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Found 5 results

  1. Zohan The Legendary Jade Dragon Amazing Ranger Guide for Arrow Storm Build Ranger (MVP) And Auto-Warg Crit Build Ranger (MVP) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=o=-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I am Zohan The Legendary Jade Dragon Ranger" Together we make it happen... with you since 2009 :: Hi guys this is the latest update on this guide: Oct 2018 (Major Update for September 2018) I. Introduction Archer Class Job Progression New Ranger Sprites Changing Jobs from being a Novice to becoming a Ranger Character Job Change Requirements Base Level/Job Level II. Stats Description Stat Builds - Type A: Basic to Intermediate Level Arrow Storm Ranger Build - Type Z1: End-Game Arrow Storm Ranger Build (MVP/PVE) a) Pure Damage Stat Build b) Hybrid Stat Build - Type B: Basic to Intermediate Level Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build - Type Z2: End-Game Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build (MVP/PVE) a) White Wing Suit Set/Fallen Angel Wing [1]/Golden Wing Build [1] b) Heroic Backpack [1]/Manteau of the Fallen [1] Job Bonuses: Ranger Ranger Job Bonus Table Status Atk and Weapon Atk Formulas: For ranged Chars Insta-cast formula for getting that insta-cast Arrow Storm skill III. Skills Skills Distribution Chart Primary Skills Description - Archer/High Archer Skills - Hunter/Sniper Skills - Ranger Skills - Skills Summary List • Main Ranger Buffs o Ranger Buffs Sequence • Main Offensive Skill Lists • Special Skills List • Party Buffs from other chars in a party IV. Gears List: Equipment Sets and Cards (Tiered Presentation) Ranger Ammunition: Arrows Equipment/Gear and Cards List (Arrow Storm Ranger Build) - Headgear Top - Headgear Middle - Headgear Lower - Armor - Weapon (Left/Right) - Garment - Footgear - Accessory Sample Gear/Equipment Setup • Type A1: Basic NPC Farming Arrow Storm Build (Basic Farming) • Type A2: Intermediate Farming Arrow Storm Build (Farming, Low-level MVPs) • Type B: Intermediate Arrow Storm Build (MVP/PVE) • Type Z1: End-Game Arrow Storm Ranger Build (MVP/PVE) Equipment/Gear and Cards List (Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build) - Headgear Top - Headgear Middle - Headgear Lower - Armor - Weapon (Left/Right) - Garment - Footgear - Accessory Sample Gear/Equipment Setup • Type B: Intermediate Auto-Warg Crit (MVP/PVE) • Type Z2: End-Game Auto-Warg Crit Ranger Build (MVP/PVE) Donation Gears • Gemstones (for Costume Equipment Headgears) • Starstones (for Costume Equipment Wings and CE Aura/Amulets) • Deco Stones (for Costume Equipment Wings) • Costume Wings • Aura/Amulets Shadow Gears • Scatter Shadow • Physical Shadow • Job Specific Shadow Gear Set for Archer Class (Ranger) V. Consumables Damage Boosting Items Restorative Items for HP/SP Attack Speed Boosting Items Stat Boosting Foods and Items Weapon Elemental Converters Elemental Resist Potions Hidden Bonus Stat Quest Other Consumable Items VI. Pets Priority Pets 1) Domovi 2) Little Isis 3) Choco 4) High Orc 5) Orc Warrior 6) Gremlin 7) Dullahan Other Pets Cash Shop Pets VII. Media Materials Character Introduction Video (TBU) Asgard Training Ground Egg Damage (TBU) VIII. Author's Final Message I. Introduction II. Stats III. Skills III. Builds and Equipment Sets (Tiered Presentation) V. Consumables VI. Pets: VII. Media Materials: VIII. Author's Final Message
  2. Item Name / Item ID: Bows/Arrows in general Describe the bug - how you tested: Ammo element should override whatever element the weapon is. Currently, bows seems to have the weapon element (other than neutral) prioritized instead of the arrow element. Earth Crimsons Bow with Steel Arrows: Same damage with Fire Arrows Equipped: Upgrade Bow with Steel Arrows: Higher damage with Fire Arrows: Earth Endowed Upgrade Bow with Steel Arrows: Same damage with Fire Arrows: Here's my Oboro with elemental Kunais and Endowed weapons. Earth Endowed but damage still follows the element of ammo equipped: Testing with Kunai Splash: Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?): This is how it works in official server. Also asked players from other servers and official servers. Your Char Name / Your Char Stats: Not really important. Name is on SS.
  3. Your Char Name IBNR What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug? (You went open your freezer? That counts. yea that's what exactly means) Try to equip Sleep Arrow on a naked SC. Describe the bug as much as possible. Before the patch, SC has no problem with equipping an arrow. Now, when I try to equip an arrow, it shows "Forbidden to wear the state cannot be worn". Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) It used to work perfectly before the patch. Have you tested? Yes, tested on SC, GX, and Stalker.
  4. Entity 808

    [Guide] Arrow Making

    Hi there, Here's a list of the ingredients of arrows and how many you get per craft TIP:Use Ctrl + F and search the arrow you've been looking for Amulet 40 Cursed Arrows Ancient Tooth 20 Steel Arrows, 300 Crystal Arrows Armor Piece of Dullahan 150 Arrows of Shadow Barren Trunk 20 Arrows Battered Kettle 50 Steel Arrows Bee Sting 1 Rusty Arrow Blade Lost in Darkness 600 Sharp Arrows, 200 Arrows of Shadow Bloody Edge 600 Sharp Arrows, 200 Cursed Arrows Blue Bijou 50 Arrows of Wind, 50 Crystal Arrows, 80 Frozen Arrows Blue Gemstone 30 Crystal Arrows, 1 Frozen Arrow Broken Farming Utensil 50 Rusty Arrows, 10 Iron Arrows, 20 Cursed Arrows Burning Heart 150 Fire Arrows Burning Horseshoe 100 Steel Arrows Burnt Tree 250 Fire Arrows Cactus Needle 50 Arrows Cat's Eye 200 Arrows of Wind Clattering Skull 50 Arrows of Shadow, 50 Cursed Arrows Coal 8 Arrows of Shadow Crystal Blue 150 Crystal Arrows Crystal Fragment 10 Flash Arrows, 30 Sleep Arrows Cursed Ruby 50 Cursed Arrows, 10 Sleep Arrows Cursed Seal 50 Cursed Arrows, 50 Mute Arrows Dark Crystal Fragment 30 Cursed Arrows, 50 Arrows of Shadow Dead Branch 40 Mute Arrows Decayed Nail 1 Rusty Arrow, 1 Arrow of Shadow Destroyed Armor 150 Steel Arrows Dokebi Horn 40 Iron Arrows, 2 Arrows of Shadow Dragon Canine 50 Iron Arrows, 1 Oridecon Arrow Dragon Skin 10 Steel Arrows, 50 Cursed Arrows, 50 Mute Arrows Elunium 1,000 Steel Arrows, 50 Stun Arrows Emperium 600 Immaterial Arrows, 600 Mute Arrows, 600 Oridecon Arrows Empty Bottle 2 Iron Arrows Emveretarcon 40 Silver Arrows, 200 Iron Arrows Evil Horn 20 Arrows of Shadow, 10 Flash Arrows, 5 Stun Arrows Fang 40 Silver Arrows, 2 Sharp Arrows Fang of Hatii 100 Crystal Arrows Fin Helm 200 Crystal Arrows, 200 Steel Arrows Fine-grained Trunk 20 Arrows Fire Dragon Scale 300 Fire Arrows, 300 Stun Arrows Flame Heart 1,800 Fire Arrows, 5 Mute Arrows Foolishness of Blind 200 Flash Arrows Garlet 12 Iron Arrows Gill 80 Iron Arrows, 150 Crystal Arrows Glacial Heart 50 Crystal Arrows, 50 Frozen Arrows Glittering Jacket 1,000 Flash Arrows Gold 50 Oridecon Arrows, 50 Flash Arrows Golden Ornament 200 Silver Arrows, 300 Holy Arrows Green Bijou 100 Stone Arrows, 80 Poison Arrows Great Nature 450 Stone Arrows, 5 Flash Arrows Green Live 150 Stone Arrows Hard Feeler 20 Sharp Arrows Heroic Emblem 5 Stun Arrows, 1 Oridecon Arrow Horn 35 Iron Arrows Horrendous Mouth 5 Shadow Arrows Ice Cubic 100 Crystal Arrows Ice Scale 150 Crystal Arrows, 400 Frozen Arrows, 200 Mute Arrows Insect Leg 10 Sharp Arrows, 80 Poison Arrows Iron 100 Iron Arrows Iron Ore 50 Iron Arrows Jellopy 4 Arrows Key of the Clock Tower 50 Oridecon Arrows Lantern 80 Iron Arrows Leopard Claw 10 Sharp Arrows Little Evil Horn 50 Iron Arrows, 2 Cursed Arrows Live Coal 100 Fire Arrows Loki's Whispers 1,000 Arrows of Shadow Lucifer's Lament 800 Stun Arrows, 400 Mute Arrows, 800 Sleep Arrows Manacles 50 Steel Arrows Mantis Scythe 1 Sharp Arrow Matchstick 1,000 Fire Arrows Matyr's Leash 50 Arrows of Wind, 100 Steel Arrows, 10 Sharp Arrows Mole Claw 50 Iron Arrows, 60 Stone Arrows Mother's Nightmare 1,000 Cursed Arrows Mr. Scream 200 Sharp Arrows, 300 Steel Arrows Mystic Frozen 450 Crystal Arrows, 5 Frozen Arrows Needle of Alarm 100 Arrows, 5 Sleep Arrows Ogre Tooth 30 Steel Arrows, 5 Rusty Arrows Old Blue Box 50 Sharp Arrows, 50 Sleep Arrows Old Hilt 1,000 Oridecon Arrows Old Pick 100 Rusty Arrows, 50 Steel Arrows Orc Claw 10 Steel Arrows Orc's Fang 30 Iron Arrows, 5 Steel Arrows, 10 Stone Arrows Oridecon 250 Oridecon Arrows Opera Masque 200 Steel Arrows, 40 Mute Arrows Phracon 50 Iron Arrows Piece of Bamboo 100 Arrows Piece of Shield 100 Steel Arrows, 100 Oridecon Arrows, 300 Immaterial Arrows Poisonous Toad Skin 20 Poison Arrows Porcupine Quill 70 Arrows, 30 Stone Arrows Red Bijou 100 Fire Arrows, 80 Flash Arrows Red Blood 600 Fire Arrows Red Gemstone 10 Rusty Arrows, 1 Poison Arrow, 1 Cursed Arrow Reins 100 Iron Arrows, 50 Steel Arrows Rough Elunium 200 Steel Arrows, 5 Stun Arrows Rough Oridecon 50 Oridecon Arrows Rough Wind 450 Arrows of Wind, 5 Sleep Arrows Rune of the Darkness 300 Shadow Arrows, 150 Flash Arrows Scell 8 Steel Arrows Scorpion Tail 3 Rusty Arrows Shackles 700 Iron Arrows, 50 Steel Arrows Sharp Leaf 30 Sharp Arrows Shining Spear Blade 100 Oridecon Arrows Silver Robe 700 Silver Arrows Silver Robe [1] 1,000 Silver Arrows, 10 Immaterial Arrows Skeletal Armor Piece 500 Immaterial Arrows, 200 Arrows of Shadow, 100 Oridecon Arrows Solid Peach 30 Stun Arrows Solid Trunk 20 Arrows Star Crumb 30 Flash Arrows Star Dust 10 Flash Arrows Steel 100 Steel Arrows Stinky Scale 1 Poison Arrow Stone Fragment 50 Stone Arrows, 30 Stun Arrows Tooth of Bat 1 Arrow of Shadow Tangled Chains 50 Steel Arrows, 50 Arrows of Shadow Tree Root 7 Arrows Trunk 40 Arrows Key of Underground 100 Arrows of Shadow Unicorn Horn 1,000 Silver Arrows Used Iron Plate 100 Steel Arrows, 100 Rusty Arrows Valhala's Flower 600 Immaterial Arrows, 600 Holy Arrows, 600 Sharp Arrows Venom Canine 1 Poison Arrow Welding Mask 200 Steel Arrows, 40 Stun Arrows Will of the Darkness 30 Cursed Arrows, 30 Poison Arrows, 50 Arrows of Shadow Will of the Red Darkness 200 Cursed Arrows, 200 Poison Arrows, 100 Arrows of Shadow Wind of Verdure 150 Arrows of Wind Wolf Claw 15 Iron Arrows Wooden Mail 700 Arrows, 500 Iron Arrows Wooden Mail [1] 1,000 Arrows, 700 Iron Arrows Yellow Bijou 50 Silver Arrows, 50 Immaterial Arrows, 80 Sleep Arrows Yellow Gemstone 10 Stone Arrows, 1 Sleep Arrow Young Twig 1,000 Mute Arrows Zargon 40 Silver Arrows Zenorc's Fang 5 Rusty Arrows Credits to >