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Found 4 results

  1. Lai

    What is love?

    What is love? About The lucky pair happily living in Amatsu, and doing good business with selling some nice treats to travelers. Event Period 2018.02.05 to 2018.02.19 Event NPCs Stephen & Jainie Location: Amatsu Offering: Chocolate Pairfaits ????? Location: Unknown Offering: ????? ??????? ? ? ? ? ??????? Secret Final Reward Wrapping Love Ribbon
  2. Lai

    Snowman Calendar

    Snowman Calendar ⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄⛄ About It's time of the year, a time for gathering and sharing. Mr. Snowman has arrived in Asgard, with a simple task, to share the joy and love from Santa ~~ Event Time: 2017.12.01 to 2017.12.31 Reward Daily rewards for every level 100+ player in LimitRO ~~ Day 1: 1x Bloody Branch Day 2 10x Akaraje Day 3 Christmas Music Box Day 4 Snowflake Magic Day 5 10x Battle Manual Day 6 Santa Angeling Balloon Day 7 ??? Day 8 ??? Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20 Day 21 Day 22 Day 23 Day 24 Day 25 Day 26 Day 27 Day 28 Day 29 Day 30 Day 31 You may reply here of the content that you received on certain day, and this list will be updated ~~ <3
  3. Lai

    Easter Egg Hunting

    Easter Egg Hunting ??? Intro Easter is all about eggs, eggs, eggs and eggs xD It's time for us to HUNT 'em all! Hunting Methods Fishing for Star Easter Eggs. You are able to obtain Star Easter Eggs, from fishing. Sky dropping Happy Easter Eggs. On certain hour, the Asgard sky will drop down Happy Easter Eggs for everyone to pickup. Lovely Easter Egg baskets. On different towns, there are many easter egg baskets for you to collect! Funky Rabbits in the wilderness drops Stripe Easter Eggs. You can find Funky Rabbits, that drops those eggs. Easter Egg Collector Location: Asgard Collects Easter eggs that you hunt. Gives Alien Egg Shell and Joyful Easter Hat.
  4. Lai

    Halloween Cauldron

    Halloween Cauldron Every citizen of Asgard is part of this great delicious, mysterious, magical grand soup that we are making! Depends on what we throw into it, the soup will taste different! Let's make the delicious soup together! Task Bring the required ingredients to the masterchef Lai (ingame trade him), for the cauldron! The soup needs 15 days fire to complete, and each day, we need special ingredients. For each ingredient pack you bring, will be rewarding Ingredient Points. How to start? Make a reply to this topic with text (or your own text) I'm sighing up for the Halloween Cauldron cooking! Char Name: In. Point: (I will edit this point after receiving the ingredients) Gather the ingredients needed for the Days, and trade them to Lai ingame. You must catch him online or msg him on Facebook to arrange the trade. If you trade him the Day 1 ingredients on Day 2 or later on, will reduce your point reward by 50% per day. From Day 2, you can only make 1 trade to Lai per day. You can turn in more ingredient packs per day. Example 500x Mushroom for 10 points, you can turn in 1000 Mushroom for 20 points. Ingredients Day 1 is 17th October and the list goes on. You can only bring the right item to Lai on the right day! Day 1 = 500x Mushroom Spore for 10 Points. Day 2 = 222x Chrysalis for 8 Points. Day 3 = 100x Hinalle Leaflet for 15 Points. Day 4 = 600x Antelope Horn for 20 Points. Day 5 = 200x Bitter Herb for 50 Points. Day 6 = 500x Solid Trunk for 10 Points. Day 7 = 300x Squid Ink for 10 Points. Day 8 = 450x Cobwebx for 15 Points. Day 9 = 1000x Sticky Muscus for 50 Points. Day 10 = 200x Spoon Stubs for 40 Points. Day 11 = 100x Honey Grape Juice for 100 Points (Max accept 1000x) Day 12 = 400x Little Evil Wing for 80 Points Day 13 = 50x Deadly Noxious Herb for 10 Points Day 14 = 200x Tongue for 30 Points Day 15 = 1 Cash Point Coin for 10 Points Point Reward You can exchange Points for the following items after the event. You can only select 2 category rewards (in bulk if you have enough points). 5 Points = Halloween Cauldron Soup 50 Points = Skull Cocktail 500 Points = Deviruchi Balloon Headgear 5000 Points = Whisper Tall Headgear Grand Reward Delivers on 31st October! ???? Soup for everyone! Good Luck gathering!