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Found 52 results

  1. The npc should let us book an instance and fight the MvP, which is not happening even though we both finished the required quests and got the quest prizes (7 Lesser Agimat, EXP). We tried with both characters as leader of the party. We both followed the limitro wikia guide of the quest. Character: Kurohige
  2. When reaching the 10th floor, it won't spawn any monster, making it impossible to progress through the instance
  3. Please update either the description, or the weight of the item, thanks.
  4. Pls update @Yuuki Thank You..
  5. Merchant Girl Doll

  6. Zodiac Dog Quest bug

    I have killed so many wolves yet i don't get any Soul Pieces of Dog
  7. Costume Mask Gemstone Bug

    all gemstones don't work
  8. When activating Magic Bullet, it does not gives you any buff nor anything As you can see, i've got some MATK, so it should add something EDIT: it's a gunslinger skill, actually. .
  9. Purring

  10. When trying to use god's hammer while having metal jacket and a crimson marked enemy, it said that a requirement was missing, and when equipping the slug shot, it worked. As for the slug shot, even with it, it didint work at all, as it said that an unknown requeriment was missing. tried to cast dragon tail while having dragon tail, the new sphere's bullets and a crimson marked enemy, and the skill failed, saying that i was not with the right ammunition, while, in fact, i was. it leads me to think that other skills from him might be with some requirements scrambled among themselves too.
  11. AAW enchant

    That should be Archbishop 5 Double, Archbishop 3 but when you check the details of the enchants its shows Archbishop 4 Double, Archbishop 2
  13. crimson THA bug

    it show sword sprite and sound instead of axe
  14. 73 aspd on my GC when equipped 188 aspd after going back on dagger 174 aspd after equipping normal 1 handed sword
  15. Cart Cannon DMG

    So i was hitting an Undead4 mob whit holy element and i was doing 90k dmg ... here are the maths for my stats/equip vs a lv4 undead mob Since Evil Druid are lvl4 undead the final dmg should be 124437 TOTAL DMG. i know im not counting the ED defense, but cmon those 88 defense are diminishing my dmg by almost 30k?
  16. This one is bugged.

    It's not healing, it KILLs me instead!!!
  17. The Quirky Merchant NPC on Lasagna(131, 245) should exchange the 10 Doram Token(#25142) for Lesser Leaf Talisman(28416), however, this does not happen as the NPC proceeds to the "not the required amount of items" dialog.
  18. Kirin Armor bug

    Hello, I'd like to report bug with Kirin armor. So i bought this armor from vending area and see that this armor has slot in it. I tried to slot it with armor card but the armor is not listed. I tried once with poring card. Then I tested again with another card (pupa), but the armor is still not listed. I identified the armor as Kirin Armor (ID: 15103). According to this source the Kirin armor should have [1] slot. But from what I identified via @ii command, the one in Limit RO said it has [0] slot, while it still has [1] info on it (see first pic). My IGN is Baine Silvero. Please fix this bug. Thank you.
  19. Skill Name Cross Ripper Slasher Video of skill video (alot of video's for GX farm Biolab Nightamare KRO) When you use this skill, which statuses are you in? No buff When you use this skill, which equipments/ammos/accessaries do you wear? No When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? you need atleast 1 spinning of Rolling cutter When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? Yes SIR! What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? In LimitRO after spinning of RC doesn't allow you to used the CRS after you teleport but on the Official kRO after RC was activate and used Teleport/Flywing it allows you to used CRS How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? See video above there's alot xP Give your source (why you think it's bug? Which info do you follow?) not need anymore... Your Char Name:Ouma Shu I
  20. I just reset my Warlock skill and try to put skill point on fire skill. When I try to pick Meteor Storm, it always failed (when I click apply button, skill points doesn't spend on those skills). I try to spend my skill point to other skill and it work. Only 3 skill (Sightrasher, Meteor Storm, and Fire Pillar) can't picked. Thank you.
  21. Einbroch Murder Quest Bug

    NPC Location: Einbroch 53, 51 Screenshot of the NPC dialog or bug I upload recording Describe the bug: we followed all guidelines and paste it ,still not work. We were trying to finish this quest with my friend ,although we can pass thru with this, access the wolfchev's laboratory ,I have recording of my friend , IGN: Rune Knight Lex ( RK ) Einbroch Murder Quest Bug.rrf
  22. NPC Lime Bug

    According to the photo attached, the NPC Lime says I have not been reborn, but as you can see I'm already GX. What happened and how to proceed? I wanted to join me in Limit Group, but due to this problem can not enter.