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Found 9 results

  1. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    P E A C H Y P R O T I S T ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | deviantART | Facebook | Commissions | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I drew my Doram -- Sven MeowQ. Woof woof! He has a Desert Wolf pup as pet, named Tero. A+ for people who actually know where the place is, from my vague background drawing. Ok here's to hoping I will make more drawing to post in this thread.
  2. Sven Mq

    The World Needs Rebellion

    Sven Mq, my Rebellion. I finally got my lazy self to draw something more effort. Sven hangs around Rookie a lot, mostly because Rookie thinks it's totally fine to shift his own responsibilities unto a much more 'rookie' Rebellion. Sven is a friend to all Dorams. He fights for a cause he's not totally informed of, but he fights em hard. Trivia: Sven tends to sniff other people's Warg butts. He is also always wandering about looking for "treasure". He hopes one day to become truly The Rebellion General.
  3. Sven Mq

    It's Mason!!

    I drew everybody's favourite gun shop owner, Mason Bender! The guy really needs to re-think his strategies. Einbech is a poor place to start a gun business. Everyone's old and jobless there. Hey Mason, maybe you could try working for Rekenber! They love guns I'm sure XD //Every Rebellion will be staring at me with killer intent// Ok that's probably all I can draw for a long while... rip
  4. Sven Mq

    Rookie My Mannnn

    Hey. I don't really draw much these days but I just had to draw Rookie. It's my interpretation based on his sprite and personality. I love Rebellions.
  5. Raindrops

    L.A's Lazy Artworks

    My newest work in progress art that will probably left unfinished. with my own poor shadow chaser as model 😂 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History
  6. catarinaz

    Starting again! - Fanart

    Hello! Just thought I would upload some of my RO art here to liven this place up a little bit. Most of it is pretty old, but I'm trying to start drawing RO fanart again. For valentine's day: Knight/evolutions gloves comparison: Sketches: Thanks for seeing!
  7. Lilly Belle

    Mik's Artwork

    hello i joined limitro to post some of my artworks!  Keep this topic clean (no cuss-fest, threatening, inappropriate rude behavior). I like to take structural feedback so that I can continue to refine my artwork. (Updated: [5/15/2015] Added a In-Progress Artwork!) ⊰⊛ Stay tune ⊛⊱ Ragnarok Online Related Fanarts Other Artworks In-Progress Artworks ⊶ I will not be accepting requests, because I work in real life. I will update in future if I will open commissions. ⊷ ∻^ウ^∻
  8. Kagamin

    Lineart Galore

    Hmmm I would like to kindle some interest in drawings and art, or atleast inspire some people on one of those boring days here are some line arts that I drew some old some new, can be used for coloring here I have done done up one as a sample Will be adding up more line arts if i have the time or those who have some can share here I will try color your pieces if u share yours if i have the time
  9. ChupaChup


    so yea i tried to draw my self and it took around 7 hours lol ( this is my first time ) it's not with Colour yet~ PS : I Can't Draw the Hands very smoothly so i hide them and also about body measure > 3 < it is hard damn~ can someone help me >,<