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Found 6 results

  1. SWMRA

    BG ranking system

    Topic Name: BG Ranking system for BG players Describe Your Suggestion: We have guild ranking, PvP ranking and even a gladiator ranking... Let's have a ranking system featured in LimitRO's homepage for Battleground players. Just have columns on how many wins they have for bg 1-2-3-4. Who will benefit this? everyone Will this change system drastic? No. Room for improvement? Exclusive rewards /gg. I mean, even gladiator has exclusive rewards... BG deserves more attention in our server.
  2. Neko~

    Add Items to BG NPCs

    Topic Name: Add CP/Enriched Ores/Refine Ticket to BG NPCs so players can use war or classic badges to get them. Character Names: Kawaiiiiiii Describe your suggestion What is this? Add CP/Enriched Ores/Refine Ticket to BG NPCs so players can use war or classic badges to get them. Why do we have to add it? To boost battlegrounds participation. Who will benefit this? Everyone. Will this change the system drastic? No. Room for improvement? I don't know what people like so it's up to them, I just want more people in BG. Prices would be up to Lai. Other
  3. Topic Name Implement a way to report players in BG Character Names: Ixion Describe your suggestion What is this? Recently there are lots of AFK players in BG when no GM are online, there should be a way for us who play BG and know which players are AFK to report them. I really don’t know if there is a command that we can use to add "report points" or something like that, so when a the majority of the team reports a player, he gets a 1 hour or 30 min time-out, or something. By mayority i mean, if the team has 5 members, 3 report points will be enough to jail a player I guess there is no command like this... but is there something we, as players, can do something to deal with this? Its frustrating to see this people winning badges by doing nothing Why do we have to add it? Because GM are always busy or have a life, and they cant deal with this all time =P And to keep the value of the badges on the market Who will benefit this? Battleground players Will this change the system drastic? It will make the game more fair Room for improvement? Open to sugestion
  4. neora aeon

    BG C Adjustments

    A few things that in my opinion should be adjusted. Rental System: Please allow us to rent BEFORE joining BG, rushing to rent things is just a bad design in general. If possible make some kind of "Memorized Rental gears" Rental Gears run out too fast, 60 minutes is too short. Consumables: Should be able to use Battlegrounds Potions (BG White Potion, BG Blue Potion), Mastelas (if anything comes to mind will add here) Genetic potions like Celermine Juice should be usable within BG, not only from outside. Equipment: Some rental gears cannot even be used. i.e. Diablos Boots (please check them before you implement honestly) Some classes do not have a viable slotted weapon (SinX can't wear any Katar that is slotted, my suggestion: Specialty Jur [4] or Jur [3]) KVM C: Nothing changed as a design, no problems here. Flavius C: Honestly enjoyed it, imo better than old Flavius where you just rush to kill things as fast as possible Tierra "Bossnia" C: Really poor balancing. Takes too long to take Neutrality Flag, then kill boss, take Flag again, kill boss (while defending Neutrality Flag from enemy team, takes almost 20 minutes or something stupid like that, and neither side could finish off the Gloom Guardian, it should not take that long to play a BG round) Requires you to take Neutrality Flag to progress, if your side does not own Neutrality Flag you cannot kill the boss. Boss runs around the map on it's own, if unlucky your boss that you have to protect might just run out towards enemies and die. Second boss requires you to have Neutrality Flag again, to make it worse, this boss is Gloom Under Night, ghost property. Nothing. Hits. This. Boss. So far the only thing i've seen that hits it from the few BGs we managed to pull together is Soul Breaker (SinX Trans skill) and it barely does any damage. Just these for now, will edit later if anything comes up.
  5. Stinson

    BG AFK Farming

    Char Name: (simply write down the full name of the player): Shadow Chaser Lenoj Violation of Rule: (highlight which rule the player has violated) Evidence: (Provide as many screenshots as possible to defend your report) Funny this is, after some time, he moves and does his manhole crap and pretend it's lag.
  6. Makuvex


    Save Point: (Still figuring out.. O_O) Just a few requirements: - Must be level 150+ - Must have at least Basic gears intended for the chars that you will use. - Must at least know how to speak in english. - Must be active on KVM (Prolly the most important one. XD) Classes Needed?: Depends on whatever you would like to use.. Some Basic Info: +The guild is only intended for Battleground[KVM] Purposes +We don't WoE cuz we're baddies +We can do Abra, ET, Quests, and chat nonsense all day long.. Just pm me on these IGNs and I'll try to reach you whenever I can! P u s a k a L Dr Kwak Kwak MakuVex