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Found 21 results

  1. After the newest update Lux Anima will be one of the most used rune for RK. So I propose adding a Gold Seller NPC similar to kRO with the same restriction as the Supply Machine at VH but with higher price than normal, around 500k z per gold pc instead of 150k z officially. Why should we add this? It's official on kRO. As a type of zeny sink, since currently there's too much zeny circulating at the market atm. (Maybe add other zeny sink as well? The spellbook was idea was nice though.) Any thoughts please share below. Source:
  2. Lady Tierney

    Rockridge NPC Bug

    The NPC chat window did not give me any close button, making me impossible to get out of the conversation. The only way to close the conversation is to Alt+F4
  3. I got stack on the map. @Caphleo I got perfect timing 😂 Better to check the recording for more details of the bug.. @Lai
  4. GunRunner

    Crusader Job Change NPC Bug

    The NPC Bliant Piyord inside the Crusader Realm should display a "speech bubble" which is clickable to join a queue that teleports you to the crusader job change fighting part, where one has 4 minutes time to kill all monsters. This is not the case as shown in the screenshot This makes finishing the job quest impossible via this way.
  5. Lilac

    Doram Quest

    1 - I did not talk to Vigilante Ajegna at the very beginning, but I checked on Vigilante Aglio instead and still managed to proceed to the next quest 2 - Went to talk to the kid next to Tool Merchant, but did not get White Shirt from Tool Merchant or asked to meet Healer Haru So I thought just walked around to look for other NPC quest before I knew about doram guide 3 - Went to asked Vigilante Guide at the center (174,160) and process the quest till where I need to talk to the Dragon 4- After that, went back to the ship and stuck for 4 days now I can't get in because of the Basilac Clam... (TT__TT) PS: After I stuck at the entrance ship, I went to talk Vigilante Ajegna, the npc straight away skips to Tool Merchant where I get to talk the kid, then talk to Healer Haru. After that, try talk to Vigilante Guide again and nothing happen. So I have no clue what happen or how it should be (= = ||)
  6. I spent 2 days for nothing to look this npc to the map.
  7. Lex Luthor

    Clean Life

    please fix asap... thanks
  8. Lex Luthor

    Serving the Grilled Griffin

    I'm so pissed.... wasting of time .... T^T
  9. Bebe Rexha

    Npc MayoMayo

    He is gone, not in the spot
  10. Newblood

    Elunium and Oridecon refinement

    Since he already does pretty much everything else, except warping.. Maybe give Admiral an additional refinement option, that includes the refinement of Rough Elunium and Oridecon to their full counterparts, so we dont have to go searching for a NPC that can do just that.. Maybe it would make it less hassle for the hoarders of the ores, to compress it all down to the higher tier, and just like the NPCs that have the ability, also give Admiral the ability to refine as many ores as you are holding.. TBH, Im not much of a coder whatsoever.., So I dont know if the Admiral already has too many technical limitations to give him yet another menu option Characters: Yedidyah(Main) - Maestro Yedidyah Poi - Rebellion Zogui - Genetic
  11. SlayerOwned

    NPC Lime Bug

    According to the photo attached, the NPC Lime says I have not been reborn, but as you can see I'm already GX. What happened and how to proceed? I wanted to join me in Limit Group, but due to this problem can not enter.
  12. Zen Sei

    Mato Mato

    where can i find mato mato? thanks
  13. PLEASE CLOSE THIS. EFF APPEARED AFTER TALKING TO ERYU AGAIN. SEEMS LIKE THE QUEST GUIDE IS WRONG. NPC Name: Eff NPC Location: malangdo (181, 119) Screenshot of the NPC dialog (of the bug) The NPC is missing Describe the bug According to this guide:, step 5 I'm supposed to look for Eff. But the NPC is not there. I already searched the whole island. I talked to Ketchup, the NPC disappeared after. I talked to Eryu, the NPC disappeared after. I talked to Stew, the NPC disappeared after. I went back to Eff's location, the NPC is not there. Screenshot of your related Quest Log (Alt + U) Why do you think this is bug? Do you follow any guide? I followed this guide: which is posted in LimitRO forums. I cannot proceed to step 9 if I cant find Eff. Char Name / Job: Ranger Skadi / Ranger
  14. FXFreitas

    [Community Option] Mora Equipment.

    Recently in kRO Sakray the NPC of Mora equipment got some changes: - The way that can be obtained mora equipment is modified -> The NPC related mora equipment is now located in one place. -> The system is modified to purchase equipment, now no longer random, you can decide exactly want. -> The restriction of job is deleted, now anyone can buy it. (But to enchant is necessary equip the piece.) -> The price of any piece of equipment is 10 coins. -> Before the enchantment consumes 10 mora coins more zenys, now can be enchanted with just one coin for slot. But to enchant is necessary equip the piece. -> Before to resetting the enchantments consumes 100k zeny and can now be reset enchants with only 1 mora coin. -> Eliminates break equipment chance when an enchantment fails. (But, now when resetting it can break equipment). Source: Ziu's Blog This means warlocks and archbishops can take the sets more easy, and the enchant is more fast without fails (except for reset) So... What you think? This can be changed here? Leave your comment!
  15. Hello, everyone, I've been on the server for about four months now and I'm really enjoying myself. I like the content and the large community and I can see that those running the server are really trying to create a great environment with lots of fun events. For that, I thank everyone involved. However, I have to say there is a particular aspect of this server that really bothers me A LOT. That is the fact that so many npcs and items have ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE GRAMMAR AND/OR SPELLING MISTAKES. Often to the point that it is very difficult to figure out what the npc or item description is trying to say and is sometimes very misleading, which in some cases like quests or trying to get the best combination of stats/effects possible, actually effects your RO experience. And apart from that, it's just unprofessional. This is a private server that expects people to donate money to it, it ought to be reasonably professional. Because I'm not just talking an occasional type-o here, no this stuff is rampant. It is seriously ridiculous, inexcusable even. And the majority of these errors are from the custom material and items and npcs associated with the newest maps and instances, so this is very much within the realm of the Limit server's control i.e. they are the source of the mistakes. Now, I understand that grammar and spelling might not be a priority for some people when it comes to changes to make to the server, but either way, I decided to make this thread to help address this situation. I intend to post in this thread any grammar/spelling issues I happen to come across while playing the game, and I encourage others to do so as well. Hopefully this will also help out the LimitRO staff so they can make corrections in the future. To help everyone out and organize things, if you make a post, please include this information: [Type of script]: Example, npc name, npc text, item description, etc. If an npc, also provide location, such as map and coordinates and/or if it is a part of a quest and which one. [Type of error]: For instance, is it a major spelling/grammar error, a minor one, or something else altogether? [The incorrect text]: In the instance where it might be text from a quest or something, elaborate on the situation in which it occurs. [The correct text]: Give the correct text, or your best guess as to what the correct version would be. Thanks everyone, I hope we can improve this server together! --- Here are some things I noticed the other day...all in the span of like twenty minutes. Yes, that is the extent of these errors. Monster Swarm Event Minor but highly visible spelling error Error: Somewhat guessing on this one, but daily monster and zombie swarm events say they are "swop" or something events, which doesn't really make sense to me. They should probably be "swarm". Golden Warper NPCs Minor but highly visible spelling error Error: Script says, "Welcome to LimitRO Warper serivce." Should be service. Eyepatch/ Monocle/ Memory Book /Pocket Watch Items Major incorrect item description text. Error: All items claim the set includes the eyepatch, memory book and pocket watch items. This is incorrect, it includes the item monocle, not eyepatch. From some testing, the scripts still seem to support this. Big Bell Card Minor spelling error in description Error: "...when uesed with [Neo Punk Card]" should be used. Owl Marquees Card Minor spelling error in description Error: Another "When uesed with [Owl Viscount Card]". Should be used. Owl Marquees Monster Incorrect spelling of the name Error: I'm pretty sure this is an error. The Owl monsters have a nobility ranking theme, and the rank that fits is Marquess or Marquis. A Marquees is the plural of marquee, an architecture term. Jormungandr Flower/ Ancient Rope/ Kraken's Foot/ Kraken's Eye Items Unreadable text, possibly missing font? Error: All the descriptions for these items are in symbols. I'm assuming it wasn't translated at all from the original Korean and the font is missing. Bakonawa Scale Armor Item Minor spelling error, creating incorrect description Error: Says "All Stance + 1" Since this makes no sense, I'm assuming it means "All stats + 1". I've noticed a lot of gear with this particular error or a similar one (All Status + 1), actually. I will add them as I come across them again.
  16. Scythe

    Normal CE

    Since GM lai put DPHG into DPCE... n making Normal CE to be kinda useless... How about Adding / Implement enchantment CE NPC about " Costume Enchantment Stone Box" <The Thing GM give Away when last year X-Mas> So, The Current Normal CE not useless in current situation.., Sorry, Bad English..
  17. i cannot find the last npc in frede's request...named rose plzz helpp
  18. Takudan

    List of NPCs' dialogue to improve

    Some NPCs just love talking too much, you have to talk to them over and over to get what you want. E.g.: I want to refine 10 cotton shirts to +7, but i have to talk to lai admiral 10 times * 6 times (below): Click npc / startRefinerNormalChoose gearRefine typeEnter refine lvl60 clicks. Can be fine tuned to: Click npc / startRefinerNormalChoose gearRefine typeEnter refine lvlRefine all you have in your inventory OR Refine what you're wearing7 clicks. Indeed that's 1 extra if you're only refining 1, but you're improving bulk refine by over 50%! For this I figure there's a code to let NPC wear something automatically based on the selected gear... because the payon castle man can strip if you can strip for me, you can wear for me! JK pretty sure this is doable Why all these fine tuning? Let's enjoy the game doing the hunting/pvping/woeing/whatever and not talking to npc all dayPlayers who resort to 3rd party programs to help them click have the greater advantage of getting these things easily. "Oh but we gotta make a script for a certain npc, thats work too!" How about stop cheating?Stop promoting usage of 3rd party programs by making tedious chores easierLet's discuss: Some item exchange NPC exchange items 1 by 1, and that's what make the item hard to get. Implementing this will give much easier access to those items, e.g. Guarana candy NPC 4k zeny eaTripatriate union feud's food exchange, 5 item for 1 foodShould we increase the ratio by about 1.5x (or more) times to balance this? I personally don't mind paying more, because I am technically void of these stuffs because I can't be bothered to keep talking to the npc for ONE item. I figure GMs would favour this because of their funny ideals but let's hear the community. Here's the big list (please suggest more to add): Guarana candy NPC (Brasilis quest) - select amount to buy / as many as I canTripatriate union feud food exchange NPCs (Mid camp quest) - select amount to exchange / as many as I canAdmiral refiner(or all the refiner NPCs?) - Refine all you have in your inventory OR Refine what you're wearing; understood this is available at Eden refiner so this is low priorityAdmiral heal - put "Cancel" as first option so player only presses 1 enter to stop talkingHall of abyss zeny investment - select desired amount of thanks tickets / as many as I canHall of abyss MVP item investment - select amount of sets to exchange / as many as I canCursed water (The Sign quest) - select amount to exchange / as many as I canKVM point/badge exchanger - remove limit of 100 on selecting amount to exchangeBuyer shop license at VH - select amount to buy, limited by inventory/zeny only-Please comment to add-
  19. Misogynistic Execration


  20. Dofle Axe [2] ————————————— Enables usage of Tomahawk Throw Lv1 ————————————— Class : One handed Axe Atk : 180 Weight : 180 Weapon Level : 4 Required Level : 105 Applicable Jobs: Super Novice, 3rd Job Swordsman, Merchant, Gullitone Cross Dofle Axe [3] ————————————— Enables usage of Tomahawk Throw Lv1 ————————————— Class : One handed Axe Atk : 180 Weight : 180 Weapon Level : 4 Required Level : 105 Applicable Jobs: Super Novice, 3rd Job Swordsman, Merchant, Gullitone Cross Required Items for Synthesis of Dofle Axe [2]: 1X Item ID# 1385 (Bradium_Stonehammer) 1X Item ID# 1368 (Tomahawk) 80X Item ID# 6572 "蛸壺ã®æ¬ 片", drops from "Pot Dofle" 720X Item ID# 7067 (Stone_Piece) 1m Zeny NPC for making the Axe To make Dofle Axe [3], Dofle Axe [2] has to be socket enchanted. Link: IMMM PRAAAAYYIIIIIINNNNGGGGG simply because i believe that this is simple to add.