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Found 4 results

  1. Before reading this guide, please check these out: This guide is now available in our wiki. More tips and better format. More guides on minstrel and wanderer here including other player guides such as Kucing's wanderer guide. STATS STR - 90+ For increased weight. AGI - 60/90 Reduce animation delay. VIT - 120+ Primary stat for more HP. INT - 90-120 Primary stat for more SP. Also helps reduce variable cast time. DEX - 90-120 Primary stat for more ATK with bow, instrument, and whip. Primary stat to reduce variable cast time. LUK - 0/30 Free stat points SKILLS IMPORTANT UPDATE/CHANGES Songs and dances are now party buffs with 31x31 aoe (meaning everyone 15 cells away from caster gets buffed), with the exception of Forget Me Not which is a 9x9 debuff. Buffs disappear when entering portals. For non-performer players here is a list: Songs are Bard skills which include: whistle, bragi, sunset, and apple. Dances are Gypsy skills which include: humming, forget(debuff), fortune, and service. Ensembles are skills that require both bard and gypsy which include: loki(debuff), Mr. Kim, siegfried, and many more. Chorus skills are 3rd job performer skills that can be cast as long as there is more than one performer regardless of gender. These Include: warg dance, lerad, saturday night, and many more. Group A skills are 3rd job performer skills which is unique to wanderer and minstrel, both has harmonize; additionally, wanderer's include: swing dance, symphony, moonlight while minstrel's include: windmill, echo song, and gloomy shyness(unique buff/debuff that cannot be overlapped by other Group A skills). Each party can only have one Song, Dance, Ensemble, Chorus, and Group A active. The more recent one will apply with its own new duration. Note: Forget Me Not will override existing dance giving its debuff to those affected; however, it will be removed and replaced as soon as a new dance buff is casted on the target (same with harmonize). Forget Me Not and Harmonize only debuffs enemies. Gloomy Shyness can penalize any ally, party member, and enemy. Note: Frigg's song and Circle of Nature do not belong to any of those groups which means they are treated pretty much like a priest's Angelus or Gloria skills. Only one ensemble can be active to the party at a time. Buffs remain even after entering portals. Performers must be within 4 cells away from each other. Adaptation to circumstances skill is completely changed to a self-target 5 minute buff that reduces 20% SP cost of song, dance, ensemble, and encore skills. Frost Joke received a 4 second cooldown with 0.3 second delay after cast. Songs and dances are not improved by stats anymore. Song/dance has unknown VCT and 0.5? FCT. (Tests with 530 total dex*2+int and 0.5 FCT reduction result in instant cast songs) EQUIPMENT - Choose one to be your main character and the other one to be your dual. EQUIPMENT - SILK WOE Tiered Equipment Guide LOW MID HIGH-END CARDS TIPS: - Buff sequence: song -> dance -> group A -> Frigg's song -> chorus -> ensemble (example: bragi, service, windmill, frigg's, warg dance, and siegfried). - Keep Adaptation to Circumstances up and use Encore if needed. These two skills can help you save SP. - Due to frost joke nerf remember that Forget Me Not, Deep sleep lullaby, and Eternal chaos are powerful debuffs, use them more often. Along with Gloomy shyness, Harmonize, and Tarot card. - Assassin Cross of Sunset now improves all weapon types. - Organize with your party what song, dance, ensemble, chorus, group A will be the best. I suggest bragi, service, and siegfried for backline genetics and mages while apple, fortune, and siegfried for frontline rune knights, sura, and shadow chasers. - Use shift + right click on your dual character to autofollow your main character. - You can still cast ensemble and chorus skills even when your dual is mounted. - Song of despair is a good snaring skill, make good use of it. You can only have 3 active placed at a time. - Be creative with your choice of weapon. Severe rainstorm can be cast with instrument/whip with +50% damage while Reverberation can be cast with daggers too. Arrow Vulcan damage is improved and Metallic sound is a powerful single target neutral magic attack. - Gloomy shyness can double the damage of the following skills: Brandish spear, Spiral pierce, Shield chain, Shield boomerang, and Shield press. BONUS GUIDE [BOW PvM SEVERE RAINSTORM]
  2. Your Char Name - SWMRA What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? (You went open your freezer? That counts. yea that's what exactly means) - Drink water Describe the bug as much as possible. - Longing for Freedom can be used during Ensemble Fatigue but it does not remove Ensemble Fatigue. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) - Have you tested? - Yes
  3. Caphleo

    LimitRO - Tomb of Honor

    So, in celebration of the new dungeon update, here is me wasting my supplies... You either have to do enough damage to kill the monsters on time, or risk the wrath of Max Pain.
  4. Sooo... Translation Source The question was about the state of Arch Bishops, and how a lot of the cash items buff scrolls have made an Arch Bishop not really necessary, and also how hard it is for an AB to level alone, due to the limited attack power. The devs said the Awakening System addressed the issue above, and they adjusted the characteristics of ABs. They also said something about enhancing Adoramus by a new skill. This question is about possible new costumes/job sprites. They answered there's no definite plan. Although they were talking about adding new colors (We already have 699 of those here lol) The question is about Bio Nightmare and how it's only certain classes than can farm there. They answered they are trying to balance the dungeon to suit party-oriented play styles, but they worry that it might be too difficult. They will continue to review the situation. Idk what this is about tbh. lol. But I think it's talking about job classes not having similar DPS, and the possible introduction of a "damage meter"? This is about wings costume not being properly implemented for Doram race. They said devs are working on re-adjusting them to fit Dorams. The question is about the improvement of the inventory system. Devs said they are thinking of ways to improve the inventory system, but since the client is so old, it is difficult to improve. They can't promise anything will change immediately, but they are working on some improvements. The question is about if there will be a change in exp table when the Awakening system is implemeted. Devs said they will reduce the amount of exp to reach 175. This is about improvements on non-mainstream classes. They've mentioned they made adjustments for RKs (maybe this is about the recent Rune update) and Mecha (the only mecha update was the weight and speed thing, lol). They also plan to do the same to Genetics (seriously, making Genetics more OP?) and SC (YUUUUSSS!!!!!) This question voices concern about the difficulty of some 3rd class job change quests. Devs said they will make some class change quests easier to understand and do for new players. Question is about the limited number of skill points available to some classes, and asking to increase skill points. Devs gave Dorams as an example, and that too much skill points will make the character too much of a jack of all trades. Devs said they are reviewing this issue for some classes. This question asks about the introduction of 3D Graphics to the game. Devs said that some monsters, like Bakonawa, are hard to implement as 2D. They said it would be nice to have 3D monsters in the game. The question states that too much attack power is an issue with the game, and even armors have attack enchants. Devs said they are aware of the issue and are discussing some Def related formulas that they are not ready to share yet. Something about chat windows being more visible. This one is about unused cards being recycled through a system in kRO (WHAT??? THEY HAVE THAT?), and suggested to have unused equipment to be recyclable as well. Dev said they are considering adding the system for equips that everyone can use. Something about improving the map system. They said they will change how map names are displayed in the navigation system. That they would use the more commonly known map names, instead of their database name. Something about support for beginner equipment? This one talks about the aspect of Guilds having their own Guild Dungeons. Devs said it would be nice for Guilds to have their own farming spot. They asked if it's possible to add a Skill Point Reduction Potion, as well as Stat Point Reduction potion. Devs said they will review it. This might be similar to the potions included in the Mad Bunny Scrolls in iRO, where it will reduce your stat point by 1 if you double click on it. Cheaper if you just want to adjust how many points you want for a certain stat in your build. This is useless here since we have stat/skill reset. This one is requesting for limited edition CEs to be offered again. Devs said they consider it. This is more about their punishment system. Not really important. Idk what this is about. Seems like content where you can buy things with rewards you get from a quest. They asked if they can be bought by zeny. Devs said they will introduce a new system that will let players buy things with zeny (I'm assuming for that specific quest thingy) This one talks about the downside of classes that use projectiles in terms of weight. They asked if it can improved. Devs said it should be improved. Also said something about removing the weight penalty? It didn't say more. This is just about their password/login system. More on kRO's system about their website and character slots. Something about increasing Guild position slots. So I guess we'll get more than 20? This talks about the quest system in Eden Paradise Group. Not really relevant to us. Something again on that new currency system a few questions back. Players are saying that the reward system is too much. This is about the Homunculus system. And how it affects some dungeons because Homunculi will just be everywhere. They are asking for this system to be improved. Devs said they are planning to introduce a system where the Homunculus and Master will share EXP. They also said they are discussing whether to remove Homunculus AI completely to prevent AFK Homunculi overcrowding some fields and dungeons. This one is about how some gears don't look as good when characters are wearing them. Devs said they will take action if it gives players errors. Arrow Crafting will receive a new UI to make it easier. This one talks about the legal system of selling character names, character and account deletion. Not really important to us lol. This is about revamping some Guild Dungeons. This one is about improving the UI of some skills. About magical attacks in siege. Devs said they will reveal more info when they announce details for the siege reform. This one talks about the "attack" mark on siege, some bugs in siege maps in general. Devs said they will gather players who often participates in siege and have a discussion with them. This one talks about the support for bow thieves early in the game. Devs said they will improve this. Question is about how in the old times, the only party composition you'll see are Knight/Hunter/Priest. They are asking for the party and hunting system to be reorganized to make use of more classes. Devs said they are discussing about the re-organization of the even share in party systems. This one is about the new system kRO has to quickly switch between sets of equipment. Devs are talking about improving the feature. (Q&A translation were made with the help of mister Google. If you find a better translation, please link it.) Well, there are definitely some interesting things about the future of RO.