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Found 95 results

  1. masteryauda

    Succubus equip not showing

    Equipped Black Butterfly Mask on pet but not showing on Succubus Tried: @refresh Equip and unequip Re-log in, recon, char change
  2. ArdiSir

    Level stuck bug.

    Yesterday i was leveling my char on comodo but when i reach base level 182, the exp bar went stuck at 99% or maybe 100%. i've tried to relog but nothing happen. and i already read a similar bug like this. please help me.
  3. Schorzz

    Reset Skills

    Hey, after i reset my skills on my rebellion (and also on EVERY OTHER CLASS) i can't set the skillpoints on the second class anymore. After distributing my skillpoints and clicking "apply" I get my points back and my character hasn't learnt anything. Is it a bug or a feature?
  4. Gelezo43

    Sealed Mistress Card - bug

    Description of card ""Sealed Mistress Card" says that "Nullifies the Gemstone requirement of certain skills. Increases SP cost by 50%. Refine level +15: Reduces SP cost by 15%.." but if i use skills (Abra fo example), spends 1 gem whatever!
  5. hello i have a problem with the quest "Learning About the Families" I have to talk to the families and when I talk to them they don't tell me anything. I don't have the invitation anymore, I already spoke 3 times with all the families and with the invitation npc, but I can't continue it thanks
  6. yourplusone

    Robust Magical Armor

    It doesnt ignore magical defense (MDEF) but physical defense (DEF) by 40%. Should be MDEF as stated in Item correct behavior.
  7. Hi all, not sure if this was intentionally designed, but I found what seems to be a bug while trying to buy Chemical Protection Scroll from Vending Harbor's Vending Machine. From the looks of it, the NPC doesn't use the discounted price (380k) to compute the final price, instead using the original price of 500k zeny/pc. You may refer to the attached replay file for the replication steps and conditions. Hope you can look into this. Thank you. VH Vending Machine bug.rrf
  8. Already reported on discord, but posting here for more visibility. Currently both on live and test server the Juliette de Rachel refine based combo is not working (More damage based on refine, Oratio) First screen, testing the damage with a +0 JDR and no other equipments: You can see the damage. Now, testing the damage with a +16 JDR: And finally, testing the damage with the +16 JDR and the Dog Tag: As you can see there's no real change in the damage when in reality it should be increased by 80% (5% per refine)
  9. Ryogo Kusama

    [Hunt] Bounty B+ One-Horned Scaraba

    Quest description from Alt+U is: Hunt 30 One-Horned Scaraba (2083) and return to Bounty Class B in Limit Group HQ. Using @whereis 2083 it shows 75 of them in the mape named dic_dun01 but none of the monsters there (with correct name or not, I tried them all to be sure) register the kill correctly for the quest. I tried the ones in the Granma's Floors too, but no luck there either! Maybe it has something to do with the title being "B+" and the description being only "B", I have no clue, either way the monsters assigned do not register and I'm not able to give up the quest either... it doesn't let me, I don't know why. 😕 (screenshots below)
  10. Red01

    Heat Barrel Bug

    Help on this please. Heat Barrel is used to double the damage of the Rebellion. WITH OUT [HEAT BARREL] WITH [HEAT BARREL]
  11. Metaphys

    Parade Hat/Holy Marcher Hat

    Parade Hat/Holy Marcher Hat (Item ID 5225 I think) gives 2 DEF instead of 4. Also, I think it's effects needs to be updated.
  12. Lady Tierney

    Rockridge NPC Bug

    The NPC chat window did not give me any close button, making me impossible to get out of the conversation. The only way to close the conversation is to Alt+F4
  13. I got stack on the map. @Caphleo I got perfect timing 😂 Better to check the recording for more details of the bug.. @Lai
  14. djabvelg

    ET Bug

    found a bug here in endless tower..currently doing mistress monster when suddenly other party members cannot enter..and when i try to reconnect it still wont let me in..but my other party members got teleported at 26th floor.but i have to stay put because i have no ash yet. As you can members entered 44th floor while i got stuck to mistress room.PLEASE FIX SOME BUGS ASAP..
  15. I recently got this ring from the Coin Exchanger at the Dimensional Space. However, when I equipped this ring no additional ATK was noted (It should have added +5% ATK). I tried without Admiral buff and with buff to no avail. I added a screenshot to justify.
  16. Leama

    Endless Tower Bugs

    There's a bug in Endless Tower, we keep on warping the next floor but there's nothing out there. It's literally endless. Sometimes, we can't even enter the next floor.
  17. The item: "Ten Thousand Years Frost" id 22566 The NPC/Interactable Object: "Flowing Lava" on the left and right side of the map during Muspellskoll boss fight in Temple of Demon God instance. (screenshot attached) Location: Temple of Demon God: Muspellskoll boss encounter Steps: 1) Enter the instance: ToDG Temple of Demon God. 2) Progress through the instance to Brinaranea's encounter. 3) Obtain item 22566 from enemies in room. 4) Progress through the instance to Muspellskoll's encounter. 5) When lava flows and unfreezes, approach the "Flowing Lava" mid map as seen in screenshot. (Left flow or right flow) 6) Attempt to interact with the "Flowing Lava" to freeze the lava falls. 7) Observe interaction behavior of "Flowing Lava". The issue: The Flowing Lava is not interactable. Even with a "Ten Thousand Years Frost", it is not generating a dialogue window. This prevents the Lava Flow from being frozen which is crucial in this boss fight. Muspellskoll can not be prevented from healing with lava. Expected Behavior: Players should be able to freeze the lava falls during the Muspellskoll boss fight. The "Flowing Lava" should be able to interact and generate the appropriate dialogue when a player has a "Ten Thousand Years Frost" to freeze the lava. Muspellskoll can be prevented from healing by freezing lava.
  18. The Warp does not give an option for Story or Battle Mode. There's no option to deal with MVP Cutie........ @Lai
  19. Wait time still the normal 24 hours instead of the custom 1 hour
  20. I spent 2 days for nothing to look this npc to the map.
  21. boi

    Monokage Bug

    It was supposed to increase kunai explosion damage. Not Kunai Splash damage. Description and I think script wrong.
  22. Legendary Kagerou

    lro.exe - Entry Point Not Found

    i have downloaded the new files and paste it in my limit folder. but after the patch finishes and i clicked the play button, it shows this error. does anyone having the same problem as i am? if u have fixed it please tell us how thanks
  23. Thornz

    Skill Points Lost

    Hello, I was leveling my Royal Guard for last few days, and stumbled upon a problem where I have simply lost skill points after loading a previous skill tree (via @phone); resetting at admiral is not fixing this. At job level 40 for RG, I'm confident that I'm not supposed to have 129 skill points (since, I'm expecting that it should be at 157 skill points, from first job = 49, second job = 69, third job = 39). I've attached screenshots of the reset skill tree and a tree with skills raised as much as possible. Please address this issue resolved as soon as possible, since well - this is not letting me play as RG at all (which was rather enjoyable for last few days). Thanks in advance. P.S. My job lvl 58 Sura seems to be missing skill points as well, having 165 skill points in total (instead of 175 expected). Edit: I may be over reacting and I don't really have a confident way of checking, but I'm starting to suspect that I might be missing status points as well (for both characters). Can anyone confirm this?
  24. Well script of mirage foxtail wand says that it should add +5 range and if soul attack is learned +20 perfecthit. Well soul attack is a passive skill that gives dorams attack a 15 cell range, so with this foxtail added range, it should make a total of 20 cell auto atk range for doram. I have tested extensively and the range with both my Yellow exquisite foxtail model and the new Mirage foxtail wand are both the same.
  25. Maloot

    2 gladiator bugs in 1 !

    First bug : When you are near enough of the spectator zone and get killed, you stay here and can be resurected. (i'm not sure about the near enough thingy but those guys died here and stayed when the others further died and got teleported) Second bug : Stalker spawned out of the fighting zone making it impossible to continue the event