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Found 1 result

  1. Summoner 2nd Class 무당/PSYCHIC Introduction Spaghetti towns have been wandering around the town to quickly develop the civilization of Doram. They know a lot but also manage to achieve higher spiritual levels. Psychic has begun to show new functions by combining mental and spiritual powers creating very tough ones in various battles. Difference of summoner is that most of the skills do not rely on the skill destruction physical and magic. Skills Basic Skills Branch? (They seem to focus more on debuffing than support skill) Physical Branch Magic Branch Other skill (not sure what this is) (포웨 오프 민드) Power of Mind Increase movement speed during flight. Create Poltergeist and Hypnosis sure chance. There's no info on support branch yet. Not sure if not yet available or due to something else. Credit: To @Kyouka for mentioning this. Tbh, I can't really care about Dorams in general.. But since MANY love it for some reason. (I know, I know the cute/kawaii thingy) I decided to share. May those Cat Lover rejoice.