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Found 24 results

  1. Lai

    Team Recruitment

    Team Recruitment Time pass, day by day, people come and go...but one thing is for sure, we the core of LimitRO is still standing strong to ensure a working team and to ensure the best service to the community! For that, I can't do alone, I need your help. Yes, LimitRO need new Helpers, good helpers, willing to help, willing to contribute for the lost players who seek help somewhere in the fields or dungeons. Now it's time to recruit a new fresh new full Helper Team. Before we begin, I would like to thank our retiring helpers: lorder Shinchou Royce Asha Angela Ellania A suna Beneboi Relax Andifate jin nestics Thank you all for the previous helper period ~~ About Being a helper is not equal to GM, a helper is exactly the same as players without anything GM related commands. A helper uses his regular player account and can play just like normal as much as they want. But, being a helper also remarks you as you are willing yourself to help others when they need. The community has no rights to DEMAND help, only with nice attitude, will receive a nicer response. This year we plan to recruit around 10 Helpers from different regions. Helper Period A Helper will serve maximum 1 year in the team, we will re-open an application next year, and we have done this, every year. In order to make sure that everyone can have the chance to help others in a little more special way ^^ Helper Outfit This year we have decided not to make Helpers UBER SHINNY! wth it's makes even me blind when I see them.... Yellow Name Color Special Helper Costume Hat Special commands to help make events Forum Title & special priviledges IF ABOVE TEXT is something that you like and can take, please use the application form, fill it, and reply to this topic. Application Form Char Name: Age: Gender: Fluent Lang: Nationality: Occupation: Time in LimitRO: Playing Hours per week: Possible helping hours per week: Personality: Favorite color: Other comment why you suit for this: Application Period Deadline: 2018.04.30
  2. jjiampong


    What's the best character for farming zenny and where should i farm
  3. gan2015

    Melhor classe Solo MVP

    E ai, galera. Eu estou com uma duvida tremenda e que vem me consumindo muito tempo e zeny: qual a classe com melhor custo-beneficio para solar MVPs e fazer instancia ? Eu estava pensando em GX DD Crit ou Genetic e os dois tem o mesmo problema. Ambos precisam de equipamentos extremamente caros e não só isso, depois que você consegue os equipamentos "de corpo" ele ainda tem um gasto bem maior com consumíveis, seja as poções que dão +30 de crit e EDP ou as poções para AD. Então fica ai a dúvida, de qual classe consegueria se sair tão bem quanto essas 2 duas ( ou quase) sem gastar tanto a mais, depois de conseguir equipamentos, ou se não tem, todas tem que gastar horrores com consumiveis e é isso ai.
  4. Zeppers

    No Skill/Action Bars

    i cant assign any of my skills to shortcuts because i don't have any action bars to put them into... someone please help me
  5. ChiliCheeze

    Having trouble starting

    Hi I'm really new to this game! I'm having a tough time getting started because I don't know what class to be. Initially I wanted to main a GX, but I've recently found out that it's not a beginners class so now Idk what to make. I'd appreciate it very much if anyone can help me decide by giving their thoughts and opinions about beginning classes. Thank you!
  6. Please help me. Everything ok except i cant conmunicate with server.
  7. Kashido

    Cart Cannon DMG

    So i was hitting an Undead4 mob whit holy element and i was doing 90k dmg ... here are the maths for my stats/equip vs a lv4 undead mob Since Evil Druid are lvl4 undead the final dmg should be 124437 TOTAL DMG. i know im not counting the ED defense, but cmon those 88 defense are diminishing my dmg by almost 30k?
  8. Noobology

    [Bug] Limit Group

    Hello I am a new player here and I found a bug in Limit Group. When I first time got there, the secretary told me to come back to her when I will be a certain level, and also to meet certain NPC (could be Lime?), but I forgot to do that. I came back to the secretary when I rebirthed and was lvl 99/70, And secretary keeps telling me to come back when I'll be lvl 99/50. Unfourtunately, other members (except grandpa) tell me to join the group at Lime.... But all she says is "Hello, have a nice day" IG: Icarus Noobology Thank you for solving
  9. edelrockmetal25


    hi limitRO uhhhm how do i address the community here? limitROnians? LROnian? well anyway im a casual ro player played ragnarok since 2007 from the philippines. even playing that long i did not become one of the famous characters in game in official and private servers but i enjoyed the game so much, i tried quitting this game a lot of times but in the end still looking for more, since the pRO(official Philippine ragnarok online server) closed, i was lost and wandered most of the private servers there looking for the one which will be my new home, i tried moving also to iRO but cant catch up so i quit instantly, and here i am, hoping to enjoy and feel comfortable here. looking forward on meeting new friends, foes and allies! haha ciao! rok on! <3
  10. sidadoako

    Client Not Responding

    I need help, my client is not showing up, after the loading of game guard ? how to fix this please help me thanks. 2.bmp 1.bmp
  11. amrix008

    Onward to the new world quest

    Hi, Can i ask for your help here GM? or anyone on the support staff? Im in the middle of the "Onward to the New World Quest" and i'm having difficulties? (Note: I can't continue onward? i guess) What's wrong on my name?? lol Please see attached image for your reference Also the quest guide im following:
  12. ElleSea

    Game Won't Run At All

    Okay so I've ran to the admin about this already and he/she asked me to post some screenshots so here we go That's every single file in my LimitRO folder So, I click on this huge play button and wait for an hour for the game to open nothing happens Let me just say that yes I ran as admin and yes the user I'm using is the admin And If I run the Iro.exe as administrator this pops up Any ideas on how to solve this? I've also already set the resolution of the game, turned off the fire wall during the extraction of the new zip file into my LimitRO folder and when I play... Am I the only one experiencing this problem or am I just stupid and missed something...?
  13. Lilly Belle

    I can't change screen size....

    I have never experienced this problem before but apparently when I went to config the size for the client it doesn't save the changes after I clicked applied. The size i am playing on is probably at 800 x ??? and it's really hard to read any words in-game because the fonts are really small. I have tried to edit my dinput.ini and it says I do not have permission to make changes. I don't know what else to do at this point because I usually just edit my client size with dinput.ini... Any advice? :/
  14. Athross

    Help Ultimate Spellbooks Quest

    I'll like to do the Ultimate Spellbooks Quest, but Lea is not talking to me. thank you ----- I talk with Lea, and she says: We have books. And I ask Velefos about the ultimate Magic Book And Velefos says: "I'm sorry, bt could you ask somebody else? I'm kind of busy right now" So I thought that i've go to new world and ask his brother, but he didnt tell me neither.
  15. teener

    cant log in some characters

    hello please help me.i can log in only to the few characters on my account
  16. spaghetti

    Log-In Problems

    Hi LimitRO! So it has been quite a while since I last logged in, and since I miss the community game, I thought I'd visit it again and play. I know it's been a while so I have to patch my client, and so I did. After patching, everything seems to be running fine and then this popped out: and then this happened: I seriously dont know how to fix this problem and it also appears that I dont have the heart to re-download the client huhu (but i actually will if that's the only choice T^T) Anyhow, all help will be appreciated greatly! See y'all in game!! Please help me get back into the game! :>
  17. TheGamesSZ

    Help limit ro does not open

    help limit ro not already tried everything opens when I try to open it does not happen anything already installed everything right over the game starts not have windows 8.1 everything updated when I try to open the game it appears more star game does not work does not begin the game
  18. televisor01

    I got a bug with my Sura

    hi guys, i got a problem with a bug i guess. I was playing with my Sura and a butterfly wing sent me to endless tower and i can't go out from there!! i don't know what to do. Please help me.
  19. gilaspilipinas02

    Permanent Disconnect After Maintenance

    Help Help
  20. i need help... anyone have a new link for download limit ro? i can't download it from the official at mirro 1 and mirror 2 :"(
  21. Master Zmega

    BROKEN full client installer

    Hi GM's can you all fix that broken. it is not working AGIN I want to play limitro now. title="full client installer - started 03 January 2014 - 06:02 PM">full client installer
  22. Dude / Sis... I need help! I got problem.. with LimitRagnarokRenewal.exe ( When i click the LimitRo and then loading to server, But when i click "Start Game".. Suddenly it's appears, then say "LimitRagnarokRenawal.exe Application Error )... I tried to re-download the installer at but i still got the same problem... This problem it's start from today... Please give info to FIX it
  23. XenorrK

    Failed to communicate with server

    Hello guys, I've played up until some months ago (about the time the Humunculus S and Kagerou/Oboro were released) and I got every single class in the game (most low leveled). I recently wanted to play again, so I updated both RSU-kROPatcher and RSU-kRORenewalPatcher (also did the same with rsu-kro-rag-lite and rsu-kro-renewal-lite). I suppose that was all I needed, so I went to open LimitRO.exe. The patcher thing said "Attempt to connect patch server..." and some seconds later it says "Failed to communicate with server." I've tried downloading the full client (through torrent) and updating everything again (different folder, took all the tutorial's steps)... same issue :/ Can anybody help me out?