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Found 3 results

  1. Caphleo

    Crimson Rod

    Crimson Rod has Crimson Staff's description and mob drop date in the website and when searching in-game using @whodrops. And vice versa. Not really a big thing, but when you search "crimson rod" on @ii, you'll get the two-handed version instead, vice versa. I've only tested with Bathories and they do drop the 1-Handed variant, but I seem to recall getting a 2-Handed version from Lawrells.
  2. Please refer to this previous report for other SS and proof: Also did some testing with Rudra Bow, which has holy property. Ammo property overrode Rudra Bow's holy property. Right now it seems like Crimson Bow's property is acting like Endows, which is prioritize over the ammo property. It shouldn't do that. Note: This also happens with Crimson Revolver. So I think this is more of a bug with how Crimson Weapon's property is implemented. I've also searched through warp portal forums and not one of them mentioning the crimson bow property overriding the ammo property. I hope this gets fixed. Give us Bow SCs a fighting chance lols.
  3. Freya

    Crimson Weapon Update

    About Weapon Drops of Level 70 and above monsters have been updated. The Crimson Weapon series will be randomly endowed with an elemental property when dropped: Neutral, Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, Holy, or Shadow Crimson Weapon Monster Drop Guide Crimson Weapon Which Monsters Drop it? Crimson Bible Nightmare Amon Ra Evil Druid Crimson Bow Owl Baron Bow Guardian Crimson Dagger Mysteltainn Whikebain Tres Skeleton General Pasana Sleeper Porcellio Siorava Desert Wolf Ogre Tooth Crimson Katar Headless Mule Injustice Crimson Knuckle Green Maiden Bloody Butterfly Aliot Errende Ebecee Crimson Lance Owl Duke Anacondaq Gryphon Crimson Mace Kobold Leader Errende Ebece Dokebi Jing Guai Petite Marionette Solider Crimson Revolver Metaling Holden Staff of Crimson (Two-Handed) Bathory Laurell Weinder Crimson Sabre Executioner Ogre Tooth Mysteltainn Armeyer Dinze Ygnizem Cenia Crimson Staff (One-Handed) Owl Duke Giant Hornet Crimson Spear Stem Worm Naga Crimson Two-Handed Axe Kobold Majoruros Nightmare Minorous Armeyer Dinze Crimson Two-Handed Sword Baroness of Retribution Abysmal Knight Mysteltainn Sword Guardian Egnigem Cenia (MVP) Tamruan Dark Illusion Crimson Violin Lady Solace Kavarah Icarus Miyabi Doll Evil Nymph Violy Crimson Whip Hermit Plant Evil Nymph