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Found 7 results

  1. Macknighte

    Abyssal Crusaders

    Abyssal Crusaders is a new guild built around family values. We are dedicated to cleansing the world of monster scum and having fun doing it (emphasis on having fun). We have a discord and do require its use, however voice chat is not required. We WOE when on but its not required. We have core values of friendship and family oriented. We are currently looking for officers with experience related to Ragnarok but the experience part isn't required. I have been playing Ragnarok for a very long time and have a lot of knowledge of a lot of stuff. If your interested in joining a fun, laid back, chill guild, let me know. You can reach me in game usually on Makk Attakk , my main, a SinX. Or you can also reach me at any time on discord at Macknighte#1203 .
  2. Claire Einfield

    Looking for members~

    Welcome to Jabbawockeez! A home for an inexperienced, newcomer, speculators, returners & old players. About us: Jabbawockeez is a casual, social guild established for everyone to chill. Basically, it’s a guild for friends who loves adventures and do leveling up together. We are a small community built by veteran PvM mainly players. We hope to invite adventurous new and old players who enjoy using Discord. General Information: Active Hours: -Pacific Time Zone or PST (UTC -8:00) Home Town: Hugel (Simply type @go hugel or @go 22) Language: (English mainly), Tagalog Leader: Silent Riddle Co-Leader: Claire Einfield Guild Type: PvM / Farming Freaksss! Guild Goal(s): -To be able to interact with diverse players and establish friendship -To help one another to advance and do some fun adventures -To share our experiences and knowledge building characters -Willing to give each other’s advice -To help each other progress in the game a bit better -Be Lowkey and chill together What do we do? -We do MVP hunting -Guide newbies, give tips for those who feel lost. -Guild Events -Instance raiding -Zenny Farming Minimum Requirements: -Almost everyone is welcome! Are you lonely, friendly, gearless? We can adopt you as long as you are kind and friendly! -Slacker and lazy? No problem we are too! -Active and Sociable! -We do have a social media platform and discord server, so please we require everyone to get one. It’s 2018, Get a Discord! Rules: -I highly recommend to respect both guildmates and to those who are not in the guild. -Ask if you have further questions. -No swearing and dramas ☹. -Keep your promises. -Be adult enough and mindful for taking such responsibilities, technically all the common sense rules. -Be there for others, so others will also be there for you. Guild Activities: -Endless Tower -Old Glast Heim (normal and hard) -Mora -Infinity Space -Bio 3 -Bio 4 -Bio 5 -Devils -Temple of Demon God -Horror Toy Factory, and more! If you are interested on applying: Character Name: Class: Level: List one goal: Why do you want to join the guild: What events interest you: OR. just dm(direct message) me through here. :") Social Platform: Discord:
  3. Master Orochimaru


    Leader: Master Orochimaru How to join: Speak to Master Orochimaru, Sealed Orochimaru, or any member titled Gorosei, Guardian of the Sun and Judge of the Moon. Requirements: Nothing, come start your journey with Otogakure! We do ask that you stay active and polite. Don't beg--ask how you can earn more zeny or where to find/buy an item instead. Inactivity for 7 days will get you expelled if you don't talk to us about it. You can always join again, but we like to keep room for new recruits. Guild Town: Einbroch. Stay awhile and you're sure to run into us. We are also reachable by joining our channel by typing: @channel join #Otogakure Then, just type #Otogakure in the lefthand whisper box and type your message on the right. All channel chat will appear in general chat with [Otogakure] before the message. Don't be shy, just ask "Is anyone online?" Type: Farming Freaks. No instance is safe from Otogakure! We farm from Infinite Space to Temple of Demon God, from Thana 10 to the BGs, those are our DAILY ACTIVITIES OGH NM full parties if you are in training to two-manning HM if you are advanced (Gorosei are intense!), wherever there's a way to improve our characters, earn zeny, or just have a lot of fun; we are there! -Temple of Demon God, COMPLETED- -Conquering Thanatos Tower, Dungeon 10- -Invited from Naght Sieger's tower- -Loki wanted to party wiht us- -Fight the CORRUPTION!- -Let's seek on treasure room at Horror Toy Factory- - Witnessing the girls fight - Exterminate the Pest and their Queen. Otogakure Rules: English Only on Guild Chat Respect the Guildmates Begging to Guildmates is Prohibited Dishonest is Prohibited Main Language: Stick to English in Guild Chat please, so everyone understands. Otherwise, feel free to talk with each other directly in any language Main Timezone: GMT+8 and we have some members at all different times Ways of Otogakure: -MVP Cards: 1,000,000,000+ zeny: During any guild run, cards worth over a billion zeny are divided by giving half of the zeny to the lucky person who got the drop, and the other half to the remaining party members. 999,999,999- zeny: Cards worth under a billion zeny are divided equally to all party members. Please give the card to the guild master or other credible guild officers to sell. Sales take approximately 2-7 days but can vary on market demand. Payouts occur immediately after the card sells. -Guild Titles: In Otogakure, we have titles to represent advancement as a player and member of the guild. All common titles display as "[title name] Otogakure / Hidden Sound" above your character's name. [Genin] - below level 160; This is the title you will begin with. [Chunin] - This is the title after Genin, showing your commitment and capabilities in multiple instance runs. [Jounin] - This is the title after Chunin, showing you have grown strong in gear, skill, and are able to lead parties of Genin and Chunin. *Shichibukai a Warlords of Otogakure, a players who specialized / strong on WoE and PvP. Limited on 7 players -After Jounin, you will earn titles reflecting your advanced specialty and role in the guild. The following titles are capable of leading Jounin and below: [Anbu] - A capable DPS (damage per second) that can quickly and efficiently kill single targets, groups, and is able to compete with earning MVP on the boss. [Sensor] - A capable crowd controller able to keep mobs at a distance, disable them, or tank them away from the party. [Medic] - A capable support class able to heal and save party members from death or the party from wiping. <Gorosei> - These 5 Officers help organize the entire guild and hold meetings officially weekly, and unofficially all the time, with Master Orochimaru. Speak to these leaders about anything and everything to do with the guild. The Seven Deadly Sins - These unique titles are each held by only one member of the guild. Reflecting their strength and personality, Members holding this title are able to solo many instances and "carry" the guild in guild runs (sensor+medic+anbu all in one!). in short specialized on Instances. Guardian of the Sun / Judge of the Moon - These 2 unique titles are capable to organize the entire guild [Apprentice] - A title for sub-Character of Medic and Gorosei. Great White Snake / Cursed White Snake - The guild master himself! -Thanks for Reading our post! see you in LimitRO-
  4. Hangout : Guild Base Emblem: GM: Kafuu Chino Type: Social, PvM, Farming, Talking, Selling, Trading, Helping Right now there are only 2 of us here me and my friend Looking for someone any class but prefer it to not be a ranger. My friend and I can do OGH NM even tried OGH HM but time wasnt enough for 2 maybe can finish with 3 people. Finding people the more the merrier. Just mail/pm me Kafuu Chino I'm online 7:00 pm - 7 am 8GMT+ SEA TIME or :00 am - 7:00 pm 8GMT- TIME xD We don't really require anything no mandatory chat software no registering heck you can even just join and not talk if you want xD Just wanna have fun here UPDATE: After a while i need to update this now we are now a 9-11 man guild(idk how many xD) but we are now able to finish ET, OGH HM and such looking to do other instances when we are not lazy anymore. Pretty much the same except chat is very active i hope more people will join! We try to trade items for lower than the price in vending! we help and suggest how to farm too. After joining the guild members learn how to farm 100-200m daily :3 or 70m if they are really lazy
  5. Due to real life opportunitues, we are no longer recruiting nor is active in this server. Sorry! Find Art In Life (FAIL) Savepoint: Alberta Emblem: TBD Type: Social, PvM, Non-WoE Founders: Proverbs, PaIindrome Who are we: Just a bunch of people who couldn't find a home so we started to make our own! We are looking for like minded individuals to play this awesome game with! But don't let the name fool you! We are not failures! Nor art people, or people with lives. HEH! We're just cool cats looking for other cool cats. We are also new to renewal, sorry! Requirements:Join with an active character that you play at least 70% of the time.Use the forum, guild spot, and Discord. All of our planned parties will be posted in the forums. And most random parties form via Discord or the guild spot. If I never see you either online, Discord and/or forums, you will be kicked.Follow the server rules. Cheaters and botters will not be tolerated. You be kicked on the spot.Follow the Guild "Loot" rules.Be kind. Not everyone will be mature, we get that. But at least respect other people's personal space. If someone asks you to back off, do so.Any level/ equip level is welcome. Be self-sufficient! We will help you as much as we can. But please don't expect everyone to do everything for you. We are your guild-mates, not slaves. We want to play the game how we want too!Be social! Make friends! Have fun! We are a social guild! If you want to play solo for a bit, no problem! But don't leave us hanging for a long time, we will miss you! How to join: Please visit our forums @ and submit an application. We hope to hear from you soon! PS! Feel free to Send me a Private Message if you have any questions/ concerns!
  6. Lilly Belle

    LF> Social/ MVP Guild

    Look away if you are recruiting WoE players or PVP players. I'm hoping to find a mvp/ social guild that doesn't mind having a semi-afk priest in their headquarters. The guild must be nice, fun, helpful with leveling or questing or MVPing, and are not hypocrites. I like it easy going and non-stressful cause this is a game it's about having fun not getting stressed. about meh: I love to draw and make a living doing it. In-game I have a habit of afking without warning especially when I am in Ro towns doing nothing (except during MVPing cause who the heck afks at that time? XD). I dislike people bossing me around unless there's a very good reason. For example, your guildmates are dying from getting speared by an LoD MVP ofc if you tell me to help yes I will help by the power of my anti-laziness (for a certain duration and followed by a cooldown) i shall heal and buff and whatever you need from a priest. If I don't respond, that means I am afking so don't misinterpret it as if I was ignoring you! I'm not xD. Why should I be recruited? I dislike quarreling with people so I try not to get involved with arguments or drama so you can count on me to be well-mannered in the guild. I like to joke around in a guild and would encourage guildies to join in on the chat. If i am not afking or leveling, I am serious when it comes to mvping such as formation, classes to use, and also skills to use I preferably classes such as proff, priest, sniper! =D If there are flaws during a mvp run then tell me directly without raging cause i will not listen to a player with those type of bad attitudes. ^-^ It's not healthy. thanks and hope someone will take me in!
  7. Fluffy Ribbons

    Eternal Playmates!