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Found 3 results

  1. Theodosia

    Runestone Capacity

    Currently, runestones cannot be held through creation of them more than 20 at a time. The restriction was changed on kRO along with the Rune Patch. Placing it as a report on recommendation of @Lai
  2. Theodosia

    Rune Stone Carry Capacity

    Character Name: Rune Knight Theodosia Suggestion: Update rune carry capacity to be up to date with kRO. Why to add: Makes easier stacking runes at once. Who will benefit: Players using rune knights Is the change drastic: no Room for improvement: just the change to how many you can carry, its not that complex. Sources (cited before for the rune update):
  3. Skill Name Stone Hard Skin #RK_STONEHARDSKIN Screenshot of the skill usage. Getting Attacked and receiving damage while Buff is active Losing over 80% of MaxHP and the buff STILL doesn't wear off. When you use this skill, which statuses are you in? Stone Hard Skin (Hagalaz Rune buff) When you use this skill, which equipments do you wear? SS When you use this skill, are you mounted? Ferus When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? Use Hagalaz Rune and activate the buff in-game. When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? Yes What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? 1)Casting Stone Hard Skin no longer consumes 20% HP. 2)Stone Hard Skin no longer has a limit of how much damage it could take, the buff will remain active until the timer expires. 3)You can be damage normally while the buff is active, currently the Stone Skin HP acts similar to Millennium Shield and has a limit of 20% HP which in turn doesn't activate the Weapon Breaking and Damage Reduction Effect [NOK] of the rune. How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? 1) Observe this kRO video at 8:19 when the RK recasting Hagalaz Rune and he didn't consume any HP while doing so. 2) In limitRO Stone Hard Skin buff will be removed once 20% Max HP damage is dealt to the pseudo-Millennium Shield Stone Skin HP. While in kRO and iRO the buff remains up till the end of the buff duration as seen in the 1st and 2nd SS attached. Theres plenty of vids from the above Youtube user videos that also proves this point. 3) I have confirmed that in-game Stone Hard Skin Buff acts like a damage buffer with 20% max HP. Tested in iRO that you can still be damaged normally while under effect of the buff.