same price as this hat. And you actually need this refined. Meh. Kettle Hat - If you wanna be a hipster and bank on auto casting Water Ball after auto casting Deluge. It's still fun tho. This has a chance to auto cast level 2 Deluge and level 3 Water Ball with each physical attack. Red Pom Band [1] - For Demi-Human. If you have one that's already high refined, great, otherwise don't spend on this hat if you're planning to run instances with this build. There really aren't that many Demi-Human bosses around. And the other headgears would be more beneficial to you. Fenrir Card - If you have it the use it. Not only does it shorten your fixed cast time (specially beneficial if you're using a crit build), it also adds matk per refine of your headgear. Lichtern Blue CardLichtern Green CardLichtern Red CardLichtern Yellow CardTikbalang Card - Choose your poison. Additional MATK and elemental damage, depending on the card. But if you're mostly using Meteor Storm, might as well choose Red Lichtern. Engkanto Card - If you're ever facing with a Poison monster. Adds 30% damage. This card is also scripted to work with magic attacks. Just not the DEF pierce. Mutant Coelacanth Card - If you're lucky enough to get one. Increases MATK by 2%, and an additional 1% per 2 refines. Downside is it also decreases your Max HP by 1% per 2 refines. Rata Card - MATK +10. Not really worth the investment. Uzhas_Card - Magic Damage to Demon + 10%, additional +5% if refined to +9. Tucan Card - Magic Damage to Insect +10%, additional +5% if refined to +9. Jaguar Card - Magic Damage to Brute +10%, additional +5% if refined to +9. Jitterbug Card - Only use with the Jitterbug combo set. +200% magic and physical damage on neutral property monsters when it procs. Mid Robo Eye - Cheap and reliable. Imperial Feather - If you wanna get more aspd. You must have at least 108 AGI. Sigrun's Wings - A Walmart version of Imperial Feather, but it doesn't have the AGI requirement. Black Devil's Mask - All stats +2. I've still yet to see the allure of this headgear. It's hard AF to make and I don't think the effects are worth that much trouble. But hey, if you have it, use it. Sunglasses [1] - Easiest to get slotted mid gear currently. Card with the cards recommended above. Monocle [1] - "Cheaper" than slotted sunnies, but harder to find. Same cards as above, although I do prefer to have Jitterbug here. And have multiple mid slots with different cards. Low CD in Mouth - The staple of auto cast SCs. Not only does it deal additional damage with the bolts it casts, it also helps proccing your Boots and Wickebines. Golden Fish - If you feel like you don't lack auto casts anymore. +10 matk and +2 all stats. Rainbow Scarf - Additional MATK. Basically, you really want a CD in Mouth. That's what you should aim for. If you don't have it yet, just use whatever it is you have on hand that will increase your MATK. Update: Now it's recommended to use Rainbow Scarf along with a loyal Diabolic Egg for Fire Bolt auto casts. Armor Robe of Flattery [1] - +150 MATK by just being level 140 and above. Not to mention the enchants are powerful. Downside is you have to have the item refined to at least +7 to get the minimum effects of the enchants. Exerion Suit - This is my current go-to armor. I have one of every kind. My main one is INT/MATK/MATK. You can also make an elemental one with 2 MATK reactors. It's pretty much mix and match. Excellion Suits are fairly cheap, and the elemental reactors and MATK reactors are also fairly cheap. Cursed Mail [1] - If you're really rich. +10% MATK along with other bonuses. Heroic Hidden Cloth [1] - A decent armor. MATK +10% when it procs, which is quite often. Also adds 20 Crit Rate. A good armor for a crit build. There's really not much variance you can use. As long as it adds MATK. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - Really awesome if you're up against Demons and Undead. Which is what makes more than half of the content in RO. Entweihen Crothen Card - MATK +100. That's about it. Bijou Card - MATK +10% and immunity from Frozen status. Byorgue Card - ATK/MATK +10% when you're a Rogue Class, which you are. Any elemental cards or status resist cards to counter the monster you're facing. Sometimes choosing a defensive card for your armor is better than choosing an attack one. What good are you when you're dead lol. Weapon Sorcerer's Sword [2] - Now this the Holy Grail of Shadow Spell Chasers. Only downside is you have to have it at +11 to enjoy the Level 3 Psychic Wave auto cast. This dagger also has the highest MATK potential among the weapons SCs can wear. At this point, there's really no point in using anything else lol. Old Parasol [3] - This sword is just awesome. If you can get high aspd with a sword equipped, then this one is pretty much recommended. Not really that high base MATK bonus, but it does increase per refine. It can also be enchanted once (up to Spell 9). Not to mention there are 3 slots. Elemental Sword [3] - Next best thing you can wear. If you wanna focus more on using bolts as your main spells. This sword will melt your target. But this only works for 1vs1 cases tho. Best used when you copied Cold Bolt and use Auto Shadow Spell level 1. Faceworm Queen Leg [2] - A really nice dagger with a relatively high MATK for daggers. Can also cast level 1 Earthquake. Which is pretty much useless since the formula is based on your ATK. I try to avoid using this dagger tho. If you have an Old Parasol at at least +7, then you'll be leaving this dagger in the dust when it comes to MATK bonus. (Update: I actually use this dagger more now when just farming in general.) Futsumitama [2] - Quite expensive. Has higher base MATK (+160) bonus than FQL. This is a case of if you have it, use it. Thanatos Dagger [1] - MATK +130 and INT +6. The downside is you'll always be losing HP. Infinity Dagger [1] - MATK +100, but this can be enchanted with Spell Enchants. It has the potential do be a decent MATK dagger. The downside is it's account bound. Infinity Bow [1] - YES! Shadow Spell now works with Bows. It just sucks that the only Bow that has a base MATK bonus can't be work by Rogue Classes. Enchant this with Spell Enchant. This is like the best Bow we can use at the moment. Gust Bow [2] - Next best thing. No MATK bonus but auto casts level 5 Wind Blade, and has 2 slots. Moonlight Dagger - Recovers 3 SP per attack. This includes magic damage too. So you'll be pretty much regenerating SP like crazy. Timeholder Card - MATK +20% Immortal Wind Ghost Card - MATK +10% and has a chance to cast level 5 Killing Cloud when performing magic attacks. Magic Racial Cards. You can't go wrong with them. I have like 3 of almost every kind. (This is the card.) Corruption Root Card or Realized Corruption Root Card - Actually good for farming/mobbing. Red Eruma Card - A chance of inflicting Curse on enemies when they're hit with magic attacks. Useful for crown control. Octopus Card - Another crown control card, but this time it inflicts Blind with your magic attacks. Sidewinder Card - If you're using a sword and still lacking some aspd. Manananggal Card - Recovers 1 SP per attack. I'm not sure if it officially works with magic too, like with Moonlight Dagger, but here in Limit, it only works with physical attacks. Spirit Enchanted Box Card - High chance of inflicting curse on targets when they are hit by magic. Good for farming and mobbing. Any Card that boosts Magic Damage to certain race. Shield Cursed Mad Bunny - The Main Shield. This nullifies the aspd penalty you get from wearing shields with its +3 flat ASPD bonus. Also adds +5% MATK, and reflects 10% of every melee damage (which is important since it gives reflected damage is also included in the chance to proc your auto casts, barring Auto Shadow Spell). Mad Bunny [1] - This doesn't have the ASPD bonus, but it is slotted. If you're willing to spend more on AGI/ASPD consumables, then you can opt for this shield instead, otherwise the non-slotted variety will do wonders. Valkyria's Shield [1] - Still one of the best shields in-game because of the elemental redux. You can always go with no shield on in case you don't have a Cursed Mad Bunny and can't raise your ASPD to decent numbers. Standard Racial cards if you're using a slotted shield. GTB if you need it. But you'll mostly be fine without a card. You can pretty much use any shield you want, as long as you can get your ASPD up to 191+. You can also go with no shield if you're struggling with aspd. Garment Fallen Angel Wing [1] - Refined to at least 7 and get Spell enchants. Heroic Backpack [1] - A +7 backpack is better than a +0~+6 FAW. I like having both of them. FAW for attacking and Backpack for Defending. Giant Faceworm Skin [1] - Only get this at high refines. +10 or above. You'll be mainly using this for a Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card. Exerion Wing - Refine to +7 and have 3x Reactor 202. Only used for SP Recovery. Antique Book Card - Your standard MATK garment card. Nightmare Ancient Mummy Card - +3% damage to your fire magic every refine. Also has +15% neutral resistance. Use it if you're mostly on Fire auto casts. Salamander Card - +40% more damage to Meteor Storm. Pretty meh to be honest. You have more spells on your auto cast list that you'll benefit more from an Antique Book Card than this. Flamel Card - Great for recovering using slim pots. I like to compound this on a +7 Backpack. Farming while Linked is a dream when using this Card and Ranked Slims. Randel Card - Enables level 3 Auto Guard. Compound it on a different garment. Cast Auto Guard and switch back to your main one. Shoes Temporal INT Boots [1] - Spell Enchant with Runaway Magic and nothing else. You can get away with Lucky Day, but Runaway Magic is really the best option since it amplifies one of your auto casts greatly. Temporal INT Boots - Same enchant with above, or even Lucky Day. Cheaper. And you can really go without a card for your shoes. Temporal AGI Boots - Spell Enchant with Runaway Magic or Lucky Day. I mostly use this for farming. Even without foods and just level 3 Agi Up, I can still get 193 aspd without sacrificing my other MATK gears. Fallen Bishop Card - Even if you aren't fighting Demi-Humans or Angels, the card still adds +10% MATK. Nightmare Verit Card - MATK +5% at below +6. Another +3% When refined to +7. And another +3% at +9. Accessories Evil Spirit's Silk Glove [1] - Auto Caster's wet dream. Casts Psychic Wave, Frost Nova, Scream. Also let's you use Spider Web. Broken Heart [1] - A cheap alternative to Evil Spirit's Silk Glove. You must wear it with Gentle Heart to activate the auto casts. The only downside is you consume 2 accessory slot. You forfeit proccing Psychic Wave when you switch one accessory with Pendant of Harmony for some recovery. Gentle Heart [1] - Same as Broken Heart. Alchemy Glove [1] - Amplifies Fire damage. Auto Casts Fire Ball with physical attacks, and Fire Bolt with magical attacks. Silversmith Bracelet [1] - If you ever need to Spell Break something. City Center Map [1] - A really useful accessory when farming or going solo. Compound with Creamy Card. Mavka_Card - THE BEST card if you're using Meteor Storm auto casts. Fire/Earth magic damage +20%. Scaraba Card - There's really not much to choose from for Accessory Cards. Unless Moscovia Cards get released any time soon. Shadow Gears Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon - Not really useful when worn by itself. Shadow Chaser Shadow Shield - MATK +2% when worn with the Shadow Weapon, along with other bonuses. I'm still on the fence about using a Shadow Casher set on a Shadow Spell SC, but there's really not much any other choice out there. I also have a Rogue Set, now I'm just waiting for the Thief Set to be released. Wizard Shadow Armor - Useless when worn alone. Wizard Shadow Shoes - +20% damage to Lord of Vermillion, Meteor Storm, and Storm Gust. Scatter Shadow Earring - +5 INT Physical Shadow Earring - If you're still missing that extra umph for your ASPD. Although you're gonna need to +7 this to get a measly +3% ASPD lol. But hey, maybe the difference between 192 and 193 ASPD is that 1%. Donate Gears Upper Speed Lv3 - 4x on an upper CE. +1 aspd per Gemstone. Mid/Low Almighty Lv3 - 4x on Mid and Low. I find stat Gems more useful than damage ones when you have to share them for all your characters and you can't exactly afford to get multiple sets. Garment/Wings/Amulet Star Stone(Matk) - If you're ever lucky enough or rich enough to get MATK star stones. Only feasible if you're playing other magic characters on your account. SKILLS There are only a handful of skills you're gonna need. The rest if up to you to decide. I'll just note the most important ones. Plagiarism - Your main source of damage. Can copy up to second class skills. Preserve - Prevents the skill your copied via Plagiarism to be overwritten. Be sure to cast this constantly. And cast this immediately after you've been revived. Reject Sword - Halves the damage you take and reflect it back. Tunnel Drive - Allows the character to move at half movement speed while in Hiding status. Chase Walk - Like Cloaking but you can't be revealed. You can still take damage from AoEs tho. If you are Linked, you can move really really fast while in Chase Walk. Gank - Auto casts steal. Useful for farming. Reproduce - Let's you copy up to 3rd class skills. Skills that you've copied via this skill will have 2x the SP consumption when used. Auto Shadow Spell - Chosen Magic spell learned from Plagiarism and Reproduce will have a chance of casting automatically with every physical attack. Those are pretty much all the notable skills you need in order to play this build. Other skills will depend on how you use the character. Consumables White Slim Potion - Ranked or not, this is still one of the best healing items you can use, specially when used in conjunction with other healing item boosters. Mastela Fruit - Heals well and light weight. It's just they're kinda expensive. Mora Mandarin - One of the best SP healing item you can find. Kinda hard to farm tho. Strawberry - A lot of monsters drop this. Either farm them or buy them. Grape Juice - Recovers a decent amount of SP. HP Increase Potion (Large) - Increases your Max HP. SP Increase Potion (Large) - Increases your Max SP. Concentrated White Potion Z - Increases HP regeneration rate. Vitata 500 - Increases SP regeneration rate and Max HP. Concentrated Ceromain Soup - +10% ASPD. Berserk Potion - Increases ASPD greatly. Regeneration Potion - Increases heal rate of all recovery items by 20% for 30 minutes. Small Life Potion - Recovers 5% of your Max HP every 5 seconds for 10 minutes. Big Defense Potion - 3% resistance to physical attacks for 3 minutes. Big Magic Defense Potion - 3% resistance to magical attacks for 3 minutes. Fire Resist PotionCold Resist PotionEarth Resist PotionThunder Resist Potion Holy Elemental Scroll - Endows your armor with Holy Element for 5 minutes. Undead Elemental Scroll - +20% resistance from Fire, Earth, Water, Wind for 5 minutes. Does not stack with Holy Elemental Scroll. Guarana Candy - Casts level 5 Increase Agility. Those are the consumables I always have in my inventory. SP items are a MUST! Your SP will constantly be brought to 0 because of Runaway Magic. ~TBC~ VIDEOS Example of a Crit Build: Build not viable anymore because of the Shadow Chaser Job Improvement update from kRO. DEX Build Build only semi-viable. Unless you wanna go hybrid Triangle Shot build. ~More vids to come~
  2. Cap's Noob Guide to Battle Bishops I've always been fascinated with Battle Priests ever since pre-renewal days. But I just couldn't get into them because they're so hard and tricky to play and. Specially with pre-renewal gears and stats. Now, though, we have access to more gears and better stat distribution, and I found myself thinking of playing one myself (I did it a couple of years back, but we still lacked some equipment back then to make the build shine). Again, like my other guides, this build isn't really for everyone. You have to have patience, and you have to have zeny to even start playing. Equipment are expensive, and some of them hard to make. I really wouldn't suggest trying out this build if you are new because it might just turn you off, seeing as how little damage you're doing. This isn't a build where you'll see big damage flying around. Although it's really fun watching a Healer Class whack monsters on the head. Damage is decent. That's all I can say. You can do solo low-level instances (up to mid-level if you're geared well enough). You have your own buffs, own way of healing, and some debuffs for monsters. This is a pretty self sufficient build. Just don't expect too much. There used to be 3 basic builds for Battle Bishops, but with the crit update, 1 of those became obsolote. I'm only gonna cover 2 of them, but mainly focusing on 1 (which is my current build). Crit Build This build can deal high enough crit damage, supplemented by gears. Although I haven't tested the extent of this build myself. This build shines on 1vs1 fights, but it has a really weak crowd control ability. Another downside is Arch Bishops don't have access to a really good weapon that will stand on its own, since all you're gonna do is whack monsters with that weapon. Stats STR - 90~100 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 100 total for stun immunity INT - 1 DEX - 1 LUK - 120 Auto Caster This is the same as other auto caster builds. Not really much variance except for a few gears here and there. This build can reach higher INT for more MATK. The downside is if a monster has NPC AGI UP, or just has high flee, you'll have some trouble hitting it. Stats STR - 1~50 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 90 (100 total for stun immunity) INT - 100~120 DEX - 80~100 LUK - 1~30 Crit Caster Hybrid This is the build I'm playing with right now. In the immortal words of Hannah Montana, "You have the best of both worlds!" You have crit to counter high flee targets, and good enough crowd control ability. In my opinion, this is the Goldilocks build. Stats STR - 30~50 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 100 total for stun immunity INT - 90~100 DEX - 1 LUK - 120 Gears Upper Headgear Racing Cap(Archbishop) [1] - Auto casts Adoramus when refine is +11, also increases Duple Light damage. Wickebine's Black Cat Ears [1] - Completely bypasses mdef when it procs. The unslotted version is also good, but you're gonna need the slot for combos. White Drooping Eddga - For crit builds exclusively. +25 ATK per refine when it procs. Skull Cap [1] - A decent enough headgear to increase matk. Bacsojin Doll Hat [1] - Decent matk gear. Although needs to be high refined to be effective. Fresh Roses [1] - Good matk gear. Needs refine tho, but can be enchanted with Spell 9. Celine's Ribbon [1] - Really good when high refined (specially when the combo gets released here), can be enchanted up to Spell 9. Engkanto Card - If you're gonna go up against Poison Monsters. +30% physical and magical damage to said element. Jitterbug Card - If you're up against Neutral Monsters. +200% physical and magical damage to said element when it procs. Fenrir Card - For general matk increase. And for that slow AF cast time. Vesper Card - For the matk builds. Bypass 30% mdef of boss monsters. Mid Gambler Seal - ATK/MATK/Crit Increase, as well as crit damage. Imperial Feather - +1 ASPD Sunglasses [1] - Extra slot Monocle [1] - Cheaper than Sunglasses Same cards as above if you chose to go with slotted mids. Lower CD in Mouth - Auto Casts level 3 bolts. Pretty much to go-to lower headgear of any auto cast class. Spiked Scarf - +35 ATK There really aren't that much option for lower headgear. I'd just stick to CD. More damage and for added hitlock effect. Armor Robe of Flattery [1] - Really good for magic builds. Robe of Abuse [1] - For the pure crit builds. Cursed Mail [1] - +10% ATK/MATK, and some elemental redux. I just don't see the appeal of this armor tbh. Maybe when the full set is released. You can also use any spare slotted armors you have for elemental armor cards. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - A given when you're gonna go up against dark/demon/undead as a magic class. Gloom Under Night Card - For physical builds. Any other cards you might think that's gonna be beneficial for your play style. It's also good to carry multiple armors with different elements on them. Weapon Empowered Mace of Judgement [1] - If highly refine, one of the best maces auto casters can use. Mace of Judgement [2] - If you can't afford to make en empowered version. Noble Cross [1] - Auto casts Turn Undead on undead monsters, has a matk bonus. Grand Cross [1] - A Noble Cross without the matk bonus. Still good if you can't afford to make a Noble Cross. Bloody Cross - Auto casts level 1 Hell Inferno. Downside is there's no matk bonus. Valkyrie Hammer [4] - A ridiculously expensive mace. It's good. But just ridiculously expensive. Veteran Hammer [2] or Veteran Hammer [3] - Decent for Crit Builds. Baphomet Card - Good for mobbing. True Margaretha Sorin Card - For the auto Adoramus build with racing cap. Immortal Wind Ghost Card - Auto casts Killing Cloud. Immortal Cursed Knight Card - Auto casts Ignition Break. Memory of Thanatos Card - For pure crit builds. It's a waste tho. lol Laura Card - For crit build. There really aren't that much option for weapon cards. Use what you have and what you think would benefit you more. Shield Cursed Mad Bunny - +5% ATK/MATK, Additonal ATK/MATK when refined to certain levels, and +3 ASPD. Any other shield if you're gonna use a card. Mostly, you can go with no shield if you don't have a Cursed Mad Bunny. ASPD penalty for wearing a shield really hurts. Garment Battle Surcoat [1] - A really good garment for both builds. Grants Double Attack and Triple Attack, which both can crit. Fallen Angel Wings [1] - Next best option. Although I rarely use mine. I just stick with my Surcoat. Antique Book Card - For magic builds. Petal Card - For crit builds. Cenere Card - If you're still lacking ASPD Randel Card - For switching. Level 3 Auto Guard. Shoes Any variant of the Temporal Boots that is fit to your build. Mostly Luk Boots tho. Accessories Evil Glove [1] - Has a lot of auto casts. My main accessory. Gentle Heart [1] and Wounded Heart [1] - If you can't afford an Evil Glove Alchemy Glove [1] - Auto casts Fireball and Firebolt. Ring of Flame Lord - For physical builds. Scaraba Card Gold Scaraba Card Headless Mule Card - For auto Adoramus build. Dwigh Card - Increases magical damage of Neutral and Shadow property. Really good since Duple Light is forced neutral. Playing Pere Card and Singing Pere Card - If you're gonna use Jitter combo for Neutral monsters. Costumes and Shadow Gears Speed Lv3 - Kinda a given. Almighty Lv3 or Destruction Lv3 - You choose. For Star Stones ATK, MATK, Crit, whatever you have, really. Arch Bishop Shadow Weapon Archbishop Shadow Shield Priest Shadow Armor Priest Shadow Shoes Acolyte Shadow Earring Acolyte Shadow Pendant You can look up each other them and see their effects. Mainly, the bonus you get from the set is +10 to all stats and 50% def/mdef bypass on normal monsters. Skills I'll only be listing the skills you shouldn't skip. Mace Mastery - Pretty important skill. You don't really need much from other skill branches anyways. Assumptio - To mitigate some of the damage you receive. Duple Light - Probably the main source of your DPS. Now that the damage has practically double thanks to the AB improvements kRO implemented, this skill is really worth maxing. Expiatio - Provides up to 25% bypass of Def and Mdef. and - The two Lauda skills should be maxed. One provides +10% MaxHP boost, and the other one adds +20% Critical Damage. Consumables Use every consumable you have to reach 193 aspd. lol Videos OGH Normal
  3. For the most update guide you can check it on LimitRO Wiki here (including the new Class Stones Build) :'s_Guide_for_Sharp_Shooting_Rangers PS: I'm not updating these thread anymore, pls refer to wiki. 1. Introduction Hi, Roe here :D, you can find me in LimitRO as Roe Iceburst. So some of you might have noticed, that ever since the hunter skills update, the rangers’s sharp shooting damage has become “usable” now, compared to before the update. If you want to feel something different with ranger gameplay (aside from the AS and Crit type), you might want to try this Sharp Shooter type. This is Roe again btw lol. Here, I will assume you have reached level 185 now, and have all the 65 skill points ready. Now let’s get to the point. Sharp Shooting Skills Description. At level 5 it gives +1150% damage. It has a 0.5 second fixed cast time and 1 second variable cast time. The current level also affect the damage dealt. Be reminded that this is a Critical Rate and Critical Damage affected skill, so any Critical Damage% Bonus is a plus for this build. Pro : - Damage output is high, clear mobs very fast. - A friend to AB’s Lex Aeterna skill. - Can be insta-casted with the right gear and stats. - Can kill all type of monsters with various elements. (Yea, including the holy 4 monsters) - No dependency on Lord Knight Card. - Easy to switch, even if you are previously AS or Crit Type. - Can clear many instances faster. Yea, I know that AS type and Crit type can clear them fast, but this is even faster. - Have several type of playstyle : semi-burst continuous damage type, full burst damage type, fast after cast delay type. - Since it's a critical hit, it can hit the agi-up targets easily, like the Khalitzburgs in OGHH. - It is a 3x12 AOE….. you should see that forest wave monsters lining up just to be shoot by this skil lol. - And of course, you can play it with style!! Cons : - To hit the targets with sharp shoot, rangers need to stay quite close (9 cells). - Quite soft a.k.a. glass cannon. - Can’t wear too much strong defensive gear / cards, because it will tone down the damage dealt. - Quite expensive on end-game build. Well every class do… - Some equipments need very much patience to get, by only being rich won’t let you get them. 2. Skills 2.1. Archer Skills : As usual, just put all 10s on all skills : Double Strafe 10 --> you will be needing this to lv10 if you will use the Emerald Ring Arrow Shower 10 Owl’s Eye 10 Vulture’s Eye 10 Improve Concentration 10 2.2. Hunter Skills Beastbane 10 Falcon Mastery 1 --> you will need this to finish Bakonawa and Bangungot faster Blitz Beat 5 Sharp Shooting 5 --> of course, put this to max since we are making the Sharp Shooting Build. Wind Walk 10 True Sight 10 Claymore Trap 1 --> to unlock Trap Mastery Remove Trap 1 --> to unlock Trap Mastery Put the rest of the hunter’s points to other skills. 2.3. Ranger Skills These skills are my preference as my ranger main skills. Arrow Storm 10 --> I told you later why I still use AS 10 Fear Breeze 5 Unlimit 5 Warg Bite 5 --> useful to stop the target Warg Rider 3 --> to move faster Camouflage 5 --> useful in some instances And then, there are some options here : 2.3.1. The Pure SS-AS (Sharp Shoot – Arrow Storm) Build Trap Research 10 --> since we are using SS a lot, more INT and SP would be very useful. Ranger Main 10 --> situational, but it gives more damage to Brute, Plant, and Fish monsters. You can put the rest of the skill points to other skills. 2.3.2. The SS+Auto-Crit+Warg Strike Build Well, this type is when you still want to switch to Crit Gears without resetting skills set. Warg Strike 5 Tooth of Warg 10 Trap Mastery 9 2.3.3. Other Builds Well, there are also options to put some points to Cluster Bomb and other trap skills. So it’s all up to you here, because our main skills will still be the Sharp Shooting. 3. Stats Now, as for the stats, it is quite tricky. Depending on your equipments and your regular party members, the stats may vary. Here’s the stat range in my opinion. STR 40 - 120 AGI 60 - 120 VIT 1 - 100 INT 40 - 90 DEX 100 - 120 LUK 100 - 120 Now you see, there is a very large gap between min and max stat required, and that’s mostly because of the equipment options. I’ll explain it later on the Equipments section. But the main point, in my opinion, it is to make the Sharp Shoot insta-cast, while making ASPD at minimum of 190. Instacast means you need to achieve 530 from (2xDEX )+ INT. 4. Equipments and Cards I will list down some of the equipments that got my attention here : 4.1. Head-Top Item Name Description Remarks Captain’s Hat DEX +1 MaxHP +100 ------------------------ Increases long range physical attack by 7%. Starting Gear Laser of Eagle DEX +2 ------------------------ Increases long range physical attack by 10%. ------------------------ Adds a chance when dealing Physical Damages for 5 sec transform wearer into 'Cecil Damon'. Increasing the refine level will increases the probability. During transformation you will gain: Reduces after cast delay by 100%. Randomly autocasts Level 2 True Sight or Level 3 True Sight if you master the skill when dealing physical attack. Randomly autocasts Level 1 Lex Aeterna on target when dealing long range physical attacks. The Cecil Transformation for reducing 100% ACD. Try to continuously cast sharp shoot when this proc. Autumn Headband Increases ATK by 2 for every 5 base DEX. ------------------------ Reduces the variable casting time for Arrow Storm by 100%. ------------------------ Adds a small chance of restoring 1% of damage as SP when performing a physical attack. ------------------------ Refine Level +9: Increases Arrow Storm damage by 1% for every 5 Base Level. Still strong at AS, and can leech SP too. Use this if you are migrating from AS type. Rideword Hat Randomly absorbs 8% physical damage inflicted into HP. ------------------------ Randomly absorbs 4% physical damage inflicted into SP. ------------------------ Drains 10 HP every 5 seconds while equipped. For farming Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood All Stats +1 ------------------------ Each refine increase ranged physical damage by 1%. Each 3 refine increase Perfect Dodge +1. Each 2 refine increase MaxHP, MaxSP 1%. Each 2 refine inflict 15% more damage with Cluster Bomb. Each 2 refine inflict 10% more damage with Warg Strike. Recommended. Current best headgear for SS type. Aim for the Acute/Mettle enchant. And this is my preference too. PS: Even Magic lv3/4 can be useful too. You can keep your highly refined Temporal LUK Boots if you get this enchant. Dolomedes Card DEX +2 When equipped by Archer classes: DEX +1 for every 3 refine levels. Starting Card Violent Coelacanth Card Weapon ATK Power +2% For each 2 refine, Weapon ATK Power +1%, MaxSP -1% Add lots of WATK% Kiel-D-01 Card Reduces after cast delay of all skills by 30%. +[Kiel-D-01 Card] If stack with another Kiel-D-01, it says that it will enable a curse! Increase skill's after-cast delay by 100%. Faster SS Jitterbug Card Reduces physical and magical damage taken from Neutral elemental monsters by 10%. MaxHP +500. When combined with Playing Pere Card and Singing Pere Card: Randomly transforms user into Awaken Pere for 6 seconds when dealing physical or magical attack. During transformation: Restores HP by 2000 Increases physical and magical damage inflicted on Neutral elemental monsters by 200%. For survivability because of its HP leech, but interrupt your SS spam when just transformed. Fenrir Card MATK +50 Every refine increase MATK +5. Reduce Fixed Cast Time by 70%. It cut the FCT of Sharp Shooting Skill. But as far as I tested it with the Temp LUK Boots, it’s not satisfying. 4.2. Head-Mid Item Name Description Remarks Robo Eyes DEX +1 Weapon ATK Power +2% MATK +2% Starting Gear Sigrun's Wings When equipped by Archer or Gunslinger: Increases long range physical attack by 2%. Starting Gear Crow Tengu Mask Weapon ATK Power +1% Increases long range physical attack by 2%. ------------------------ If base STR at least 108: Weapon ATK Power +1% Increases long range physical attack by 2%. If base STR at least 120: Weapon ATK Power +2% Increases long range physical attack by 3%. Budget version of Mob Scarf set, have lower output, but can keep using this till you got the Mob Scarf Set / Gambler Set. Sunglasses Increases resistance against Blind status by 5%. Pick the slotted one, it will be combined with the Mob Scarf to gain tremendous effect. New Wave Sunglasses Reduces after cast delay by 10%. Faster ACD, but not by much, there are better head-mid gear. Gambler Seal CRIT +3 Increases critical attack damage by 3%. ------------------------ Reduces damage taken from Arrow Storm and Gate of Hell by 10%. ------------------------ Every 10 base increment of LUK: CRIT +1 ATK +2 MATK +2 If base LUK at least 108: CRIT +5 Increases critical attack damage by 10% If base LUK at least 120: CRIT +10 Increases critical attack damage by 17% Reduces damage taken from Arrow Storm and Gate of Hell by 30%. ------------------------ Every 10 base increment of DEX: Critical damage -2%. The alternative of Mob Scarf, with better critical damage% addition if combined with Heart Card in Mouth. The minus thing is that it doesn’t has a slot. Hawk Eyes DEX +1 ------------------------ Increases long range physical attack by 3%. Better than Sigrun's Wings 4.3. Head-Low Item Name Description Remarks Spiked Scarf ATK +30 MaxHP -2% Starting Gear Tengu Scroll Adds a chance to drain 5% of physical attack inflicted on target as HP. When combined with Crow Tengu Mask: Increases physical attack by 1%. Increase long range physical attack by 1%. If base STR at least 108: Increases physical attack by 2%. Increase long range physical attack by 1%. If base STR at least 120: Increases physical attack by 3%. Increase long range physical attack by 1%. Budget version of Mob Scarf set. Mob Scarf Enables use Level 2 Spell Breaker. ------------------------ When combined with Glasses or Sunglasses: Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monsters by 2%. Every combined sum of 80 base AGI and VIT: MaxHP +5% Reduces after attack delay by 5%. Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monsters by 2%. Every combined sum of 80 base STR and LUK: Weapon ATK Power +6% CRIT +5 Increases critical attack damage by 10%. Every combined sum of 80 base INT and DEX: MATK +120 Reduces variable cast time by 3%. Increases Healing skills by 10%. Recommended. I like this the best for head-mid gear, it gave tremendous effect on both WATK% and Crit Damage %. The cons is…. It’s still very expensive / long to make up to today (May 7th, 2019). Heart Card in Mouth Increases critical attack damage by 5%. ------------------------ When combined with Gambler's Seal: ASPD +1 Increases critical attack damage by 2%. Reduces critical damage taken from Player by 2%. Reduces damage taken from Critical Slash by 100%. Every 10 increment of base DEX: Increases critical damage by 2%. If base LUK at least 108: ASPD +1 Increases critical attack damage by 2%. Reduces critical damage taken from Player by 2%. If base LUK at least 120: ASPD +2 Increases critical attack damage by 4%. Reduces critical damage taken from Player by 4%. Normal attack will inflict splash damage. This is one of the latest update in LimitRO, it has ASPD+4 at 120 LUK, which means you can allocate the AGI to other stats. And also, the great thing is that it nullify the Gambler Seal penalty for high DEX. 4.4. Body Armor Item Name Description Remarks Sniping Suit MDEF +5 ------------------------ CRIT +6 with additional Critical bonus determined by LUK stat. ------------------------ Reduces after cast delay by 23%. Starting Gear. It did reduce a lot of after cast delay. Excellion Suit VIT +6 If base level at least 130: VIT +4. ------------------------ Every 3 refine levels: MaxHP +4%. ------------------------ When combined with Excellion Wing: Reduces after cast delay by 10%. If base level at least 130: Reduces after cast delay by 10%. Perfect Dodge +6. ------------------------ Indestructible The enchant of STR and 2 ATK, can make a bonus of 110 ATK at 120STR. The main point of using this is only to get the faster after cast delay. Damage wise, it’s not too good. White Wing Suit Increases long range physical attack by 2x refine level. ------------------------ Increases Flee by 1 per refine level. ------------------------ [White Wing set] White Wing Suit White Wing Boots White Wing Brooch White Wing Manteau ASPD +2 Increases Arrow Storm damage by 50%. Increases long range physical attack by 30%. Randomly autocasts Level 3 Double Strafe when attacking with long range physical attacks. Recommended. Yea, our old White Wing Suit is still at its best for our Ranger. At +16, it gives 32% more ranged damage. Our main target here, is to make the enchant to Sharp 1, Sharp 2, and Expert Archer 5. The one came from the Critical Build will find this easier. The combo of WWS with S1 S2 EA5 and Blue Lumi Stone will produce maximum output. And with this, you can safely remove the beloved White Wing Boots, and replaced it with other better boots. Porcellio Card ATK +25 DEF -5 Starting Card Marc Card Prevents Frozen status. Reduces damage taken from Water elemental attack by 5%. We will need this, like Bakonawa, and Morroc's Necromancer. Tao Gunka Card MaxHP +100% Reduce physical and magical defense by 50%. Better HP Pool. Gloom Under Night Card Increases physical damage inflicted on Holy element, Shadow element, Angel and Demon monsters by 40%. Now, since much of the endgame monsters are demons and shadows, this one is always a good in armor. Powerful Amdarais Card Every refine increase DEF +10, decrease Flee -2. If Base Level at least 100: MaxHP +500. Well, if you have high refined armor, it can increase the DEF by a lot. 4.5. Weapon Item Name Description Remarks Big CrossBow Base ATK : 160, Lv 4 Weapon Increases Arrow Storm damage by (refine level*5)%. ------------------------ Increases SP cost by (refine level*5)%. ------------------------ If base AGI at least 120: ASPD +1. ------------------------ My Preference. Very big Arrow Storm bonus damage, and have 2 slots. Can be enchanted with max Expert Archer 6. I prefer this one, because I like to AS from far and SS from short. And the two slots can be filled with weapon card variations better. Gigantic Bow Base ATK : 195, Lv 4 Weapon HIT -50 ------------------------ Increases long range physical attack by 40%. ------------------------ Increases after attack delay by 15%. Bigger Sharp Shooting and Critical Damage, much lower Arrow Storm. Only 1 slot, which makes it trickier whether we want a Thanatos Card or the Turtle General Card. At the same refine level, gives around 10-15% more damage than the Big Crossbow. Bow of Vicious Mind Base ATK : 170, Lv 4 Weapon Increases ATK by (refinelv*refinelv). (up to +15 refine level) This, with the perfect enchant (ex : Long 15%, Atk 15%, Boss 15%), gives the ultimate damage at the same refine level with other bows. With my personal calculator, it produces around 25% more damage than the Big Crossbow. Bow of Crimson Base ATK : 120, Lv 3 Weapon ATK increased by (RefineLv*RefineLv), up to +15 refine level. ------------------------ If Base Level at least 70:Per 10 BaseLevel,ATK +5. Starting Gear. Have 2 slots, but it has lower base damage, and only lv3 weapon. The plus side is it is cheap and drop easily. Archer Skeleton Card Increases long range physical attack by 10%. Starting Card Aunoe Card Increases critical attack damage by 20%. Starting Card, this is preferable for SS build. Powerful Archer Skeleton Card Increases long range physical attack by 10%. If Base Level at least 100: Increases long range physical attack by 2%. Better than Archer Skeleton Card by a bit. Pom Spider Card Increases physical damage inflicted on Undead monsters by 20%. So you like OGHH, this one is perfect card combined with White Knight Card. Remember that 2 Pom Spider is 1.4x damage to Undeads, but 1 Pom Spider and 1 White Knight, become 1.2*1.2=1.44 damage to medium and large Undeads. Strouf Card Increases physical damage inflicted on Demon monsters by 20%. White Knight Card ATK +15 Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 20%. When combined with Khalitzburg Knight Card: Increases physical damage inflicted on Medium and Large size monsters by 15%. Reduces damage taken from Medium and Large size monsters by 5%. One of the best starting card, gives 15 ATK and 20% more damage to medium and large monsters. Abysmal Knight Card Increases physical damage inflicted on Boss monsters by 25%. More damage against bosses. Turtle General Card Weapon ATK Power +20% Randomly autocasts Level 10 Magnum Break on enemy when dealing physical attack. Recommended. This one is good to trigger the auto Magnum Break, and thus increase the damage dealt by 20% for 10 sec. Memory of Thanatos Card DEF -30 Flee -30 Enchants compounded weapon with the Investigate skill effect. Each attack drains 1 SP. Recommended. One of the must card for Rangers. For target with higher defense is better. It is like this, target with 400 DEF (ex : Randgris 588, Bangungot 411) will give you 200 more ATK. Target with 30 DEF only gives you 15 ATK. So against porings, it got almost zero effects lol. Pyuriel Card Increases critical attack damage by 30%. Increases damage taken from all monsters by 10%. Bigger than Aunoe. 4.6. Garment Item Name Description Remarks Exerion Wing Perfect Dodge +8 ------------------------ If Base Level at least 130: Perfect Dodge +2 ------------------------ Every refine increase Flee +2. ------------------------ When combined with Excellion Suit: Reduces after cast delay by 10%. If Base Level at least 130: Reduces after cast delay by 10%. Perfect Dodge +6. With full ATK enchant (ATK+60), and combined with Excellion Suit, it will get an extra 20% after cast delay. That means higher cast rate. White Wing Manteau AGI +2 FLEE +10 ------------------------ Randomly increases Flee by 20 for 7 seconds when dealing physical attack. From White Wing Set Adventurer's Backpack Enables use of Level 1 Greed ------------------------ If base STR at least 90: Refine Level +7: ATK +20 Refine Level +9: ATK +10 ------------------------ If base INT at least 90: Refine Level +7: MATK +30 Refine Level +9: MATK +20 ------------------------ If base VIT at least 90: Refine Level +7: Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attack by 5%. Refine Level +9: Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attack by 5%. ------------------------ If base AGI at least 90: Refine Level +7: Reduces after attack delay by 8%. Refine Level +9: ASPD +1 ------------------------ If base DEX at least 90: Refine Level +7: Increases long range physical attack by 5%. Refine Level +9: Increases long range physical attack by 5%. ------------------------ If base LUK at least 90: Refine Level +7: Increases critical attack damage by 10%. Refine Level +9: Increases critical attack damage by 5%. This garment, at+9 surprisingly very good for Rangers / other ranged class. It only fall behind by 12ATK, 1% Ranged and 6% Critical Damage. Price wise, this is one of best garments. Notes : it might not be that great for melee class, but that ranged % bonus makes it great for ranged class. Fallen Angel Wings All Stats +1 ------------------------ [Every 20 base STR] ATK +1 ------------------------ [Every 20 base INT] MATK +1 ------------------------ [Every 20 base VIT] Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attack by 1%. ------------------------ [Every 20 base AGI] Reduces after attack delay by 1%. ------------------------ [Every 20 base DEX] Increases long range physical attacks by 1%. ------------------------ [Every 20 base LUK] Increases critical attack damage by 1%. You can always opt for the Max Fatal 10, or Max EA 10. Max EA means better AS, max Fatal means better SS and Critical Hit. Damage wise, it is only a bit higher than ABP+9. Cloak of Casualty Each 2 refines increase MaxHP and MaxSP by 1%. ------------------------ If base STR at least 90: ATK +10 Each refine, ATK +2 ------------------------ If base INT at least 90: MATK +20 Each refine, MATK +3 ------------------------ If base VIT at least 90: Reduces damage taken from Neutral elemental attack by 3%. Refine level +8 additional resistance by 3%, Refine level +10 additional resistance by 4%. ------------------------ If base AGI at least 90: Reduces after attack delay by 3% Each 2 refine, Reduces after attack delay by 1%, Refine Level +10: ASPD +1 ------------------------ If base DEX at least 90: Increase ranged damage by 3%. Each 2 refine increase ranged damage by 1%. ------------------------ If base LUK at least 90: Increases critical attack damage by 5%. Each refine increase critical damage by 1%. Ah this, the garment of dream for Critical Ranged classes, it gives the max output for Critical hit. Yoichi's Shawl MDEF + 10, ASPD + 5% Increase Aimed Bolt damage by 5% when Aimed Bolt Lv10 is learned. Increase Sharp Shooting damage by 60% when Sharp Shooting Lv5 is learned. Increase Blitz Beat damage by 15% when Blitz Beat Lv5 is learned. ------------------------ When refined to +7 or above, ASPD + 3% Increase damage of Sharp Shooting by 1% for every 3 Base Levels. Increase damage of Blitz Beat by 1% for every 5 Base Levels. Increase damage of Aimed Bolt by 1% for every 30 Base Levels. ------------------------ When refined to +9 or above, ASPD + 3%, MaxSP + 5% ------------------------ When equipped by Ranger class, MaxHP + 15%, reduce long range damage received by 20%. When refined to +7 or above, reduce long range damage by an additional 15%. When equipped with Armoured Sleeve Guard or Horn Card, increase long range damage received by 35%. Recommended. While the CoC at +16 still the best at dealing critical hit, this Yoichi’s Shawl bring the Sharp Shooting skill to another whole level. Up to 121% damage increase, which means a lot of number the higher your base damage. The one came from AS type, can see this bonus damage like the when you experience the GXBow +0 compared to GXBow at +16. PS : this is, afaik, the hardest ranger’s equipment to get by now. Ranger Cecil Card If base class is Ranger: CRIT +20, Bow damage +15%. If base level is 175: All Stats +10. When refine level +10: All Stats +10. When combined with True Cecil Damon Card: Adds 3% chance for 6 seconds to possess the user with Cecil Damon spirit when dealing physical attack. During possession, the user granted with +100 ATK. This, I don’t really know the effect. AFAIK the Bow Damage only affect to the Normal Attack, but the bonus of All Stat+20 and Crit +20 is interesting. One of the rare card. Menblatt Card Every 10 base points of DEX: Increase long range physical attack by 1%. Good for overall ranged damage. Ancient Wootan Shooter Card Every 10 base DEX: Bow Damage +1% Reduces after attack delay by 1%. ------------------------ If base DEX at least 120: ATK +40 Petal Card Every 10 base points of LUK: Increases critical attack damage by 2%. Recommended. Personal reference, I like it to have better damage at Sharp Shooting. The 12% ranged damage from Menblatt can’t be compared to 24% critical damage from Petal for Critical Attack, Petal is still better by quite large. Giant Faceworm Skin MDEF +10 ------------------------ When combined with any type of Temporal Boots: MaxHP +15% MaxSP +5% Since we are using Temporal Boots a lot, this HP/SP bonus will help. 4.7. Shoes Item Name Description Remarks White Wing Boots AGI +2 ------------------------ Reduces SP cost of Aimed Bolt by 10. If you came from the AS build, and have the Sharp 1 and 2 enchants, you can still use this combined with Blue Lumi Stone for max effects. Temporal LUK Boots MaxHP +300 MaxSP +30 MDEF +5 ------------------------ Every 3 refine levels: MaxHP +100 MaxSP +10 Increases critical attack damage by 2%. ------------------------ If base LUK at least 120: Increases critical attack damage by 30%. With 120 LUK, the 30%++ Critical Damage increase is nice. It have better burst damage than the DEX Boots, but lower cast rate. Recommended to have an Expert Archer, and Hawk Eyes / Lucky Day Enchant. You might want to use this only if you have a party member that have Sacrament buff. Slow.... it's slow. Temporal DEX Boots MaxHP +300 MaxSP +30 ------------------------ Every 3 refine levels: MaxHP +100 MaxSP +10 DEX +3 ------------------------ If base DEX at least 120: Reduces fixed cast time by 0.5 sec. Increases long range physical attack by 5%. Recommended. This one at 120 DEX, combined with 0% variable cast time, could make Sharp Shooting insta-cast. I like this the most for daily use. The insta-cast can make really big difference with the non insta-cast. Recommended to have an Expert Archer, and Hawk Eyes / Lucky Day Enchant. Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card ATK +10. Refine Level +7: ATK +10. Refine Level +9: ATK +15. Big ATK damage at refine level +9. Geffen Bully Card Increase attack speed (reduces delay after attack by 3%). Increases critical damage by 5%. Recommended. Good card in increasing critical damage. Cheaper than Blut Hase, but a bit lower output. Geffen Gang Member Card Increases critical damage by 3%. Increase attack speed (reduces delay after attack by 5%). Black Devil Card Reduces variable casting time by 3%. Increase [Wind Blade], [Freezing Spear], [Flaming Petals] damage by 5%. Increases long ranged physical damage by 5%. Good card in increasing overal ranged damage. Cheaper than Blut Hase, but a bit lower output. Blut Hase Card Weapon ATK Power + 3%. Increases long ranged physical damage by 5%. Recommended. The best damage card around for Shoes, for Rangers. 4.8. Accessory Item Name Description Remarks White Wing Brooch DEX +2 ------------------------ Increases long range physical attack by 3%. Our old basic WW Brooch. Pendant of Maelstrom All Stats +1 Weapon ATK Power +6% MATK +6% ------------------------ Randomly autocasts Level 1 Maelstrom when receiving magical attack. Yea, our PoM are still usable. This is a great starting gear since the PoM already very cheap now. Physical Enhancer Ring Weapon ATK Power +5% ------------------------ When combined with Anti-Magic Suit: Reduces after attack delay by 5%. ------------------------ When combined with Geffen Magic Robe: Reduces after cast delay by 5%. Reduces damage taken from Demihuman monsters by 5%. The best enchant would be the ATK +3% x2 or the Crit +8%x2, or the combination Blue Luminous Stone AGI +2 CRIT +5 After attack delay -5% Increases critical attack damage by 2% ------------------------ Enables use of Level 1 Sight. ------------------------ If base LUK at least 100: CRIT +10 Increases critical attack damage by 10% ------------------------ When combined with Sharp1: Increases critical attack damage by 10% ------------------------ When combined with Sharp2: Increases critical attack damage by 10% Recommended. Best if you have the equipment with Sharp 1 and 2 Enchants. Such as the WW Boots, or the WW Suit. Emerald Ring AGI +5 DEX +5 VIT +5 ------------------------ Reduces SP cost of Improvised Song by 18. ------------------------ Every 1 Base Level: Increases Double Strafe damage by 1%. Increases Arrow Shower damage by 1%. ------------------------ Every 10 Base Level: Increases Severe Rainstorm damage by 2%. ------------------------ Every 2 level of Double Strafe: AGI +1 , VIT +1, DEX +1 ATK +20 Recommended. It helps you, easier to achieve instacast, and maxing the damage. Even usable for AS. The Blue Lumi Stone + Emerald Ring, wins by much compared to Blue Lumi Stone x2. Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card STR + 4, Weapon ATK Power + 4%. ------------------------ Right Acc I like this one, WATK% addition always good for rangers. Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card AGI + 7, HIT + 7. ------------------------ When equipped with Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card STR + 3, Weapon ATK Power + 3% ------------------------ Left Acc Good for achieving the better ASPD, even tho the SS type won’t be using to much ASPD…. Marine Sphere Card Enables use of Level 3 Magnum Break. Use the Magnum Break for extra 20% damage before using other skills / attack. Playing Pere Card Increases physical damage inflicted on Neutral elemental monsters by 20%. When combined with Singing Pere Card: Increases Metallic Sound damage by 50%. Right Acc Use the Playing Pere, Singing Pere, and Jitterbug Set to maximize the effect on Neutral Monsters. Ex: Tao Gunka, Phreeoni, Dummy Eggs Singing Pere Card Increases magical damage inflicted on Neutral elemental monsters by 20%. When combined with Playing Pere Card: Increases Metallic Sound damage by 50%. Left Acc Gold Scaraba Card ATK +20 MaxHP -1% Beginner Card Gigantes Card ATK + 20. If base Str is 120 or higher, additional Atk + 20. Reduces attack speed (increases delay after attack by 3%). Left Acc Quite good if have 120 STR 4.9. Shadow Equipments Item Name Description Remarks Ranger Shadow Weapon Increases Cluster Bomb damage by 20%. Every refine level increases Cluster Bomb damage by 5%. Complete these 6 shadow equipments to get a very nice bonus of : All Stat+10 All Normal Monsters Def -50% All Size +3% WATK +3% Ranger Shadow Shield Reduces SP cost of Aimed Bolt by 20%. Every refine level reduces SP cost of Aimed Bolt by 5%. ------------------------ When combined with Ranger Shadow Weapon Increases Cluster Bomb and Aimed Bolt damage by 20%. ------------------------ When combined with Archer Shadow 2pcs, Hunter Shadow 2pcs or Ranger Shadow 2pcs. All Stats +10 MaxHP +5% MaxSP +5% Ignores physical and magical defense of Normal monsters by 50%. Hunter Shadow Armor Increases Claymore Trap and Land Mine damage by 20%. Every refine level increases Claymore Trap and Land Mine damage by 5%. ------------------------ When combined with Hunter Shadow Shoes When equipped by Hunter: Increases physical damage inflicted on all sizes monsters by 3%. Reduces SP cost of Claymore Trap and Land Mine by 20%. Hunter Shadow Shoes Increases Blitz Beat damage by 20%. Every refine level further increases Blitz Beat damage by 5%. Archer Shadow Pendant Increases Arrow Shower damage by 20%. For every refine level Increases Arrow Shower damage by 5%. Make it +5 Archer Shadow Earring Adds 20% chance when using Double Strafe, for 5 sec ATK and HIT increase by 30. ------------------------ Every 1 refine level increase the ATK and HIT bonus by 1. ------------------------ When combined with Archer Shadow Pendant: Weapon ATK Power +1%, MaxHP +1%. If total refine levels of entire set at least +10: Weapon ATK Power +2%, MaxHP +2%. Make it +5 4.10. Pet Item Name Description Remarks Incubus Egg If pet intimacy is Loyal: MaxSP +5%, low chance of gaining 1% of the damage inflicted to an enemy as SP. Very useful for SP Leech. Hodremlin Egg If pet intimacy is Shy/Awkward, DEX +1, HIT +1. If pet intimacy is Neutral, DEX +2, HIT +1. If pet intimacy is Cordial, DEX +2, HIT +2, increase critical damage by 7%. If pet intimacy is Loyal, DEX +2, HIT +2, increase critical damage by 9%. Dullahan Egg If pet intimacy is Loyal: CRIT +8. Though the description says CRIT+8, but actually it is Crit damage+8%. Easy to get loyal. Domovi Egg When intimacy is Loyal : Base Attack +100 When equip with Tare Domovi bonus +50 Def. My favorite pet for max damage. Smokie Egg If pet intimacy is Loyal: AGI +2, Perfect Dodge +1 One of my favorite. If the pet has accesory equipped, then it will be a perfect camouflage against non-boss monsters. For example, in OGHH you can camou, and then kill them from your sweet spot. Very recommended for beginners or for safety players. Metal Dragon Egg When intimacy is loyal: 8% damage reduction against Neutral element. Low chance of gaining 5% of the damage inflicted to an enemy as HP. Low chance of gaining 3% of the damage inflicted to an enemy as SP. For more survivability. Thanks @erpy for adding. 4.11. Gemstones (LimitRO exclusives) Item Name Description Remarks Destruction Lv3 Damage +3% A must, it can max your damage. Tempest Lv3 Variable Cast -5% Fixed Cast -0.05 Second Well this is funny. If you happen to have a Magic lv3++ enchant on your Old Camouflage Rabit Hood, you can use these stones to keep your Temporal LUK Boots. Meaning you can keep the 30%++ Crit Damage from your Temporal LUK Boots. Speed Lv3 ASPD +1. ------------------------ Can be enchanted into your Costume Headgear. More ASPD is better to reduce the animation delay. Almighty Lv3 All Stats +3 To help you achieve instacast. Reload Lv3 CastDelay -3% For faster cast rate. If you have fast fingers, this even will help out-dps the burst type. 4.12. Star Stones (LimitRO exclusives) Item Name Description Remarks Star Stone(Long) Long Range Attack Power + 3% Since we are rangers, more ranged attack is always good. Star Stone(Crit) Critical Attack Damage + 3% SS is based on the Crit Damage. Star Stone(Atk) Attack Power + 3% The best stone. 4.13. Class Stones Item Name Description Remarks Sniper Stone (1st) ATK +2 for each level of Steel Crow user learned. Be reminded for these class stones, there are restrictions of combining these. Please refer to the LimitRO Items Database for more information. Sniper Stone (2nd) Reduces fixed casting time of Sharp Shooting by 0.5 second. Recommended. This will be the best stone you can get for the Sharp Shooting build. If you got it, the Temporal LUK Boots become the boots of choice, replacing the Temporal DEX Boots. :D Sniper Stone (3rd) Increases Arrow Shower damage by 20%. Sniper Stone II (1st) Reduces delay after attack by 1% for 2 levels of Wind Walk user learned. Sniper Stone II (2nd) Increases long ranged physical damage by 1% for 2 levels of Beast Bane user learned. Sniper Stone II (3rd) ATK +2 for each level of True Sight user learned. Get this, and combine it with the Ranger Stone II Epic to get the 45 sec reduce of Unlimit cooldown. Ranger Stone (Epic) Increases Arrow Storm damage by 10%. When equipped with Sniper Stone (1st), increases Arrow Storm damage by 15%. When equipped with Sniper Stone (2nd), reduces variable casting time by 10%. When equipped with Sniper Stone (3rd), when using Wind Walker, increases long ranged physical damage by 5% for 60 seconds. If you got this one, the increase for Arrow Storm's damage is also nice. Ranger Stone II (Epic) Increases Aimed Bolt damage by 15%. When equipped with Sniper Stone II (1st), increases Aimed Bolt damage by 15%. When equipped with Sniper Stone II (2nd), reduces variable casting time of Aimed Bolt by 1 second. When equipped with Sniper Stone II (3rd), reduces cooldown of Unlimit by 45 seconds. This is also my stone of choice. Combine it with Sniper Stone II (3rd), and equip the costume with these two stones before you use Unlimit skill. Then switch back to your Sniper Stone (2nd) for the Sharp Shooting FCT cut. This way, you get the benefit of Unlimit CD cut. 5. Equipments And Stat Build Sample Here, I will give some examples of the equipment set and stat for many stages. So with only the sniping suit, which we will use for quite much, it will enable us rangers to hit 3x in 2 sec. And also remember that the second Accesory card, you can replace it with Marine Sphere for all build. It gives 20% extra damage for 10 sec when you use the Magnum Break skill. All damage tested on Lv50 dummy eggs, and without AB / other class buffs. Thank you eggs for your sacrifice. All sets excluding the exclusive gemstones and pet from LimitRO, except the last build. 5.1. Beginner Set Head-Top : Captain's Hat + Dark Pinguicula Card Head-Mid : Hawk Eyes Head-Low : Spiked Scarf Body : Sniping Suit + Porcellio Card Weapon : Gigantic Bow +4~7 + Aunoe Card ; Yes, Aunoe, it is bigger for SS than the Archer Skeleton or Turtle General or White Knight Card. Garment : Giant Faceworm Skin + Petal Card ; Pick the slotted version of this GFS. Shoes : Temporal DEX Boots+4 with EA Enchant ; Pick the non slotted for beginning, it is cheap, don't mind with the last enchant, just stick to Expert Archer. Accessory : Pendant of Maelstorm x2 + Gold Scaraba This will give you roughly, 79-80k per hit, meaning 240k per 2 sec. We can compare it to AS rangers that hit 90k per 3 sec. Those equipments are quite cheap, and gives lots of damage. But notice that its ASPD is slow, so there will be some noticable animation delay. I prefer Gigantic Bow for almost all SS build for max damage, and Big Crossbow for hybrid AS+SS. The Big Crossbow gives you +1 ASPD tho at 120 AGI. The Scatter Shadow Set is optional, it doesn't give you lots of damage, but it can help to have faster cast time. For the shadow acc, you can pick the scatter earrings for INT+5 each. 5.2. Become Stronger Set There are actually many combinations to upgrade the SS damage, like Bloody Muffler+7 with Critical Ring[1], or Wickebine's Ears and Wickebine's Tail. But they don't give really much damage increase compared to our beginner set, and also those equipment will be forgotten soon. So we'll skip them. Head-Top : Autumn Headband+9 / Laser of Eagle + Dolomedes Card Head-Mid : Hawk Eyes Head-Low : Spiked Scarf Body : Sniping Suit + Porcellio Card Weapon : Gigantic Bow +4~9 + Aunoe Card ; Yes, we can still use the Gigantic Bow+7, upgrade it more if you want. Garment : Adventurer Backpack+7~9 + Petal Card Shoes : Temporal DEX Boots+4~6 with EA Enchant, Slotted + Geffen Bully Card; Pick the slotted one, as for card Geffen Bully is far cheaper than Blut Hase Card. Accessory : Physical Enhancer Ring x2 with ATK% / Critical % enchant + Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card + Shotgun Buffalo bandit Card This one, can give you around 106k per hit, so it's around 318k per 2 sec, around 30% higher than the previous build. As for the Buffalo Cards on Acc, it's actually more or less the same damage with Gold Scaraba Card in this stage. But the Buffalo Cards have the extra AGI which helps a lot in achieving higher ASPD. Also notice, I changed some stat, to get all bonuses from the ABP+9. No need to upgrade the Temporal DEX Boots to extreme like +12 +15, the damage change is insignificant, +6 and +9 are OK. Expert Rings also can be used for Acc for faster cast rate, but it gives lots of damage dealt decrease. Since you're already here, you might consider to get a pet too to boost your damage, Dullahan is my recommendation (Crit damage +8%). At this stage, the pet can gives you around 10k more damage. 5.3. Thirst for More Power Set Head-Top : Autumn Headband+9 / Laser of Eagle + Kiel Card Head-Mid : Hawk Eyes Head-Low : Spiked Scarf Body : White Wing Suit+9~16 Sharp 1 Sharp 2 EA5 Enchant + Gloom Under Night Card ; since we have used the WW Suit, we need to put Kiel in the head card slot for faster cast rate. Weapon : Gigantic Bow +9~16 + Thanatos Card / Big Crossbow+10~16 + Thanatos Card + Turtle General Card Garment : Adventurer Backpack+9 + Petal Card Shoes : Temporal DEX Boots+6 with EA Enchant, Slotted + Blut Hase Card Accessory 1 : Emerald Ring + Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card Accessory 2 : Blue Lumi Stone + Shotgun Buffalo bandit Card Here you will be exchanging / adding your Scatter Shadow Set to your Archer, Hunter, Ranger Shadow Set for even extra stat and damage bonus. When you see this, you must have realized that those are some of the AS build rangers' equipments. You can deal around 165k damage per SS, which is 495k per 2 sec. Yeah!! It's more than 50% increase from the last build. 5.4. Addicted to Upgrades Set Head-Top : Old Camouflage Rabbit Hood+16 with Acute or Mettle Enchant (lv3 are common, lv4 and 5 are rare) + Violent Coelacanth Card Head-Mid : Sunglasses + Kiel Card Head-Low : Mob Scarf Body : White Wing Suit16 Sharp 1 Sharp 2 EA5 Enchant + Gloom Under Night Card Weapon : Gigantic Bow +16 + Thanatos Card / Big Crossbow+16 + Thanatos Card + Turtle General Card Garment : Adventurer Backpack+9 + Petal Card Shoes : Temporal DEX Boots+6 with EA Enchant, Slotted + Blut Hase Card Accessory 1 : Emerald Ring + Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card Accessory 2 : Blue Lumi Stone + Shotgun Buffalo bandit Card So here you are, almost the max phase, you are addicted to upgrades and want the best equipments around for your beloved ranger. Oh, the stat even changed again :D, with the endgame gears here, there are lots of flexibility to assign your stat. With that build above you can deal 250k per hit, which is 750k per 2 sec, that's another around 50% increase again. You can always change the stat to 120 STR and 120 LUK the get the max benefit of the Mob Scarf Set, but that would make your ASPD suffer. 5.5. Completing the Final Garment Umm, so yeah, no difference from last build, only replacing the garment with the Yoichi's Shawl+7. This garment enable you to deal around 475k per hit now, which means... 1.425m per 2 sec, increasing the damage for almost 100%. Funny thing is, you can also try to get this garment in the beginning from Deepsea Expedition to get the tremendous boost lol. And there you are, you are at the endgame gear for Sharp Shooting Build Ranger. Have fun in trying these builds on the field!! 5.6. Special LimitRO Gemstones, Star Stones, and Pet Build I used a 4x Destruction Gemstones (Final Damage +12%), 2x Speed Gemstones (ASPD+2), and 2x Almighty Gemstones (All Stat+6). And also Costume Garments and Amulet with 6 ATK Star Stones (ATK +18%) and 1 Long Star Stone (Long +3%). I used those to achieve max ASPD, and insta-cast. The reason why I put the INT as low as 40, is for triggering the Shield Spell effect easier. And, I used a Domovi Pet, and also Shield Spell Lv1 using the Royal Guard Shield + White Gold Shield, and by those I got and extra 240ATK. With this one, it is 850k per SS, so it is around 2.55m per 2 sec. And thus, that's what so special about those special stones and pet for. There are also this build which utilize the 4x Reload Gemstones and still using the Sniping Suit for faster cast rate (30% Kiel + 12% Reload + 23% Sniping Suit), which makes it a total of 65% ACD reduction. This build can cast up to 5-6 per 2sec for 560-600k per SS, meaning up to 2.8m - 3.6m per 2 sec. You can pick one that suits your style better, the full burst (very slow, very high damage), the semi-burst (this is my build), or the fast caster. Now, pay attention, that all the damage test above is not using elemental benefit, the Unlimit Buff, Magnum Break, etc. So yeah, in the actual usage, the damage dealt could be bigger, example vs undead / shadow monsters using holy arrows. Now I think that conclude this guide, have fun in experimenting. I dunno how many times I've said "Have fun" lol. 5.7. New Ranger / Sniper Class Stones Build With the arrival of Sniper and Ranger Class Stones, we can make our rangers deal even more damage. One of the most useful class stone here is the Sniper Stone (2nd) which gives 0.5 second reduction in fixed cast time of Sharp Shooting. So..... if you ever get that stone, be ready to build a Sharp Shooting Ranger lol. The idea, which doesn't take a genius to guess, is to replace our Temporal DEX Boots with the Temporal LUK Boots, and adjust some stat, mainly to achieve 120 LUK. That way, get ready to get the major damage boost with that 30%++ critical damage addition. The 120 LUK and 120 STR combination also gives maximum bonus from Mob Scarf set, so another good thing here. This build can give you a fresh 990k - 1.1m damage per Sharp Shoot (2.97m - 3.3m per 2 sec). And yeah.... this is around 20%++ more damage than our last build with Temporal DEX Boots. You can also adjust it to 40 STR and 120 LUK, and allocate other stat for better cast time (insta-cast), higher ASPD, higher HP, etc. Adjust it accordingly to your own playstyle. And on the side notes, Ranger's Arrow Storm Build, which mainly use the White Wing Set could also use this stone, and add the Sharp Shoot into the arsenals. So, once again, if you ever to get that Sniper Stone (2nd) stone, try to play this ranger's build, it's fun. 6. Info Source o LimitRO Website – Item Database o LimitRO Games 7. Author’s Message Thanks for reading, and thanks for LimitRO for providing place to play this awesome old games. It is a refreshing update for Rangers, because it brings the gameplay to another experience. Now, have fun in mix and match your build, that’s the fun in Ragnarok. And enjoy the new experience with this Sharp Shooter build. ~ Roe ~ Bang!! PS : Got Odin, Impositio Manus, Laudas, and Oratio from AB, while the Ranger in Jitterbug state, Temporal Hawkeye proc, using Unlimit, Magnum Break, Box of Resentment, Food Stat+6, and Aloe Vera.
  4. Zohan The Legendary Jade Dragon Amazing Ranger Guide for Arrow Storm Build Ranger (MVP) And Auto-Warg Crit Build Ranger (MVP) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=o=-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I am Zohan The Legendary Jade Dragon Ranger" Together we make it happen... with you since 2009 :: Hi guys this is the latest update on this guide: Oct 2018 (Major Update for September 2018) I. Introduction Archer Class Job Progression New Ranger Sprites Changing Jobs from being a Novice to becoming a Ranger Character Job Change Requirements Base Level/Job Level II. Stats Description Stat Builds - Type A: Basic to Intermediate Level Arrow Storm Ranger Build - Type Z1: End-Game Arrow Storm Ranger Build (MVP/PVE) a) Pure Damage Stat Build b) Hybrid Stat Build - Type B: Basic to Intermediate Level Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build - Type Z2: End-Game Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build (MVP/PVE) a) White Wing Suit Set/Fallen Angel Wing [1]/Golden Wing Build [1] b) Heroic Backpack [1]/Manteau of the Fallen [1] Job Bonuses: Ranger Ranger Job Bonus Table Status Atk and Weapon Atk Formulas: For ranged Chars Insta-cast formula for getting that insta-cast Arrow Storm skill III. Skills Skills Distribution Chart Primary Skills Description - Archer/High Archer Skills - Hunter/Sniper Skills - Ranger Skills - Skills Summary List • Main Ranger Buffs o Ranger Buffs Sequence • Main Offensive Skill Lists • Special Skills List • Party Buffs from other chars in a party IV. Gears List: Equipment Sets and Cards (Tiered Presentation) Ranger Ammunition: Arrows Equipment/Gear and Cards List (Arrow Storm Ranger Build) - Headgear Top - Headgear Middle - Headgear Lower - Armor - Weapon (Left/Right) - Garment - Footgear - Accessory Sample Gear/Equipment Setup • Type A1: Basic NPC Farming Arrow Storm Build (Basic Farming) • Type A2: Intermediate Farming Arrow Storm Build (Farming, Low-level MVPs) • Type B: Intermediate Arrow Storm Build (MVP/PVE) • Type Z1: End-Game Arrow Storm Ranger Build (MVP/PVE) Equipment/Gear and Cards List (Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build) - Headgear Top - Headgear Middle - Headgear Lower - Armor - Weapon (Left/Right) - Garment - Footgear - Accessory Sample Gear/Equipment Setup • Type B: Intermediate Auto-Warg Crit (MVP/PVE) • Type Z2: End-Game Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build (MVP/PVE) Donation Gears • Gemstones (for Costume Equipment Headgears) • Starstones (for Costume Equipment Wings and CE Aura/Amulets) • Deco Stones (for Costume Equipment Wings) • Costume Wings • Aura/Amulets Shadow Gears • Scatter Shadow • Physical Shadow • Job Specific Shadow Gear Set for Archer Class (Ranger) V. Consumables Damage Boosting Items Restorative Items for HP/SP Attack Speed Boosting Items Stat Boosting Foods and Items Weapon Elemental Converters Elemental Resist Potions Hidden Bonus Stat Quest Other Consumable Items VI. Pets Priority Pets 1) Domovi 2) Little Isis 3) Choco 4) High Orc 5) Orc Warrior 6) Gremlin 7) Dullahan Other Pets Cash Shop Pets VII. Media Materials Character Introduction Video (TBU) Asgard Training Ground Egg Damage (TBU) VIII. Author's Final Message I. Introduction II. Stats III. Skills III. Builds and Equipment Sets (Tiered Presentation) V. Consumables VI. Pets: VII. Media Materials: VIII. Author's Final Message
  5. Boredom strikes again. So it's time to waste my non-existent zeny... Super Novices are one of the most underappreciated classes in Ragnarok Online. And rightfully so. It could go toe to toe once upon a time to all the meta classes back in pre-renewal trans times... But then came renewal. The damage output just isn't cutting it, not to mention the abysmal HP/SP pool, the lack of skills (which I don't really understand why they cherry picked skills to add to the expanded Super Novice update), and overall lack of gears*. Just to preface this post. Super Novices still sucks major balls to use as your main. If you're gonna spend a ton of zeny on your main character, you'll get a lot more mileage on other classes. This is more of a side piece. Something you log in when you're really really bored and just want to meme. This isn't really a cookie cutter build. More like a gateway drug into playing the class, so I won't be putting a detailed equipment list you can use. One important thing to note is Super Novice can wear any Headgear and any Level 4 Weapon (except for Bows and Katars) as long as you're Linked with a Super Novice Spirit. This opens up a whole world of possibilities. Super Novice's greatest limitation suddenly becomes one of its strongest weapons. You get to choose what build you want your Super Novice to be. You get to use your noggin. Be creative. It's not about DPS, but about actually enjoying the class. Because let's face it, it will never be about the DPS. One main thing to consider is you're gonna have to spend a lot. We're talking about end-game stuff here, to even get to an acceptable DPS. And trust me, you'd at least wanna do "acceptable", or in Limit's case "Mediocre". No matter how you love the class, it's no fun seeing yourself tickling your enemies. As I've mentioned above, this isn't supposed to be your main class. You should have most of the gear pieces already from your other characters. There are two main builds you can choose from: Auto Caster and Crit. Auto Caster gives you more option for your auto casts, meanwhile Crit is just straightforward. In this guide, I'll be showcasing both builds. Now let's get to some dank memes. Auto Caster This is the more complicated of the two. You have to mix and match, depending on the thing you wanna do, and find the right combination for your play style. +11Racing Cap(Archbishop) [1] - Auto casts Level 5 Adoramus. Increases ASPD% based on the refine. +10 Lunar Rainbow [1] - Auto casts bolt skills depending on the Cards you have compounded on your weapon. Fenrir Card - Adds a lot of matk and more based on the refine of your headgear (which your only option is +10 or +11). Sunglasses [1]/Monocle [1] - There aren't really that many option for mid headgear. Weakened Fenrir Card is the most flexible card you can put here. Rainbow Scarf - Adds matk Toy Syringe - +150% heal from certain pots. More for survivability, which is what you want since you have abysmal HP pool. Flattery Robe [1] - The best matk armor out there currently. +7Cursed Magic Mail [1] - If you don't want to be as squishy. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - Awesome for shadow/demon/undead. Entweihen Crothen Card - +100 MATK Or any Elemental armors if you're gonna go against something with a strong physical elemental attack. +11Sorcerer's Sword [2] - Increases magic damage of certain elements, auto casts level 3 Psychic Wave, and increases aspd%. Main Gauche [4] - To fit all the combo cards of Lunar Rainbow. True Margaretha Sorin Card - Really great to compound in Sorcerer's Sword if you're gonna wear a +11 Racing Cap. Immortal Wind Ghost Card - Increases magic damage and auto casts Killing Cloud. Cursed Mad Bunny - If you're hurting for some ASPD. Cursed Mad Bunny [1] - Same effect as above without the ASPD bonus, but has a slot. Shield of Fallen Angel [1] - High Def Novice Shield [1] - Probably the most affordable but decent shield you can wear. Golden Thiefbug Card - Nullify those pesky Earthquakes and Waterballs. Racial resistance cards are good too. Or just Khalitzburg Knight Card. Fallen Angel Wings [1] - One of the best MATK garment you can wear. Adventurer's Backpack [1] - Next best thing. Marsh Arclouse Card is your best option for your garment.since it also adds ASPD% based on your INT. +7Cursed Magic Boots [1] - Increases ASPD, MHP, and MSP. Probably the best footgear you can wear. Modified Angel's Reincarnation [1] - The most basic out the basic you can wear that has a slot, that actually has an effect. Fallen Bishop Card - Best MATK footgear card. Nightmare Verit Card - Next best thing. Magician's Gloves [1] - I feel like this is a must. You're already doing mediocre damage, you're gonna need all the help you can get. -50% mdef of your targets is a really big thing. Evil Glove [1] - Auto casts Frost Nova, Scream, and Psychic Wave. Celine's Brooch [1] - Combos with Evil Glove. Has a bunch more Auto Casts. Headless Mule Card - To increases Adoramus damage. Dwigh Card - To increase Psychic Wave damage. Scaraba Card - Adds MATK Crit Type This is as straightforward as it can get. All you need is stack critical damage modifiers and attack gears. +8/+11Racing Cap(Super Novice) [1] - This build hinges on this headgear. At +8 it adds 100% more critical damage when you have double attack mastered. Gambler Seal - Pretty much a need when it comes to crit builds. Adds critical damage and critical rate. Spiked Scarf - Adds ATK Toy Syringe - +150% heal from certain pots. More for survivability, which is what you want since you have abysmal HP pool. Abusive Robe [1] - Enchant with LUK or STR Naves. There's really not much to this armor. +7Cursed Magic Mail [1] - Probably the best armor you can wear. Excellion Suit - Enchant with STR/ATK reactors. Or any reactors that would fit the situation. Gloom Under Night Card - For Shadow/Holy, and Demon/Angel monsters. Boitata Card - For Brute/Insect, and Earth/Wind monsters. Tao Gunka Card - For survivability. Faceworm Queen Leg [2] - Cool dagger. EQ is a nice touch. It doesn't do much, but it contributes to your damage. Glorious Gladius - For demi human enemies. Just make sure they're not large, because your damage would suck ass. Twin Edge of Naght Sieger(B) [3]/Twin Edge of Naght Sieger(R) [3] - A level 4 sword with 3 slots and can be enchanted, what's not to like. King's Saviour [3] - My favorite weapon for this build. Since you don't even have Riding, you'll automatically get the Drake effect, that's an MVP card for free. Memory of Thanatos Card - The best card you can have. White Knight Card - Everyone needs this card. Turtle General Card - Auto casts Magnum Break. Specially useful for fighting boss monsters since they don't get knocked back. Any card that will increase your damage. Cursed Mad Bunny - If you're hurting for some ASPD. Cursed Mad Bunny [1] - Same effect as above without the ASPD bonus, but has a slot. Shield of Fallen Angel [1] - High Def Novice Shield [1] - Probably the most affordable but decent shield you can wear. Khalitzburg Knight Card. Ominous Turtle General Card - Nice combo with Turtle General Card. Fallen Angel Wings [1] - The best garment for crit. Get it with Fatal Enchants. Adventurer's Backpack [1] - Next best thing. +7/+9Battle Surcoat [1] - Best garment if you're not gonna use daggers. Double Attack and Triple adds a lot of damage. Ancient Stone Shooter Card - 3/4s the potency of a Cenere Card but increases ASPD. +7Cursed Magic Boots [1] - Increases ASPD, MHP, and MSP. Probably the best footgear you can wear. Modified Angel's Reincarnation [1] - The most basic out the basic you can wear that has a slot, that actually has an effect. Any card that increases your HP is nice. Geffen Gang Member Card - Increases critical damage and aspd. Faceworm Queen Card - Increases your critical damage by a lot but also decreases maxhp. Physical Enhancer Ring [1] - A nice ring to increase damage (can also be enchanted in the future). Pendant of Maelstrom [1] - Slightly better than a Physical Enhancer Ring. Can also auto cast Maelstrom when you're hit by magic attacks. Blue Luminous Stone [1] - Hella expensive. But you can combo it with your weapon if you can waste a Twin Edge with Sharp 2. Cards that generally increases your damage are nice. But I personally like to use the Jitterbug Set just for the 2k HP heal whenever you trigger a transformation. It really helps keep you alive. Shadow Gears and Gemstones Speed gemstones are your best friend. You'd need to reach 193 aspd so you don't waste any other equipment slot just to increase your aspd. I'll be updating this guide whenever I find something interesting with the class. Auto Cast Bijo Auto Cast vs RSX Auto Caster vs Drake Crit vs Ancient Tao Gunka
  6. Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism You are chosen by the Church of Odin to vanquish the Demon and the Undead. Answer God's call and don the robe of holiness. Use God's wrath to deliver judgment upon the unclean. In the name of Odin, Thor, and Loki. Amen. In this guide, I'll mostly be talking about the Adoramus branch of AB's offensive skills. There are other gear sets and stats optimized for the other builds, but in my opinion, they aren't really powerful enough. And the one piece of equipment that this build revolves around pretty much forces you to stick to Adoramus. This is also one of the few builds that can work just as well on a Baby class. Stats would have to be adjusted but it works. Stats It's pretty easy to distribute stats for this build. The only stat we need at 120 is INT. DEX can stay at 100-ish, since won't be using DEX Boots. STR - 1~50 - This is mainly for weight limit. AGI - 30~70 - Some ASPD is nice. Less animation delay. VIT - 90~110 - For stum immunity and HP. INT - 120 DEX - 100~120 - Just get enough to have a reasonable fast cast time. LUK - 50~90 - Adds MATK and resist some statuses. Gears As prefaced above, this guide will be mostly about Adoramus. ME and Judex will only be second in considering your gear set and stat build. Headgear Old Mitra [1] - Increases Judex and Magnus damage, as well as stat increases based on refine level. Get this refined as high as you can. Fresh Roses [1] - Good for leveling. Increases MATK every refine. Can also be enchanted. Racing Cap(Archbishop) [1] - For pure Adoramus Build. The enchant for AB can add up to 60% Adoramus Damage. Shrine Maiden Hat [1] - Increases Magnus damage. Can be used for leveling, nothing else. Uzhas_Card - +10% magic damage to Demon race. Additional 5% when headgear is refined to +9. Mistress Card - Nullified gemstone requirement of skills. I suggest splurging for this card, since Adoramus consumes 1Blue Gemstone per cast. It can become quite costly when leveling or just running instances. Sunglasses [1] - Easiest slotted mids to get in the game currently. Monocle [1] - Cheaper than slotted Sunglasses now, but quite hard to find. Robo Eye - Good for starters. Uzhas_Card - +10% magic damage to Demon race. Additional 5% when headgear is refined to +9. Pharaoh Card - Decreases SP consumption of skills by 30%. If you have this card, then just use this for mid. It will counter Misstress Card's SP consumption penalty. And spamming Judex and Adoramus can be quite taxing on your SP. Rainbow Scarf - MATK + 35. There really aren't that many choices for low hg in the server. Armor Robe of Flattery [1] - Best armor for magic classes. Can now be enchanted. Try to aim for INT enchants. Sarah Battle Robe [1] - Has a chance to increase MATK per refine. Orlean's Gown [1] - Nothing to say, really. Can't be worn by Baby Bishops tho. Diabolus Robe [1] - A good starter equips, but, again, can't be worn by Baby Bishops. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - THIS! That's all I can say lol. Expensive but so totally worth it. If you're gonna play Adoramus AB, this card should be one the first items you farm for. Weapon Holy Stick [1] - The only weapon we can wear as Adoramus type. +9 minimum, +10 preferred. Can also be enchanted. True Margaretha Sorin Card - Will add up to 60% Adoramus damage if Holy Stick is refined to +10. Shield Bible of Promise Vol.2 [1] - Odin Power lvl 2. I don't usually bother with switching shields. The 4 rows of hot keys is still not enough for all the skills ABs have. Valkyria's Shield [1] - While you still can't wear BoP2. Cursed Mad Bunny [1] - Adds MATK. You can switch around shields, but I don't really bother. White Knight Card - When you're not gonna fight small monsters. Hodremlin Card - Good all around defensive card. Medusa Card - Resist Stone Curse status. Any racial that would benefit you. Garment Fallen Angel Wings [1] - Spell enchant. Adventurer's Backpack [1] - Get at +7. A good alternative if you don't have money for a +7~+9 FAW. Cloak of Casualty [1] - A high end alternative for a FAW. But you'll only see the benefit if you refine it above +10. Antique Book Card - I'd say the best option for garment. Randel Card - Enables Auto Guard. Only use with switching. Shoes Judgment Shoes - The one and only pair of shoes. Just read up the effects. This is one of the items you have to farm for. Accessories Orlean's Necklace [1] - Cheap but really good accessory for MATK. Magic Intensifier Ring [1] - If you have high enough base MATK, then this would be better to use. Pendant of Maelstrom [1] - A really good accessory. But I don't really like the auto cast. It has a cast delay which won't let you cast spells. Headless Mule Card - Adds 20% to water and holy magic damage. Shadow Gears Arch Bishop Shadow Weapon - Refine and effect isn't really important for the build, but necessary for the set. Archbishop Shadow Shield - Get this refined as high as you can. Adds Adoramus damage based on refine. When worn with Shadow Weapon, reduces Adoramus cooldown by 1 second, which will make the skill almost spammable. Priest Shadow Armor - Adds Magnus damage per refine. Priest Shadow Shoes - Effect really isn't that important. When worn with Shadow Armor, MATK +3%. Acolyte Shadow Earring - Good luck getting this. Acolyte Shadow Pendant - Another shadow gear that's almost impossible to get. But when worn with AB and Priest sets, All Stat +10, HP/SP +5%, and ignores 50% of normal monsters's defense and magic defense. Donate Gears Tempest Lv3 - Kinda important to get if you can afford a set, since you won't be using a Temporal DEX Boots. Other Gemstones is up to you. Star Stone(Matk) - MATK +3% Note: You can substitute some of your gears with Mora's Judgment Set if you don't have access to some of the gears, especially Deep Sea's Judgment Shoes. The Mora set will give you an idea of how to use Adoramus as your main offensive skill. Skills Adoramus - Main damage skill. Can inflict slow and blind to target. Judex - Secondary damage skill, only if you have a high enough refined Old Mitra. 3x3 AoE. Sacrament - Reduces fixed cast time by 50% at max level. Clearance - Removes buffs on party members. Can also remove buff from monsters. Lauda Ramus - Removes negative status. I can't remember which, just cast both Lauda skills one after the other lol. Lauda Agnus - Same as Lauda Ramus. Oratio - Weakens holy resistance of enemies on screen. Kyrie Eleison - Get at level 10. Really useful for avoiding hits. Assumptio - Doubles Def and Mdef. Baby Bishops don't have this skill tho. Safety Wall - Real nice skill for tanking. Magnus Exorcismus - If you're mobbing. Get this at level 1 or level 10. Consumables White Slim Potion - You need to bring HP healing potions since you won't have enough healing skills to recover your HP. HP Increase Potion(Large) - Increases Max HP and increases HP Recovery. SP Increase Potion(Large) - Increases Max SP and increases SP Recovery. Concentrated White Potion Z - Increases HP Recovery. Vitata 500 - Increases Max SP and Increases SP Recovery. Concentrated Ceromain Soup - Increases ASPD. Concentration Potion - Increases ASPD. Regeneration Potion - Increases recovery rate of healing items by 20%. Blue Gemstone - If you don't have a Mistress Card you're gonna need a lot of this. Holy Water - On the rare occasion that you need to cast Aspersio on someone. Also needed for making Ancilla. +10 foods and +20 foods are also useful, other than that, there's really not that much consumables you need. Now go forth and spread the word of Odin!! PS: I made a Baby Bishop just because it looks so badass when doing 1m damage. lmao
  7. As part of the updates kRO has been slowly releasing over the past few months, here's the update for the Homunculus systemas part of the Genetic Job improvements. Maximum level of Homunculus is expanded. Max level is extended from 150 to 175 EXP is adjusted to accommodate level expansion Homunculus Physical and Magical damage formula are changed, physical and magic damage are increased. For base Homunculus (Lif, Amistr, Filir, Vanilmirth) skills, Global Cooldown will be replaced by Skill Cooldown. The max level of some Homunculus S skills are extended and the balance is adjusted. Eira Max Level of Eraser Cutter is increased to level 10 and damage is increased. Element changed to Neutral. Global Cooldown removed. Level 1: Magical ATK 900% Level 2: Magical ATK 1100% Level 3: Magical ATK 1300% Level 4: Magical ATK 1500% Level 5: Magical ATK 1700% Level 6: Magical ATK 1900% Level 7: Magical ATK 2100% Level 8: Magical ATK 2300% Level 9: Magical ATK 2500% Level 10: Magical ATK 2700% Xeno Slasher Max Level is increased to Level 10 and damage is increased. All levels deal Neutral Property magic damage. Level 10: Magic Damage 3200% / 9x9 Cell Level 9: Magic Damage 2900% / 7x7 Cell Level 8: Magic Damage 2600% / 7x7 Cell Level 7: Magic Damage 2300% / 7x7 Cell Level 6: Magic Damage 2000% / 5x5 Cell Level 5: Magic Damage 1700% / 5x5 Cell Level 4: Magic Damage 1400% / 5x5 Cell Level 3: Magic Damage 1100% / 3x3 Cell Level 2: Magic Damage 800% / 3x3 Cell Level 1: Magic Damage 500% / 3x3 Cell Eleanor Style Change cast time is removed. Sonic Claw Global Cooldown is changed to Skill Cooldown Silvervine Rush max level is increased to Level 10 and damage is increased. Skill Cooldown is reduced. Level 1: ATK 200% / Stun 5% Level 2: ATK 400% / Stun 10% Level 3: ATK 600% / Stun 15% Level 4: ATK 800% / Stun 20% Level 5: ATK 1000% / Stun 25% Level 6: ATK 1200% / Stun 30% Level 7: ATK 1400% / Stun 35% Level 8: ATK 1600% / Stun 40% Level 9: ATK 1800% / Stun 45% Level 10: ATK 2000% / Stun 50% Midnight Frenzy max level is increased to 10 and damage is increased. Skill Cooldown is reduced. Level 1: ATK 300% Level 2: ATK 600% Level 3: ATK 900% Level 4: ATK 1200% Level 5: ATK 1500% Level 6: ATK 1800% Level 7: ATK 2100% Level 8: ATK 2400% Level 9: ATK 2700% Level 10: ATK 3000% Bayeri Angriff Modus evasion rate and defense drop penalty is reduced. Level 1: ATK +70 / Def -30 / Flee -35 / 30 Seconds Level 2: ATK +90 / Def -40 / Flee -45 / 45 Seconds Level 3: ATK +110 / Def -50 / Flee -55 / 60 Seconds Level 4: ATK +130 / Def -60 / Flee -65 / 75 Seconds Level 5: ATK +150 / Def -70 / Flee -75 / 90 Seconds Stahl Horn max level is increased to Level 10 and damage is increased. Knock back changed changed from 3 cells to 1 cell. Level 1: ATK 1100% / Cast Range 5 Cells / Stun 22% Level 2: ATK 1200% / Cast Range 5 Cells / Stun 24% Level 3: ATK 1300% / Cast Range 6 Cells / Stun 26% Level 4: ATK 1400% / Cast Range 6 Cells / Stun 28% Level 5: ATK 1500% / Cast Range 7 Cells / Stun 30% Level 6: ATK 1600% / Cast Range 7 Cells / Stun 32% Level 7: ATK 1700% / Cast Range 8 Cells / Stun 34% Level 8: ATK 1800% / Cast Range 8 Cells / Stun 36% Level 9: ATK 1900% / Cast Range 9 Cells / Stun 38% Level 10: ATK 2000% Cast Range 9 Cells / Stun 40% Heilage Stange max level is increased to level 10, AoE and damage are increased. Global Cooldown is removed. Level 1: MATK 750% / 3x3 Cells Level 2: MATK 1000% / 3x3 Cells Level 3: MATK 1250% / 3x3 Cells Level 4: MATK 1500% / 3x3 Cells Level 5: MATK 1750% / 5x5 Cells Level 6: MATK 2000% / 5x5 Cells Level 7: MATK 2250% / 5x5 Cells Level 8: MATK 2500% / 5x5 Cells Level 9: MATK 2750% / 7x7 Cells Level 10: MATK 3000% / 7x7 Cells Sera Pain Killer max level is increased to Level 10, cast ranged is increased to 5 cells. Level 1: 30 Seconds Level 2: 40 Seconds Level 3: 50 Seconds Level 4: 60 Seconds Level 5: 70 Seconds Level 6: 80 Seconds Level 7: 90 Seconds Level 8: 100 Seconds Level 9: 110 Seconds Level 10: 120 Seconds Needle of Paralyze max level is increased to Level 10 and damage is increased. Global Cooldown is removed. Level 1: ATK 600% / Paralyze Chance 35% Level 2: ATK 800% / Paralyze Chancee 40% Level 3: ATK 1000% / Paralyze Chance 45% Level 4: ATK 1200% / Paralyze Chance 50% Level 5: ATK 1400% / Paralyze Chance 55% Level 6: ATK 1600% / Paralyze Chance 60% Level 7: ATK 1800% / Paralyze Chance 65% Level 8: ATK 2000% / Paralyze Chance 70% Level 9: ATK 2200% / Paralyze Chance 75% Level 10: ATK 2400% Paralyze Chance 80% Dieter Pyroclastic max level is increased to Level 10. Weapon Break penalty when the duration ends is removed. Has a chance to auto cast Hammerfall when attacking. Level 1: 60 Seconds Level 2: 80 Seconds Level 3: 100 Seconds Level 4: 120 Seconds Level 5: 140 Seconds Level 6: 160 Seconds Level 7: 180 Seconds Level 8: 200 Seconds Level 9: 220 Seconds Level 10: 240 Seconds Lave Slide max level is increased to level 10. Range is increased. Level 1: Ignition Chance 5% / 3x3 Cells Level 2: Ignition Chance 10% / 3x3 Cells Level 3: Ignition Chance 15% / 3x3 Cells Level 4: Ignition Chance 20% / 5x5 Cells Level 5: Ignition Chance 25% / 5x5 Cells Level 6: Ignition Chance 30% / 5x5 Cells Level 7: Ignition Chance 35% / 7x7 Cells Level 8: Ignition Chance 40% / 7x7 Cells Level 9: Ignition Chance 45% / 7x7 Cells Level 10: Ignition Chance 50% / 9x9 Cells Experience Distribution of Homunculus is changed. Experience gained by the Homunculus will go to the master. 10% of the experience gained by the master will go to the Homunculus. Homunculus automatic feeding is added. Function can be activated through the Homunculus Status window. Homunculus experience table changed. Battle Mode of Homunculus is changed. ALT + Right Click will make a Homunculus attack a target. Homunculus won't initiate battle mode even the master is under attack. I still can't find the raw change logs/patch notes of cart cannon being "nerfed", and the first update for Pyroclastic. Those changes need to be applied first before we update to these new skills. Otherwise Pyroclastic will be the most OP skill there is. But the change is Endow won't work on Cart Cannon anymore. The only element you can use are the elements of your cannon balls and fire from Pyroclastic. Pyroclastic will also overwrite any cannon ball you have equipped to fire. Now onto some Sakray patches... Weight Limit penalty has been updated. HP/SP will still recover even if the character is at 50% weight. The new HP/SP recovery penalty is at 70%. UPDATE: Here is the the new EXP table for Homunculi Even at level 150, there's a difference of more than 10m EXP. Even if the EXP required to level is higher, it's still gonna be easier to level up your Homunculus because whatever EXP you're getting, 10% of that will go to your Homunculus. Just to put that into Perspective, Infinite Eddga gives 1 Billion EXP. Killing it once will give your Homunculus 100 Million EXP. Leveling a Homunculus might be a bit grindy, but I think I prefer that from the AFK Genetics in low level dungeons taking away all the spots from players (well, at least in official servers).
  8. Happy New Year!!! As a celebration of my boredom, here's me wasting money on my GX...
  9. Caphleo

    kRO Winter Update Sneak-Peek

    New Illusion Gears will be added to complete the set (sort of irrelevant since we don't have the dungeon yet). The next in line to get Job Improvements are Arch Bishops and Performers. Basing on the interview they've had in the past, ABs might get a DPS boost, and Performers will get some flexibility with their weapons (can use song skills while wearing Bows). Star Emperor and Soul Reaper sprites seems to have been finalized as well. Their skills Tress have also been revealed. Skill: Book of Dimension(?) PVP/WoE only skill. Reduces cool down of certain skills and/or creates a barrier(?) Star Emperor Skill Tree Solar, Lunar, Stellar Perception (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Opposition (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Shadow (10) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Record (3) Solar, Lunar, Stellar Purification (1) Solar Stance (3) Lunar Stance (3) Stellar Stance (3) Galaxy Stance (3) Blazing Kick? (7) Cutting Kick? (7) White Light Kick? (3) Divine Explosion (5) Gravity Control (1) Solar Explosion (7) Full Moon Kick (7) Falling Meteor (7) Star Emperor Advent (5) Solar Light (5) Lunar Light (5) Stellar Light (5) Book of Creation (5) Book of Dimension (5) Skill: Eshu Basically a GIANT FCK YOU AoE version of Esma. Can be chained with Esma. Can only be used on monsters. Soul Reaper Skill Tree Soul Accumulation (5) Curse of the Demonic Soul (5) Soul Energy Research (5) Soul Harvest (5) Commander? Explosion (5) Kaut (5) Esha (5) Soul Connection (7) Soul Cycle (3) Espa (5) Soul of Shadows (5) Soul of Fairy (5) Soul of Hawk (5) Soul of Golem (5) Eshu (7) Soul Explosion (5) Soul Split (5) There's an earlier release of what the skills might do, you can view the source here. The translation for the skills can be found here. BTW, winter in South Korea starts at late December. So we'll probably see these updates in action early 2018.
  10. Caphleo

    kRO 2018 Siege Update

    This was posted more than a week ago in kRO's devnotes, but might as well share it. This is what has been discussed when kRO devs held a meeting with WoE players and Guild Masters (imagine being invited to a developer's meeting just because you play the game!!!!! So awesome!!!) The meeting took place back in Sept 23-24. 1. Siege/WoE Q1. When are the improvements update gonna be implemented? A1. Around 2018. It will be implemented when various opinions have been gathered and testing done. Q2. In WoE, it's becoming impossible to fight (like getting killed instantly). Is there an alternative to this? A2. At the moment, some characters can be instantly killed due to high damage of some skills. It is normal due to stats, gears, and so on. However, due to this problem, there's a part where the fun in Siege is reduced, so there's an option to reduce powerful skills (Arrow Storm, Cross Ripper Slasher, Ignition Break, Exceed Break, Tetra Vortex, Comet, Self Destruction, etc). Is it anticipated that you prepare equipment to counter expected skills from your enemies to fight against them. Q3. Is it improvement through an item and not in a skill balance patch? A3. It is difficult to make skills behave in various situations (normal mode, siege mode). That's why we are balancing siege through various methods, and new siege-only items are one of them. Various discussions and reviews will be conducted so we can enjoy siege. Q4. What's the purpose of using siege-only items in siege? A4. (The answer is just a bunch of BS about there being different sets of PVM and PVP gears. They really didn't give much of an answer.) Q5. Is it possible to remove the no-SP recovery penalty of Asura Strike? For example, can you add a skill cool down instead of the no-SP recovery penalty so the character can use another skill. A5. We have been discussing this internally. However, since this is a low priority content. We will resume discussion soon. Q6. We need a reorganization of potions A6. (Something about selling Siege Potions in a kRO in-game market but in limited quantity, they are thinking of increasing the limit people can buy). Genetics will be able to make new items such as Siege Potions, recovery items from the new statuses (like freezing, ignition etc), and potions that increases tolerance to said statuses. In the case of Mechanics, they want Mechanics to be able to create items like "Reinforced Parts" and "Ability Supplementary Device". Genetics will be focused on making defensive consumables while Mechanics will focus on making offensive consumables. In addition to the Alchemist and Blacksmith rankings, we are also planning to make a new ranking system for Genetics and Mechanics. (This made me boned up lol. I am really excited for this update. But I'm guessing this will be for the Awakening Classes. They have to give Mechanics extra skills to craft those items.) Q7. (Something about magic users being hard to play in siege because of all the counters.) A7. (Basically they said it's part of the game lol. But they will discuss it) Q8. Do you plan to enhance access to Siege? A8. (Basically an improvement to the current Siege Quests. Like you can get PVP equipment from the TE Siege Quests. They will also supposed new Siege equipment that are easy to make for new users, and specialized Siege gears for veterans. Q9. (The question is about a certain Guild Castle being favored because of the location of its agit flags) A9. We have discussed about making agit flags available for alliance guilds as well. Adding storage NPCs outside castles, and HP/SP Recovery NPCs (with a higher fee than the inn) are also being discussed. We are also trying to develop new Guild Skills. Q10. If you've improved skills such as BS Sacramenti, Angelus, and return the previous Assumptio (straight up damage reduction rather than double the Def) effect, won't it increase ABs in Siege? A10. It seems like a good opinion. We will consider improvements for Arch Bishop skills. However, considering other damage reduction skills such as Energy Coat, we will have to be careful about the damage reduction effects of Assumptio. Q11. We think that Siege improvements should be constant and not just once. A11. (It's a roundabout way of saying they are gathering opinions not only from kRO, but from also other official servers for Siege improvements.) Q12. (Question about Siege Time) A12. (Answer about possibly adding more days/times to Siege.) Q13. What will happen to Hall of Abyss when Siege times changes? A13. The investment system for Hall of Abyss will be removed due to the change of Guild Dungeon usage. We will disclose details on the change on a later update. Q14. Please tell us more details about how Guild Leaders can manage the Guild Dungeons. A14. The Guild Leader can invest through the investment NPC inside the castle. It is made up to 10 levels. You can increase the investment up to level 9 to add things such as increasing the monster type, number of monsters, and hunting quests. The Guild Leader can choose one of the 3 options below for the Level 10 investment. 1. Spawn monsters that drop special special equipment. 2. Gain buffs to gain bonus EXP from the monster inside the Guild Dungeon. 3. Gain buffs to gain special materials from the monsters inside the Guild Dungeon. Guild Leaders can set the Dungeon to be opened to the public or keep it private. In a public settings, Admission Tickets can be bought with Zeny through an NPC. The existing Hall of Abyss will be shared by all Castle Holders in the area without special investment, it will also be a PVP area, and will be re-organized to be a high level dungeon. In the Hall of Abyss, you can acquire new Siege equipment and new enchantments for Siege equipment. Q15. We need to improve Siege rewards. Is it possible to add boxes that only drops materials from that area? (I'm assuming making a specific box for god item materials) A15. There will certainly be a change in the treasure boxes. In the new treasure boxes, you can acquire the highest level of enchant for the new Siege equipment, Siege Potions, and castle treasure chests. We will also add material box for each area like you've proposed. Q16. (Question about the new Siege equipment) A16. (Explains loosely about how to enchant the new Siege equips. Mentioned 2 types of enchant, 1 for defensive and 1 for offensive. Enchantments can be upgraded.) Q17. What are the new Siege Equipment? A17. Basic Siege equipment are gonna be sold for Zeny. It can then be upgraded and enchanted to fit each class with the enchants you can get from Guild Dungeons. Q18. How about support for Doram equipment that can reduce/increase damage? A18. Yes, new equipment will be added to the Siege equipment for Dorams. Q19. Are there any direct change to Siege mode? A19. We are discussing various resistance (players, attributes, conditions, races, etc.). We are also considering to make the maximum resistance be 100%, and the aspects of ranged physical damage penalty, skill damage penalty, etc. Q20. We would like for the new Siege equipment to be available on the test server. A20. We will roll out the update in Sakray first before the main servers. 2. Battlegrounds Q1. There is Siege improvement, but it is also necessary to improve Battleground content. A1. We are in the process of restructuring Battlegrounds separate from Siege. We are also considering a concept where only Battleground equipment and items, and various systems where support classes can participate more. Q2. Will the new battlegrounds be added? A2. The addition of the new battlegrounds and the matching system improvement is finished. Q3. What are the rewards for the new battlegrounds? A3. The full list has not been confirmed, but new battleground equipment will be added. 3. Others Q1. (Question about the new Jitterbug instance, which we don't have) A1. (Well not really important since we don't have it yet. But they did talk about new Jitterbug enchants and equips.) Q2. You need to improve the skills of Minstrels and Wanderers. A2. We would like to add some magic damage to instruments and whips. As for the skills of Minstrels and Wanderers, we have discussed to make them available with a Bow. These contents will be reviewed so the can be added to the future improvement of these classes. We would also like to review instruments and whips so we can add equipment with magic damage later. Q3. How did you develop the Taekwon 3rd Jobs? A3. We are advanced in our development. We are trying to meet as much this year. Q4. What is a Star Emperor? I wish it has cool physical skills. A4. Star Emperors are a physical class. Q5. The last images for Star Emperor and Soul Reaper have not been published. When will it be released? And Star Emperors are a bit better than Soul Reapers (design-wise?). A5. Images are still in development yet, and may change. Once we finalize the image, we will disclose it. Q6. There are many questions about the Awakening system. Is it going to be level 175 to level 100? A6. When a level 175 character Awakens, it returns to level 100. Base level will be increased to 185 and job level will be increased to 70. Q7. Won't there be too many status points for a level 185 character? A7. There will be a new status system for Awakened Classes. Aside from Status Points, there will be Character Points. Character Points can be directly applied to Accuracy, Flee, Critical rate, Attack, Ranged Attack, Magic Attack, Defense, Magic Defense, HP and SP. When you reset to level 100, you will have an additional Status points of 1 to 100 (I'm guessing it's random), and 1 Character Point. You will receive Status points until level 175, and won't gain points at 176 to 185. You will gain 1 Character point for each 1 level from level 100. This will make a difference in level growth and you will feel the difference with Awakened and non-Awakened classes. Once the final outline is done, we will release it in a dev note. Q8. The HP/SP differences between classes are big enough as it is with level 175. Can this difference decrease with the Awakening system? A8. We will review this content thoroughly. Q9. (Idk something about receiving items via RODEX.) A9. (Idk really, must be an exclusive kRO thing. I'm missing context.) Q10. (Something about paying for a permanent support box, again a kRO thing.) A10. (Nothing really important.) Q11. Do developers play the game too? A11. Yes, out developers also play the game. They nurture their characters well. Most of the times they play at home, but sometimes they play at PC Rooms. Q12. Can you release the rest of the Enchantment Stones for the rest of the classes? A12. We have received a lot of complaints at the launch of several job classes. The number of materials in one box is limited, so this time we released Ranger, Sura, and Sorcerer Stone, and we will add more classes in the future. Q13. Why not sell the Japanese items and costumes from jRO to kRO? Are you selling items to jRO? A13. We support all items that's produced in Ragnarok. However due to the unique characteristics of each culture, some changes might take time. Specially since Japanese Ragnarok equipment are made with the jRO formula. Well, there you guys go. More things to look forward to.
  11. Caphleo

    LimitRO - Tomb of Honor

    So, in celebration of the new dungeon update, here is me wasting my supplies... You either have to do enough damage to kill the monsters on time, or risk the wrath of Max Pain.
  12. Level 101 GX vs Bijou Yolo yolo yo yolo yolo yo~~~ Made this video as an excuse to use one of my new fav songs~~~~~~~
  13. See what boredom does to someone lol I'm like 95% complete with my Super Novice.
  14. Entity 808

    What Is Ragnarok?

    What is Ragnarok? Ragnarok is an online role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Users can create characters and venture off alone or in groups in far-flung fantasy worlds full of adventure. Storyline After the long and gruesome war between God, Humans, and Demons... Scarred during the dangerous moments in battle, and avoiding total destruction altogether, the Humans, God and Demons entered a long truce The 1000 years of fragile and forged peace... In the land of Midgard, the existence of peace eventually led the humans to erase their memories of the scars and hardships of the wars in the past. Not remembering the faults of the past, culture was spreading throughout the land along with selfishness, corruption, and arrogance. Then one day, strange occurrences started happening, breaking the balance that once existed in Midgard. There came a strange howl from the boundaries that divided the humans, God, and demons; creatures began attacking; increasing earthquakes and hail - and... The mysterious legend of demons... As the fragile peace began to fall apart, stories about the parts of Ymir, protecting the peace, began to spread among the adventurers. Forgetting the true nature of it, people set out to seek each of the pieces for their own selfishness, and the wealth that would come with it... My Theory XD Odin is a wrecked place in Game My Theory why It's ruined is Fenrir broke it as he broke free and ran throughout the world with his lower jaw against the ground and his upper jaw in the sky, devouring everything in his path.He even killed the god Odin before finally being put to death by one of Odin’s avenging sons.And the reason why Valkyrie is on Odin's Temple it's because Valkyries is a servant of Odin Did You Know Fenrir is a wolf (well that's what I read) Fenrir is a child of Loki Loki is the Trickster Bragi is the god of poetry and music (that's why there's a skill poem of Bragi) Valkyrie- Servant of Odin Odin He is a god of war and death, as well as a sky god and the god of wisdom and poetry. Along with being a god, he is the All-Father of all the Nordic Gods. He is also heavily associated with magic. Frigg is the wife of odin Balder is the son of Frigg and Odin Balder is killed by Loki (Try to google how did Loki killed balder kinda confused what really happened XD) Asgard - In Norse religion, Asgard is one of the Nine Worlds and home to the Æsir tribe of gods. It is surrounded by an incomplete wall attributed to a Hrimthurs riding the stallion Svaðilfari, according to Gylfaginning. Nidhogg - (Old Norse Níðhöggr, literally “Curse-striker” or “He Who Strikes with Malice”) is the foremost of several serpents or dragons who dwell beneath the world-tree Yggdrasil and eat its roots. This is highly injurious to the tree, which holds the Nine Worlds of the cosmos.[1] Nidhogg’s actions have the intention of pulling the cosmos back to chaos, and he, along with his reptilian cohort, can therefore surely be classified among the giants (or, as they were called in pre-Christian times, “devourers”). From this it would make sense for Nidhogg to have a prominent role in Ragnarok, the cyclically recurrent event in which the giants succeed in destroying the cosmos. This does indeed seem to be the case. In one especially important Old Norse poem (the Völuspá or “Insight of the Seeress”), Nidhogg is described as flying out from beneath Yggdrasil during Ragnarok, presumably to aid the giants’ cause.[2] Later in the same poem, Nidhogg is also said to preside over a part of the underworld called Náströnd (“The Shore of Corpses”) where perjurers, murderers, and adulterers are punished.[3] However, this conception of the afterlife as marked by moral retribution is totally foreign to the indigenous worldview of the Norse and other Germanic peoples, and must be an instance (one of many) of Christian influence upon the poem. Yggdrasil (Holds the Nine Worlds) - At the center of the Norse spiritual cosmos is an ash tree, Yggdrasil (pronounced “IG-druh-sill”; Old Norse Askr Yggdrasils), which grows out of the Well of Urd (Old Norse Urðarbrunnr). The Nine Worlds are held in the branches and roots of the tree. The name Askr Yggdrasils probably strikes most modern people as being awkwardly complex. It means “the ash tree of the horse of Yggr.”[1] Yggr means “The Terrible One,” and is a byname of Odin. The horse of Odin is Sleipnir. This may seem like a puzzling name for a tree, but it makes sense when one considers that the tree as a means of transportation between worlds is a common theme in Eurasian shamanism.[2]Odin rides Sleipnir up and down Yggdrasil’s trunk and through its branches on his frequent journeys throughout the Nine Worlds. “Urd” (pronounced “URD”; Old Norse Urðr, Old English Wyrd) means “destiny.” The Well of Urd could therefore just as aptly be called the Well of Destiny. One of the poems in the Poetic Edda, Völuspá or “The Insight of the Seeress,” describes the scene thus: These three maidens are the Norns, and their carvings consist of runes, the magical alphabet of the ancient Germanic peoples. In addition to the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds, several beings live in, on, or under the tree itself. The Eddic poem Grímnismál, “The Song of the Hooded One,” mentions many of them – but, unfortunately, only in passing. An anonymous eagle perches in the upper branches of the tree. A number of dragons or snakes, most notably Nidhogg, gnaw at the roots from below. A squirrel, Ratatosk, carries messages (presumably malicious ones) between Nidhogg and the eagle. Four deer, Dain, Dvalin, Duneyr, and Dyrathror, nibble the highest shoots.[4] The Nine Worlds - Niflheim, Muspelheim, Asgard, Midgard, Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, Helheim A little summary for the characters of Norse Mythology XD can't find a clear photo so I'll just type it Balder - Odin's son. Gentle and handsome god Bragi - god of poetry and music Fenrir - monstrousvwolf.Child of Loki Freyja - goddess of love and fertility. Twin of Freyr Freyr - god of fertility and prosperity. Twin of Freyja Frigg - wife of Odin. goddess of the sky,marriage and childbirth Heimdall - god who guardsAsgard, the home of the gods Hel - goddes of the dead, child of Loki Idun - goddes of fertility, spring and rebirth Jormungand - giant serpent Loki - trickster figure , companion to the gods Mimir - giant who guards well of knowledge Njord - sea god. Father of Freyr and Freyja Odin - god of wisdom , battle and poetry and ruler of the gods Thor - god of the sky and thunder , associated with the weather, crops and warriors Tyr - god of war, justice, and order Valkyries - female spirits, servants of Odin Ymir - Frost giant whose body was used to form the world Credits to: GOOGLE XD and other's to BTW I Created this topic for fun XD I got nothing to do so And also IDK why Fenrir is different in game and in the mythology And pls no hate <3 just good for a bedtime story PS I do not own anything And sorry if I missed anything BTW It's a super long story that I can't even read it all If you got time and want to know the whole long story ... Google "Norse Mythology Ragnarok" XD I also think you didn't read it all cause it's too long XD BTW Sorry for endorsing google (didn't meant to do that )
  15. Hello to my friends, I am a ragnarok player for years and a fan of the forum. I would like to present my Ragnarok speed art drawing for you to evaluate. From a character I like a lot and played a lot in the past, now I'm with Sniper. I hope you like my drawing was done with sketch, color and paper in January 2017. And if possible we start a debate about which is the best character to play in the game currently, because I am stopped for some time. Thank you friends Ragnarok Top Artwork- Jan 2017
  16. JCO9

    Ragnarok or Rangerok?

    Hello everyone, hope you are having a great time in LimitRO, before any comment let me say that this is a very nice community I enjoy the time playing here, very attentive staff and great people. Howerver I have a MAYOR observation that it could be my very own perspective but anyway would like to mention it, currently, I think the game is extraordinary unbalanced between classes I could say with no exgeration that more of 50% of players are Rangers and all favorates the rangers in equip card and everything, for the other classes is some times abusively unfair to the point that some beautiful classes are almost forgoten, I know and have seen just a few Royal Guard, not too many Rune Knights, where are the mighty Assassins????? The rouge/stalker classes??? I have never ever seen a Ninja, what happened to the Mechanics? Rebellions, Asuras!!!! I know just a very very few of them, the Doram classes, I have only seen two in 5 months, there are some Sorcerers yes, but where are the Bard/Dancer classes? I have never seen one as main character, the genetics are I think the second class in the game. While other classes do the imossible to reach 100k damage, and some of them just cannot reach the number you have the Rangers doing 300k like drinking water and some of them even 750k damage, I have tried to play another classes, my main Character is an RK but it is just so unbalanced, like I said, some classes practically do not exist in the game, this does not look like Ragnarok anymore, it will be Rangerok soon, who would like to invest time exploring another classes when at the end you will be like a joke in comparison to all Rangers/Genetics? It is just frustrating. My advise? to be honest I do not feel with the authority to demand things to be changed like if everyone should listen to me, but I would suggest to increase the power and skills of the other classes trough new items or to low the Rangers items which are a joke in terms of the bonuses they give. Thank you very much for reading and I do not know if anyone identifies with my words, have a great gaming time, God bless.
  17. FXFreitas

    [Shocase] FXFreitas Sprites

    Hey there, no one known how I am here, but I'm a spriter and these are my Ragnarok Online Works: Zero (completely made be Me) Valkyrie Project (almost complete, maybe in a close future I made a custom mob, Randgris Base) Berzebub (50% completed, Some bases are same ou similar has Hyperion Used on his version, like Weding Cloth) Diabolus Armor (PNG Version Lost) DIabolus Manteau Updates: (almost Complete) I'm just Need to test in-game some animations, and make the adaptations, after this make a ACT for each job. Half-Life RO Style (PNG Version Lost) Alex Mercer Vampire (Made be me and my brother) El Chapolin Colorado (homage) Mavis (fairy tail, one request from a Friend) Mecha-Vesper Goku Head (original front view author missing, if you known or are him, tell me!) Evil Morocc Head (Human Version, from future ragnarok Episode)
  18. Hello Limit community, Just thought id share a place where you and your friends can enjoy Ragnarok the Animation. This series consists of 26 episodes, all in English with no subtitles thanks to FUNimation Entertainment. It was first produced in 2004 and is still a must watch for any Ragnarok fan! Hope you enjoy <3 Synopsis A great evil is sweeping over the realm; an evil that the young swordsman Roan and his life-long companion, the acolyte Yufa, must face head on! For these two travel toward their destiny, from the highest towers to the depths of the underworld, through forest and desert alike. With an ever-growing cast of fellow heroes, fate will grasp these travelers by their very souls and propel the band of skilled adventurers towards a noble end. Or ignoble, if they don't watch their step! Monsters are afoot and the way rife with danger and magic, the path forward may be unclear... But where will is strong, there is a way! Lessons wait in the depths of darkness, and good must prevail. The journey starts now!
  19. Hi, Ive created this fan art a long time ago and Im hoping the this can soon become a ragnarok game wallpaper XD Ive tried to follow the wallpaper aspect ratio in this artwork so hope it can work as a wallpaper, if Limitro would decide to have it as one of the wallpapers, then Id be truly honored and Im giving limitro the full rights to use it. btw my IGN's are Queen Minerva and Mistress Minerva I have a site too of my Artworks but it's R18+ so for ADULTS only
  20. Lilly Belle

    I can't change screen size....

    I have never experienced this problem before but apparently when I went to config the size for the client it doesn't save the changes after I clicked applied. The size i am playing on is probably at 800 x ??? and it's really hard to read any words in-game because the fonts are really small. I have tried to edit my dinput.ini and it says I do not have permission to make changes. I don't know what else to do at this point because I usually just edit my client size with dinput.ini... Any advice? :/
  21. i need help... anyone have a new link for download limit ro? i can't download it from the official at mirro 1 and mirror 2 :"(
  22. Dude / Sis... I need help! I got problem.. with LimitRagnarokRenewal.exe ( When i click the LimitRo and then loading to server, But when i click "Start Game".. Suddenly it's appears, then say "LimitRagnarokRenawal.exe Application Error )... I tried to re-download the installer at but i still got the same problem... This problem it's start from today... Please give info to FIX it