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Found 34 results

  1. Topic Name : Increase Reward rate from Illusion Quest Describe your suggestion : Please increase the reward from Illusion Quest in Illusion Dungeon from 1 Illusion Stone per quest to 2-3 Illusion Stone per quest What is this? As we know in recent update, Illusion equipment and weapon can be enchanted with illusion stone. Enchanting the equip need a lot of Illusion stone but this game RNG is kinda sucks. So per enchant and reset need 15 illusion stone. All npc from illusion only give total 17 illusion stone ( 3 from moonlight, 3 from abyss, 3 from dracula, 3 from teddy, 3 from luanda and 2 from ice ) Why do we have to add it? To improve the quality of new item especially Illusion Equip and make many new differentation build with this illusion equip Who will benefit this? Everyone that wants to make illusion equipments and enchanting it Will this change the system drastic? No
  2. Lilac

    Doram Quest

    1 - I did not talk to Vigilante Ajegna at the very beginning, but I checked on Vigilante Aglio instead and still managed to proceed to the next quest 2 - Went to talk to the kid next to Tool Merchant, but did not get White Shirt from Tool Merchant or asked to meet Healer Haru So I thought just walked around to look for other NPC quest before I knew about doram guide 3 - Went to asked Vigilante Guide at the center (174,160) and process the quest till where I need to talk to the Dragon 4- After that, went back to the ship and stuck for 4 days now I can't get in because of the Basilac Clam... (TT__TT) PS: After I stuck at the entrance ship, I went to talk Vigilante Ajegna, the npc straight away skips to Tool Merchant where I get to talk the kid, then talk to Healer Haru. After that, try talk to Vigilante Guide again and nothing happen. So I have no clue what happen or how it should be (= = ||)
  3. Wait time still the normal 24 hours instead of the custom 1 hour
  4. Skreb

    Affleheim Perfume Daily Quest

    I tried doing the daily quest "Affleheim Perfume". I followed what the guide said at LRO Wiki and iRO wiki but when I got to the part where she makes the perfume, she doesn't take the item "Flower of Affleheim" <see attached pic> . I talked to her so many times but nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need 5 flowers or something? Is it a bug? What do I do?
  5. KucingKucing

    Comodo's quest

    Hi team, -char name: KucingSoul I was wondering about this quest: It says that: Note: Kagerou, Oboro and Rebellion will receive a random hat. And then I finished the quest by using Soul reaper and I've received 'Focus Beret'instead of ''Deadman Bandana'' Kindly assist, cheers!
  6. Cj

    Eclage Orb Buff

    @Lai Question regarding the Eclage Orb Buff you said in the Requirements its need to be finished all quest Eclage and Flame Basin Quest Chain is that includes the side quest?
  7. Cj

    Report from the New World

    How many percentages for you to get Expedition Report 1~4 ? Psst: I collected more than 200 pcs of Part of a Report, I could not get Vol 1.
  8. The npc should let us book an instance and fight the MvP, which is not happening even though we both finished the required quests and got the quest prizes (7 Lesser Agimat, EXP). We tried with both characters as leader of the party. We both followed the limitro wikia guide of the quest. Character: Kurohige
  9. Vee

    Costume Girl Alice

    There some items in the list are not reasonable ex. Odysseus Veil I dont think that this item is under Rare List because of the mats 100pcs Halo, even the other mats like Soulless Ring also needs Halo. would be possible for you guys to lessen the requirement for CE's
  10. Character Names: Bhishima, GinAkabane, Akabane San Describe your suggestion Have a quest database, specially for quests that are not aligned with other databases (iRo, RateMyServer, etc), and have the item database show links to quests relevant to the item (specially for item crafting). Why do we have to add it? I'm aware there's a section in this forum dedicated for quest guides and that's very helpful, however not all of the items/quests are in those guides, plus it would be nice if you could search an item on the item database and it would tell you which quests are related to it (either as required items or as quests rewards), maybe just add the missing ones to the wiki, and link them from the item database. Who will benefit this? I believe most players would benefit from this in some form or fashion, specially players who are new to the server and are not familiar with all of the server's NPC's. Will this change the system drastic? I do realize it's a really really big task, and the GM's already have a lot in their hands, however, I think it would improve player's experiences a lot. Room for improvement? Maybe some of us might help, by submitting quest guides, and those might just be reviewed by staff members to ease the workload off them. Other suggestions are welcome of course.
  11. NPC Eggling wants to get 3 item "Basilac Clams". This items drops from Basilisks, but this items drop with name Basil Rock. On this website Basilac Clam = Basil Rock Item ID# 25049. Npc does not want to take these things
  12. NPC Name: Mayor Jun Kardui NPC Location: Eclage Plaza (ecl_in03 41, 90) Screenshot of the NPC dialog (of the bug) - I'll try to describe: I talked to the NPCs following the steps of this guide, it's shown in the first three screenshots. But I accidentally talked first to the Gossiping Laphines before talking to Traveler Fome. Then, when I try to speak with Mayor Jun Kardui, he doesn't give the EXP and go to the next steps. Describe the bug Follow correctly until step 11 After talk to Chief of Staff and get the Fairy Wings, i spoke to the two Laphines mentioned in 11.1. Then, I missread the next step and talked to gossiping laphines (11.3). I realised the mistake and went to talk with Traveler Fome (step 11.2). When I went to talk to Mayor Jun Kardui, he didn't give me the lines and I'm stucked in this step. The thing is, can this be fixed? Even if I have to make the quest again or whatever. I just want to continue the steps Screenshot of your related Quest Log (Alt + U) Why do you think this is bug? Do you follow any guide? I accidentally didn't follow the correct order, and talked first to the Two Laphines, second to the Gossiping Laphines and then to Traveler Fome. Well, anyway, but then I tried to talk with Mayor Jun Kardui and he didn't follow the lines that would allow me to proceed. The guide: here it is. Char Name / Job: Amiria / Ranger Equip / Stats: obs: I tried to follow the steps with and without the Fairy Wings. Sorry if anything is spelled wrong, english is not my native language. Thank u
  13. Dragonicsoul

    Helm of Darkness/Old Red Box

    Is the Helm of Darkness quest available on the server or do I have to acquire an old red box? I searched for the NPC's required for the quest and was unable to locate the spirit in Niflheim. If the quest is not available, then how does one acquire an old red box? Contact info: IGN: Dragonicsoul Facebook :
  14. Lex Luthor

    Einbroch Murder Quest Bug

    NPC Location: Einbroch 53, 51 Screenshot of the NPC dialog or bug I upload recording Describe the bug: we followed all guidelines and paste it ,still not work. We were trying to finish this quest with my friend ,although we can pass thru with this, access the wolfchev's laboratory ,I have recording of my friend , IGN: Rune Knight Lex ( RK ) Einbroch Murder Quest Bug.rrf
  15. A little bit of background info: I wanted to try to enter Bangungot Hospital by myself using my Ranger and my AB(dual). I finished the related quests using my AB on another account. I already finished ALL Malaya quests(even the useless ones) using my Ranger back in February or March 2016. Nurse Maenne won't let me generate the instance so I used my AB to generate it. My AB was able to enter but my Ranger couldn't. So I tried to do the Nurse in Port Malaya quest again. I went to Malaya town and when I tried to ride the jeepney to teleport near the hospital, the NPC said I was an outsider. So I walked to Nurse Las outside the hospital and she basically said we're both outsiders. That's when I figured out the Nurse in Port Malaya and Cautious Village quests reset. I tried Bakonawa and I couldn't enter either. What's weird is I can enter Buwaya Cave. I haven't tried the other quests. Topic NPC Report NPC Name: Nurse Maenne NPC Location: ma_dun01 147, 10 Screenshot of the NPC dialog (of the bug) Nurse Maenne not letting me generate the instance. I already finished the quest months ago. So I used my AB to generate the instance. My AB can enter but my Ranger can't. Describe the bug Step 1 you did what? Talked to Nurse Maenne to generate the instance using my Ranger, but can't. Step 2 you did what? Assigned my AB as party leader to generate the instance. Success! Step 3 you did what? My AB can enter the instance but my Ranger can't. Step 4 you did what? I tried to do Nurse in Port Malaya quest again with my Ranger but I am an outsider... I found out that Cautious Village also reset because other npc are saying that I am an outsider. Bakonawa Extermination also reset. I tried Buwaya Cave and I could enter. Weird that this quest didn't reset. The prerequisite quest is Cautious Village. Forgot to take a screenshot inside the instance. It's already destroyed. Screenshot of your related Quest Log (Alt + U) Why do you think this is bug? Do you follow any guide? This is a bug because I already finished the quest but the npc won't let me generate or enter the instance. The Nurse in Port Malaya, Cautious Village, Bakonawa Extermination quests reset. Char Name / Job: Ranger Skadi - Ranger Equip / Stats: NA
  16. pokeigor

    Biolab Entrance Quest Bug

    I'm trying to do the Biolabs entrance quest to get the Laboratory Permit, but I think there's a bug. When I reach step 16 to put the numbers you found behind the painting in step 13 nothing happens and it asks to put the number again, here are some screen shots that might help. Thanks in advance.
  17. I was doing Rachel Sanctuary entrance quest. Nothing happened and until step 11 from the guide below Suddenly, my char DC and when i relog the quest won't continue. Then suddenly i need to reset all the quest. When my char DC again, the quest restart again. On my 3rd attempt, i reach step , but Zhed didn't ask glacial hearts even though i already finished the Lost Child Quest. When i try relog, the quest reset again from step 1. What should i do? thanks
  18. Shortcut url: Are you tired of doing the long chain of quests just to start the Ring of the Wise King Quest? Are you only interested in entering the second level of Scaraba Dungeon? Hate collecting all those Expedition Reports, delivering the copies, killing mobs for quest items, or traveling from map-to-map? Well this is your lucky day~! If you have 50,000 zeny, you can skip all that crap in less than 5 minutes! Here's how to do it! Enter the Eden Headquarters via the portal in the building near the Coin Exchange NPC in Asgard. Inside the HQ, walk a little bit to the left (behind the bar) and talk to a Cat Hand Agent. Ask him Why don't you collect it yourself?, then tell him I'll help the merchants. When he asks for 50,000 Zeny, give it to him and he will ask you for your name, type your character's name when a box appears (it's case sensitive). Then he will teleport you to the Dimensional Gorge. Walk east (past the guards) and speak to the small Cat, select Let's do this! when he tells you to climb on his back. Near the Dimensional Rift, walk north and speak to the Cat Hand Agent to warp to the New World. Now you can talk to the Schwartzvalt Mechanic and start the Ring of the Wise King Quest! No more fuzz about killing mobs, collecting items and traveling to different maps! Have a great adventure~! Note: Doing this quest will bypass these quests and its rewards. Onward to the New World New Surroundings Tripatriate Union's Feud Attitude to the New World Pursuing Rayan Moore Report from the New World For players who want to enter Nidhoggur's Dungeon you can still go back and talk to Marian, to start the "New Surroundings" quest and get the other quests in order to have the requirements for Report from the New World and have the requirements for Guardian of Yggdrasil, the quest needed for Nidhoggur's Dungeon. (Thanks to Charles Keyron for this info)
  19. amrix008

    Onward to the new world quest

    Hi, Can i ask for your help here GM? or anyone on the support staff? Im in the middle of the "Onward to the New World Quest" and i'm having difficulties? (Note: I can't continue onward? i guess) What's wrong on my name?? lol Please see attached image for your reference Also the quest guide im following:
  20. Your Char Name 138/22 Genetic Clarus Arcanum How did you make this bug happen? I am now, challenged to Koschei the Immortal Quest. Quest is no longer being developed in the middle. Describe the bug as much as possible. Baba Yaga's errands Super Novice (and all 3rd job) Classes are asked to buy her a broom found only in Payon. > Go to payon cave to find the tree (163, 186) where the ghosts are hiding. > Confront the ghost tree and answer its questions about a Kafra race. Jasmine Roxie Glaris Defolty Tailing Even if many times input, the last to add a ".", When you copy and paste is said to be different. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) Have you tested? Yes. Please let me know if there are those who clear the quest. If you give me a fix if can not be cleared.
  21. Mikoto

    My thoughts and suggestions

    Since we have donating CE THAT broken (sorry to be harsh but it's the truth), why we still don't have more official headgears on the Hat Maker? Like the official Skull Cap [1] with stats and everything. Well, want a even better ideia? If you put it on the cash shop more and more people will pay, even tho I'd like to a quest for it and for the official CD in Mouth. You know what kind of headgears I'm talking about right? People love this, we cry and dream about it everyday. Also, I'm finding very unpleasing the new changes about some monsters dropping their monster-like hats. Sure some of them are official, but Rideword Hat is officially by quest... Is there a post which people are discussing this kind of change? Because I'd like to be in and express against. I find LimitRO very easy to do pretty much everything, why make it even more? A LOT of players will bash me, but some people love WoE, PvP, donating, being end game, hunting MvP, I particularly love hat quests and events (and mvp), because I don't have time to compromise with more serious gameplay and dedicate for such. We can have everything, for everyone, right? I don't mind CE with shards and stuff being broken if we also got things like official CD in mouth and Skull Cap [1] and others headgears questable. Doesn't matter how hard it would be to get it, I love challenging quests as we have mid rate to make things far easy.
  22. HEY THERE! Are you having a hard time accessing this thread because the url is long? You can use instead! Bear with me, since this will be a bit lengthy for a quest.. but this is all tried and tested by yours truly! AND BY THAT, YOU SHOULD BE READING THIS COMPILED GUIDE INSTEAD OF THE ONE IN IROWIKI SINCE WE HAVE A BIT OF VARIATIONS IN OUR SERVER WARNING: You cannot bypass ANY of these pre-requisite quests; trying to do so will make you unable to finish the later quests. Believe me because I tried it myself QUEST 1: Einbroch Factory Quest QUEST 2: EINBROCH MURDER QUEST QUEST 3: PRESIDENT QUEST PART 2 in next post.
  23. After the maintenance and relocating Mr. Hatty this showed up. They're overlapping each other, Mr.Hatty and Mr. Guide,
  24. PandaAKY

    Can't do Mora Daily Quests

    Hi guys, I've just come back to playing RO, so chose this server 'cause I already had so much effort put into it. About 2 years ago I was playing with some friends and we did the Wandering Guardian Quest to open up the Mora Daily Quests. I remember that at that time I did them every day for some time, but now when I try all the npcs just reject me, saying I'm not trustworthy or reliable (yes, I'm trying with the same character from back then). So, unable to farm coins, I decided to just up my RK, since the cap has been expanded, and tried to open up Scaraba Hall. This time, the npc from Sapha's Visit rejects me, saying the same thing as the ones from Mora. That was strange, since I had completed Finding a Fairy and Ring of the Wise King two years ago, but was unsure if I had done all the prerequisites as we can just use @go to access the New World. And although I do remember doing at least Onward to the New World, New Surroundings and Attitude to the New World on numerous servers, it turns out I didn't on this one, so I just did them today. It did make the npc from Sapha's Visit go on with the quest, but the Mora ones stayed the same, even after Doha's Secret Order. Then I thought "hey, maybe all my quest were somehow reset, and I need to do the Wandering Guardian again". Imagine my surprise when I enter the Hazy Forest and Loki isn't f*cking there on Island 1! F*ck! Ok, I continued normally, killed the mvp, and got to Island 56. He's there, with the girl knocked out, but just ends the dialogue, so I went yet again to Mora. Nothing's changed. Sorry for the long story, but it's kind of a specific context. Anyway, is this a bug? Do the Wandering Guardian and Mora Daily Quests have another prerequisites? Did I just screw up doing the quests in a different order? All I found on google was people having trouble with Loki not appearing on Island 56, not the first time, so I have no idea what to do now. Thanks!
  25. Each of these quests has a 23-24hr cooldown You can get up to 8 coins a day with these quests! Credits: irowiki 1. Yai Of The Wild 2. Deliveryman 3. Troublemakers 4. Laphines That Love The Land 5. Lost Adventurers 6. Food Supply 7. Dusting Off 8. Collecting Souvenirs