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Found 17 results

  1. instructor

    hi new to renewal

    looking for friends English native speaking or German native speaking. ign: Instructor
  2. StarGazer

    Bug with Daily Attendance

    Encountered a bug with daily attendance. Was online for more than an hour and then clicked on the prize. Didn't get the mail. Kept getting some green message in chat bar. Please help.
  3. Hello guys, I came across Prontera's BGM the other day and I felt nostalgic af! lol. Now, I feel like playing again after several years!, I used to play at Hidden-RO server. (I'm !KnighT! just in case anyone here knows or recognize the name). That server got shutdown for whatever reason so I stopped because of all of my hard-work farming T_T waking up at 4 am on Saturdays and just becomes wiped out. I'm in college and I feel like 1-2 hours of gaming wouldn't hurt every other day. Hoping to see you all soon. Dllo !KnighT!
  4. jjiampong


    What's the best character for farming zenny and where should i farm
  5. xGenocide


    Literally downloading rn, excited to be playing RO again are there any guilds out there willing to take me in once I hop on?
  6. Serendine

    Hello! :)

    Hello! I'm new to LimitRO! I came from another RO server (won't tell the name, but let's just say it got pretty wrecked after the owner gave it to an "all i want is money game master". It has been a year or two for me, and I missed playing ragnarok, so I hope that I'll make some new friends here. Any tips in playing LimitRO are much appreciated for a newbie like me Thanks in Advance
  7. Nina


    Heya, everyone! I was reading throughout the topics here and I notice only few responses which I made me hesitant to do mine. Oh, well. I've been a RO player since back in 2011 or so, both on and off. Recently I stopped playing on one of the main servers I used to play due to it's lack of people and most friends left. I've had some free time on my days off and decided to start a new RO, so I came here. Hope I make friends and it's not as lonely and quiet as other servers. I go! If you're reading this and playing please talk to me! I hate being lonely
  8. Namida

    New here and unable to play.

    Hello, I'm new here. I can't seem to play because I keep getting this error: I've checked other forums from other RO servers and it seems to be coming from third party apps. I'm on a MSI GT72 Dominator Pro Dragon Edition laptop that has a steelseries keyboard, mouse is also steel series. Could that be the culprit? I've already closed steel engine but it didn't help. Thanks!
  9. Cryo Mask

    Looking for Social or PVE Guild

    I'm quite new to the server and i'm still learning about the new stuff. looking for a guild more focused on teamwork. You should find me in one of the following IGNs : Agnash(Smith), Galeron, Azhar
  10. Barbatos

    Hiiii / Holaaaa

    Hi to all, my name its juan my friends call me Nath im new to the server and ragnarok world im playing and archer Hola a todos soy juan soy nuevo en el server y en ro , actualmente estoy jugando archer n.n Habra alguna guild latina :c amable con los noobs IGN: BarbatosCore
  11. Rafael

    Hello there

    just saw this server on ratemyserver.So about to give it a try. While I download the full client and all that trying to read a few guide, server details.Hoping to find a class that let me solo most of the PvE stuff PD:if someone got tips, guides or suggestions let me know ing:Taikobu
  12. GGexe

    Hello from the other Side ♫

    Hi, I been on the server for a week now and decided to drop a hello here.. server rates and features are well balance.. keeps you grinding with visible result. tho the community might want to atleast reply ingame.. literally no one wants to answer me on what is IS.. haha.. anyway.. kudos 5/5 - keeps me comming back
  13. RToken


    I'm a returning player from 2010! Heh. I came back before, three years ago and quickly left after learning my characters from 2010 were gone. I'm back for the nostalgia and to study RO! I like to study different aspects of games and RO's art/graphics/BGMs make the play pretty relaxing though grindy. > v <;" (One of the reasons that I returned specifically to LimitRO with it's exp boosts.) My play style's kinda greedy XD I like hunting down what I can based on item value and horde things like boxes to play with. (I'm kinda scared to use branches since I seem to have a problem talking to party in game and I worry about getting a cool, rare monster and just being obliterated and missing out. OTL ) It's also pretty casual since I play sporadically and may drop for large spans (not helping my party-people problems). Since I'll be a returning college student (another 2 years, joy~) and move again next year, I'm often spread stressed (and then some since I seem to do that naturally o v o;;" ), so it was a nice bonus that RO could be relaxing every now and then. Partial to the Lord night and Merchant (I played with in 2010, especially hunting pet eggs and selling them in Prontera), I'm thinking of mixing it up and trying a mage (to Sorcerer?). I explored a lot in the past solo, but I'm hoping to finally socialize (starting with the forum!) and find some players who wouldn't mind my company once or twice and take down a boss or something. (I really didn't get much into the content my first time and am still a bit of an old newbie to a lot; i don't know how to delete my 2013 characters what pin?!, still don't get MVP monsters, there's so much more content, and chats and vending are oddly unnerving for me now.) The Golden Warper is so nice. I remember walking cross-continent across maps so much... I feel almost like I'm cheating when I go to Asgard (which took me two days to figure out > - >;;) and use that service. That's... all I can really think of so I guess that's it. Greetings!~
  14. BearMax

    Asming for newbie guide

    Hello Citizen of LimitRO, I just wanna ask some game guides. Do's and dont's. Any link of custom items, quest, npc, donate items and etc... Im not a new RO player, i wanted to try this server for fun and for the renewal. Hope you can help. Thanks alot.
  15. Temptress

    Installation issues

    As the title suggests, I'm new to LimitRO but not RO game. Have been attempting to install since yesterday but unsuccessful. I downloaded the full installer more than 3 times, one from each mirror and even torrent-wise. But the gist of the issue boils down to the moment when i unpack the rar file. I updated kROpatcher and adjusted the screen size in Setup, then just ran the programme. But issues just pop up like GRF encryption error 0x02. Then upon clicking LimitRO exe file in hoping to run the game, my AVG antivirus just picked up IDP Adware which AVG classify as generic virus aka potential threat. I ran lro application and it allowed me to see the login page, but my anticipation died quickly after 2 attempts of logging in. I'm beginning to wonder if there's a waiting period for newly registered players to be approve in the server. I shall attach the following in printscreen format to allow technical support to further understand better. I really hope to be part of LimitRO but if I were ask to disable my antivirus to play, then consider my formal disinterest to continue installing LimitRO. Sorry In advanced and thank you.
  16. Temptress


    Helloo ~ this is my first time in LimitRO! Pleased to meet everyone here, and I hope to learn and get used to things around here soon. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu senpai tachi..teehee
  17. JohnS

    Newbie from other server

    Hello everybody im new in the server a friend tell me about this one and looks really cool well for start i need a little help about what can i do for get money for my equips u know about Quest,hunt items etc "if u want give me freebies are welcome too " haha im jk i hope stay here a long time and test the 3rd jobs thx u all ^-^