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Found 5 results

  1. This skill has two damage parts: Is based on Cannon Ball equipped and Mechanic's stats, isn't increased or reduced by anything except property, enemy's defense is subtracted from this part of damage. Is based on Mechanic's Physical Attack. Can acquire weapon's property and has damage penalty dependent of enemy's Size and Type of Weapon used, also enemy's defense is just subtracted from this part of damage. Because of the damage formula splitting into 2 parts, players can take advantage of this by having a Priest class character cast Aspersio on them for major damage against Undead and Shadow property enemies when used in conjunction with Holy Cannon Balls.
  2. rvmanzanojr

    Arm Cannon Text

    See attached photos
  3. As per skill description and player testimonials in official servers, the skill is not working completely and correctly as intended. Screenshot below shows what gear I used during the test. I hope you look into it. Thank you for your time.
  4. rvmanzanojr

    Lock_Step Card Description

    Tested in Egg using Arm Cannon Skill. Using +10 Robot Arms without card = 23758 Using +10 Robot Arms with 1 Lock Step Card = 32855 The damage increase by 40% as specified in the link below Please change the description to avoid confusion.
  5. I just want to know if the effect of thana card is applicable only in Ranger Weapon that do Physical Ranged Attack. I compound my card in my mechanic weapon and tested it with arm cannon skill but there is changes in damage. Tested it in player with vit 1 and vit 100. The result is the same. Tested it also in other mechanic melee attack skill and normal attack. Result of damage is effective.