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Found 2 results

  1. After seeing the contest posted by GM Yuuki, I get excited and the first concept the flashes into my imagination was the nightmare encounter of the Boss Machina in FFX-2, Vegnagun. It is a weapon of mass destruction which I could compare to Charleston assuming it's deadly weapon too. The concept was to replace FFX-2 characters with my main character and a group of party member going to a journey to clash with Charleston, the main scene. Drawing is one of my favorite hobbies. I took this opportunity to display my current set of skills in producing an artwork because there is much more room for improvement in my coloring skills. I'm happy this server organized an event for artists noob or pro to share their talent throughout the world.To produce this artwork, I immediately drafted all the images that came in to my mind. The output wasn't really the 100% of my imagination but I'm satisfied and fulfilled. I started with drafting and then refining with line-art. In coloring, I put some base color first before applying effects and emphasis. The hardest part in the process was putting details on the gigantic robot and the environment since it' my first time making one.Overall, I really enjoyed and so inspired producing this piece of artwork despite the busy schedule from work. It took me 2 weeks to finish this but it's all worth my time. Thank you.

    © Limit Ragnarok Online

  2. Hello, this is my depiction of the MVP, Excavation Robot. It's my first time drawing mecha/ droid theme, which is why I'm attracted to join this event. This is drawn without me going to the instance, however, sometime before I start rendering, I got a chance to go to the instance and understand the story behind it. It was fun playing with the mecha element and I actually wanted to make it more extreme, but halted since it might go out of event context. It is coloured in watercolour and texts are done with photoshop, can't get a scanner so it's taken with camera. I don't know what else I can type, hopefully next drawing contest will focus more at evaluating the artwork than asking for a 200 words description, which is veryveryvery discouraging(me) to join. I hope you guys enjoy this piece, your comments and critiques are most welcomed. On the other hand, glad to have this instance implemented to encourage player to try out the underrated mechanic job. So, gear up and start the adventure to try out this instance and get some good equipment to have fun with. Thanks for viewing, have a nice day.

    © Limit Ragnarok Online