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Found 2 results

  1. Where? When? How? Your honest vote counts more than anything! Question Let's start with, how did you find us? We are curious <3
  2. Hisako Sumire

    Genetic Items

    So, I think I asked this time and time again, why are genetics the only classes here I think that requires all of their MOST IMPORTANT SKILLS to have these annoying item requirements that require us to f*cking farm for so long, especially getting alcohol, do you know that the drop rate for alcohol isn't 100% in this server?... Oh yeah, btw, ALCOHOL IS A KEY COMPONENT OF FREAKING ACID BOTTLE AND BOTTLE GRENADE WHICH IS NEEDED FOR F*CKING ACID DEMONSTRATION! what's more annoying is that other classes gets to waltz in vending harbor and buy everything they need, while we genetics need to suffer and f*cking farm our sh*t to get the stuff we need, then we have to go through the tedious process of tapping our skills 1 after another and then not to mention the fuck that it sometimes fails!! which is more annoying.. Alcohol is hard to get as it is and then you're telling me that you're not gonna get 100% out of the sh*t you have painstakingly farmed?! I freaking demand these items to be at the vending harbor at lowered COSTS too arrows are cheap, bullets are cheap, cannon balls are cheap WTF... Some genetics might say no but most of them have the patience to freaking farm and not complain about the injustice that I see also they might be rich and just buy everything they need, not me, I'm sitting on a few zenies on my pocket and I have no money to buy ingredients that I need. Just look at this chart just to see the sh*t that we need to get to craft at least 1 of each