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Found 7 results

  1. In the video at 0:11 there is no animation delay for flame launcher.
  2. 1st: I achieved instant cast by using stat food. 2nd: used Flame Launcher 3rd: There was animation delay
  3. Lock_Step Card Description

    Tested in Egg using Arm Cannon Skill. Using +10 Robot Arms without card = 23758 Using +10 Robot Arms with 1 Lock Step Card = 32855 The damage increase by 40% as specified in the link below Please change the description to avoid confusion.
  4. Item Name / Item ID: Tornado Axe / 28101 Describe the bug - how you tested: Tornado Axe is only reducing Axe Tornado cooldown by .5 seconds. Equipped Tornado Axe and timed cooldown. More than 1 seconds but less than 2 seconds. Without Tornado Axe - 2 seconds cooldown With Tornado Axe - 1.5 seconds cooldown In official servers, you can cast Axe Tornado again right afrer/before the animation for Axe Tornado finishes. I tested with only wearing the Tornado Axe. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?): Axe Tornado
  5. Hello, I have noticed neutral barrier reduces the mechanic's hit rate to 0 while it's active. Is this really supposed to happen? Because I haven't seen that information anywhere. With 0 hit this makes the mechanic pretty much useless while neutral barrier is active, he can't hit anything with any skills except arm cannon because arm cannon never misses.
  6. Thanatos Axe

    Hi there. I'd just like to report that Genetics can't equip Thanatos Axe. My Mechanic can equip it tho. The script says it can be equipped by Swordsman and Merchant classes. Update: I checked with my RK and RG and they also can't equip the weapon.
  7. Currently mechanic cant heal itself with any % restoratives while madogear is active Eg. Giggling boxes, Yggdrasil berries etc.. SP is restored by berries though.