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Found 23 results

  1. Bonsoir à vous qui êtes en train de checker ce post . Comme le titre le décrit très bien, je propose de faire une guilde française pour les peu de français restant dans le serveur afin que ceux qui s’ennuient, qui n'ont pas la vie facile avec les serveurs renewals ou bien juste qui cherchent des joueurs français avec qui jouer, répondez à ce post et on verra par la suite ensemble pour créer la guilde et s'amuser ensemble .
  2. LeMickey

    Pre-Re Veteran, Still a Newbie

    Hurro~ I played pre-renewal RO religiously when I was still in school. That was about 10 years ago. Now I'm back on renewal because I've been watching so many RO streamers and it really tempted me to come back. However, I think I'm a complete newbie with all the changes. That being said, are there any "newbie" friendly guilds recruiting out there?
  3. Ressentiment

    BlackCat Rampage

    BlackCat Rampage is recruiting members for Silk Woe BlackCat Rampage is Russian guild, but we are recruiting Non Russian members too for silk woe. Requirements: -Must join Discord channel ( -Must know English -Must be well behaved Main language in guild is Russian\English, but if you feel okay about that we can offer you: -Funny guide about Silk WoE -Help with leveling \ gears for silk WoE -Silk Woe If you want to join us, you can write in game: -Full of Love -Shi no Ken -Flunk -Kristanuka -Croda -SacredAxe or just come @go 19 Discord Channel: Twitch Channel:
  4. Mnemosyne

    [R>for Silk WoE] BeeTrayed

    What: BeeTrayed is currently recruiting members for Silk WoE 2020! Devo, killers, and support are more than welcome! Max level players (200/70) are accepted. When: Please log in 30 minutes before each scheduled 1-hour long Silk WoE session (following the official server time): Aldebaran Castles - Saturday 00:00 to 01:00 Geffen Castles - Saturday 16:00 to 17:00 Rachel Castles - Sunday 00:00 to 01:00 Yuno Castles - Sunday 16:00 to 17:00 Where: Louyang (@go 14) Who: Look out for the following character names if you want to join : DjamuPAhit DJamu PaHiT Crazykilla Rakabuming Eurydhice Ace of Shadows Or approach any BeeTrayed member you see online BEFORE INQUIRING: For newbies/returning players, please read Silk Mode requirements here to see which gears are not allowed.
  5. Roycee


    Jabbawockeez We are a Silk WoE and PvM Guild. We offer monthly guild events with VIP Coins as rewards, on-going guild bounty quests (Deepsea Items), BG 2 committee, and fun/laughter on discord chat/voice. We accept newbie/experienced players. Our timezone is North America/Europe, but other timezones are also welcomed. We just play for FUN! PM Silent Rogue, Imperius Curse, w s N a y r, Claire Einfield when you're in-game. Recruitment Form Link: (Please fill out form. Thanks!) Jabbawockeez Recruitment Form Requirements to join the guild: Must be active (can play for at least 5 hours per week) Discord-active Must able to speak/write/understand English, especially in Discord Non-toxic player Instances (Common ones we do everyday, but we can also do other instances by request): OGHN OGHH HTF SkyFortress Infinity Space Isle of Bios Morse Cave TODG Other things provided: Guildbase Monthly Guild Events Guild Bounty Quest Trashtalk-Free Guild
  6. Эйй-эй-эй! Рашн комьюнити, здаров! Гильдия BlackCat Rampage начинает набор одиноких (или не очень), адекватных (или не очень) русскоговорящих игроков! Ссылочка на дискорд: Ники в игре: Autumn Miracle, XDroop, Flunk (да, я вездесущая) Что мы можем тебе предложить: Общение в дискордике; Походы на порингов/дропсов; Помощь в каче; Посещение всяких интересненьких инстансов; Занудный совместный фарм; И всякие прочие ништяки. Ребятули, не стесняемся и приходим, муа!
  7. experimental

    RGM> T MAGMA Guild :D

    Let's go and join the battle! Relive the fun and excitement of WoE Come and play with us T MAGMA (Silk WoE) Newbies and Old Players are welcome! Look for IGN: Jack Castle for more info. Thank you and Happy Gaming, LimitRO!
  8. instructor

    hi new to renewal

    looking for friends English native speaking or German native speaking. ign: Instructor
  9. Claire Einfield

    Looking for members~

    Welcome to Jabbawockeez! A home for an inexperienced, newcomer, speculators, returners & old players. About us: Jabbawockeez is a casual, social guild established for everyone to chill. Basically, it’s a guild for friends who loves adventures and do leveling up together. We are a small community built by veteran PvM mainly players. We hope to invite adventurous new and old players who enjoy using Discord. General Information: Active Hours: -Pacific Time Zone or PST (UTC -8:00) Home Town: Hugel (Simply type @go hugel or @go 22) Language: (English mainly), Tagalog Leader: Silent Riddle Co-Leader: Claire Einfield Guild Type: PvM / Farming Freaksss! Guild Goal(s): -To be able to interact with diverse players and establish friendship -To help one another to advance and do some fun adventures -To share our experiences and knowledge building characters -Willing to give each other’s advice -To help each other progress in the game a bit better -Be Lowkey and chill together What do we do? -We do MVP hunting -Guide newbies, give tips for those who feel lost. -Guild Events -Instance raiding -Zenny Farming Minimum Requirements: -Almost everyone is welcome! Are you lonely, friendly, gearless? We can adopt you as long as you are kind and friendly! -Slacker and lazy? No problem we are too! -Active and Sociable! -We do have a social media platform and discord server, so please we require everyone to get one. It’s 2018, Get a Discord! Rules: -I highly recommend to respect both guildmates and to those who are not in the guild. -Ask if you have further questions. -No swearing and dramas ☹. -Keep your promises. -Be adult enough and mindful for taking such responsibilities, technically all the common sense rules. -Be there for others, so others will also be there for you. Guild Activities: -Endless Tower -Old Glast Heim (normal and hard) -Mora -Infinity Space -Bio 3 -Bio 4 -Bio 5 -Devils -Temple of Demon God -Horror Toy Factory, and more! If you are interested on applying: Character Name: Class: Level: List one goal: Why do you want to join the guild: What events interest you: OR. just dm(direct message) me through here. :") Social Platform: Discord:
  10. Tim Goodrich

    Congrats to Twisted Chaos

    Congrats to me and my wife's new guild on our first castle capture in silk WoE. Special thx to save and farlhart today. And ofc to fizz, my for all the help thus far. Sincerely timoshee/meowch and RuA Sabi not save, lol
  11. Accronis

    Gruppen Therapie

    Habe für all die gestrandeten und verlassenen deutschen Seelen hier LimitRo Netweork mal eine neue Gilde gegründet. Name: Gruppen Therapie TAG: GT LVL: 0 Skills: 0 Hometown: Payon / @go 3 Sprache: Deutsch / english Beitreten kann jeder, egal welches Level oder Job. WoE Inaktiv natürlich erstmal, zum farmen, LvLn, questen und für Instancen gedacht. PN an mich oder Ingame anschreiben > W Snipes Be WelComE PlaY3r
  12. Aura


    Hola!!! Soy Aura y soy líder de Soul Revenge, somos una guild internacional, que comenzó nuclearmente con mexicanos en nuestras filas, sin embargo, tenemos varios hispano-hablantes de otros países como lo son: Chile, Venezuela y España. Si quieren saber mas sobre nosotros pueden unirse a nuestro Foro: Foro, Soul Revenge. Contamos también con una pequeña historia de ficción sobre nuestro clan: Soul Revenge: La Leyenda. Y pronto saldrá un videojuego con nuestras aventuras que hemos ido recolectando en Ragnarok Online, a través de los años, llegamos hace unos días a este server y hemos llegado para quedarnos, ¡esperamos divertirnos junto a ustedes!, sin mas por el momento, ¡me despido! P.D.: Nuestra pagina Web es la siguiente: A.T.o.M., A Tale of Midgard, SR friends.
  13. spaghetti

    Guild Emblem

    I was trying to add an emblem to a guild I made (for the sake of unity lmao) but I think I did the right steps 1. edit the folder name to: emblem (the tmpemblem folder that's preloaded with emblems) 2. relog 3. then edit the guild info tab from the guild leader but I cant seem to add an emblem, is there something I'm missing?
  14. ¡Hola!, somos Soul Revenge y somos una guild nueva en este server, esperamos llevarnos bien con todos ustedes, somos una guild hispanohablante pero nos encantaría tener miembros de otros paises, ya que nos consideramos una guild amigable e inclusiva, planeamos juntos nuestros movimientos y estamos acostumbrados a ayudarnos entre todos. contamos con un foro propio y muchas otras cosas mas... esperamos divertirnos todos juntos, ¡ciao! Hello, We are Soul Revenge, and we are a hispanic-speaking guild, but we would like to be considered as a international and including guild, we've got members from diferent countrys, and we try to be friendly with people who also want to have fun in this lovely server, with nothing more to say, we hope to have fun with all of you!, ciao~ Nuestro Foro / Our Forum: Soul Revenge Guild (we know everything is in spanish! xD).
  15. Due to real life opportunitues, we are no longer recruiting nor is active in this server. Sorry! Find Art In Life (FAIL) Savepoint: Alberta Emblem: TBD Type: Social, PvM, Non-WoE Founders: Proverbs, PaIindrome Who are we: Just a bunch of people who couldn't find a home so we started to make our own! We are looking for like minded individuals to play this awesome game with! But don't let the name fool you! We are not failures! Nor art people, or people with lives. HEH! We're just cool cats looking for other cool cats. We are also new to renewal, sorry! Requirements:Join with an active character that you play at least 70% of the time.Use the forum, guild spot, and Discord. All of our planned parties will be posted in the forums. And most random parties form via Discord or the guild spot. If I never see you either online, Discord and/or forums, you will be kicked.Follow the server rules. Cheaters and botters will not be tolerated. You be kicked on the spot.Follow the Guild "Loot" rules.Be kind. Not everyone will be mature, we get that. But at least respect other people's personal space. If someone asks you to back off, do so.Any level/ equip level is welcome. Be self-sufficient! We will help you as much as we can. But please don't expect everyone to do everything for you. We are your guild-mates, not slaves. We want to play the game how we want too!Be social! Make friends! Have fun! We are a social guild! If you want to play solo for a bit, no problem! But don't leave us hanging for a long time, we will miss you! How to join: Please visit our forums @ and submit an application. We hope to hear from you soon! PS! Feel free to Send me a Private Message if you have any questions/ concerns!
  16. AyaMayume

    Guild Storage

    I am trying to access my guild storage, but for some reason I can't find the option in the Kafra diologs and the @gstorage does not work either. Am I doing something wrong? Is there no Guild Storage?
  17. heartlesswretch

    R>Hyrule Kingdom

    We're recruiting new active members. MVP killers come!!!! pm me here or in game (Thanos The Demi God) We do mvp rounds, et, infinity, soon ghost palace, all of the other instances. We need rangers, sura, ab, sorc, gx, etc. Don't be shy and let's build a great guild!
  18. Deagle Dan

    Heavenly Order - Order of the Homies

    Hey! It's ya boy Deagle Dan here. Hope all you cool cats are having a sick time playing games and stuff. You know the power of friendship is key to having a fun time playing games (unless you just like to min-max scrub kids in PvP like it's DARK SOULS 1) And today I was lucky enough to meet not one not two but FIVE cool folks who in a matter of minutes became the most important reason I play this game. The moral of the story is, go out and make some friends in the game, because it'll make it all worthwhile. Special thanks to Tyri, Rei, Gabu, Muffin, and Drey for being the peachiest of homies.
  19. Lilly Belle

    LF> Social/ MVP Guild

    Look away if you are recruiting WoE players or PVP players. I'm hoping to find a mvp/ social guild that doesn't mind having a semi-afk priest in their headquarters. The guild must be nice, fun, helpful with leveling or questing or MVPing, and are not hypocrites. I like it easy going and non-stressful cause this is a game it's about having fun not getting stressed. about meh: I love to draw and make a living doing it. In-game I have a habit of afking without warning especially when I am in Ro towns doing nothing (except during MVPing cause who the heck afks at that time? XD). I dislike people bossing me around unless there's a very good reason. For example, your guildmates are dying from getting speared by an LoD MVP ofc if you tell me to help yes I will help by the power of my anti-laziness (for a certain duration and followed by a cooldown) i shall heal and buff and whatever you need from a priest. If I don't respond, that means I am afking so don't misinterpret it as if I was ignoring you! I'm not xD. Why should I be recruited? I dislike quarreling with people so I try not to get involved with arguments or drama so you can count on me to be well-mannered in the guild. I like to joke around in a guild and would encourage guildies to join in on the chat. If i am not afking or leveling, I am serious when it comes to mvping such as formation, classes to use, and also skills to use I preferably classes such as proff, priest, sniper! =D If there are flaws during a mvp run then tell me directly without raging cause i will not listen to a player with those type of bad attitudes. ^-^ It's not healthy. thanks and hope someone will take me in!
  20. Stinson


    Hi! Welcome to Penumbra! Town = Al De Baran; @go 6 We are a friendly, Non-WOE guild, who are in search of lost souls. We are not the PRO ones, but rest assured we will help our members as much as we could. We prefer to do some activities, but not limited to: Endless Tower Abra Summoning Mora Daily Quest Old Glast Heim Instance Great Demon Baphomet Quest Interested lost souls may drop by at Al De Baran and look for the following people: Jeysi (Zeke Malibu) Mic (japaneseneko) Choleng (Sochi) Jas (Vernon)
  21. rexxu


    WELCOME TO CIRQUE DE GLOIR! Hi everyone, I'm Nippop(it's poppin backwards) your circus master! Looking for a REALLY STRONG IMPOSSIBLE TO BEAT WAY OUT OF EVERYONES' LEAGUE guild? weeeellll, you've come to the wrong place! (well HOPEFULLY in the future that would change) This guild is made by me, a mid-equipped zero-donate player(half of you would close this page now, but hey, at least I'm honest), playing Limit RO back and forth (one of the reasons I made the guild is so I would stay) and I made this guild for the tags above, in short, to be stronger. That is why I want YOU! yes you! you who kept reading 'til here, because if you read 'til here, that must only mean you're interested, I WANT you! as you can see, no skills in the forums, but I'm like, REALLY FRIENDLY, and I'll try to help out as much as I can. so yeah! Talk to me ingame (If you read this within the month, or if I still got no members or views here, you can find me @ Prontera by the chat area around 10pm GMT+8, else, try to PM either Nippop, Orro, Orlo, A la Carte, A la Cat, Rexxulicious, those are pretty much the characters I usually login with) OR Leave a Message here! (and bump it once in a while ) Thank you, and again, WELCOME to your new roller coaster ride of a circus, our circus to glory THE GET STRONGER PLAN: 1. Make Friends!!! -- invite peeps, coz this is an MMO! and friends are always the best play to play MMOs~ 2. KVM Pre Req: a. 10peeps b. 10, at least lvl 140 peeps -- This is for the guilds glorious equipment, i know it requires PVP, but its just good clean fun, and we're farming while practicing our mains, so that's a pretty good plan, right? -- still setting up 10 peeps so i'll edit the time when we got the important pre req 3. ET Pre Req: a. willing people b. 10,000z (not for me, for the ferryman!) -- this is more of a weekly-long-shot-to-an-MVP thing, but this is a SHARE ZENY run, so everything we get will be shared EQUALLY! 4. Mora Pre Req: a. level 140, i think? (did they change this? tell me~) -- for selling or for your farming ranger, this is a good way to earn both eq and zeny =) 5. Solo / Group Farming NO PRE REQ -- much like ET, but not ET =)) yea, i'll leave my "get rich strategy" after this, so to-be-guildies and current-guildies and guiildies-who-left, ENJOY (and leave other strategies too!) a. GIGGLING BOXES PRE Req: warlock wraith card orc dun -- you'll pretty much get the pic with the pre req, but pay_dun00 is a good place to farm too sell them for 20k ea and not a Z lower! b. Royal jellies -- idk if peeps still buy this, but if they do, farm at zipper bears (you can sell the cards too, or use it), don't know the current price though 0.0 c. over-ups -- look at the trends peeps are buying, then get lucky =) (carga and elven are the good ones ) d. genetic food materials -- this one is a bit biased, but if you're farming these, sell it to me, i'll pay you right BEST FARM:drosera tentacle 2nd best: cold ice others are good too, but not like those 2 -- if you have time, create a genetic so you can make the foods as well =) e. juperos farming req: any AoE char that can 1 hit enemies there (preferably arrow rain type ranger) --there, arrow rain, fly wing, arrow rain, @storage, repeat f. ASK ME! (i can't think of others atm)
  22. Gionelles

    Guild Tax

    I just made a guild so I could control taxing one of my characters. However, it only lets me tax up to 25%. I need to be able to tax at 99%, or preferably 100%. I'm just going to guess this is a bug that needs to be fixed, but if it's not, how can I get the taxing to work?
  23. Daniel_Morph

    Sorcerer LFG

    Hi ... i am looking for a woe guild .. actually i dont have too much time on the server but im like 110 by this time on my sorcerer . i only have my sorcerer as main character so it would be great if i can get some info from a friendly guild .. thanks on advance .... oh .. i have like 3 years of exp playing sorcerer - professor - sage !!