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Found 5 results

  1. KucingKucing

    Jitterbug #3109 and #3108

    There are two types of jitterbug that drops minstrel and wanderer equipment. Up until now i have never met this jitterbug that drops Aigu's set. It always dropped Oz'e set instead. Is there a special trick to summon this jitterbug (#3109) ? thank you for your response!
  2. Lai

    Gladiator Tournament

    Gladiator Tournament AboutA tournament for ultimate survival and defeat all monsters. All the vicious creatures will be released, and you need to defeat them all. The more you kill, the more points you will obtain! Participation Rules Base level 150+ Re-entry costs 100m zeny Schedule Tuesday to Sunday 00:10 to 00:50 15:10 to 15:50 Related NPCs Imperial Knight Location: Shows up in Major cities when the game starts. Purpose: Will let you into the Gladiator Arena as Gladiator or Spectator. Gladiator Manager You can check your points / rank here. Claim rewards. Top 5 Gladiator Reward Will be sent to the top 5 Gladiators, at the end of every tournament. Costume Box(Ruler) Crown of Ra Sir Marcus Helm Whale Head Crown General Helmet Jupiter Helm(Yellow) Jupiter Helm(White) Jupiter Helm(Blue) Ming Dragon Helm Qing Dragon Helm Song Dragon Helm Garuda God Helm Warlord Helm Sir Marcus Helm Iron Guardian Helm Luxery Turban Libra Crown Whale Scaled Helm Flyman Hat Crown of Ra Tornium Lord(Gold) Tornium Lord(Silver) Tornium_Lord(X) Glunk Folder Elven Black Ears Mercenary Scarf Soulstealer's Lantern Participation Reward Claim at Gladiator Manager in Asgard, when you..... Reached 100 Gladiator Points: Event Point Scroll(L) Reach 300 Gladiator Points: Piamette Bowtie Reach 2500 Gladiator Points: 10x Cash Point Coin Survive at all cost!
  3. Metaphys

    Walking Drosera

    Not sure if this is counted as NPC or source bug, so posted here. After the latest patch, I notice that Drosera monsters are not staying still.
  4. marynightly

    Someone sell me a Leaf Cat Egg.

    I just spent the last half hour browsing through the entire vending harbor for naught. Anyone out there with a leaf cat egg for sale at a reasonable price? Free hand outs are good too XD
  5. marynightly

    Leaf Cat?

    Is there ANYWAY to get one? Donate item or other wise? I heard something about "Hocus pocus" skills and being able to obtain one that way but I was also told that was some sort of myth. *haha* Anyone know if theres a way to tame one?