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Found 6 results

  1. Lai

    Donation System

    This topic is NO longer UPDATED, for accurate info please visit our WIKI. Limit Ragnarok Online Donation System About By definition 'donation', you are giving a gift to the server. Donation General Simply visit Donate page & follow the instructions to continue. Currently, we only accept PayPal, Western Union & Bit Coins donations. 10 SEK (Swedish Krona) = 1 Credit = 1 VIP Coin = 10 Cash Points Value Explanation Cash Point Coins Use the Cash Coins item ingame to get Cash Points. Use Cash Points, to buy from Cash Shop ingame. VIP Coins VIP Coins can be traded with other players. Double clicking on VIP Coins will automatically give you 10 Cash Points. Cash Point or Credits can't be converted into VIP Coins. 3 methods to get VIP Coins: Western Union, BitCoins & Verified Paypal Cash related NPCs Mato Mato - offer many services. Enchant Costume Items to enchant Costume Hats with Gemstones. to enchant Costume Garment and Amulets with Star Stones. Gemstone Upgrade - You can upgrade your Gemstones level 1 into 2, 3 etc. Unenchant - to remove Gemstones or Star Stones from your costume headgear / amulet / costume garment. Donation NPC - offer 1 service. Redeem donation items purchased from Donation Shop on LimitRO homepage. Godly Enchanter - offer max enchants You can use this NPC to max ingame possible enchants of certain items in category: Archangel Wing Enchants Fallen Angel Wing Enchant Mora Enchants Biolabs Enchants Malangdo Enchants Hero's Ring Enchants Infinity Space Enchants Keris Enchants Mechanic Enchants (Ep 15.1/2) Horror Toy Factory Enchants Cost VIP Coins & some materials. Embrace Off A NPC can helps the player to remove their embrace color and back to orginal white color. Trois Can help you with Adding Slots to your equipment using Slotting Advertisement for increase success chance and not break item when fail. Mator & Maton Those two NPCs can help you refine items using Cash Ores. Cairn Will exchange your Donation Tokens into Cash Points.
  2. mistic wings sprite misalignment from kagerou sprite
  3. Sirhandx


    Hi, Greeting from newbie player, What is the rate for donation and what is the best deal to donate.? And how the system when and after the donation process? 100kor/ 200kor/ 300kor /400kor / 500kor is enough to build 1 character?
  4. zhero15

    [Mato Mato NPC] Donation Recycle

    Does this feature 100% refund? or a certain percentage?
  5. NoFear911

    A few questions about donation

    Sorry for my ineptitude but I found no answer for my questions: 1. What are benefits for donators? Do I get any shiny pokemon upon donating? 2. 50$ = 40 donation credits = 40 VIP coins. So how do I spend these coinsi since items in the cash shop require cash point 3. Do you have guarantee refine certificates? And how do they work? I have heard of these in iRO but I have never used one. Curious
  6. sharynrose


    Hi Limtronians, as the title says, please make aura can be returned. just like wings. If you like my oppinion please support and make this topic always up. Just make it like return wings, which u only got 230 cp by returning. I hope Lai and the other GM can make this update for next mt.