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Found 1 result

  1. This topic is NO longer UPDATED, for accurate info please visit our WIKI. Dewata Legend Quest About Into the deep wilderness, there is a tribal people with mysterious quests for you to complete! NPC Sage Kasyapa Location: Inside Dewata (/navi dew_in01 21/44) Quest Requirement Base level 60 + Quest Reward Jaty Crown A crown that only the person who receives the tribal honor of the Jaty Tribe can wear. Decrease 5% of damage from animal and plant type monsters. Increases 5% of damage to animal and plant type monsters. Class : Headgear Defense : 1 Location: Upper Weight : 10 Required Level : 1 Job : All 5x Satay Skewered chopped meat with a special barbeque sauce on it. Recovers small amount of HP. Weight : 2 Acccess to Dewata Dungeon 01 (Golden Warper have it) Quest Walk Through Traditional Weapon Quest NPC Gatti Location: Dewata (dewata 232/60) Quest Requirement Step 7 of Dewata Legend Quest 200+ Comodo Leather 20+ Steal 10+ Oridecon +1 Log 100,000 Zeny Quest Reward Keris A long time ago, the manufacturing process for the holy sword of the Jaty tribe in Dewata island disappeared, but it has been reproduced by Mastersmith Gatti again. Matk +70. Enable a 2% chance of gaining 10% of the damage inflicted on an enemy as HP with each attack. An additional enchant option is available from Gatti for this weapon. Class : Dagger Attack : 107 Weight : 70 Weapon Level : 3 Required Level : 30 Job : Swordman, Mage, Archer, Merchant, and Thief Classes; Soul Linker and Ninja Ability to enchant the weapon and create more. Quest Walk Through Creating Another Keris Weapon Enchant of Keris After completing the weapon, you can ask Gatti to further enhance the capabilities of the weapon. He will ask you for 100,000 Zeny for each enchantment attempt. The same restrictions and guidelines for Hidden Enchant applies for this one. He can add MATK, ATK, DEF, FLEE, CRIT, MDEF, HP, SP and also Stat bonuses on the 2 hidden slots of the weapon. Success rates, possible enchantments on attempts still need to be confirmed.