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Found 4 results

  1. I draw in a lot of different styles, I have posted a few of the pieces I like best from what i've done this year. I'll be taking commissions sometime in the near future if it's okay with the mods. (don't want to piss people off)
  2. Hi everyone! :3 Someone already know me. With someone we are not familiar. I'm Reina, digital artist (in game I'm BrassyReina). Nice to meet you! I want to take some commissions. I can draw your character or OC's. PM me if you're interested ^__^ You can do it on forum, facebook, deviantart or instagram (and I haveTwitch channel) Price list It is best to send me a screenshot or a detailed description (pose, emotions). So I can make the drawing more attractive to you. Be sure I will send you drafts or concept sketches first. Samples:
  3. Hi hi yall! I wanna exchange my skills for zeny so i'll do some simple sketches! ~Rules~ Keep it RO related. Provide me with reference(s) I will *try* my best to draw most things in the game but if i feel like i can't do it i will kindly decline ~Prices~ Sketch -waist up- commission 150m + homun/mount/etc is 50m or an item equal to these prices (but zeny preferred) ~Art~ you can see more of my art via my tumblr PM me if you're interested!! and my apologizes if its pricey ;v; (don't want to undercharge)
  4. Hi! Welcome to my art shop! Feel free to look around and please PM me if you have questions =) Rules I have the right to reject your request (because you are either too bulky and manly, or you a heavy armor on you. Sorry!)Please do not rush me. I may be lazy sometimes but I do fast works if at my own pace.You may request for non-RO related arts as well if you want.Prices are final. I do this for zeny and items that has the same value (headgears and costumes here are so adorable!) I'll PM you the art preview > you mail me the payment in-game to Jazzey > I PM you your art > and we're both happy ;DMy image host is my art tumblr blog and imgur. So better save your arts to your own folders!All commissions will be transparent for your personal use. If you want me to make you a signature, lemme know =)Images will always be in 600 pixels in height. You are free to resize them if you want. Just don't remove my credit.Request Form IGN:Reference(s): snapshot of your tRO characterStyle: chibi, full body, waist. knee-upsEye Color: this is importantPersonality:Comments: other things you want me to add, poses you want me to do, etcDo'sWaist ShotKnee UpsFull BodyChibi GirlsGirly BoysCute Stuff Couple (2 people in one canvas)Group (3 to 4 person only)Dont'sClutteredB&W CartsMonstersArmorsPecoPecoGroups (like 5 people in one canvas)NSFW (nudity, sexuality, gore, etc.)Samples Pricing [ Per Head ]Chibi : 5mil zeny Waist Shot : 10mil zeny Knee Ups : 15mil zeny Full Body : 20mil zeny Group : bribe me zenyWait List ---------Pick Ups Thank you for coming!