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Found 79 results

  1. boi

    Monokage Bug

    It was supposed to increase kunai explosion damage. Not Kunai Splash damage. Description and I think script wrong.
  2. i have downloaded the new files and paste it in my limit folder. but after the patch finishes and i clicked the play button, it shows this error. does anyone having the same problem as i am? if u have fixed it please tell us how thanks
  3. Thornz

    Skill Points Lost

    Hello, I was leveling my Royal Guard for last few days, and stumbled upon a problem where I have simply lost skill points after loading a previous skill tree (via @phone); resetting at admiral is not fixing this. At job level 40 for RG, I'm confident that I'm not supposed to have 129 skill points (since, I'm expecting that it should be at 157 skill points, from first job = 49, second job = 69, third job = 39). I've attached screenshots of the reset skill tree and a tree with skills raised as much as possible. Please address this issue resolved as soon as possible, since well - this is not letting me play as RG at all (which was rather enjoyable for last few days). Thanks in advance. P.S. My job lvl 58 Sura seems to be missing skill points as well, having 165 skill points in total (instead of 175 expected). Edit: I may be over reacting and I don't really have a confident way of checking, but I'm starting to suspect that I might be missing status points as well (for both characters). Can anyone confirm this?
  4. Well script of mirage foxtail wand says that it should add +5 range and if soul attack is learned +20 perfecthit. Well soul attack is a passive skill that gives dorams attack a 15 cell range, so with this foxtail added range, it should make a total of 20 cell auto atk range for doram. I have tested extensively and the range with both my Yellow exquisite foxtail model and the new Mirage foxtail wand are both the same.
  5. Maloot

    2 gladiator bugs in 1 !

    First bug : When you are near enough of the spectator zone and get killed, you stay here and can be resurected. (i'm not sure about the near enough thingy but those guys died here and stayed when the others further died and got teleported) Second bug : Stalker spawned out of the fighting zone making it impossible to continue the event
  6. Your Char Name: Agireda What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug: Farming in Thanatos Tower Describe the bug as much as possible: The HP/SP natural recuperation should only stop at 70% weight. Currently it stops at 50%. Even worse, no icon shows when it stops. Give your source : REPORT CHANGELOG Have you tested: Yes, check these screenshots.
  7. The npc should let us book an instance and fight the MvP, which is not happening even though we both finished the required quests and got the quest prizes (7 Lesser Agimat, EXP). We tried with both characters as leader of the party. We both followed the limitro wikia guide of the quest. Character: Kurohige
  8. Pls update @Yuuki Thank You..
  9. When reaching the 10th floor, it won't spawn any monster, making it impossible to progress through the instance
  10. Please update either the description, or the weight of the item, thanks.
  11. Cj

    Merchant Girl Doll

  12. dolfo1028

    Costume Mask Gemstone Bug

    all gemstones don't work
  13. dolfo1028

    Zodiac Dog Quest bug

    I have killed so many wolves yet i don't get any Soul Pieces of Dog
  14. When activating Magic Bullet, it does not gives you any buff nor anything As you can see, i've got some MATK, so it should add something EDIT: it's a gunslinger skill, actually. .
  15. dall007

    LimitRO file comming up as malware

    I want to know if any other user is getting a flag for a certain file. Long story short, my laptop was utilizing a large amount of my disk space. I diagnosed the problem and solved it using dskchk, but the log described the issue originating from some outside source. Such source was described by the person who helped me as, " It's possible that if there was a self referential group with bogus members or a loop of groups referencing themselves it could have added an infinite processing time to each file access... make sure you don't have something sitting dormant on your system that was once actively doing harm previously. " I had since run Malware Bytes to check for any such files or processes, and this came up: HackTool.GameHack, C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\LIMITRO\LIMITRO.EXE, No Action By User, [459], [408775],1.0.2470. It is quite possible this is a false positive by Malware Bytes. But that said, in an effort to rule out everything, does anybody know if this file has caused issues in the past for anyone else? Has this file contributed to disk errors in the past? Thank you for all help!
  16. Orangeade

    Koschei the Immortal quest bug

    Hello! For some days already, with someone I've been trying to complete the Koschei the Immortal Moscovia Quest, but for some reason at the step where we have to speak to the Lusalka doesn't work. The NPC said we should go see her between 5pm and 6am PST, but Lusalka still doesn't appear at those times (We tried at 8:50 AM, 5:50 PM and 6:00 PM, all at Paris Summer time, UTC+2). Thank you in advance for your help! IG name: Donatsu
  17. Lex Luthor


  18. Lex Luthor

    AAW enchant

    That should be Archbishop 5 Double, Archbishop 3 but when you check the details of the enchants its shows Archbishop 4 Double, Archbishop 2
  19. When trying to use god's hammer while having metal jacket and a crimson marked enemy, it said that a requirement was missing, and when equipping the slug shot, it worked. As for the slug shot, even with it, it didint work at all, as it said that an unknown requeriment was missing. tried to cast dragon tail while having dragon tail, the new sphere's bullets and a crimson marked enemy, and the skill failed, saying that i was not with the right ammunition, while, in fact, i was. it leads me to think that other skills from him might be with some requirements scrambled among themselves too.
  21. William Wen

    crimson THA bug

    it show sword sprite and sound instead of axe
  22. Hengheyhey

    Can't open Client

    Hi i just downloaded limiro yesterday and after installing and updating kROPatcher, (the full installer doesnt have renewal exe though), when i tried running limitro.exe, nothing happens (i alreay run it with administrator. Under task manager's task tab, limitro is not present. but under processes tab it is, however it keeps restarting again and again, thus i cannot end its process. please help me, i really wanna play this server with my friend.