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Found 3 results

  1. Updated as of Sept 18, 2018 Hi All, DragonSlayerBoy here! Im from Looney Tunes and we love hunting! I often get questions on how to play MVP Genetic sooo here it is! Making this short guide for newbies to learn how to use Genetic- Cart Cannon type. In my opinion, currently genetic would be the best for PVM. I'll keep this short because the best teacher is still practice and trying stuff out yourself. Table Contents: Skill Guide Suggested Items Suggested Stats Usable items 1) SKILL GUIDE (Sorry I don't know how to make those Skill Clickable- Maybe someone can help me hehe) MUST HAVE SKILLS FOR PVM!!! A. Cart Cannon- Level 5- Your bread and butter skill. This is the reason why genetic is OP for PVM B. Acid Demonstration- Level 10- A good to have skill. Makes genetic very versatile in PVM. Good for high HP Boss C. Cart Boost- Level 5- Damn can you imagine a walking genetic? That would suck so bad so get this skill! D. Crazy Weed- Level 10- Traps? No problem. CW destroy all land traps (Ankle Snare, LP, Bombs Pneuma) E. Full Chemical Protect- Level 5- Heard of MVP Stripping your items away? Well, use FCP. F. Call, Rest, Resurrect Homunculus.- Basically for PVM Genetic what you need to get is the Deiter Evolution. This will allow you to use the skill "Pyroclastic". This skill adds huge damage!! *GETTING HOMUNCULUS IS A MUST!!!* GOOD TO HAVE SKILLS A. Axe Mastery- If you are using Dofle Axe [3] or other Axe type as your weapon. B. Slimp Potion Pitcher- If you are going to use Sapphire Wrist [1] as your accessories. C. Thorn Trap- Good for trapping MVP, but if the boss could use teleport skill it will teleport. (Good for instance tho) D. Demonic Fire- You need this for Fire Expansion *Needs Bottle Grenade* E. Fire Expansion- Get level 3, 4, and 5. Very good skill but for advance players. Level 3- Decrease the damage you get from long range and melee. *Needs Smoke Powder* Level 4- Decrease accuracy of enemy. *Needs Tear Gas* Level 5- AoE version of Acid Demonstration *Needs Acid Bottle* F. Loud Exclamation- Additional ATK. Minimal but hey, its free! 2) SUGGESTED ITEMS HEADGEAR Old Midas Whisper [1]- The only headgear you should get. Higher refine more damage. (Every 2 refine increase cart cannon damage by 15% ) Crow Tengu Mask- Combine with Tengu Scroll - best damage so far + life steal. Tengu Scroll- Combine with Crow Tengu Mask - best damage so far + life steal. Sunglasses [1] - Want more card for HG? Go with slotted mid Monocle [1] - Want more card for HG? Go with slotted mid Robo Eye - Cheapest mid that has use. Golden Fish - +2 all stats. - If you are a stats freak why not!! Spiked Scarf- +30 atk, -2% HP Kiel-D-01 Card- MUST HAVE FOR GENE. You need this card to spam cart cannon. Fenrir Card- Want fast cast for AD? Use this. Have good increase for AD damage also. Violent Coelacanth Card- Can give 1% atk per 2 refine. Can be used with high Midas but you need Kiel more ARMOR Robe of Flattery [1]- +140 Matk and enchantable. If you have the money go with this. But you'll have to refine it to +13 to maximize the damage. Cursed Mail [1] - Good Mid-tier armor. Just need to +7 to get bonus. Heroic Light Mail [1]- Good for stats build but needs high refine. Gloom Under Night Card- Increase damage inflicted on Holy Property, Shadow Property, Angel monster and Demon monster by 40%. (Most MVP are demon hehe) Tao Gunka Card- Maximum HP + 100%. DEF - 50, MDEF - 50. If you want to survive more use this. Ktullanux Card - Increases damage against Fire Property monsters by 50%. (Not really needed since very few MVP is fire property) Realized Amdarais Card- ATK + 20%, MATK + 20%. Each 4 seconds lost 666 HP and 66 SP. Drain 6666 HP and 666 SP as the armor is unequipped. Boitata Card- Increase damage inflicted on brute race, insect, wind property, and earth property by 40%. Watcher Card- +30 ATK- The upgraded porcelio card haha! Good for newbies! Very Cheap! WEAPON Valkyrie Hammer [4]- People's choice weapon mainly due to it being 4 slots. Dofle Axe [3]- Good due to Genetic having Axe Mastery. Downsize is due to it being Axe it has size penalty for medium size monster. (Make sure to get the 3 slots) Hurricane Fury [1]- Good damage but you gonna lose shield Needs EA enchant. Mace of Vicious Mind [1]- Really good weapon if you have good enchant and high refine!! Robot's Arm [2]- On high refine, as tested, its not far off from VH with 3WK+TG + with Verus revamp it will become enchantable. Twin Edge of Naght Sieger(R) [3]- Sword Mastery must be learned. Can be enchanted with EA. Downsize is you can't use it with adrenaline rush. Glorious Morning Star- On high refine, good for bio hunting and other demi human. Turtle General Card- Increases damage inflicted on all enemies by 20%. Abyss Knight Card- Increase damage on Boss monster by 25% White Knight Card -ATK +15. Increase damage inflicted on medium and large size monsters by 20%. - I recommend this due to it being low cost! Archer Skeleton Card- +10% Range damage. Very low cost for newbie. Powerful Archer Skeleton Card- The Steroid version of AS card. Give total of 12% range damage if level 100 above. SHIELD Cursed Mad Bunny - The best shield!!! At +12 this shield allows you have uninterrupted cast and +5% atk and +20 atk. Valkyria's Shield [1] - Cheapest shield but very reliable due to good elemental redux. Immune Shield [1]- Good redux! Bijou Card - ATK +10% and can't be frozen! (Switching) Golden Thiefbug Card- Immune to all magic!!! (Switching) Khalitzburg Knight Card- Def +20, Reduce damage from M and L size monster by 25%. Combo card with White Knight Card. Recommended!! GARMENT Golden Wings [1]- Refine to at least +7 and get EA enchant. Currently the best garment you one can get. At +16 this gives a huge huge stats bonus Fallen Angel Wing [1] - Refined to at least +7 and get EA enchant. Mid Tier items Heroic Backpack [1] - Good for balance type. Average attack and def. -> I don't like this personally. But the greed skill is helpful. Menblatt Card- Best card for damage. Randel Card- Get a second garment and use this as switching. Provides Auto Guard Skill. *Very very helpful for mvp-ing* Raydric Card- If you die fast, try getting Raydric for additional neutral redux. SHOES Applause Sandals [1]- Another Must have for Cart Cannon Build. You won't be able to spam cart cannon without this. Amon Ra Card- Combo with Applause Sandals. Must have!! Temporal DEX Boots [1]- Not recommended but if you don't have Applause Sandals I guess this is the best. Low cost Essence of Evil Intelligence Lv3- More int!! ACCESSORIES Pendant of Maelstrom [1]- 6% Atk and Matk, +1 all stats. and its cheap!!! Money's worth! - Good for stats build Essence of Evil Intelligence Lv3- If you can't get insta-cast build this "card" would help! Gold Scaraba Card - +20 ATK Revolver Buffalo Bandit Card- Str+ 4, 4%ATK. Combo card with Shotgun Buffalo Card Shotgun Buffalo Bandit Card Agi+7, Hit +7. Combo card with Revolver Buffalo Card Marine Sphere Card- Enable Magnum Break (Switching) SHADOW EQUIPS Alchemist Shadow Armor- Must have Alchemist Shadow Shoes. Enable Adrenalin Rush!! -USE THIS!!! Alchemist Shadow Shoes- Must have Alchemist Shadow Armor. Enable Adrenalin Rush!! -USE THIS!!! Genetic Shadow Weapon- Don't get this unless you have the whole 6 shadow set. Genetic Shadow Shield Don't get this unless you have the whole 6 shadow set. Merchant Shadow Earring- If you have this, get the whole set!! +10 atll stats is dopppeee! Merchant Shadow Pendant- If you have this, get the whole set!! +10 atll stats is dopppeee! Scatter Shadow Weapon- +5 Dex!! Use this if you don't have the whole set. Scatter Shadow Shield- +5 Vit! Use this if you don't have the whole set. Scatter Shadow Earring- +5 Int! Use 2pcs of this don't get the pendant! DONATION EQUIPS 4x Destruction Gem Level 3 4x Almighty Gem Level 3 7x Atk Starstone or 7x Long Starstone Deco Stoneeee!!! 3) SUGGESTED STATS STR-> 100-120 // If you are going to use Tengu Set, you will need to put 120 str for bonus. AGI-> 60-90 // Helps in skill delay. VIT-> 20-30 // Not much needed in PVM. **As long as you don't get 1 shot!** You got pots, use it! INT-> 100-120 // Cart Cannon is highly base on Int. Higher better. DEX-> 80-120 // Get enough to have insta-cast cart cannon LUK-> 30-40 // Luk helps you to increase damage. Every 3 luk= 1 atk. Higher luk more immune to curse. 4) USEABLE ITEMS REGULAR USABLE ITEMS: +20 Foods- Yeahhh more stats= more damage +10 Foods- Yeahhh more stats= more damage Berserk Potion- Increase atkspeed. HP Increase Large Potion- More HP Yggdrasil Berry- When your dying and don't have time to use pots. Click your berry! Full health and SP Yggdrasil Seed- Half the effect of the Yggdrasil Berry. SKILL BASED ITEMS: Cannon Balls- Holy, Shadow, Neutral and Ghost, Get them all because converter doesn't work with gene now Acid Bottle - For AD and Fire Expansion Bottle Grenade- For AD and Demonic Fire Thorny Plant Seed- For Crazy Weed and Thorn Trap. Smoke Powder- Fire Expansion 3 Tear Gas- Fire Expansion 4 Glistening Coat - For Full Chemical Protect. OTHER TIPS: (From @Theodosia) NC off (/nc) - Mistakes happen. NC will minimize the chance of them happening. if you misclick you might get stuck in attacking a mob for long enough to get crowded over. @hold - Same thing. Hold is really good against tanky bosses (well uh, tankier) Thorn Trap is your friend. Makes some bosses like R Amda a cake walk even without a truly OP gear. And use your hom as a damage sponge. He can take a lot of punishment! OKAY GUYS THAT'S IT! HOPE YOU GUYS GET SOMETHING HERE. SEE YOU GUYS IN THE HUNTING FIELD!!! PLEASE NOTE THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE AND THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT YOU NEED TO LEARN BY YOURSELF. FEEL FREE TO PM ME. *NOTE!!!! THIS IS ALL BASE ON MY OPINION AND EXPERIENCE SO I COULD BE WRONG!! FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT MY MISTAKES*
  2. Harex Kaboom

    Genetic's Farmerama

    Hey Ladys and Gentlestalker, now im back after three years and I see a lot have changed. Unfortunately the drop rates of some items are horrible low and it makes realy difficult to get a good amount of mats by selffarming. Yeah I know, you can buy them from other player who dont so lazy like me, but calculate, a good amount of bottles are between 200 and 500, means for some you need more than 10K items for only ONE skill. Yeah I know here its better than official server but we dont a official server, thats why I've been thinking about a farm, the Genetics Farmerama. Its realy simple to handle it and with some limitations, wich one I explain in the single points. The Farm is not available all times cause you can only go to the special farms for a limited period of time per day and ONLY for Alchemist/Creator or Genetic, the next restriction, all @commands are disabled except @go or @die. The timer will be resett every day at 0.00 Servertime! The farm are like an single player instance to solve the problem with the many maps you need for each player. The next special point are the special farms for Alchemist/Creator and Genetic. There are special monsters wo drops not the mats, there drops the finished bottles but be aware, at Alchemist Special Farm after the first 10 min spawns a minibos, after 25 min a strong minibos wo drops beside the finished bottles nice class specific gears, at Genetic Special Farm spawns after every 5 min a strong minibos, after 30 min an MVP. - Alchemist Farms 60+ (250.000 zeny fee for each farm except special Alchemist Farm, this costs 1.000.000 zeny, when you die inside you must pay it again, the timer DONT STOP if you go outside) Potion Farm (Here you can farm Red Herbs, Yellow Herbs, White Herbs, Blue Herbs - max time per day 30 min. // all skills are disabled,)Special Potion Farm (Here you can farm Cactus Needle, Mole Whiskers, Witch Starsand - max time per day 30 min // AoE skills are disabled, Homunculus skills are disabled)Alcohol Farm (Here you can fam Poison Spore and Stem - max time per day 30 min. // AoE skills are disabled, Homunculus skills are disabled)Fabric Farm (Here you can farm Fabric - max time per day 15 min. // AoE skills are disabled, Homunculus skills are disabled)Acid Bottle Farm (Here you can farm Immortal Heart - max 30 min per day // AoE skills are disabled, Homunculus skills are disabled)Plant Bottle Farm (Here you can farm Maneater Blossom - max 30 min per day // AoE skills are disabled, Homunculus skills are disabled)Marine Sphere Farm (Here you can farm Detonator and Tendon - max 30 min per day // AoE skills are disabled, Homunculus skills are disabled)Elemental Resist Farm (Here you can farm Heart of Mermaid, Moth Dust, Large Jellopy and Frill // AoE Skills are disabled, Homunculus skills are disabled)Special Farm (Here you can get random bottles by chance for the Alchemist/ Creator Class - max 30 mins per day // AoE Skills are disabled, Homunculus skills Enabled) - Genetic Farm 99+ (1.000.000 zeny fee for each farm except special Genetic Farm, this one costs 5.000.000 zeny, when you die inside you must pay it again, the timer DONT stop if you go outside) High Quality Farm (Here you can farm White Herb, Grape, Honey. Blue Herb - max 45 min time per day // all skills are disabled)Plant Genes Farm (Here you can farm Thorny Fruit, Maneater Root, Mushroom Spore, Poison Spore, Black Powder - max 45 min time per day // AoE skills are disabled, Homunculus skills are disabled)Fruit Farm (Here you can farm Apple, Banana, Pineapple, Coconut, Banana, Cactus Needle, Sticky Mucus, Mold Powder, Mandragora Flowerpot - max 60 min time per day // AoE skills are disabled, offensiv Homunculus skills are disabled)Explosiv Farm (Here you can farm Detonator and Gun Powder - max 45 min time per day // AoE Skills are disabled, offensiv Homunculus skills are disabled)Special Genetic Farm (Here you can get random bottles, bombs and food by chance for the Genetic Class - max 45 mins per day // All Skills alowed)I know it will be a big work cause make a special instance with special monsters who drops the items for farming without the other items, restrictions by skills and al this but I think it will be when finished a realy nice thing for all Alchemist Class Players. Its only a suggestion and n Idea means all things can'll adapted. What do you think about that =) So long and kindest regards, Harex Kaboom
  3. Description Spiritual Potion Creation uses the Spirits from the Alchemist Spirit skill to help you create Alcohol, Acid Bottles and Bottle Grenades extremely fast. When you begin casting, you will attempt to create 100 Alcohol, 50 Acid Bottles and 50 Bottle Grenades. In order to cast Spiritual Potion Creation, you require to have all the items you would need to create the items normally, and the success rate is no different than if you made them one at a time. You also need to have a TaeKwon Kid in your party. Note: You do not need the mats to create everything, you only need to have all of the manuals in your inventory. As of 6/30/13 You can choose to create only one of the three items at a time. ^ saw this on iRO wiki.. Just wondering, is it not implemented here in Limit-RO? because today I was trying to create 50 acid bottles (already got the materials in my inventory), but when I use this skill, it didn't give any choice and just consume 200 medicine bowl without producing anything.. Thank you..