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Found 20 results

  1. Cap's Noob Guide to Battle Bishops I've always been fascinated with Battle Priests ever since pre-renewal days. But I just couldn't get into them because they're so hard and tricky to play and. Specially with pre-renewal gears and stats. Now, though, we have access to more gears and better stat distribution, and I found myself thinking of playing one myself (I did it a couple of years back, but we still lacked some equipment back then to make the build shine). Again, like my other guides, this build isn't really for everyone. You have to have patience, and you have to have zeny to even start playing. Equipment are expensive, and some of them hard to make. I really wouldn't suggest trying out this build if you are new because it might just turn you off, seeing as how little damage you're doing. This isn't a build where you'll see big damage flying around. Although it's really fun watching a Healer Class whack monsters on the head. Damage is decent. That's all I can say. You can do solo low-level instances (up to mid-level if you're geared well enough). You have your own buffs, own way of healing, and some debuffs for monsters. This is a pretty self sufficient build. Just don't expect too much. There used to be 3 basic builds for Battle Bishops, but with the crit update, 1 of those became obsolote. I'm only gonna cover 2 of them, but mainly focusing on 1 (which is my current build). Crit Build This build can deal high enough crit damage, supplemented by gears. Although I haven't tested the extent of this build myself. This build shines on 1vs1 fights, but it has a really weak crowd control ability. Another downside is Arch Bishops don't have access to a really good weapon that will stand on its own, since all you're gonna do is whack monsters with that weapon. Stats STR - 90~100 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 100 total for stun immunity INT - 1 DEX - 1 LUK - 120 Auto Caster This is the same as other auto caster builds. Not really much variance except for a few gears here and there. This build can reach higher INT for more MATK. The downside is if a monster has NPC AGI UP, or just has high flee, you'll have some trouble hitting it. Stats STR - 1~50 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 90 (100 total for stun immunity) INT - 100~120 DEX - 80~100 LUK - 1~30 Crit Caster Hybrid This is the build I'm playing with right now. In the immortal words of Hannah Montana, "You have the best of both worlds!" You have crit to counter high flee targets, and good enough crowd control ability. In my opinion, this is the Goldilocks build. Stats STR - 30~50 AGI - 110~120 VIT - 100 total for stun immunity INT - 90~100 DEX - 1 LUK - 120 Gears Upper Headgear Racing Cap(Archbishop) [1] - Auto casts Adoramus when refine is +11, also increases Duple Light damage. Wickebine's Black Cat Ears [1] - Completely bypasses mdef when it procs. The unslotted version is also good, but you're gonna need the slot for combos. White Drooping Eddga - For crit builds exclusively. +25 ATK per refine when it procs. Skull Cap [1] - A decent enough headgear to increase matk. Bacsojin Doll Hat [1] - Decent matk gear. Although needs to be high refined to be effective. Fresh Roses [1] - Good matk gear. Needs refine tho, but can be enchanted with Spell 9. Celine's Ribbon [1] - Really good when high refined (specially when the combo gets released here), can be enchanted up to Spell 9. Engkanto Card - If you're gonna go up against Poison Monsters. +30% physical and magical damage to said element. Jitterbug Card - If you're up against Neutral Monsters. +200% physical and magical damage to said element when it procs. Fenrir Card - For general matk increase. And for that slow AF cast time. Vesper Card - For the matk builds. Bypass 30% mdef of boss monsters. Mid Gambler Seal - ATK/MATK/Crit Increase, as well as crit damage. Imperial Feather - +1 ASPD Sunglasses [1] - Extra slot Monocle [1] - Cheaper than Sunglasses Same cards as above if you chose to go with slotted mids. Lower CD in Mouth - Auto Casts level 3 bolts. Pretty much to go-to lower headgear of any auto cast class. Spiked Scarf - +35 ATK There really aren't that much option for lower headgear. I'd just stick to CD. More damage and for added hitlock effect. Armor Robe of Flattery [1] - Really good for magic builds. Robe of Abuse [1] - For the pure crit builds. Cursed Mail [1] - +10% ATK/MATK, and some elemental redux. I just don't see the appeal of this armor tbh. Maybe when the full set is released. You can also use any spare slotted armors you have for elemental armor cards. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - A given when you're gonna go up against dark/demon/undead as a magic class. Gloom Under Night Card - For physical builds. Any other cards you might think that's gonna be beneficial for your play style. It's also good to carry multiple armors with different elements on them. Weapon Empowered Mace of Judgement [1] - If highly refine, one of the best maces auto casters can use. Mace of Judgement [2] - If you can't afford to make en empowered version. Noble Cross [1] - Auto casts Turn Undead on undead monsters, has a matk bonus. Grand Cross [1] - A Noble Cross without the matk bonus. Still good if you can't afford to make a Noble Cross. Bloody Cross - Auto casts level 1 Hell Inferno. Downside is there's no matk bonus. Valkyrie Hammer [4] - A ridiculously expensive mace. It's good. But just ridiculously expensive. Veteran Hammer [2] or Veteran Hammer [3] - Decent for Crit Builds. Baphomet Card - Good for mobbing. True Margaretha Sorin Card - For the auto Adoramus build with racing cap. Immortal Wind Ghost Card - Auto casts Killing Cloud. Immortal Cursed Knight Card - Auto casts Ignition Break. Memory of Thanatos Card - For pure crit builds. It's a waste tho. lol Laura Card - For crit build. There really aren't that much option for weapon cards. Use what you have and what you think would benefit you more. Shield Cursed Mad Bunny - +5% ATK/MATK, Additonal ATK/MATK when refined to certain levels, and +3 ASPD. Any other shield if you're gonna use a card. Mostly, you can go with no shield if you don't have a Cursed Mad Bunny. ASPD penalty for wearing a shield really hurts. Garment Battle Surcoat [1] - A really good garment for both builds. Grants Double Attack and Triple Attack, which both can crit. Fallen Angel Wings [1] - Next best option. Although I rarely use mine. I just stick with my Surcoat. Antique Book Card - For magic builds. Petal Card - For crit builds. Cenere Card - If you're still lacking ASPD Randel Card - For switching. Level 3 Auto Guard. Shoes Any variant of the Temporal Boots that is fit to your build. Mostly Luk Boots tho. Accessories Evil Glove [1] - Has a lot of auto casts. My main accessory. Gentle Heart [1] and Wounded Heart [1] - If you can't afford an Evil Glove Alchemy Glove [1] - Auto casts Fireball and Firebolt. Ring of Flame Lord - For physical builds. Scaraba Card Gold Scaraba Card Headless Mule Card - For auto Adoramus build. Dwigh Card - Increases magical damage of Neutral and Shadow property. Really good since Duple Light is forced neutral. Playing Pere Card and Singing Pere Card - If you're gonna use Jitter combo for Neutral monsters. Costumes and Shadow Gears Speed Lv3 - Kinda a given. Almighty Lv3 or Destruction Lv3 - You choose. For Star Stones ATK, MATK, Crit, whatever you have, really. Arch Bishop Shadow Weapon Archbishop Shadow Shield Priest Shadow Armor Priest Shadow Shoes Acolyte Shadow Earring Acolyte Shadow Pendant You can look up each other them and see their effects. Mainly, the bonus you get from the set is +10 to all stats and 50% def/mdef bypass on normal monsters. Skills I'll only be listing the skills you shouldn't skip. Mace Mastery - Pretty important skill. You don't really need much from other skill branches anyways. Assumptio - To mitigate some of the damage you receive. Duple Light - Probably the main source of your DPS. Now that the damage has practically double thanks to the AB improvements kRO implemented, this skill is really worth maxing. Expiatio - Provides up to 25% bypass of Def and Mdef. and - The two Lauda skills should be maxed. One provides +10% MaxHP boost, and the other one adds +20% Critical Damage. Consumables Use every consumable you have to reach 193 aspd. lol Videos OGH Normal
  2. Guide Status: Updated Complete: 93% Orochimaru's Killing Strike and Kunai Build Kagerou Oboro A Color Refers to: Optional Right Handed Weapon Left Handed Weapon Recommended Enchant Stats: STR: 125 or STR: 125 AGI: 1 AGI: 1 VIT: 90 VIT: 90 DEX: 120 DEX: 120 INT: 1 INT: 90 LUK: 90 LUK: 1 Upgraded L-Phone Can save 1 to 3 sets of Stats and Skill Tree Tools: Black Earth Kunai, Fell Poison Kunai, Heat Wave Kunai, High Wind Kunai, Icicle Kunai These Kunai can be craft on Asgard at Walk Street or Amatsu. Shadow Orb, Earth Amulet, Wind Amulet, Ice Amulet, Explosive Kunai Farming Skills: Kunai Explosion Kunai Splash Beginner Gears: Upgrade Thief Cloth [1] Peco Peco Card Porcellio Card Upgrade Shoes [1] Green Ferus Card Matyr Card Upgrade Muffler [1] Giant Whisper Card Menblatt Card Wakwak Card Upgrade Clip [1] Mantis Card Main Gauche [4] (+9 or Higher) Andre Card Skeleton Worker Card Archer Skeleton Card Gladius [3] (+9 or Higher) Skeleton Worker Card Andre Card Archer Skeleton Card You can use any Items Dropped by Monsters, the only need is patience, specially if you are hunting a cards. You can wear same accesory on both left and right. Upgrade Equipment can be acquired from Lucky Fairy. or ask it to have it on players. Use or make a Mastersmith / Whitesmith to refine your weapons or to make a Weapon. you can also use Discount and Overcharge if you are buying ammolition or selling MISC loots into NPC You can start farming using these items on Moscovia Dungeon 3. Save your zeny from farming to buy an Ice Pick [0]. Ice Pick [0] worth 20m-25m. Intermediate Gears: Airship Captain's Hat [1] Victorious Coronet Dark Pingucuila Card Robo Eye Angel Spirit Samurai Mask Gangster Scarf Shadow Mist [1] Ninja Scale Armor [1] Mdef / Def Peco Peco Card Porcellio Card Amdarais Card Infinite Tao Gunka Card Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb [1] Giant Faceworm Snake Skin [1] Giant Faceworm Snake Skin Wakwak Card STR Glove [1] Vesper Core 4 [1] Vesper Core 2 [1] Medal of Thief Glorious Ring Gold Scaraba Card Revised Temporal STR Boots Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Revised Temporal DEX Boots Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Main Gauche [4] (+9 or Higher) Gladius [3] (+9 or Higher) Skeleton Worker Card Archer Skeleton Card Zipper Bear Card Ice Pick [0] (+7 or Higher if possible) Expert Archer / Fighting Spirit Combat Knife [0] (+7 or Higher if possible) Expert Archer / Fighting Spirit You can acquired those Headgears from quest of Mr. Wise. Completing Old Glast Heim Normal / Nightmare Mode for the first time. you will rewarded 6 temporal crystals. Exchange it for Revised Temporal Boots at Old Glast Heim Entrance. You can make a STR Glove [1] once you complete the Two Tribe Quest. Veteran Gears: Heart Wing Hairband [1] (+6/+9 or Higher) Spiked Scarf Golden Fish in Mouth Excellion Suit (+7) Auxiliary STR Reactor Auxiliary Frozen Reactor Auxiliary ATK reactor Golden Ninja Suit (+9) EA4 EA4 EA4 Excellion Wing (+6) Auxiliary ATK Reactor Auxiliary ATK Reactor Auxiliary ATK reactor Golden Scarf (+9) EA4 EA4 EA4 Heroic Back Pack [1] (+7 or 9) Fallen Angel Wing [1] (+7) Fighting Spirit or Expert Archer Wakwak Card Menblatt Card Physical Enhancer Ring [1] Dark Faceworm Card Faceworm Card Gold Scaraba Card Heroic Ring Str +5 Atk 5% MaxHP 5% Mdef +??? Sarah's Right Earrings Expert Archer 3 Expert Archer 2 Bakunawa Agimat Tatoo Revised Temporal STR Boots [1] Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Revised Temporal DEX Boots [1] Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Blut Card Matyr Card Green Ferus Card Monokage [2] (+9) Gladius [3] (+9) White Knight Card Abysmal Knight Card Hydra Card Archer Skeleton Card Ice Pick [1] (+7 or Higher if possible) White Knight Card Abysmal Knight Card Hydra Card Complete the Flame Basin Quest to able to access on fire cave, once you complete it you will rewarded 1 Heroic Ring by Vans. Enchanting is free but it's a random results. Re-enchant cost 3 heroic token. Heroic token can be acquired from Bios of Isle and Morse Cave Instances. Complete the Phantasmagorika Quest to enable to access the Verus City and unlock the Daily Quest. Daily Quest from Verus City rewards you an Old Fuel Tank and Large Iron Scrap, a requirement to make an Excellion Suit and Wing Complete the Rock Ridge Quest and the Daily Quest for Golden Set and Enchants. Pre-End Gears: Kagerou Shadow Armor Kagerou Shadow Shoes (+9) Ninja Shadow Weapon (+9) Ninja Shadow Shield (Keep it +0) Laser of Eagle [1] (+6) Vanargand Helm [1] (+9) Maya Purple Card Crow Tengu Mask Black Devil's Mask Mask of Hero Tengu Scroll Blood Sucker Golden Wing [1] (+9) EA10 or FS16 Fallen Angel Wing [1] (+9) EA10 or FS16 Wakwak Card Menblatt Card Revised Temporal STR Boots [1] (+9) Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Revised Temporal DEX Boots [1] (+9) Expert Archer 4 [Bear] / [Hawk] / [Lucky] Blut Card Infinite Vagabond Wolf Card Haze Demon Blade [3] (+9) Octopus Knife [3] (+9) Turtle General Card (2x) Hydra Card Archer Skeleton Card Octopus Knife [3] (+9) Futsumitama [2] (+9) White Knight Card Incantation Samurai Card End Gears: Upper Headgear CE Reload3 (4x) Middle Headgear CE Destruction3 (2x) Lower Headgear CE Destruction3 (2x) Donation Amulet CE Star Stone (Long) 4x Donation Wing CE Star Stone (Long) 3x Kagerou Shadow Armor Kagerou Shadow Shoes (+10) Ninja Shadow Weapon (+10) Ninja Shadow Shield (Keep it +0) Laser of Eagle [1] (+10 or Higher) Cat Ear Beret [1] (+12) Kiel-D-01 Card Maya Purple Card Crow Tengu Mask Black Devil's Mask [1] Maya Purple Card Tengu Scroll YSF01 Plate [1] (+13 or Higher) Evil Dragon Armor [1] (+10) WoE Suit [1] (+9) (for PvP or WoE only) Tao Gunka Card Realized Amdarais Card Golden Wing [1] (+16 or Higher) EA10 or FS16 Hero Manteau [1] (+10) Archangel Wing [1] Triple Cranial Wakwak Card Menblatt Card Kades Card Randel Card Applause Sandals [1] (+16 or Higher) Amon Ra Card Rebellion Scarf [1] (2x) Revolver Buffalo Card (Right) Mechaspider Card (Left) Haze Demon Blade [3] (+16 if possible) Octopus Knife [3] (+16 if possible) Turtle General Card (2x) Memory of Thanatos Card Futsumitama [2] (+16 if possible) Octopus Knife [3] (+16 or Higher) Faceworm Queen's Leg [2] (+16 or Higher) White Knight Card (2x) Drake Card Armoured Sleeve Guard [1] (+9) Mad Bunny [1] (+ 12) Golden Thief Bug Card Thara Frog Card Pros: To improve Killing Strike damage. Increasing an ATK is better than to increasing MaxHP. Add a Damage Modifier to Improved all ranged physical damage. Defence Modifier (thana and Inca Samurai card)can be applied on Killing Strike. Note: Ignore/Pierced Defence overrides the effect of Thana card. Do not use Ignored/Pierced Defence and Thana card at the same time. Achieve -80%Cast Delay or Higher it will makes you untargetable and unstoppable. Put an Int and Dex to Improved Cast Reduction. Having a Golden Thief Bug it helps to avoid One Skill delete by Magic Damage. Cons: Ninja Class is a Glass-Cannon. Most of his Ranged Skill are Neutral Element. Magic Users are Threat on Ninja Class. Status Effects one of weakness on Ninja Class. [PvP / PvE] Skill Tree: [WiP] Combo Skills on PvP: + Shadow Hiding + Shadow Jump Mobility Combo + + Shadow Hiding + Shadow Slash + Killing Strike Fastest way to Approach your target + + + + Shadow Hiding + Shadow Slash + Kunai Splash 2x + Killing Strike this combo is good for Sorcerer with absorbing summon + Shadow Hiding + Shadow Slash Repeatable Combo + + Rapid Throw + Killing Strike + Kunai Explosion Bursting your Target [WoE] Skill Tree: [WiP] Another Combo Skill: + + Max Different Element Charm (except Fire) + Cast Ninja Spell + Illusion : Death Lazy and Lame Repeatable combo until your target's die Utility Skill: Flip Tatami - Blocking all Ranged Physical Damage Cicada Skin Shed - Dodging incoming Physical Attack moving backwards in the process Ninja Aura - Increased Str and Int, allows to use Killing Strike and Mirror Image Mirror Image - Similar to Cicada Skin Shed, Increased the damage of Killing Strike, base on remaining dodge of Mirror Image 16th Night - Reduced Fixed and Various Casting Time of all ninja skills Pure Soul - Dramatically Regenerate HP and SP base on skill level, has 50%chance to blocked the incoming damage Earth Charm - Each Earth Charm Increased 15% of ATK weapon, Max Charm total of 150%. it helps to increased the damage of KS and Throw Skills. [Kagerou] Shadow Tramping - Reveals and Immobilized the Invisible and Shadow Form States. [Kagerou] Shadow Warrior - Increases damage of Kunai Explosion, Kunai Splash, Cross Slash, and Swirling Petal by 20%. [Oboro] Distorted Crescent - Increased or Decreased the ATK and Matk of the Target base on current HP and SP, Even Numbers of Current HP and SP will increased the ATK and Matk of the target; Decreased if its Odd Numbers. Those who have a Question, Comment or giving more information to improve the guide. Comment below. Your Lord and Master, Orochimaru
  3. Boredom strikes again. So it's time to waste my non-existent zeny... Super Novices are one of the most underappreciated classes in Ragnarok Online. And rightfully so. It could go toe to toe once upon a time to all the meta classes back in pre-renewal trans times... But then came renewal. The damage output just isn't cutting it, not to mention the abysmal HP/SP pool, the lack of skills (which I don't really understand why they cherry picked skills to add to the expanded Super Novice update), and overall lack of gears*. Just to preface this post. Super Novices still sucks major balls to use as your main. If you're gonna spend a ton of zeny on your main character, you'll get a lot more mileage on other classes. This is more of a side piece. Something you log in when you're really really bored and just want to meme. This isn't really a cookie cutter build. More like a gateway drug into playing the class, so I won't be putting a detailed equipment list you can use. One important thing to note is Super Novice can wear any Headgear and any Level 4 Weapon (except for Bows and Katars) as long as you're Linked with a Super Novice Spirit. This opens up a whole world of possibilities. Super Novice's greatest limitation suddenly becomes one of its strongest weapons. You get to choose what build you want your Super Novice to be. You get to use your noggin. Be creative. It's not about DPS, but about actually enjoying the class. Because let's face it, it will never be about the DPS. One main thing to consider is you're gonna have to spend a lot. We're talking about end-game stuff here, to even get to an acceptable DPS. And trust me, you'd at least wanna do "acceptable", or in Limit's case "Mediocre". No matter how you love the class, it's no fun seeing yourself tickling your enemies. As I've mentioned above, this isn't supposed to be your main class. You should have most of the gear pieces already from your other characters. There are two main builds you can choose from: Auto Caster and Crit. Auto Caster gives you more option for your auto casts, meanwhile Crit is just straightforward. In this guide, I'll be showcasing both builds. Now let's get to some dank memes. Auto Caster This is the more complicated of the two. You have to mix and match, depending on the thing you wanna do, and find the right combination for your play style. +11Racing Cap(Archbishop) [1] - Auto casts Level 5 Adoramus. Increases ASPD% based on the refine. +10 Lunar Rainbow [1] - Auto casts bolt skills depending on the Cards you have compounded on your weapon. Fenrir Card - Adds a lot of matk and more based on the refine of your headgear (which your only option is +10 or +11). Sunglasses [1]/Monocle [1] - There aren't really that many option for mid headgear. Weakened Fenrir Card is the most flexible card you can put here. Rainbow Scarf - Adds matk Toy Syringe - +150% heal from certain pots. More for survivability, which is what you want since you have abysmal HP pool. Flattery Robe [1] - The best matk armor out there currently. +7Cursed Magic Mail [1] - If you don't want to be as squishy. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - Awesome for shadow/demon/undead. Entweihen Crothen Card - +100 MATK Or any Elemental armors if you're gonna go against something with a strong physical elemental attack. +11Sorcerer's Sword [2] - Increases magic damage of certain elements, auto casts level 3 Psychic Wave, and increases aspd%. Main Gauche [4] - To fit all the combo cards of Lunar Rainbow. True Margaretha Sorin Card - Really great to compound in Sorcerer's Sword if you're gonna wear a +11 Racing Cap. Immortal Wind Ghost Card - Increases magic damage and auto casts Killing Cloud. Cursed Mad Bunny - If you're hurting for some ASPD. Cursed Mad Bunny [1] - Same effect as above without the ASPD bonus, but has a slot. Shield of Fallen Angel [1] - High Def Novice Shield [1] - Probably the most affordable but decent shield you can wear. Golden Thiefbug Card - Nullify those pesky Earthquakes and Waterballs. Racial resistance cards are good too. Or just Khalitzburg Knight Card. Fallen Angel Wings [1] - One of the best MATK garment you can wear. Adventurer's Backpack [1] - Next best thing. Marsh Arclouse Card is your best option for your garment.since it also adds ASPD% based on your INT. +7Cursed Magic Boots [1] - Increases ASPD, MHP, and MSP. Probably the best footgear you can wear. Modified Angel's Reincarnation [1] - The most basic out the basic you can wear that has a slot, that actually has an effect. Fallen Bishop Card - Best MATK footgear card. Nightmare Verit Card - Next best thing. Magician's Gloves [1] - I feel like this is a must. You're already doing mediocre damage, you're gonna need all the help you can get. -50% mdef of your targets is a really big thing. Evil Glove [1] - Auto casts Frost Nova, Scream, and Psychic Wave. Celine's Brooch [1] - Combos with Evil Glove. Has a bunch more Auto Casts. Headless Mule Card - To increases Adoramus damage. Dwigh Card - To increase Psychic Wave damage. Scaraba Card - Adds MATK Crit Type This is as straightforward as it can get. All you need is stack critical damage modifiers and attack gears. +8/+11Racing Cap(Super Novice) [1] - This build hinges on this headgear. At +8 it adds 100% more critical damage when you have double attack mastered. Gambler Seal - Pretty much a need when it comes to crit builds. Adds critical damage and critical rate. Spiked Scarf - Adds ATK Toy Syringe - +150% heal from certain pots. More for survivability, which is what you want since you have abysmal HP pool. Abusive Robe [1] - Enchant with LUK or STR Naves. There's really not much to this armor. +7Cursed Magic Mail [1] - Probably the best armor you can wear. Excellion Suit - Enchant with STR/ATK reactors. Or any reactors that would fit the situation. Gloom Under Night Card - For Shadow/Holy, and Demon/Angel monsters. Boitata Card - For Brute/Insect, and Earth/Wind monsters. Tao Gunka Card - For survivability. Faceworm Queen Leg [2] - Cool dagger. EQ is a nice touch. It doesn't do much, but it contributes to your damage. Glorious Gladius - For demi human enemies. Just make sure they're not large, because your damage would suck ass. Twin Edge of Naght Sieger(B) [3]/Twin Edge of Naght Sieger(R) [3] - A level 4 sword with 3 slots and can be enchanted, what's not to like. King's Saviour [3] - My favorite weapon for this build. Since you don't even have Riding, you'll automatically get the Drake effect, that's an MVP card for free. Memory of Thanatos Card - The best card you can have. White Knight Card - Everyone needs this card. Turtle General Card - Auto casts Magnum Break. Specially useful for fighting boss monsters since they don't get knocked back. Any card that will increase your damage. Cursed Mad Bunny - If you're hurting for some ASPD. Cursed Mad Bunny [1] - Same effect as above without the ASPD bonus, but has a slot. Shield of Fallen Angel [1] - High Def Novice Shield [1] - Probably the most affordable but decent shield you can wear. Khalitzburg Knight Card. Ominous Turtle General Card - Nice combo with Turtle General Card. Fallen Angel Wings [1] - The best garment for crit. Get it with Fatal Enchants. Adventurer's Backpack [1] - Next best thing. +7/+9Battle Surcoat [1] - Best garment if you're not gonna use daggers. Double Attack and Triple adds a lot of damage. Ancient Stone Shooter Card - 3/4s the potency of a Cenere Card but increases ASPD. +7Cursed Magic Boots [1] - Increases ASPD, MHP, and MSP. Probably the best footgear you can wear. Modified Angel's Reincarnation [1] - The most basic out the basic you can wear that has a slot, that actually has an effect. Any card that increases your HP is nice. Geffen Gang Member Card - Increases critical damage and aspd. Faceworm Queen Card - Increases your critical damage by a lot but also decreases maxhp. Physical Enhancer Ring [1] - A nice ring to increase damage (can also be enchanted in the future). Pendant of Maelstrom [1] - Slightly better than a Physical Enhancer Ring. Can also auto cast Maelstrom when you're hit by magic attacks. Blue Luminous Stone [1] - Hella expensive. But you can combo it with your weapon if you can waste a Twin Edge with Sharp 2. Cards that generally increases your damage are nice. But I personally like to use the Jitterbug Set just for the 2k HP heal whenever you trigger a transformation. It really helps keep you alive. Shadow Gears and Gemstones Speed gemstones are your best friend. You'd need to reach 193 aspd so you don't waste any other equipment slot just to increase your aspd. I'll be updating this guide whenever I find something interesting with the class. Auto Cast Bijo Auto Cast vs RSX Auto Caster vs Drake Crit vs Ancient Tao Gunka
  4. Cap's Guide To Norse Exorcism You are chosen by the Church of Odin to vanquish the Demon and the Undead. Answer God's call and don the robe of holiness. Use God's wrath to deliver judgment upon the unclean. In the name of Odin, Thor, and Loki. Amen. In this guide, I'll mostly be talking about the Adoramus branch of AB's offensive skills. There are other gear sets and stats optimized for the other builds, but in my opinion, they aren't really powerful enough. And the one piece of equipment that this build revolves around pretty much forces you to stick to Adoramus. This is also one of the few builds that can work just as well on a Baby class. Stats would have to be adjusted but it works. Stats It's pretty easy to distribute stats for this build. The only stat we need at 120 is INT. DEX can stay at 100-ish, since won't be using DEX Boots. STR - 1~50 - This is mainly for weight limit. AGI - 30~70 - Some ASPD is nice. Less animation delay. VIT - 90~110 - For stum immunity and HP. INT - 120 DEX - 100~120 - Just get enough to have a reasonable fast cast time. LUK - 50~90 - Adds MATK and resist some statuses. Gears As prefaced above, this guide will be mostly about Adoramus. ME and Judex will only be second in considering your gear set and stat build. Headgear Old Mitra [1] - Increases Judex and Magnus damage, as well as stat increases based on refine level. Get this refined as high as you can. Fresh Roses [1] - Good for leveling. Increases MATK every refine. Can also be enchanted. Racing Cap(Archbishop) [1] - For pure Adoramus Build. The enchant for AB can add up to 60% Adoramus Damage. Shrine Maiden Hat [1] - Increases Magnus damage. Can be used for leveling, nothing else. Uzhas_Card - +10% magic damage to Demon race. Additional 5% when headgear is refined to +9. Mistress Card - Nullified gemstone requirement of skills. I suggest splurging for this card, since Adoramus consumes 1Blue Gemstone per cast. It can become quite costly when leveling or just running instances. Sunglasses [1] - Easiest slotted mids to get in the game currently. Monocle [1] - Cheaper than slotted Sunglasses now, but quite hard to find. Robo Eye - Good for starters. Uzhas_Card - +10% magic damage to Demon race. Additional 5% when headgear is refined to +9. Pharaoh Card - Decreases SP consumption of skills by 30%. If you have this card, then just use this for mid. It will counter Misstress Card's SP consumption penalty. And spamming Judex and Adoramus can be quite taxing on your SP. Rainbow Scarf - MATK + 35. There really aren't that many choices for low hg in the server. Armor Robe of Flattery [1] - Best armor for magic classes. Can now be enchanted. Try to aim for INT enchants. Sarah Battle Robe [1] - Has a chance to increase MATK per refine. Orlean's Gown [1] - Nothing to say, really. Can't be worn by Baby Bishops tho. Diabolus Robe [1] - A good starter equips, but, again, can't be worn by Baby Bishops. Nightmare Amon Ra Card - THIS! That's all I can say lol. Expensive but so totally worth it. If you're gonna play Adoramus AB, this card should be one the first items you farm for. Weapon Holy Stick [1] - The only weapon we can wear as Adoramus type. +9 minimum, +10 preferred. Can also be enchanted. True Margaretha Sorin Card - Will add up to 60% Adoramus damage if Holy Stick is refined to +10. Shield Bible of Promise Vol.2 [1] - Odin Power lvl 2. I don't usually bother with switching shields. The 4 rows of hot keys is still not enough for all the skills ABs have. Valkyria's Shield [1] - While you still can't wear BoP2. Cursed Mad Bunny [1] - Adds MATK. You can switch around shields, but I don't really bother. White Knight Card - When you're not gonna fight small monsters. Hodremlin Card - Good all around defensive card. Medusa Card - Resist Stone Curse status. Any racial that would benefit you. Garment Fallen Angel Wings [1] - Spell enchant. Adventurer's Backpack [1] - Get at +7. A good alternative if you don't have money for a +7~+9 FAW. Cloak of Casualty [1] - A high end alternative for a FAW. But you'll only see the benefit if you refine it above +10. Antique Book Card - I'd say the best option for garment. Randel Card - Enables Auto Guard. Only use with switching. Shoes Judgment Shoes - The one and only pair of shoes. Just read up the effects. This is one of the items you have to farm for. Accessories Orlean's Necklace [1] - Cheap but really good accessory for MATK. Magic Intensifier Ring [1] - If you have high enough base MATK, then this would be better to use. Pendant of Maelstrom [1] - A really good accessory. But I don't really like the auto cast. It has a cast delay which won't let you cast spells. Headless Mule Card - Adds 20% to water and holy magic damage. Shadow Gears Arch Bishop Shadow Weapon - Refine and effect isn't really important for the build, but necessary for the set. Archbishop Shadow Shield - Get this refined as high as you can. Adds Adoramus damage based on refine. When worn with Shadow Weapon, reduces Adoramus cooldown by 1 second, which will make the skill almost spammable. Priest Shadow Armor - Adds Magnus damage per refine. Priest Shadow Shoes - Effect really isn't that important. When worn with Shadow Armor, MATK +3%. Acolyte Shadow Earring - Good luck getting this. Acolyte Shadow Pendant - Another shadow gear that's almost impossible to get. But when worn with AB and Priest sets, All Stat +10, HP/SP +5%, and ignores 50% of normal monsters's defense and magic defense. Donate Gears Tempest Lv3 - Kinda important to get if you can afford a set, since you won't be using a Temporal DEX Boots. Other Gemstones is up to you. Star Stone(Matk) - MATK +3% Note: You can substitute some of your gears with Mora's Judgment Set if you don't have access to some of the gears, especially Deep Sea's Judgment Shoes. The Mora set will give you an idea of how to use Adoramus as your main offensive skill. Skills Adoramus - Main damage skill. Can inflict slow and blind to target. Judex - Secondary damage skill, only if you have a high enough refined Old Mitra. 3x3 AoE. Sacrament - Reduces fixed cast time by 50% at max level. Clearance - Removes buffs on party members. Can also remove buff from monsters. Lauda Ramus - Removes negative status. I can't remember which, just cast both Lauda skills one after the other lol. Lauda Agnus - Same as Lauda Ramus. Oratio - Weakens holy resistance of enemies on screen. Kyrie Eleison - Get at level 10. Really useful for avoiding hits. Assumptio - Doubles Def and Mdef. Baby Bishops don't have this skill tho. Safety Wall - Real nice skill for tanking. Magnus Exorcismus - If you're mobbing. Get this at level 1 or level 10. Consumables White Slim Potion - You need to bring HP healing potions since you won't have enough healing skills to recover your HP. HP Increase Potion(Large) - Increases Max HP and increases HP Recovery. SP Increase Potion(Large) - Increases Max SP and increases SP Recovery. Concentrated White Potion Z - Increases HP Recovery. Vitata 500 - Increases Max SP and Increases SP Recovery. Concentrated Ceromain Soup - Increases ASPD. Concentration Potion - Increases ASPD. Regeneration Potion - Increases recovery rate of healing items by 20%. Blue Gemstone - If you don't have a Mistress Card you're gonna need a lot of this. Holy Water - On the rare occasion that you need to cast Aspersio on someone. Also needed for making Ancilla. +10 foods and +20 foods are also useful, other than that, there's really not that much consumables you need. Now go forth and spread the word of Odin!! PS: I made a Baby Bishop just because it looks so badass when doing 1m damage. lmao
  5. Lai

    LimitRO Rules

    Outdated: Click here for latest into. Limit Ragnarok Online RULES 👮👮👮👮👮👮 Lai's Personal plead. In the past years, LimitRO has suffered numerous bad population reputation, and our team leaded by me have worked very hard to correct these misbehavior. Hard work pays off, and our community have improved! Although, we cannot stop here, so I plead that you read the following rules and follow them by your own deepest will from bottom of your heart, thank you. Punishment Guidance This section lists the escalation of punishments of each offense classification. Repeated offense will lead to heavier punishments. Punished player's will be listed here: Crime List The list cleans 1 time per year - next cleanse 2019-10-01 [Level 1] [Level 2] [Level 3] [Level 4] Other Notifications Outlaw Rule Inside PvP rooms, you can talk/chat ANYTHING you want in the PUBLIC chat, without being bound to the manner rules of punishments. Does not apply outside PvP rooms. Catch All The GM Team reserves all the right to administer any form of punishment with just cause. This is generally done through a majority consensus on the GM team, so just obey the rule of thumb and you'll be fine. How to Report Help LimitRO and make our server into a nice, calm, and good habitat player based server. You can report those who breaks our rules or suspect. Simply make a report
  6. Caphleo

    LimitRO - Tomb of Honor

    So, in celebration of the new dungeon update, here is me wasting my supplies... You either have to do enough damage to kill the monsters on time, or risk the wrath of Max Pain.
  7. Level 101 GX vs Bijou Yolo yolo yo yolo yolo yo~~~ Made this video as an excuse to use one of my new fav songs~~~~~~~
  8. See what boredom does to someone lol I'm like 95% complete with my Super Novice.
  9. Lai

    Christmas 2016

    Great family picture, together in Lutie for celebration of Christmas 2016 ~~

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  10. Lai

    LimitRO Halloween 2016

    LimitRO is a place with colorful players even in the darkness. We will shine, where ever we go!

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    LimitRO Gathering @ Calamba Laguna

    LimitRO fan gathering TOMORROW 11 SEP 9am in Calamba Laguna. Location: Luna Vista Resort Good food, lottery games, special ingame gift for attendance! See u!
  12. After seeing the contest posted by GM Yuuki, I get excited and the first concept the flashes into my imagination was the nightmare encounter of the Boss Machina in FFX-2, Vegnagun. It is a weapon of mass destruction which I could compare to Charleston assuming it's deadly weapon too. The concept was to replace FFX-2 characters with my main character and a group of party member going to a journey to clash with Charleston, the main scene. Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies. I took this opportunity to display my current set of skills in producing an artwork because there is much more room for improvement in my coloring skills. I'm happy this server organized an event for artists noob or pro to share their talent throughout the world.To produce this artwork, I immediately drafted all the images that came in to my mind. The output wasn't really the 100% of my imagination but I'm satisfied and fulfilled. I started with drafting and then refining with line-art. In coloring, I put some base color first before applying effects and emphasis. The hardest part in the process was putting details on the gigantic robot and the environment since it' my first time making one.Overall, I really enjoyed and so inspired producing this piece of artwork despite the busy schedule from work. It took me 2 weeks to finish this but it's all worth my time. Thank you.

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  13. Yiiipiii! Hipppiii! Hurrey! 7 wonderful years of Limit Ragnarok Online, we stand firm and strong. Thank you everyone for being a part of Limit Community, contributing with donations, articles, guides, helpful deeds, sharing, and most of all, having fun in-game. I hope and wish that Limit Ragnarok Online will continue its success to bring wonderful gameplay for everyone to enjoy!

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  14. Everyone, it's ready to farm!!!

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  15. A sunny day in Limit Ragnarok, we decided to take a moment to bond with each other in the loyal Sakura Yard inside the Amatsu Palace

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  16. Takudan

    Intruders by Sutoreiji

    RO has a thing with putting in human into some big monster/thing - take mayap, maya for example (warning: maya's sprite is NSFW)... then there's also dieter, the little boy stuck in a bottle, manipulated by the evil genetic owners to do their bidding (read: poop fire and ashes). This time it's a robot but this time, the human is the one controlling the machine... or is it? Wired, brainwashed, locked in the open cockpit, it's programmed to fire at will against intruders in Charleston. Fuelled by the human lifeforce, the robot hovers at ease using latest jetpack technology from China Korea, burning everything it doesn't like to crisp using its humongous laser pointer. That's also why cats Dorams really, really, really love to play with it (also the same reason why it especially hates cats) If you venture the city with Doram, be ready to face the greatest laser pointer, you'll definitely need to Stoop !! to enjoy the bright green glow on the floor (or on yourself). I think the lady in the robot loves cats though, you'd have to act fast to leap at the girl in the middle to win her heart as her brain processing is probably taken over by the hateful machine. P.S. .......i have to agree it's not very nice to force people to write 200 words in artwork contest, as they say pictures speak a thousand words

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  17. Hello, this is my depiction of the MVP, Excavation Robot. It's my first time drawing mecha/ droid theme, which is why I'm attracted to join this event. This is drawn without me going to the instance, however, sometime before I start rendering, I got a chance to go to the instance and understand the story behind it. It was fun playing with the mecha element and I actually wanted to make it more extreme, but halted since it might go out of event context. It is coloured in watercolour and texts are done with photoshop, can't get a scanner so it's taken with camera. I don't know what else I can type, hopefully next drawing contest will focus more at evaluating the artwork than asking for a 200 words description, which is veryveryvery discouraging(me) to join. I hope you guys enjoy this piece, your comments and critiques are most welcomed. On the other hand, glad to have this instance implemented to encourage player to try out the underrated mechanic job. So, gear up and start the adventure to try out this instance and get some good equipment to have fun with. Thanks for viewing, have a nice day.

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  18. Shadow Chaser "Shadow Chaser WoE Guide for newbies and bad old players." Quote from the anonymous author. Shadow Chaser as a job Stat builds Skills and Skill Builds Gears Important Buffs Consumables Strategy Good quality SC videos from iRO Prologue First off, this is a WoE guide. So whatever that works in PvP may or may not work here. This guide has been compiled by the author after playing SC for a time and also seeing what other SC are doing on official servers and whatnot. This guide is in no ways complete or comprehensive. Just a start guide since all popular forums are lacking a detailed SC guide. Some of the SC on this server are quite bad and a lot of people are following them in a way so if anyone wants to play the job as to how it is being played should read this guide in detail and try to follow it as much as you possibly can. Shadow Chaser as a job Shadow Chaser or hereby ‘SC’ is the most annoying job to play against. The job has skills which makes you as good as a Poring if they proc on you. Also their chasing potential against enemy ecallers as well has hard disable is quite high. If played well, a single SC can debuff and dispel an entire guild who is waiting to attack the pre cast. And they can do it without any MVP cards (Totally Awesome!!). A lot of people believe that SC are broken in the current patch and I think they are. More details will come to light one we go ahead into the guide. Stat Build To understand the SC stat build, you will need to understand the skill Masquerade first. Masquerade has the following formula: (updated EP 14.1 patch) Success Chance={{Caster Base level/10+ random number between [Caster DEX/12) or (Caster DEX/4)]+(Caster Job level)+(Skill level x10) - < (Target Base level/10)+[Random number between [(Target AGI/6) or (Target AGI/3)]+(Target LUK/10)+[(Target Maximum Weight-current weight)/100%]>] Base Success rate: (Skill level+ DEX/20)% From this you can infer: High DEX to successfully Masq people Max Job level and Base level Decent amounts of STR, AGI, LUK to be having some resistance to Masq (Some SC play with low STR AGI LUK builds so they become food for other SC which is pointless because if the guild loses an SC early on there is nobody to tank and debuff and disturb people anymore and the opposing guild gets a free reign to stomp. Now, the second most important part before we go to the stat build for SC. Instacast, Instacast, Instacast. SC needs to have instacast on his/her spells because you need to debuff people fast and move on to the next target. It will be funny if you take forever to debuff one guy while the other wipes your guild. All the SC who don’t follow this, please do so or else there is no point playing this job. You are a burden to your guild and the job as well. Instacast is obtained in Renewal by the following formula: DEX*2+INT=530 This means total DEX that you have from foods, gears and base stats and INT from gears, foods and base stats should be substituted in that formula to get the magic number of 530. It’s very necessary that you have instacast to be effective in WoE. In the videos that will follow this guide you will see a few SC jumping and disabling one person with instacast and moving on to the next target and so on. So a detailed stat build isn’t possible to be shared or given because the consumables that you will use are varied from player to player. Check the consumables section for more info on this Skills and Skill Builds: Shadow chasers important skills: Chase Walk: 2nd Job Skill. Very very useful with Soul Link as it increases your movement speed. Masquerade Weakness, Gloomy, Ignorance: 3rd Job Skill. The only 3 masquerades that you should ever bother levelling as the other effects are just a weaker version of these. Goes through FCP. Weakness removes HP, weapon and shield. Makes RG a walking punching bag since it removes all shield buffs an RG generally has (reduces 40% redux on support characters, easy life for your killers) Gloomy removes mounts from RK/RG and also Homunculus. No dragon or gryphon on RK/RG means 25% less damage from spear type weapons and no Dragon Breath. Ignorance: Silence the target for 15 seconds. Goes through GTB. Perfect for any job that anyone plays. Silence actually screws them and they just stand there humbled ready to die. Intimidate: Very useful again as it lets you copy FSK or Flying Side Kick which is your mobility skill (Kinda like Blink dagger from Dota2. It can also pass status from equipped status arrow like Sleep, Frozen, etc) Preserve: Preserves the last learned skill from Intimidate for 10 minutes and under Soul Link makes you immune to Dispel without a GTB ( Sick right?) Reject Sword: Reduces sword and dagger damage and reflects damage from that source at 75% chance. (Main reason why killers in server don’t use Dagger or Sword type weapons. The reflect will kill them) Reproduce: This skill allows you to copy 3rd job skills. Best options are Earth Drive or Crazy Weed. Allows you to remove ground targeted spells like Vacuum, GX Poisons, Land Protector, Thorn Traps, Killing Cloud, etc. Earth Drive also allows you to reduce Aspd of the breaker who is trying to break your emperium. Full Strip: The old school disable that all Stalkers used. Removes Weapon, HG, Armor and Shield. Blocked by FCP, so isn’t kinda useful. Strip Accessory: Divests the accessories that are being equipped. Kinda good against chars whose accessories are very vital for their build. (100 Hard Mdef Chars start freezing without their very important Black Roasry[1] Bloody Lust: AoE Circle on the ground which puts al enemies in a Berserk State. Use this while breaking the Emperium to avoid the enemy from casting any spells around you like Cursed Circle of Sura, Suicidal Destruction of Mechanic,etc Manhole: Hardest disable that an SC can get. Makes a hole on the ground which holds the player (ally and enemy inclusive) for the duration. Man-holed player becomes invulnerable to anything except Shadow Form. Shadow Form: Its an SC version of Crescent Elbow and Deathbound but it’s highly dangerous. You can’t use items and skills during its duration and if anyone uses revealing skills on you, it gets removed. Kinda tough to pull off and you don’t define your build around that anyways. Body Paint: The SC revealing skill. Copied Skills: From Intimidate its FSK. Mobility for an SC is highly important. From Reproduce its usually a ground skill remover like Earth Drive or Crazy Weed. ( Crazy weed has point target and Earth Drive is no target AoE. It depends on player to player on what to use) Gears and Cards First of all Maya Purple is the best card and the most important card that an SC can and should have all the time. BoS has a cooldown time and as a Shadow Chaser, you need to see the ones blacked up. Without this card in your HG, you really should quit this game and play Pinball because if you don’t understand the importance of this card, you don’t understand this game and WoE. Listing good choices for gears and their cards: Any items which don’t give buff on refine should never be refined. Period. Headgear TOP: +12 Cat Ear Beret [1] with Bungisingis card 16% redux at +12 so why not? +0 Gigantic Majestic Goat (Def) No slot, 12% Def +0 Abysmal Knight Helm [1] 10% Redux and a slot for your Maya Purple card. Best for those who don’t have Donation Costume Headgear I Love China Dex+3 10% Redux is also a good choice Headgear Mid: Blush of Gloom 3% Redux Headgear Low: Gentleman Pipe 2% Redux or Handkerchief in mouth 3% redux(whenever it gets implemented) Armor: +6 or +9 WoE suit [1] with Marc card. (Evil Druid is also an option but since most of the RK are using fire convertors/endows it is slightly suicidal) +0 WoE Boots [1] with Matyr/Green Ferus card. (You don’t need the +9 Boot with Firelock since an SC has abysmal SP pools and 10% of less is still less. And you take less damage from Tiger Cannon of Sura with a Matyr/Green Ferus so that’s a win-win from a mathematical sense) +0 WoE Manteau [1] with Flamel/Noxious card (Flamel for the Soul Link buff. With ranked White potions it’s possible to heal to full in 4-5 pots. Haven’t tested with regeneration potion from event shop but it will be full HP in 3-4 pots. The Noxious card is kinda unnecessary because the potting helps you to survive more. And even without Noxious its highly unlikely that you die one hit so Flamel is win-win) Garment with Randel Card for swap. Kinda unnecessary but if the Guard procs it will save you from a lot of damage. Weapon is Combat Knife. 10% extra redux makes you to tank a lot of damage from enemies. Best if enchanted with INT or DEX from Malangdo for easier instacast or more masquerade chances Accessories are dependent on player to player. It’s better to use 2 slotted accessories which give DEX or HP. Eg: Upgrade Clip, Orleans Necklace/Glove. Card choices are Erendee Ebecee + Alligator or 2x Alligator or Zerom. Another option is the Evil Spirit Silk Glove which allows an SC to cast Cobweb, the sage spell for another hard disable. That is the best endgame SC Accessory as of now imo. Other options to all this is Glorious Set with 2x Glorious Rings Another build is using a GR card but unless you become freeze immune with 100 hard mdef somehow, there is no point because a frozen SC is a dead SC. Important Buffs Admiral Buffs Soul Link (If an SC is playing without Soul Link, he isn’t playing as an SC) Immunity to dispel, faster movement under chase walk and more healing from ranked white pots, who wouldn’t want that? SC don’t need Sacrament. All of the 3rd job important skills don’t have any fixed cast time which is halved by Sacrament. If you waste the time of your AB to get Sacra you aren’t doing it right because CW and ED are also VCT based skills. The only FCT on the SC skill tree is chase walk, but its cast isn’t high at all to think about reducing it. SC don’t need Odin and Striking. You are a disabler and not a killer. You want to reduce a player to a Poring and not kill him. The humiliation that you do is more important than kill. Dead men tell no tales. Consumables SC is a highly consumable based job. Without eating foods you aren’t amounting to anything on WoE. Listing the following foods to be used on WoE at all times: Siroma Ice Tea (Dex+20) Green Salad (Dex+5) Dropped from plant monsters using Lunakligo Warg Blood Cocktail (Int+20) Honey Herbal Tea (Int+3) Dropped by Dragon Monsters using Draco Egg card Minor Brisket (Vit+20) Immortal Stew (Vit+10) Dropped by Hydrolancer HP Increase Potion Large Undead/Holy Elemental Scroll Redux Potions (Physical and Magical) Speed Potion to chase people who dodge your precast and also to run faster to reach a precast or Emp for breaking. Ranked Slim White potions (Heals at a very high rate, which makes them very useful) Strategy You are the main disabler for your guild. You need to target the following classes: RK: Probably the most easiest class to masq due to them being overweight all the time. And also having moderately low agi and luk. Use Gloomy to equate them to a poring. DB RK fail miserably and so do the SB/IB/HS RK due to spear weapon that they used has 75% damage on medium monsters, and with you running 75% redux that’s even lower damage then you would usually take. RG: Support RG who don’t run a Sacra build are also easy to disable. But its always better to Manhole an RG to prevent him from potting while you kill the players that have been Devoed by the RG Killer RG are tough to masq due to them having high luk if EB type and high str so they don’t usually be overweight. Sorc: Sorc cant dispel SC. (Soul Link Bitch!!) You need to Igno and Weak them to prevent them from dispelling your allies and weak will make them food by removing the default CK and Cranial Valk. Avoid the Arullo and Diamond dust as those statuses make life really bad for you. Geneticist: With the level of redux that you have you won’t die to AD, very easily. A well geared Gene will probably remove like 80% of your HP tops. Ranked slims for the win right? Another tough class to masq due to their high weight. You can dodge AD by shadow forming sometimes and that might not work due to them being Devoed all the time. Sura: Unless its an Asura Strike Sura, you can play around a Sura and his skill delays and to be honest a pure TC sura cant kill you easily, The thing were we loose is the SP drain, but it can be sorted with Royal Jelly. You need to be fast. A sura will use FC after TC to kill. Just keep on potting and you can disable the Sura easily. Again low agi and low luk builds. Pure TC Sura don’t have high strength either so easy target. SC: The SC v/s SC matchup depends on who is faster to Masq. A lot of times I have lost to better SC out there because they had a higher APM then me. You also need to be careful of the SC breaking your emp since its tough to kill that guy since he will cast the Berserk status around the emp to drain your SP. Kagerou/Oboro: Kage removes you from hiding and Oboro can remove your Soul Link(Yes, without Soul Link you become weak then normal) The ninja spells are also kinda irritating due to the mass status spreads all around. There wont be an AB to Lauda you always. Minstrel/Wanderer/Mechanics are kinda easy to masq due to their stat builds focusing on one side of the stat pool on a general basis. When you FSK, you also remove the Soul Link buff from Wanderers and Minstrels. Warlock: Kinda a difficult job to deal with, but also the most easiest class to disable. Shadow Form that class too to reflect the damage and kill them and the Devo as well. These are a few WoE videos from iRO of good SC. This guy is probably the best SC I have seen on all the videos I have seen. Overall, its about the experience from playing WoE day in day out. I learn a lot of new stuff every time I play. Play around my gears a bit here and there. By Anonymous Author
  19. This topic is NO longer UPDATED, for accurate info please visit our WIKI. Limit Raganrok Online Server Info About What is more important than correct information! I have summered up a little bit about LimitRO custom features, setups, npcs, commands and other useful information for you to know about, to make your gaming easier. Fore most... our Main Town is Asgard General Info Exp Rates: 100x100x Quest Exp: 10x MvP Exp: 1x Heal Exp: 1x Drop Rates: 25x Max Level: 175/60 (Applies to all Jobs) Max Stats: 130 Max ASPD: 193 Max Char Slot: 18 Max Hairstyle: 50 Hair color: 127 Cloth Color: 2000 Area Size: 22 Max Client: 2 Death Penalty: -5% EXP Max Guild Tax: 25% Emblem: Glory Skill Required Homun Friendly: 10x Homun Autoloot: Enabled Vending Tax: 2% Weapon Produce: 1.5x Potion Produce: 1.5x Autospell Stack: Enabled Autotrade Time: 24 Hours KS Protection: 100 Seconds Even Share Bonus: 5 Member +40% EXP Pet Friendly: 10x Pet Support/Attack/Skill: Enabled PvP Bone drop: Enabled Party Sharing: 75 Levels Party Sharing: Extra +25% Exp. Min Skill Delay: 200 Milliseconds. Abra MvP: Enabled Main Chat Fee: 10,000 Zeny Main Chat CD: 5 Minutes Maintenance Day: Monday 14:00 Server Time Balanced Donation System Custom NPC Healer Golden Warper Admiral LimitRO Job Changer Stat/Skill Reset Card Removal Rent Service Stylist PvP Arenas Battlegrounds Easy Refiner Vending Harbor Coin Shop Guild Base Keeper Mr. Wise Genie Event Master Event Assistance World Fishing Chat Lane Eden Teleport Officer Instance Bakonawa Lake Bangungot Hospital Buwaya Cave Culvert Eclage Interior Endless Tower Faceworm Nest [140+] Hazy Forest [99+] Horror Toy Factory [140+] Isle of Bios [160+] Labyrinth Forest Morse's Cave Nydhoggs Nest Octopus Cave Old Glast Heim Orcs Memory Saras Memory Sealed Shrine [75+] Wolfchevs Laboratory Ghost Palace [120+] Nightmarish Jitterbug Temple of Demon God Devil's Tower Charleston's Crisis Geffen Magic Tournament Commands @commands @autoloot/@alootid @time @duel/@accept/@reject/@invite/@leave @away @noask @auction @mail @jailtime @autobuylist @autobuy @who2 @whereis @ii @mi @whodrops @cm @ignore @unignore @request @autotrade/@at @rates @go @changegm @feelreset @me @hatch @party @storage @storeall @Storeall Usable, @storeall Etc, @Storeall Equipment @hominfo @homstats @main @whosells2 @die @pettalk @homtalk