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Found 15 results

  1. Dear @Lai, please, pay your attention to Illusion enchanting. I can't due to some bug enchant Illusion A-type boost with two RARE modules - Fatal and Expert archer - both at the same time. Meanwhile, I got info that it was possible (see screenshots). But my accesses g wrong without any enchanting as I planned. I tried to find the solution (enchanting without card inserted, etc.) but still NPC won't let me do this. Please, check this, otherwise I've spent zeny for nothing. UPD: just discussed the problem on discord with @Emistry and I added a little more screenshots from vendors and from my equipment. Double chants based on rarity (excl. Legendary) are possible in accordance with the enchanting table (also attached). The number stands for the quantity of the module to be enchanted into gear. So yesterday I did enchant Illusion wings with TWO critical modules. Still, accesses got buged and can't be enchanted with ONE Fatal and ONE ASp, for example.
  2. Lex Luthor

    Add Kardui Ear Gladiator

    What is this? Adding this item to Gladiator NPC Why do we have to add it? most of the magic class need it, and also gives reduction for those class has little amount of HP , we already add to our server the Seraphim Coronet, Seraph of Feathers, Gambler Seal, Heart Poker's in Mouth and Royal Guard's Necklace, why not adding this one. Who will benefit this? Everyone Will this change the system drastic? No Room for improvement? if you can also add Huge Tree's Young Leaves give huge help for magic users Item ID: 5966 Kardui Ear An ears ornament modeled after the ears of king of Laphines. Every 10 base of DEX, MATK +2 When base DEX is 108 or higher, MATK +60, Cast rate -10%. When base DEX is 120 or higher, MATK +40, Cast rate -5%. +Tendrillion Card and equipped with Book or Staff, every refine increase magic attack against Demihuman by 2%. +Laphine Shield, when shield refined to +7, reduces Comet skill cooldown by 20 sec, When refined to +9, reduces Comet skill cooldown by 40 sec. if equipped with Fallen Bishop Card or Runaway Magic stone, then the cooldown reduction will not activated. Itemclass : Headgear Defense : 0 Location : Middle HG Weight : 30 Required Level : 70
  3. Metaphys

    Parade Hat/Holy Marcher Hat

    Parade Hat/Holy Marcher Hat (Item ID 5225 I think) gives 2 DEF instead of 4. Also, I think it's effects needs to be updated.
  4. I recently got this ring from the Coin Exchanger at the Dimensional Space. However, when I equipped this ring no additional ATK was noted (It should have added +5% ATK). I tried without Admiral buff and with buff to no avail. I added a screenshot to justify.
  5. boi

    Monokage Bug

    It was supposed to increase kunai explosion damage. Not Kunai Splash damage. Description and I think script wrong.
  6. verasan

    amar al din jalab salab GONE

    Amar al din, jalab, salab from egg scroll is missing from both inventory and storage. what happend after yesterday MT? another scheme or just accident? HELPER & GMs pls help best regards, vera
  7. bonus bLuk,2; bonus bFlee2,5; bonus bUseSPrate,-5; bonus bHealPower,15; bonus bHealPower2,15; Healing skills are working correctly. Item heal bonus is missing. jRO description also mentions item heal bonus. We could add this to the script: bonus bAddItemHealRate,15;
  8. Dalasride

    Item Description in Database

    I would like to suggest that the description in the item database should be renovated. It is hard to understand if the description of the item is in coded form. Some people do not understand coded form. I think it would be better to just copy paste the description of the item normally.
  9. Dalasride

    Potions Raffles Sap

    It wont work. I tried Clicking it. I double click, Change Place, Swap Characters still cant heal
  10. Skillhunter

    Juliette D. Rachel - Katar available?

    Hello limitian Folks, i just have a quick question ... is the Juliette D. Rachel Katar available on Limit-RO? Itemlink: Greetz, Skillhunter
  11. Sirhandx


    Hi, Greeting from newbie player, What is the rate for donation and what is the best deal to donate.? And how the system when and after the donation process? 100kor/ 200kor/ 300kor /400kor / 500kor is enough to build 1 character?
  12. Metaphys

    Loli Ruri Pet Effect

    Loli Ruri's Pet Description says: but I don't see my max HP increasing upon reaching Cordial. Also, the heal autocast doesn't work as far as I have tested.
  13. Leama

    Archangel Wing

    Is this a bug or not? The Archangel Wing didn't appear on my character's body at all. Help me pls
  14. Metaphys

    Baby Dragon Hat

    It appears that this hat does not give the effects listed on the description. Before equipping the hat: After equipping: DEX is not increased, also the Double Attack does not happen. Tested on mobs and the Tester eggs. My character name: Metaphize
  15. Alright so I finally managed to get a Cat Santa Hat item on my male account. And I see it doesn't work. Is that going to be fixed? I would like to give it to my GF but not if its gonna crash her game.