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Found 12 results

  1. Sven Mq

    Costume Girl Alice

    Wiki says for Pipe of Carnation costume, it requires Smoking Tiger. But when you talk to Alice, that item is not on the list. When I made it, my Smoking Tiger remained in tact so it's really not required.
  2. Sven Mq

    What is this costume called?

    I can't find players in Asgard wearing them anymore but at some point Carlo I know you wore it. What is this costume called and where can I get it? It looks something like this:
  3. Hello, right now I'm collecting the items i need to make a RABBIT PRIEST CAP, and it says it needs a "Pretty Rabbit Hood". I tried searching for the rabbit hood but I got no clue where is it. Can anyone tell me how to find the Pretty Rabbit Hood? Code ID 19649 Your help is much appreciated... >.< Pretty Rabbit Hood
  4. Kev Hellyeah

    Chocolate Bomb Description

    It shows 4 Gemstones instead of 2, or it shows only lower instead of lower and middle.
  5. Docteur

    Geek classes costume

    Topic Name Geek glasses are cool. I can tell by walking in the streets. Why not beeing able to get it as a costume with the costume maker? Character Names: BabyCaketb Describe your suggestion The sprite is already there. Now we just have to think of a list of associated items to create it. Sand? (to make glass!) Pipe? Dr. Freud would agree. anything else geeky enough?
  6. ign: onaniMaster What is this? i would suggest to add new CE's to the bg boxes Why do we have to add it? this would encourage people to play more bg Who will benefit this? this will benefit the server's bg population Will this change the system drastic? no, just more motivation for people to do bg Room for improvement? can also cycle CE drops per season so people won't just stop after collecting all CE
  7. Lex Luthor

    jRO RK 2nd Sprite!

    Rune Knight is on the way on road before end of this year they will release it this upcoming December 26 2017. Sura is on!! <3 Get ready it may release next month...! Sorcerer 2nd costume Hope you like It...xD
  8. Le Genho

    Costume Headgear

    Topic Name : Costume Headgear Character Names: Aberdeen Describe your suggestion What is this? Suggestion to make all costume headgear level requirement become 0, because some of the CE, for example Boys cap and elven ears need to be level 100 in order to be able to wear that costume. Why do we have to add it? To make it fair with other costume headgear, so everyone can wear CE during BG 2 (Where the maximum level is 99) Who will benefit this? Everyone Will this change the system drastic? Not really Room for improvement? A lot Thanks
  9. Widdershins

    Analyze Eye Costume item#20315

    Hey all, I'm curious about the item Analyze Eye, which is a lower headgear costume. " A costume developed from unknown technology and magic in Juperos ruins. " Is this item implemented on the server? Item # 20315 C_Analyze_Eye How do you obtain it? Any guesses? Verus?
  10. laharyl

    Suggestion: Hide Head Gear?

    It would be cool if there was a function to not show your head armor at all. Some of the quality head gears are a little unconventional when it comes to the aesthetics. It would be nice to have the option for our characters to just look normal.
  11. Domini

    Craftable CE List

    Seems like a lot of people have their own (normal) hats that they wish to turn in CE (same way as the Valkyrie Headband). Let's list out which hats we want for the GM to consider adding them. Here's my list • List (Top CE) 1. Cherry Township 2. Flower Wreath 3. Chicken Hat 4. King Frog Hat 5. Moonowl Cap 6. Whikebine's Black Cat Ears <- There's a white version of this. We should add them both 7. Lif Hat 8. Vanilmirth Hat 9. Large Hibiscus 10. Bell Ribbon 11. Koneko Hat 12. Drooping Bunny 13. Little Angel Doll 14. Helm of Solar God 15. Rage Of Luster 16. Jasper Crest 17. Bullock Helm 18. Golden tiara 19. Silver tiara 20. Kawaii Ribbon 21. Crown (from Osiris MVP) 22. Decorative Gold Bell 23. Sky Hat 24. Soul Ring 25. Winter Hat 26. Angeling Hairpin 27. Yggdrasil Crown 28. Frog King Hat • List(Mid/Low CE) 1. Angel Wing Ears 2. Evil Wing Ears 3. Pussy Cat Bell 4. Hairband of reginleif 5. Small Ribbons 6. Blush 7. Red Framed Glasses. 8. White petal 9. Crunch Toast