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Found 2 results

  1. Bug Description: Cast Delay or Global Cooldown on skills are no longer visible on the hotkey after the client change. Sources: Cast delay should always be visible after casting a skill that has cast delay (on Limit RO, that would be EVERY SINGLE SKILL). Seen here on a kro video dated 6th April 2017. At minute 2:46 of the video, the player uses Magnum Break causes all skill to have timers/cooldown (Skill Cast delay). Magnum break has 2 second cast delay as stated here.
  2. Skill Name Banishing Point/Vanishing Point Screenshot of the skill usage. Notice the Cast Delay in the SS: When you use this skill, which statuses are you in? Shown in SS When you use this skill, which equipment/ammo/accessories do you wear? Shown in SS. When you use this skill, are you mounted/do you have push cart/do you have falcon? Gryphon When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? Wear a spear and spam the skill at 193 Aspd. When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? Yes What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? Banishing Point should only be effected by animation/ASPD delay, in-game the skill currently has approximately 0.5 sec global cast delay. [NOK] How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? Compared the speed of the skill at max ASPD in-game to iro videos. It is clearly much lower in terms of spamming speed in-game thus lowering the total DPS. Seen in this video at 0:47 that there is an ABSENT of Cast Delay when using BP. Also its mentioned as purely ASPD delay in: