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Found 8 results

  1. Macknighte

    Abyssal Crusaders

    Abyssal Crusaders is a new guild built around family values. We are dedicated to cleansing the world of monster scum and having fun doing it (emphasis on having fun). We have a discord and do require its use, however voice chat is not required. We WOE when on but its not required. We have core values of friendship and family oriented. We are currently looking for officers with experience related to Ragnarok but the experience part isn't required. I have been playing Ragnarok for a very long time and have a lot of knowledge of a lot of stuff. If your interested in joining a fun, laid back, chill guild, let me know. You can reach me in game usually on Makk Attakk , my main, a SinX. Or you can also reach me at any time on discord at Macknighte#1203 .
  2. neora aeon

    New Silk WoE Assessment

    So first Silk WoE finished, and I have to say the mode is better than expected. Pros: Good enough reduction to withstand damage, never get 1 shotted. Enough damage to actually kill people through good focus fire/enough DPS/Burst. Actually feels like a WoE where new players can participate. Defending a castle that ISN'T "portal camp" (FE Castles) actually feels possible. Cons: Bad integration of consumables i.e.; Can use +1~20 food/buff consumables/etc. outside castle then walk inside still retaining the buff. Some classes are forced to go only one build due to lack off cards/weapon choice. And some are not even playable. Dorams are allowed to wear their set, but they can't even slot cards into it so that's really pointless Suggestions to help make it better: Allow very select few cards. (Will give example, reasoning and GMs could review it). Allow the use of consumables like +1~20 foods Allow use of a bit more healing items, currently we are only allowed to use WoE Whites/Blues, why not include WoE Violets as well? Allow basic 4 slot weapons for respective classes, along with a few cards, would help some classes diversify builds and actually be able to play. (rip DB RK/Wanderer) Cards i'd like to be added: Archer Skeleton Card - RKs are limited to only playing Storm Blast now and even then, it's not that amazing. Give love to Dragon Breath. Marc Card - cuz doram has a slotted armor but no cards Peco Peco Card - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Evil Druid Card - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Drops Card - SCs do not have a good weapon to wear, Combat Knife is not allowed, but this + 4 slot weapon would at least give them some extra Dex to get their job done. Noxious/Raydric - cuz doram has a slotted armors but no cards Fabre Card - Sorcs can't use CK, give them MG [4] and this card, and that'll help them survive a bit better. (not a lot, but it's something) Marina Card - For status spreading classes. Plankton Card - For status spreading classes. (this one would be great for SCs too, pair with sleep arrow and yey) Female Thief Bug Card - Agi +1! "Breaker cards" (lul) I'm really against adding Sropho card. Diamond Dust should be staple anyway, and giving access to Sropho would turn this woe into a Sropho fest. Weapons to be added suggestion: Elven Bow [1] - Rangers do NOT have any real weapon choice whatsoever, if you tell me KVM Bow is good, then I laugh at you even then, ranger just sucks in this setting (pls stop playing ranger in woe, your era is over) Main Gauche [4] - to give classes that would use CK an actual choice Mace [4] - For those RKs that prefer to play DB over anything else Pike [4] - another 4 slot weapon, would be nice for RGs to have something to use when they are breaking. (spear quicken) Composite Bow [4] - For those archer classes that would like to spread status effects Violin [4] - Minstrel instrument to just put extra stats cards (4 vit for apple? or 4 dex/int for bragi) Rope [4] - Whip for wanderers same reasoning as minstrel Consumables: WoE Violet Potions - Cuz White/Blue enabled, why not violet? racist :[ Mastelas - for those lower HP pool classes that would heal a lot from it Slim White Poitions - same as mastela Status foods +1~~20 - Usable outside, ignore the loophole and let it be usable inside as well Large HP/SP/Vitata 200/Celermine Juice - Same reasoning as above Concentration/Awakening/Berserk Potions - same reasoning as above WoE White/Blue/Violet potion Boxes - It's a real oversight that we can't use the boxes that contain the items we are allowed to use. Royal Jellies - can't. cure. anything. pls. send. help. Butterfly Wing - i wanna go home after woe pls. or you know, if my armor breaks, let me out so i can fix it Box of Sunlight - GX/SC has free reign, BoS with our current weird CD of it will prove to be a good counterplay I know what you're thinking, "What about Converters, Holy/Undead/Shadow Scrolls and Elemental Resist Potions Raii??" We're literally not doing elemental damage so there won't be any need for these things. Aside from Warlocks who do Elemental damage, don't kill warlocks with Holy/Undead/Shadow Scrolls please. Just this for now, will edit and add to original post later on if anything else comes up For others: please feel free to add suggestions, but give your reasoning too. thanks
  3. heartlesswretch

    R>Hyrule Kingdom

    We're recruiting new active members. MVP killers come!!!! pm me here or in game (Thanos The Demi God) We do mvp rounds, et, infinity, soon ghost palace, all of the other instances. We need rangers, sura, ab, sorc, gx, etc. Don't be shy and let's build a great guild!
  4. MissFridis

    Calendary's AbraChart

    ~~~ As the title says ~~ In case someone's interested in the average "ChangeClass"-probability on LimitRO. Abracadabra Chart *Using Mistress Card, which makes you only use 1 Yellow Gemstone*
  5. Lilly Belle

    LF> Social/ MVP Guild

    Look away if you are recruiting WoE players or PVP players. I'm hoping to find a mvp/ social guild that doesn't mind having a semi-afk priest in their headquarters. The guild must be nice, fun, helpful with leveling or questing or MVPing, and are not hypocrites. I like it easy going and non-stressful cause this is a game it's about having fun not getting stressed. about meh: I love to draw and make a living doing it. In-game I have a habit of afking without warning especially when I am in Ro towns doing nothing (except during MVPing cause who the heck afks at that time? XD). I dislike people bossing me around unless there's a very good reason. For example, your guildmates are dying from getting speared by an LoD MVP ofc if you tell me to help yes I will help by the power of my anti-laziness (for a certain duration and followed by a cooldown) i shall heal and buff and whatever you need from a priest. If I don't respond, that means I am afking so don't misinterpret it as if I was ignoring you! I'm not xD. Why should I be recruited? I dislike quarreling with people so I try not to get involved with arguments or drama so you can count on me to be well-mannered in the guild. I like to joke around in a guild and would encourage guildies to join in on the chat. If i am not afking or leveling, I am serious when it comes to mvping such as formation, classes to use, and also skills to use I preferably classes such as proff, priest, sniper! =D If there are flaws during a mvp run then tell me directly without raging cause i will not listen to a player with those type of bad attitudes. ^-^ It's not healthy. thanks and hope someone will take me in!
  6. Tuzki

    King of the hill

    GAME RULES Use any means necessary to take the hill from the person above you No limits except the hill can't be destroyed. Keep the forum rules in mind. Every post has to end with "And now I have the Hill" I'll start.... and now I have the hill.
  7. Kai


    -Not Recruiting as of this moment- General Information: WolvesReign is a friendly guild that aims towards having fun and not taking woe too seriously, we like having competition and we welcome anyone with open arms. We only participate in Silk WoE because some of us prefer not to attend Normal WoE due to time-zone issues or woeing in another guild. Our guild also does guild exclusive instance runs and Abracadabra (Bio, Glast Heim, ET, Nidhoggur, etc) to help everyone in the guild gear up, level up and have fun in the process! Guild Leader: Oda Hanzo Co-Leader: Lexi V / Kakurai / Instinctx Save Point: Dewata (@go 28) Expectations; Active in WoE Level 150+ Geared Not a Spy --------------------------------------------------- Classes we need: FULL SUPPORT Sorcerer FULL SUPPORT Arch Bishop Rune Knights Full Support Minstrel Genetic Kagerou / Oborou Sura --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why should you join us? Even though you're new to the server, and/or WoE, we'll guide you and teach you~ We don't expect full loyalty from you, but we want you to stay in our guild~ What are you waiting for? Be part of the Wolf Pack Family! Drop by at Dewata (@go 28) or PM me in the forums! You can also ask these guys for invite: IGNs: Rozen Lynn, Kakurai, Instinctx, Requiem of Minstrel, Lexi V -Not Recruiting as of this moment-////DISBANDED
  8. Fluffy Ribbons

    Eternal Playmates!