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Found 1 result

  1. Lex Luthor

    Future Plans for kRO 2017~2018

    Star Emperor and Soul Reaper 1. Summary of the process of updating the mados in the Mechanic. The development work for improvement related to the tasks of the job mechanic has been completed. We are still working on future adjustments in the effects that will not be applied yet in the specifications of the machines. We are working on new and better coolers for the mados in the game. 2. Sepulcher of victims is reset. The map is expanded with extended versions of the third classes. The difficulty of the dungeon is re-adjusted downwards with respect to the current one. The use of abilities, stats etc is going to be readjusted, at the same time new options are added and the quest of creation and enchantment will be readjusted, if necessary, more adjustments would be applied. The respawn of the MvP on the map will be improved, better and more details will be given in future patch notes by the DeV. 3. A new revision will be added to monster race. Currently this system has a small drawback for users who have little time to play or dedicate to the monster race. Apart from its high cost we will begin to develop a new system to obtain better compensation and reduce the time of being in the races. Aaparte we are developing a system of enchantments for the racing headgear. 4. Autotrade / land use commissions for vending and Open Buying Store It is still in the process of creating and completing this system but we want to launch a renewal in the sale / purchase system by adding a small commission This small fee will be charged when placing a store to sell / buy, it will also depend on the amount of items to buy / sell. (The commission percentage is different depending on what type, quantity of items.) After completing the development time will also apply the autotrade system (P.servers name). 5. Improvement guide for beginners. - To help new users of ragnarok online that begin in the game improves all information shown in the status window to make it easier to understand and know what effect it produces in our stats in the game. To make it easier to add the four hotkey bars for skills / equipment, two buttons are added to expand or collapse the four bars. (Current existing hotkeys are maintained to expand and contract skill bars.) [You will never need to drag with the mouse to expand the four hotkey bars for skills / equipment.] 6. Improvement in the party window. Renew the party window, now add the level of each user, his class. We also work on improving all the functionalities of the party window. A special section is added for the party window where only the participants are shown outside the window interface. This will allow you to execute abilities on the party members without having to open the party window. [The simplified party window is shown in the image above. If you execute a skill on that simplified window on a member of the party this will receive such ability as for example a heal] 7. Star Emperor and Soul Reaper Going at the end of 2017 for sakray !!!! According to Ziu ,it will be close to Christmas with an event to attract new or old users, and max level would be change up to level 185. I update you guys, when i get more info!!!