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Found 16 results

  1. Akabane

    How to make Hawk eyes

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to dress up my ranger, and I see that the recommended middle headgear is Hawk eyes, however, I have scourged the internet on how to make those to no avail, does anyone know how to make them?
  2. Oriya

    See-Through CE

    Hello~! I have this idea I've been bouncing around~ Describe your suggestion What is this? This is a CE Why do we have to add it? Visual Appeal, For Fun, For CE Collectors, People who care what their character looks like Who will benefit this? CE Collectors, People who want their characters to look good Will this change the system drastic? Nope, maybe in minute-small ways for certain items Room for improvement? I'm requesting a See-Through Top CE, I'd like to see a Low version also, Medium can be up for heavy debate but I'd like to see it too. Other: I'm requesting this because there are many headgears out there, that are not in CE version. For example, Bunny Band; big favorite, would love to see it while getting use from cash shop gems. Hometown Sakura is another example. Evil Snake Lord Hat is a huge huge example of this, love that headgear (and I mean the blackish-brown one, I don't want the gold one). For middle I'd love to see Observer being worn. For lower it'd be awesome to see Wine Cup being worn. These are just my personal favorites. Example: I have a Bunny Band Headgear on, and See-Through CE on. You'll see my Bunny Band Headgear, but I can use cash shop gems in the See-Through CE to get their benefits.
  3. Hello! So~ I'm totally new here and I've been adventuring and exploring this server, and crafting headgears as I wait for my friend to join me on this server (he's on vacation)... annnnd... I collected all the items for the Evil Snake Lord Hat for Mr. Wise in Asgard as per: '' this page here.... 1 red dye, 1 white dye, 1 black dye, 1 Crescent pin, and 1 ph D hat... well after all was said and done, collected, sifted through the list about 7 times, I don't see it in his list? Is it just missing or was the item intentionally removed and never removed off the hat making list on the wiki? I was looking forward to making it =( Thankie in advance~ (my ign is Pachimari) Edit: I talked with someone on discord and they said that this item is a boss drop and wiki is potentially out of date... I've only been on this server 3-4 days, I'm still not sure what's correct/incorrect information wise. If it was removed can I ask why? Is there anyway I can get a trade for the items I collected for the hat because the wiki has not been updated and I did not know? And someone please kindly update it!! From now on I'm going to double check crafting NPCs if they can make something before I collect items...
  4. Le Genho

    Costume Headgear

    Topic Name : Costume Headgear Character Names: Aberdeen Describe your suggestion What is this? Suggestion to make all costume headgear level requirement become 0, because some of the CE, for example Boys cap and elven ears need to be level 100 in order to be able to wear that costume. Why do we have to add it? To make it fair with other costume headgear, so everyone can wear CE during BG 2 (Where the maximum level is 99) Who will benefit this? Everyone Will this change the system drastic? Not really Room for improvement? A lot Thanks
  5. Does this headgear exist in LimitRO?
  6. Can anyone know do we have A headgear with reduces after skill delay and has slot headgear? Please help, thanks. (similar with item 5415, cake cat)
  7. Hey there. I'm Kolya, a long time Ragnarok player. My main hobby in-game is to collect headgear. To help keep track of what I have (and maybe show off as the collection grows,) I decided to make this post, which will always be under construction. Let me also say I am always up for buying spare materials/hats (or taking them off your hands) for headgear! Message me in-game (In order of likeliness: The Librarian, Lucky Break, Spellbound Owl, Harrier Lily, Dollface, Red Mountain) to inquire. Currently, I'm new to the server and don't have a WHOLE lot of funds, but we can talk. And no, I'm not interested in selling any of my headgear (this is NOT a sales thread!) unless you're interested in commissioning me to make a new one. Now, without any further to do... Top Wedding Veil Fancy Flower Ribbon Hairband Bandana Kitty Band Bunny Band Hat Goggles Cap Crown Western Grace Cute Ribbon Wizard Hat Unicorn Horn Jack be Dandy Red Bandana Bomb Wick Orc Helm Safety Helmet Egg Shell Nutshell Bao Bao Magician Hat Banana Hat Mystic Rose Morpheus's Hood Morrigane's Helm Alice Doll Marionette Doll Beret Shafka Yellow Ribbon Vane Hairpin Vanilmirth Hat Flower Lily Flower Crown Orchid Hairband Filir Hat Academy Freshman Hat Academy Completion Hat Wind Milestone Feather Beret Rideword Hat Stellar Black Cat Ears Hermose Cap Puppy Headband Romantic Gent Halo Turban Big Ribbon Sacrificed for Red Tailed Ribbon Red Tailed Ribbon Bucket Hat Poo Poo Hat Renown Detective's Cap Smokie Leaf Circlet Boy's Cap Magni's Cap Anubis Helm Nurse Cap Leaf Cat Hat Evil Wing Mush Mush Captain's Hat Mini Propeller Majestic Goat Ghost Bandana Little Angel Doll Beer Hat Koneko Champion Wreath Black Bunny Ban Panda Hat Jewel Crown Flying Evil Wings Snake Head Hat Ulle's Cap Fin Helm Sweet Gent Santa Hat Sunflower Burning Spirit Stop Post Spiky Band Ribbon Chef Carmen Miranda's Hat Antonio's Santa Hat Teddybear Hat Bunny Ears Hat Geographer Band Pirate Bandanna Angel's Kiss Kitsune Mask Magistrate Hat Antenna Shadow Crown Poporing Hat Deviling Hat Twin Red Ribbon Rage of Luster Bacsojin Hat Moon Rabbit Hat Cookie Hat October Fest Cap Middle Eye Patch Elven Ears Small Ribbons Purple Glasses Black Frame Glasses Blush Mischievous Fairy Zorro Masque Binoculars Masquerade Lower Assassin Mask Clown Nose Iron Chain Romantic Leaf Pussy Cat Bell Crunch Toast Gangster Mask Romantic Flower Pipe Flu Mask Cigarette Angry Snarl Spiked Scarf Donut In Mouth Mixed Goblin Mask Sphinx Hat Poker Face Surprised Mask Whisper Mask Loner's Box(B) Solo Hat Lion Mask Dokebi's Wig Goblin Leader Mask Annoyed Mask Decorative Golden Bell RO 5th Wedding Anniversary Munak Hat Coif Wings of Victory Costume Alien Festival Shadow Handicraft Driver Band Ribbon of Pocketwatch Golden Santa Poring Buck Chicken Hat Midas Whisper Magic Stone Hat Dying Swan Protect of Crown Circlet of Bones Mitra Rune Circlet Blazing Soul Minstrel Song's Hat Cow Hat Persica Flower Drooping Aliot Drooping Kiehl Little Fashion Hat Blue Tiger Mask Love Hat (Girl) Mini Globe (Vermin) CURRENTLY HUNTING Red Glasses (Need: 1 Fashionable Glasses, 1 Angled Glasses Cherry Township (Need: 10 Fragment of Rosetta Stone, 10 Piece of Queen's Wing) Captain's Hat (Need: 4 Bucket Hat [1]) Pecopeco Hairband (Need: 2 Angel Wing, 200 Pecopeco Feather, 10 Valhala's Flower) Cat Ear Beret (Need: 96 Bloody Coin, 17 Broken Crown) FROM THE NPC Well Chewed Pencil Chewing Bubblegum Sigrun's Wings Ice Ear Wing Shaman's Coif Lady Tanee Hat SINCE IT'S CREATION, THIS THREAD (AND MY COLLECTION) HAVE GROWN BY: 112 HEADGEAR making my collection 170 HEADGEAR Special Thanks to: Shappo, Kev Hellyeah, Jeong Hyun Yong, and Master Orochimaru!
  8. In the pictures, I cast lvl 3 Catnip meteor which cost 100 SP (due to GTB card) which puts my sp at 1839/1939. 3 mobs were killed so I should've gotten 6 SP back, but nothing happened. In the next screenshot I kill something with physical autoattack and still did not gain SP.
  9. lincolntee

    New Donation Headgears

    Topic Names - New DP headgears into Vip/Cash Shop Character Names - LincolnR Describe Your Suggestions What is this? 1. This is an idea to suggest adding new (mainly hats)/wings/auras. To encourage more people to donate 2. I hope we can cast votes on which headgears to be added to the Vip/Cash Shop. 3. There are nice looking headgears in the Deluxe Hat Gear Npc I think its nice looking but not under the category of costume. It's a bit wasteful to be left in a shadow 4. In shorts thought of GM's workload, by adding existing head gears can save a lot of time 5. Official Headgears also have nice looking designs as well. Could take into considerations Why do we have to add it? 1. Due to stylist and fashionable senses, somehow part of the game is dressing up our character and looks smart, cool, cute, attractive, charming and etc. 2. To encourage more people to donate once again Help support this server too Who will be benefit of this? 1. LimitRo Players in advance, so people will look unique in their own characters and signature impression 2. LimitRo Server of course, to support the growth of this server. 3. GM Lai too Will this change the system drastically? 1. I have no idea whether it will change the system drastically or not. But I think as a personal humble opinion also the benefits of Limit Ro Server. As a player, I think everyone would like to have a different and unique look on their characters. Thus, as a donator I felt the money are worth spending to purchase something we like in the game. Room for Improvements? 1. In my humble opinions, adding more new DP Wings and Auras. Auras to be preview-able Thanks for reviewing!
  10. Kolya

    Loner's Box (B)

    Loner's Box (B) / Angry Solo Hat [5449] Headgear failing to give skill - Scribble / Graffiti Problem persists after relog, switching headgears, leaving map. Lucky Break / (Stats don't seem important here, so I won't list them.)
  11. ign: Tandang Shura Item: Wandering Wolf Helm [1] [Upper & Middle Head] Item ID# 5498 (Wondering_Wolf_Helm)Vagabond Wolf Hat Bug Description: Item cannot be refined. How should it work: Upgrade should be enabled for this item Source: Also check the screenshot.
  12. Shalini

    Ice Ear Wing

    The item Ice Ear Wing, (Item # 5610) is a headgear with location: Middle, but when worn, it goes to upper instead.
  13. Mikoto

    My thoughts and suggestions

    Since we have donating CE THAT broken (sorry to be harsh but it's the truth), why we still don't have more official headgears on the Hat Maker? Like the official Skull Cap [1] with stats and everything. Well, want a even better ideia? If you put it on the cash shop more and more people will pay, even tho I'd like to a quest for it and for the official CD in Mouth. You know what kind of headgears I'm talking about right? People love this, we cry and dream about it everyday. Also, I'm finding very unpleasing the new changes about some monsters dropping their monster-like hats. Sure some of them are official, but Rideword Hat is officially by quest... Is there a post which people are discussing this kind of change? Because I'd like to be in and express against. I find LimitRO very easy to do pretty much everything, why make it even more? A LOT of players will bash me, but some people love WoE, PvP, donating, being end game, hunting MvP, I particularly love hat quests and events (and mvp), because I don't have time to compromise with more serious gameplay and dedicate for such. We can have everything, for everyone, right? I don't mind CE with shards and stuff being broken if we also got things like official CD in mouth and Skull Cap [1] and others headgears questable. Doesn't matter how hard it would be to get it, I love challenging quests as we have mid rate to make things far easy.
  14. zhero15

    Cherry Township Headgear

    No item description
  15. Kirlia

    Can't store the colored Ribbons

    Hey! I just wanted to do the colored ribbons on the hat maker but when I did some of these I noticed that I can't put them in the storage. That's kinda unfortunate because I don't want to carry those 7 colored Ribbons with me all the time.. lol But I still want them. Can you make them storable again? Thank you in advance.
  16. hitarusaiko

    Biolab 5: New "Old" Headgear Quests

    I recently read the changelog and notice this one: Link: Can anybody share the information on how to get these headgears? I assume these are the headgears: (in Korean, cannot read it) Also, I tried to hunt in Biolab 5 around 2 months ago using Poison GX, but it seems that all monsters inside are mini boss type. They can see my GX even when I use Cloaking Exceed. I have tried to Google, search in this forum, and LimitRO wiki, but cannot find further information. There are simply too many names for this place (Tomb of the Fallen, Grave of the Victim, Biolab Nightmare Mode, Biolab 5, etc. etc.) Thank you