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Found 7 results

  1. boi

    Monokage Bug

    It was supposed to increase kunai explosion damage. Not Kunai Splash damage. Description and I think script wrong.
  2. Please update either the description, or the weight of the item, thanks.
  3. Garrulf Feralclaw

    Rudo Card Effect Unclear

    I also wanted to double check if the scripts are right, because LimitRO DB is reporting autobonus2 in the item's script (which is for when you take damage) but others are reporting autobonus only (which is for inflicting damage) Can someone who has it on kRO check? Thanks! Character Name : Pai Tokudaiji
  4. Dalasride

    Item Description in Database

    I would like to suggest that the description in the item database should be renovated. It is hard to understand if the description of the item is in coded form. Some people do not understand coded form. I think it would be better to just copy paste the description of the item normally.
  5. Garrulf Feralclaw

    Fish in Mouth Missing Description

    Item Name : Fish in Mouth Item ID : 5403 Details : Fish in Mouth has a missing item description: Item working as intended with the missing information included. Character Name : The Tuna Mage
  6. Giant Faceworm Skin [0] • Giant Faceworm Skin[1] / #20717 • #20718 The Giant Faceworm Skin's extra bonus effect of "MaxHP+15% and MaxSP +5% when equipped Temporal Boots" does not work with SLOTTED Revised Temporal Boots altho works perfectly fine when equipped with a NON-SLOTTED Revised Temporal Boots. Step 1 : I equipped GFS [0] with Revised Temporal Boots [0] Step 2 : I equpped GFS [0] with Revised Temporal Boots [1] Step 3 : I equipped GFS [1] with Revised Temporal Boots [0] Step 4 : I equipped GFS [1] with Revised Temporal Boots [1] Source : Character Name : Mister Kiko Character Stats (?) : STR 130+17 AGI 1+18 VIT 130+4 INT 1+16 DEX 81+18 LUK 1+4 Solution : The combo script of these 2 items should include the slotted revised temporal boots (#22113 - #22118) I hope the screenies below are self explanatory: Step 1 : I equipped GFS [0] with Revised Temporal Boots [0] The photo above clearly shows that the bonus effect of "MaxHP +15% and MaxSP +5%" to be working. But mainly focus on the +HP bonus cause I just realized I didn't have max SP when i took this photo.. soz Step 2 : I equpped GFS [0] with Revised Temporal Boots [1] As you can see there shouldn't be any changes on my Max HP ( as the boots I've switched into does not give +vit ) but clearly it has reduced from ** 23,144 --> 20, 126 ** therefore the slotted boots itself is ineffective when combined with GFS[0]. Step 3 : I equipped GFS [1] with Revised Temporal Boots [0] Step 4 : I equipped GFS [1] with Revised Temporal Boots [1] Love, Kiko xxx
  7. Hi, I just noticed this when I was looking through Mr. Wise, then I bought this item. Can anyone enlighten me if Spiked Scarf really is suppose to give +30 ATK? because it just give +1vit and def, just like it says at RMS.