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Found 15 results

  1. Hello there, its Joan. im sorry in advance, while making this thread. as we know, Limit have a great Community, people seeing for getting Stronger and more powerfull, in other hand some people (me) maybe have enjoy the other side of Limit. Limit have many Monster who can be tamed. with taming item who is common drops or some is Rare which drops from deep inside dumgeon. we (me) enjoy playing with pets, walking it farming with it even just chill (afk) at town. so my suggestion is just add more tameable monster. here is my list, hope you can find your favorite monster inside. and of course another pet that don't need to evolve thats it. maybe i can add more in future as SUGGESTION so thank you for your time to read this. i hope you dont feel bothered bye my wish. and last, i dont push or try to make you working more than you can handle. but its just our (my) wish to limit. for a better experience and for better community. any way. thanks for GM Lai for this place.
  2. Jojo168

    About Pet Evolution

    Hello, i have a question about pet evolution. What if i already evolved for example ninetails to cat o ninetails and i wanted to return it to egg again because i want to move it to other chara. Will it became cat o ninetails egg or ninetails egg?
  3. Shii Chan

    Nine Tails Pet

    Hello, I wanna info about Nine Tails pet. What's his taming item? Where to get it? What's his food? How to make or get it? Any info is appreciated!
  4. Legendary Kagerou

    Add a @petinfo command

    Topic Name : Add @petinfo command Describe your suggestion What is this? Please add a @petinfo command (just like @hominfo) for us to check our pet's intimacy points so we can know how much feeding it still needs to be loyal. Why do we have to add it? to monitor our pet's intimacy well. Who will benefit this? everyone Will this change the system drastic? not at all Room for improvement? proly make it like how details of homunculus shown when @hominfo is used(with hp,sp,lvl,stats,etc.) Other
  5. Drnl18

    Dullahan Ring of Death accessory

    do the item implemented here??
  6. versailles

    Pet Mummy Food?

    Newbie Here. Sorry for the dumb question, but what is and where can I find my pet mummy's food? TT Thank you for even reading this. ㅋㅋㅋ.
  7. rvmanzanojr

    Legendary Blue Unicorn Pet

    What attributes does this pet give to the owner?
  8. Metaphys

    Loli Ruri Pet Effect

    Loli Ruri's Pet Description says: but I don't see my max HP increasing upon reaching Cordial. Also, the heal autocast doesn't work as far as I have tested.
  9. I got a New Year Doll Egg from another account of mine and whenever I try to hatch it the egg just disappears until I log in again. I mean, is this an old pet that doesn't work anymore? I remember it's from a event, but it's supposed to still work, right?
  10. CrispyMonkey

    Crispy's Art

    Hi there! For who doesn't know me, I'm Crispy Monkey an Archbishop on this server, but in real life I'm an Italian artist. I've played a lot on this server some years ago but now I'm back. I usually create jewelry and accessories with fimo, a special polymer clay paste. My passion for Ragnarok suggested me to create something inspired on this game I've started making an Angeling & Deviling, a little cute Poring and after I did a my interpretation of Mistress of Shelter Now because of a costumer I made some characters and I’m still working on other classes I would like to share with you my creations and for any question, like for personalizable items for special request let me know by email or writing a message on this Facebook page: (If you like my art be free to put a like or share some of my creations ) And this is my Easy shop: I'll be happy to hear your comments and opinions <3 See you soon guys! Love ya <3 Crispy Monkey
  11. Greetings GM Team~ I already requested this for Lai and for another GMs too countless times. Im waiting since 2011 for get my Green Jewel Bag. I did a post here too, but not no one replied... So, I'm trying AGAIN request to put Cute Pet Armors for pets like Leaf Cat, Bacsojin, Imp, etc... to drop for monster or selling for Peco points. *signs* probably, they will not reply this topic - as always - but worth try.
  12. youngmasterebay

    Abracadabra Taming

    i just wanted to know if pet taming's available through Abracadabra here in Limit. if so, can we get ANY monster as a pet or are we limited to those readily available as pets?
  13. youngmasterebay

    Chung E/Green Maiden Pet

    is it just me or are green maidens unobtainable as pets? i've used about 15 tantan noodles now. still at zero eggs. this is sad. :/
  14. marynightly

    Someone sell me a Leaf Cat Egg.

    I just spent the last half hour browsing through the entire vending harbor for naught. Anyone out there with a leaf cat egg for sale at a reasonable price? Free hand outs are good too XD
  15. marynightly

    Leaf Cat?

    Is there ANYWAY to get one? Donate item or other wise? I heard something about "Hocus pocus" skills and being able to obtain one that way but I was also told that was some sort of myth. *haha* Anyone know if theres a way to tame one?