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Found 1 result

  1. Izlude Deepsea City Expedition Team About Explore Uncharted Waters... NPC Archie Location: Byalan Island (izlu2dun 120, 59) Quest Requirement Collection of 5,000 Deepsea Artifacts (the required items will vary each month) Quest Rewards Creation of exclusive Deepsea Equipment Quest Walk Through: Deepsea-Exclusive Equipment (and Requirements) Weapons Various Equipment Aegir Set Headgears *New Equipment Added! 6/27/2016* Gigantic Helm A giant helm of guardians of the ancient temple.STR +3, Physical damage +4%.When Base Lv less than 99, every 2 refine increase STR +1When Base Lv more then 100, every refine increase STR +1+Giant Axe, increase damage of cart termination by 15%, every refine of axe further inrease damage by 5%.+Giant Shield, reduce damage from Large monster by 5%, every refine of shield reduce damage by 2%.+Giant Lance, for every learned level of Joint Beat, increases chance of trigger (lance bonus) and increase damage of spiral pierce by 5%. 1 Enhanced Bone Helm [1] 3 Bison Horn 3 Giant Shield [1] 5 Giant Axe [1] 5 Kraken's Head Fancy Phantom Mask A more lively decorated phantom mask. It is said it's used to hide one's identity of noble birth. After cast delay -1%. +100 MaxHP for each refine. Increases damage by 20% when using skill Mammonite and Throw Zeny. 1 Jaty Crown 3 Opera Phantom Mask 300 Piece of Ivory White Cloth 999 Peco Peco Feather Gambler Seal Crit+3, Critical damage+3%. Reduces damage from Arrow Storm and Gates of Hell by 10%. Every 10 base increment of LUK, Crit+1, atk+2, matk+2. When LUK is 108 or higher, Critical damage+10%. When LUK is 120 or higher, Critical Damage+17%, reduces damage taken from Arrow Storm and Gates of Hell by 30%. Every 10 base increment of DEX, Critical damage -2%. 3 Gambler Hat 3 Petal Card 5 Horn Card 7 Soldier Skeleton Card 100 Manuk Coin 100 Splendid Coin 555 High Energy Crystal 777 Numenume Liquid 999 Limit Merit Badge Blood Sucker Cursed mask inspired by creepy vampire fang. It can drains life. When equipped, there's a 3% chance to 5% of enemy's HP. Disables HP and SP recovery. 1 Cursed Book [1] 1 Rideword Hat 10 Angry Snarl 500 Animal Gore 5 Ancient Rope 5000 Bloodsuck Plant Seed New Armor and Headgears Added (5/29/2017) Clergy's Nursing Cap Ancient Gold Decoration x 1 Dress Hat x 3 Puente Robe x10 Coif [1] x10 Light of Recovery x10 Cobaltblue Dyestuffs x50 Crow Tengu Mask Raven Cap [1] x5 Skeleton Worker Card x7 Minorous Card x10 Desert Wolf Card x15 War Badge x300 Tengu Nose x1000 Ancient Elven Ears Naughty Fairy x5 Beautiful Badges x5 Essence of Evil Luck lv2 x3 Manuk Coin x50 Splendide Coin x50 Tengu Scroll Ninja Scrol x1 Blood Sucker x1 Gray Shard x150 Worn-Out Magic Scroll x1000 Cursed Mail Valkyrian Armor x10 Diabolus Armor x5 Physical Enhancer Ring x3 Magic Intensifier Ring x3 Bloody Coin x50 Crystal of Darkness x1000 Etran's Shirt Undershirt[1] x5 Nidhoggur's Shadow Garb x7 Giant Faceworm Skin (no slot) x15 Darkgreen Dyestuffs x100 Mora Coin x750 Prorocca's Shoes Angel Poring Boots x3 Heroic Nepenthes Shoes x3 Tidal Shoes x30 Ghost Chill x250 Spell Book (Water Ball) x300 Herb of Incantation x500 Jonin Belt Buwaya Agimat Tattoo x1 Feral Tail x10 Tikbalang Belt x15 Tassel of Durumagi x10 Mikatsuki x25 Raksasa Dagger x25 Ring of ArchPriest Bangungot Agimat Tattoo x1 Light of Cure x15 Seal of Cathedral x15 Ring of Archbishop x15 Shard of Gigantes x100 Level 5 Heal x250 Rebel Scarf Gangster Scarf x7 Black Dyestuff x10 Sheriff's Manteau x10 Elite Shooter Suit x15 Battle Boots x15 Gun Powder x3000 Don't forget to check out our very own item database to search for items that you'll need..