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Found 15 results

  1. onion

    Early Onion's Drawdraw

    Hello, it is I, Onion. I will be sharing some of my drawings here. I'll try to keep it RO-related, heheh. Introduction! Outside of RO, I am known as Early Onion. I draw chibis of my characters and write stories. I do make some RO fan art (and RO fan fics), but not much. I draw using traditional media (pens, pencils). I love birds and I like the colour yellow. I think prime numbers are cool; and I have a thing about infinity and the lemniscate. My deviantART/dA, where all my drawdraw is at: https://earlyonion.deviantart/com My Chibi Shop: (yes, you can hire me to draw your RO characters or OCs; but payment is using real money) ^^ On to the drawdraws! I hope the image comes out right. For starters, I'll just share these two drawings of my Doram that I have shared on Limit's Discord server. Meet Unemployed Unit II (a.k.a. Un). Un is the one meowing away about her (mis?)adventures via forum status updates. She loves cute headgears and enjoys loafing about Limit HQ. I drew this one when I made my first Doram character. I'm not a fan of cats, but this was too cute to pass up. And all I can say is... no regrets. xD (originally from my dA: And this next one, I drew when I first joined LimitRO (look at that pajama hat). It was also Easter Event, and Un managed to get herself the basket! (originally from my dA:
  2. Sven Mq

    Protist art

    P E A C H Y P R O T I S T ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ | deviantART | Facebook | Commissions | ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I drew my Doram -- Sven MeowQ. Woof woof! He has a Desert Wolf pup as pet, named Tero. A+ for people who actually know where the place is, from my vague background drawing. Ok here's to hoping I will make more drawing to post in this thread.
  3. Sven Mq

    The World Needs Rebellion

    Sven Mq, my Rebellion. I finally got my lazy self to draw something more effort. Sven hangs around Rookie a lot, mostly because Rookie thinks it's totally fine to shift his own responsibilities unto a much more 'rookie' Rebellion. Sven is a friend to all Dorams. He fights for a cause he's not totally informed of, but he fights em hard. Trivia: Sven tends to sniff other people's Warg butts. He is also always wandering about looking for "treasure". He hopes one day to become truly The Rebellion General.
  4. Sven Mq

    It's Mason!!

    I drew everybody's favourite gun shop owner, Mason Bender! The guy really needs to re-think his strategies. Einbech is a poor place to start a gun business. Everyone's old and jobless there. Hey Mason, maybe you could try working for Rekenber! They love guns I'm sure XD //Every Rebellion will be staring at me with killer intent// Ok that's probably all I can draw for a long while... rip
  5. Sven Mq

    Rookie My Mannnn

    Hey. I don't really draw much these days but I just had to draw Rookie. It's my interpretation based on his sprite and personality. I love Rebellions.
  6. Raindrops

    L.A's Lazy Artworks

    My newest work in progress art that will probably left unfinished. with my own poor shadow chaser as model 😂 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- History
  7. I draw in a lot of different styles, I have posted a few of the pieces I like best from what i've done this year. I'll be taking commissions sometime in the near future if it's okay with the mods. (don't want to piss people off)
  8. catarinaz

    Starting again! - Fanart

    Hello! Just thought I would upload some of my RO art here to liven this place up a little bit. Most of it is pretty old, but I'm trying to start drawing RO fanart again. For valentine's day: Knight/evolutions gloves comparison: Sketches: Thanks for seeing!
  9. Nee

    Nee's Art!

    Hiya! I'll post my art here I guess Old Chibi Stuff I'll post some newer things soon Thank you xx
  10. ABShii

    ABShii's Art

    I'm thinking of opening up commissions for the server, but I'll hold off on that a little while! I want to get a grasp of what people would be willing to pay, so feel free to tell me! I already have cash prices setup on my DeviantART as well, and I'm there under the same name. Anyways, onto the art! I just finished this one today. I only want to post LimitRO related art here, and for now that means just one picture! This was for Fazio, since he was so very nice to me when I very first joined! This is a colored sketch without actual shading to it. As I draw more, I'll be sure to post them!
  11. Due to real life opportunitues, we are no longer recruiting nor is active in this server. Sorry! Find Art In Life (FAIL) Savepoint: Alberta Emblem: TBD Type: Social, PvM, Non-WoE Founders: Proverbs, PaIindrome Who are we: Just a bunch of people who couldn't find a home so we started to make our own! We are looking for like minded individuals to play this awesome game with! But don't let the name fool you! We are not failures! Nor art people, or people with lives. HEH! We're just cool cats looking for other cool cats. We are also new to renewal, sorry! Requirements:Join with an active character that you play at least 70% of the time.Use the forum, guild spot, and Discord. All of our planned parties will be posted in the forums. And most random parties form via Discord or the guild spot. If I never see you either online, Discord and/or forums, you will be kicked.Follow the server rules. Cheaters and botters will not be tolerated. You be kicked on the spot.Follow the Guild "Loot" rules.Be kind. Not everyone will be mature, we get that. But at least respect other people's personal space. If someone asks you to back off, do so.Any level/ equip level is welcome. Be self-sufficient! We will help you as much as we can. But please don't expect everyone to do everything for you. We are your guild-mates, not slaves. We want to play the game how we want too!Be social! Make friends! Have fun! We are a social guild! If you want to play solo for a bit, no problem! But don't leave us hanging for a long time, we will miss you! How to join: Please visit our forums @ and submit an application. We hope to hear from you soon! PS! Feel free to Send me a Private Message if you have any questions/ concerns!
  12. Lazulite

    Lazu's Doodle Corner

    Hey guuys~!! Lazu here :DD I've been wanting to post my artworks in the forum post but I don't have any appropriate RO related work.. until now(only 1 atm)! (Gossammer Moonweb and Phantasmic Fox) Let's me know if you wanted me to post non-RO related art here ;w;)~ Thank you for your time seeing my lil corner here <3
  13. Lady Dan

    Dan P's Art

    Hi people of Limit-RO, I'm Dan P. I'm not that new in the server but I'm totally new in the forums (Not even a year). Anyway, just dropping by to share some art. As of the moment I only have one RO-related art work... Others:
  14. Nanachan

    Tran&Lin gallery

    Tran & Lin fan art gallery Here comes Tran's first fan art ever in her entire life :')) Windy day Talents in the shoot: Parchan the Ranger with her Samoyed the wolf and her Yun the savage babe =)) Wallpaper size with hi-res (contact me )
  15. ChupaChup


    so yea i tried to draw my self and it took around 7 hours lol ( this is my first time ) it's not with Colour yet~ PS : I Can't Draw the Hands very smoothly so i hide them and also about body measure > 3 < it is hard damn~ can someone help me >,<