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Found 12 results

  1. Repost, now with poll! Affected classes: Rebellions and Rangers. Original thread:
  2. Legendary Kagerou

    Allow Elvira Card on Silk BG/WoE

    Topic Name : Allow Elvira Card on Silk BG/WoE Describe your suggestion: Please allow Elvira Card now in Silk, like other elemental magic boosting acce cards like Headless Mule, Dwigh, Mavka Cards. What is this? : Its about time it should be allowed. Why do we have to add it? : give more build option for magic jobs in silk Who will benefit this? : magic build players Will this change the system drastic? very slight. Room for improvement? Other
  3. This topic is NO longer UPDATED, for accurate info please visit our WIKI. Battlegrounds ⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️⚔️ The Lobby It's a place where all BG related NPCs are gathered. The lobby can be access by typing @go bg NPCs in the Lobby Kafra Staff Admiral Repairman Equipment Recycler This NPC collects Glorious BG gears and she will give you classic badges in return. Shaman She will rent you an useful talisma that will buff you during Battleground. 30x War Badge for 1 Day rental of Battleground Amulet Shader Miria She has the ability to refine your Shadow Equipment up to max 10. General Guillaume Guillaume can help you with adding 1-3 random Enchants to your Shadow Equipments. Enchant Requirement: 1x Shadow Phantom & 50x War Badge Unenchant requirement: 10x War Badge = 20% chance to fail & destroy the equipment. 300x War Badge = 0% chance to fail 1xVIP Coin = 0% chance to fail 1~3 Possible Enchants are: 80% chance for following: STR+1 AGI+1 VIT+1 INT+1 DEX+1 LUK+1 Archbishop Lv1 HP+100 SP+25 HIT + 1 FLEE+1 SP Recovery 1 20% chance for following: Critical Lv1 ATK+1% MATK + 1% MaxHP+1% MaxSP+1% HP Absorb Stone SP Absorb Stone Increase Recovery Large Attack 1 Medium Attack 1 Small Attack 1 Prince Croix A daily Battleground quest! Prince Croix will give you a task to win 3 battles in BG 1 or 2, after you complete the task. You can claim the reward from him for 20x War Badge and he will reward you with one of the following items: Royal Jelly Box Blade of the Fallen Shadow Phantom Military Ration A Military Ration B Military Ration C Classic Store This store accepts Classic Badge Costume Box(Battle) = 1000 Bravery Weapons Brave Assassin's Damascus = 100 Brave Gladiator's Blade = 100 Brave Assaulter's Katzbalger = 100 Assaulter Spear = 100 Warlock's Magic Wand = 100 Strong Recovery Wand = 100 Brave Battlefield Morning Star = 100 Brave Insane Battle Axe = 100 Brave Huuma Front Shuriken = 100 Brave Battle Crossbow = 100 Brave Carnage Katar = 100 Brave Battlefield Guitar = 100 Brave Battle Lariat = 100 Brave Battle Strategy Book = 100 Brave Battle Fist = 100 Soldier Revolver = 100 Soldier Gatling Gun = 100 Valorous Weapons Valorous Assassin's Damascus = 100 Valorous Gladiator's Blade = 100 Valorous Assaulter's Katzbalger = 100 Assaulter Lance = 100 Warlock's Battle Wand = 100 Speedy Recovery Wand = 100 Valorous Battlefield Morning Star = 100 Valorous Insane Battle Axe = 100 Valorous Huuma Front Shuriken = 100 Valorous Battle Crossbow = 100 Valorous Carnage Katar = 100 Valorous Battlefield Guitar = 100 Valorous Battle Lariat = 100 Valorous Battle Strategy Book = 100 Valorous Battle Fist = 100 Soldier Rifle = 100 Soldier Shotgun = 100 Soldier Grenade Launcher = 100 Glorious Weapons Glorious Gladius = 800 Glorious Flamberge = 800 Glorious Rapier = 800 Glorious Holy Avenger = 800 Glorious Claymore = 800 Glorious Spear = 800 Glorious Lance = 800 Glorious Destruction Staff = 800 Glorious Arc Wand = 800 Glorious Cure Wand = 800 Glorious Morning Star = 800 Glorious Cleaver = 800 Glorious Two-handed Axe = 800 Glorious Shuriken = 800 Glorious Hunter Bow = 800 Glorious Bloody Roar = 800 Glorious Jamadhar = 800 Glorious Guitar = 800 Glorious Lariat = 800 Glorious Tablet = 800 Glorious Apocalypse = 800 Glorious Claw = 800 Glorious Fist = 800 Glorious Pistol = 800 Glorious Rifle = 800 Glorious Gatling Gun = 800 Glorious Shotgun = 800 Glorious Grenade Launcher = 800 Equipment Captain's Manteau [1] = 50 Commander's Manteau [1] = 50 Sheriff's Manteau [1] = 50 Battle Greaves [1] = 50 Combat Boots [1] = 50 Battle Boots [1] = 50 Assaulter Plate [1] = 80 Elite Engineer Armor [1] = 80 Assassin Robe [1] = 80 Warlock's Battle Robe [1] = 80 Medic's Robe [1] = 80 Elite Archer Suit [1] = 80 Elite Shooter Suit [1] = 80 Sheriff Badge = 500 Medal of Honor(Swordman) = 500 Medal of Honor(Thief) = 500 Medal of Honor(Acolyte) = 500 Medal of Honor(Mage) = 500 Medal of Honor(Archer) = 500 Medal of Honor(Merchant) = 500 Glorious Equipment Glorious Suit = 420 Glorious Muffler = 315 Glorious Shoes = 290 Glorious Ring = 600 Glorious Popularized Suit = 60 Glorious Popularized Shoes = 35 Glorious Popularized Ring = 100 Glorious Mass-Production Suit = 10 Glorious Mass-Production Shoes = 5 Glorious Mass-Production Ring = 15 Shadow Equipment Scatter Shadow Weapon = 500 Scatter Shadow Armor = 500 Scatter Shadow Shoes = 500 Scatter Shadow Shield = 500 Scatter Shadow Earring = 500 Scatter Shadow Pendant = 500 Knight Shadow Shoes = 600 Crusader Shadow Shoes = 600 Blacksmith Shadow Shoes = 600 Alchemist Shadow Shoes = 600 Priest Shadow Shoes = 600 Monk Shadow Shoes = 600 Assassin Shadow Shoes = 600 Rogue Shadow Shoes = 600 Wizard Shadow Shoes = 600 Sage Shadow Shoes = 600 Hunter Shadow Shoes = 600 Bard Shadow Shoes = 600 Dancer Shadow Shoes = 600 Knight Shadow Armor = 600 Crusader Shadow Armor = 600 Blacksmith Shadow Armor = 600 Alchemist Shadow Armor = 600 Priest Shadow Armor = 600 Monk Shadow Armor = 600 Assassin Shadow Armor = 600 Rogue Shadow Armor = 600 Wizard Shadow Armor = 600 Sage Shadow Armor = 600 Hunter Shadow Armor = 600 Bard Shadow Armor = 600 Dancer Shadow Armor = 600 Useful Items Tasty Pink Ration = 10 Military Ration A = 5 Military Ration B = 5 Military Ration C = 5 Silvervine 10 Box = 150 Seagod's Anger 10 Box = 200 War Store This store accepts War Badge & Blade of the Fallen Costume Box(War) = 1000 Avenger Weapons Avenger Claymore 1x Glorious Claymore 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Lance 1x Glorious Lance 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Two-handed Axe 1x Glorious Two-handed Axe 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Bloody Roar 1x Glorious Bloody Roar 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Jamadhar 1x Glorious Jamadhar 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Hunter Bow 1x Glorious Hunter Bow 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Destruction Staff 1x Glorious Destruction Staff 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Handgun 1x Glorious Pistol 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Rifle 1x Glorious Rifle 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Gatling Gun 1x Glorious Gatling Gun 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Shotgun 1x Glorious Shotgun 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Grenade Launcher 1x Glorious Grenade Launcher 10x Blade of the Fallen Avenger Shuriken 1x Glorious Shuriken 10x Blade of the Fallen Shadow Equipment Super Novice Shadow Weapon = 600 Gunslinger Shadow Weapon = 600 Taekwon Shadow Weapon = 600 Ninja Shadow Weapon = 600 Doram Magical Shadow Weapon = 600 Doram Phsyical Shadow Weapon = 600 Rune Knight Shadow Weapon = 800 Royal Guard Shadow Weapon = 800 Mechanic Shadow Weapon = 800 Genetic Shadow Weapon = 800 Arch Bishop Shadow Weapon = 800 Sura Shadow Weapon = 800 Guillotine Cross Shadow Weapon = 800 Shadow Chaser Shadow Weapon = 800 Warlock Shadow Weapon = 800 Sorcerer Shadow Weapon = 800 Ranger Shadow Weapon = 800 Minstrel Shadow Weapon = 800 Wanderer Shadow Weapon = 800 Ninja Shadow Shield = 600 Taekwon Shadow Shield = 600 Doram Physical Shadow Shield = 600 Doram Magical Shadow Shield = 600 Super Novice Shadow Shield = 600 Gunslinger Shadow Shield = 600 Rune Knight Shadow Shield = 800 Royal Guard Shadow Shield = 800 Mechanic Shadow Shield = 800 Genetic Shadow Shield = 800 Archbishop Shadow Shield = 800 Sura Shadow Shield = 800 Guillotine Shadow Shield = 800 Shadow Chaser Shadow Shield = 800 Warlock Shadow Shield = 800 Sorcerer Shadow Shield = 800 Ranger Shadow Shield = 800 Minstrel Shadow Shield = 800 Wanderer Shadow Shield = 800 Those are the current Battleground related NPCs ~~ In future, if we release more NPCs, this list will be updated! Good Luck fighting!
  4. SWMRA

    BG ranking system

    Topic Name: BG Ranking system for BG players Describe Your Suggestion: We have guild ranking, PvP ranking and even a gladiator ranking... Let's have a ranking system featured in LimitRO's homepage for Battleground players. Just have columns on how many wins they have for bg 1-2-3-4. Who will benefit this? everyone Will this change system drastic? No. Room for improvement? Exclusive rewards /gg. I mean, even gladiator has exclusive rewards... BG deserves more attention in our server.
  5. Role

    Disable GTB card in BG2

    Topic Name I suggest disabling Golden Thief Bug card in BG2. Character Names: Role Drugstore, Role AD This Describe your suggestion What is this? I believe GTB card is too strong in BG2 setting. Magic classes already have hard time dealing decent damage, and the large amount of GTB cards makes it very hard to play magic classes in BG2, except for few exceptions like Dispel Professor. I think most BG2 players would enjoy this, as it would bring more strategies and tactics to the battleground. I don’t believe this to be a drastic change since magic classes are already very weak in BG2. The only concern I have is Coma, as GTB is one of the only ways to prevent Coma. However I believe Coma is more of a gimmick that is limited to certain situations than actual strategy and disabling GTB shouldn’t be too big of a problem. I’m interested in other players’ opinions.
  6. Neko~

    Add Items to BG NPCs

    Topic Name: Add CP/Enriched Ores/Refine Ticket to BG NPCs so players can use war or classic badges to get them. Character Names: Kawaiiiiiii Describe your suggestion What is this? Add CP/Enriched Ores/Refine Ticket to BG NPCs so players can use war or classic badges to get them. Why do we have to add it? To boost battlegrounds participation. Who will benefit this? Everyone. Will this change the system drastic? No. Room for improvement? I don't know what people like so it's up to them, I just want more people in BG. Prices would be up to Lai. Other
  7. Entity 808

    Dorams can jump on CADES!!!

    I believe It's just like cheating cause look the 1st 2nd and 3rd Cades/Gates still haven't been vanished and you can already go to the Emperium and Break it and Win In short You can Bypass the Gates/Cades in WoE/BG using Lope when the 1st and 2nd Stones are Vanished Once again I'm not sure if you meant to do that
  8. Lex Luthor

    Demi Human items BG

    Topic Name: add BG to your list of all demi items, since theres a portion BG like a WOE Character Names: Rune Knight Lex How long have you been playing LimitRO? 2014 How long have you been a Forum member? 2015 Is your Suggestion a duplicated one? nah Have your suggestion been denied before? nah Describe your suggestion What is this? add also BG to your list of all demi human items ex. WOE set and bellum weapons. Who will benefit this? BG players, especially those people who gave up because there are some player are so OP always one hit Will this change the system drastic? nah Room for improvement? If you can also add balance system in BG that will more perfect to encourage newbies Other
  9. Stinson

    BG AFK Farming

    Char Name: (simply write down the full name of the player): Shadow Chaser Lenoj Violation of Rule: (highlight which rule the player has violated) Evidence: (Provide as many screenshots as possible to defend your report) Funny this is, after some time, he moves and does his manhole crap and pretend it's lag.
  10. Battleground Spotlight - Badges are all mine! Bam Bam! Vote between 2015-05-10 to 2015-05-17 You can select multiple choices on ea vote! About Battleground Spotlight is an event to increase the bonus for Battleground rewards. You receive double badges when lose/win during the event period. Now, we are asking you, to select which day/time that you want to see the bonus taken place! Please vote for the desired time, if you care enough.
  11. zrswebdesign

    Schedules of ET and BG parties

    Do we have any parties for ETs and BGs? May I know the schedules please?! Thanks!