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Found 4 results

  1. Thelioliora

    Can't login because my ID isn't registered?

    Hello! I was playing LimitRO a few months ago, and I made an account. I got busy, and quit for awhile. Well, I downloaded it on my new laptop today and went to login. It keeps saying that my ID isn't registered, but I can login to the website and look at my characters just fine. Does somebody have an answer to this problem? It will be appreciated with hugs!!
  2. Dalasride

    Item Description in Database

    I would like to suggest that the description in the item database should be renovated. It is hard to understand if the description of the item is in coded form. Some people do not understand coded form. I think it would be better to just copy paste the description of the item normally.
  3. Equipping Donut in Mouth doesnt give +100HP and +1Def but instead seems to give +1Str and +2Def
  4. Due to real life opportunitues, we are no longer recruiting nor is active in this server. Sorry! Find Art In Life (FAIL) Savepoint: Alberta Emblem: TBD Type: Social, PvM, Non-WoE Founders: Proverbs, PaIindrome Who are we: Just a bunch of people who couldn't find a home so we started to make our own! We are looking for like minded individuals to play this awesome game with! But don't let the name fool you! We are not failures! Nor art people, or people with lives. HEH! We're just cool cats looking for other cool cats. We are also new to renewal, sorry! Requirements:Join with an active character that you play at least 70% of the time.Use the forum, guild spot, and Discord. All of our planned parties will be posted in the forums. And most random parties form via Discord or the guild spot. If I never see you either online, Discord and/or forums, you will be kicked.Follow the server rules. Cheaters and botters will not be tolerated. You be kicked on the spot.Follow the Guild "Loot" rules.Be kind. Not everyone will be mature, we get that. But at least respect other people's personal space. If someone asks you to back off, do so.Any level/ equip level is welcome. Be self-sufficient! We will help you as much as we can. But please don't expect everyone to do everything for you. We are your guild-mates, not slaves. We want to play the game how we want too!Be social! Make friends! Have fun! We are a social guild! If you want to play solo for a bit, no problem! But don't leave us hanging for a long time, we will miss you! How to join: Please visit our forums @ and submit an application. We hope to hear from you soon! PS! Feel free to Send me a Private Message if you have any questions/ concerns!