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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I got a boarding halter some weeks ago from the Event Point shop and have been very happily using it for maybe a week now, but it suddenly disappeared. I know I didn't accidentally sell it to an NPC because I don't sell items with the character and I use it on--I only sell with my merchant class characters, and when I do I'm always very careful to double, triple check everything. I already went back and forth between all my characters, and checked my item list online. I am so frustrated and hope I can get an answer soon, I really liked that halter and had worked so hard to get it. I didn't know where to place this issue, I don't think my screenshots can prove anything in my case, just that it was there and then gone, but please help me look into it. :'( Thank you -Shimi
  2. Item Name / Item ID : Describe the bug - how you tested : See the screenshot ; The spirte of the halter, including the Doram body becomes plain black. This is a glitch invisible to the user, only other players can see it. Upon equiping, the halter becomes black. Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) : Sprite shouldn't be black. Your Char Name / Your Char Stats Ikuzzen Doram
  3. Snafu

    Bring Back Boarding Halter

    There are people who actually use them, so please bring them back.. or add to the good Lai NPC cos you put the rentals there. Thanks!