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Found 5 results

  1. Newbie

    What's the best character for farming zenny and where should i farm
  2. Please help me. Everything ok except i cant conmunicate with server.
  3. Cart Cannon DMG

    So i was hitting an Undead4 mob whit holy element and i was doing 90k dmg ... here are the maths for my stats/equip vs a lv4 undead mob Since Evil Druid are lvl4 undead the final dmg should be 124437 TOTAL DMG. i know im not counting the ED defense, but cmon those 88 defense are diminishing my dmg by almost 30k?
  4. Melhor classe Solo MVP

    E ai, galera. Eu estou com uma duvida tremenda e que vem me consumindo muito tempo e zeny: qual a classe com melhor custo-beneficio para solar MVPs e fazer instancia ? Eu estava pensando em GX DD Crit ou Genetic e os dois tem o mesmo problema. Ambos precisam de equipamentos extremamente caros e não só isso, depois que você consegue os equipamentos "de corpo" ele ainda tem um gasto bem maior com consumíveis, seja as poções que dão +30 de crit e EDP ou as poções para AD. Então fica ai a dúvida, de qual classe consegueria se sair tão bem quanto essas 2 duas ( ou quase) sem gastar tanto a mais, depois de conseguir equipamentos, ou se não tem, todas tem que gastar horrores com consumiveis e é isso ai.

    hi limitRO uhhhm how do i address the community here? limitROnians? LROnian? well anyway im a casual ro player played ragnarok since 2007 from the philippines. even playing that long i did not become one of the famous characters in game in official and private servers but i enjoyed the game so much, i tried quitting this game a lot of times but in the end still looking for more, since the pRO(official Philippine ragnarok online server) closed, i was lost and wandered most of the private servers there looking for the one which will be my new home, i tried moving also to iRO but cant catch up so i quit instantly, and here i am, hoping to enjoy and feel comfortable here. looking forward on meeting new friends, foes and allies! haha ciao! rok on! <3