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Found 1 result

  1. Lai

    God Quests

    This topic is NO longer UPDATED, for accurate info please visit our WIKI. God Quest Okolnir Reward Brynhild (Himinn & Viblainn) Asprika (Mardol) Requiments Leader / Member of the following castle owning guild: Yuno/Rachel Castles Need to have Castle Economy above 64 and Defence above 29. Need to have 16-20 Member online. Have following items to make Asprika: 1xDusk Glow 1xDawn Essence 1xCold Moonlight 1xHazy Starlight Heavenly Maiden Robe [1] 100xSoft Feather 10xAgate 10xRose Quartz 20xElunium Have following items to make Brynhild: 1xGoddess Tear 1xValkyrie's Token 1xBrynhild Armor Piece 1xHero's Remains 1xAndvari's Ring Valkyrian Armor [1] 100xValhala's Flower 10xGold 20xElunium Hint: The critical materials are trade-able and obtainable from God Material Box II which drops from Mardol & Himinn Castle treasures at lowest rate. Step by Step In each Castle, there is a Guild Member only Room. Enter the Guild Member Room, and you can find a NPC named Guide: (This one is in Mardol, Guild Member Room.) Speak to Guide, and he will give you option: He will teleport you to Fallacious Okolnir (Mardol castle). You will meet Wish Maiden NPC as she will check if you have brought the required items with you. Also you need to have 16-20 members around you on the nearby spot. If all are ready, you have 1 hour to complete the whole quest. The Okolnir dungeon first part is The Garden Labyrinth. And in there, there are Flower's of 3 colors that will block your way. Each color flower, blocks different path. Each flower shift is between 1-2 minutes. If you kill the flower, your way will be blocked. YOU MUST Kill all the Biolab Monster inside the MAZE to be able to EXIT! Now onto the 2nd part Passage through the Sky. During this path, you will have to face a bunch of Garden Keeper, Garden Watcher. They drop Crystal Key, which is account bound, so all member must get one of their own. Follow the path until you reach the next destination Warp (suggest that all member get their own Key before all enters the warp.) The 3rd part is called Battle Versus Piamette You need to challenge Piamette ~~ You enter a large room, with Piamette sitting near the center. Piamette cannot be attacked at this time. Randomly, 6 of your teammates will be captured and placed petrified in cages around the outskirts of the room. The remaining players will be attacked by a large number of Violies, Alices, and Ancient Mimics. When all the monsters are dead, 6 barricades will appear near the cages. By destroying the barricades, your teammates will be freed. Be warned, as there is a very high spawn rate of constants near the barricades. At this point, Piamette will become angry with you and attack your party. You must defeat her in order to move on. 4th part is called Temple After leaving Piamette's room you will be greeted by the NPC of the Valkyrie Wish Maiden. You must clear your way through a temple filled with Frus, Skogul, and Garden Watchers. There are extremely large numbers of monsters here; it is estimated that there are nearly 150-250 Frus and Skogul in a relatively small area. You must kill all the monsters here and make it to the top of the temple. Final battle Battle Versus Valkyrie Wish Maiden Having made it to the top of the temple, the monster Valkyrie Wish Maiden will appear. You must defeat the Valkyrie Wish Maiden at this time to finish the quest. Valkyrie's Gift Following the successful completion of the quest, the Wish Maiden will reward the item-maker with Valkyrie's Gift. The item can be used to summon various monsters in Yuno or Rachel for an hour.