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Found 5 results

  1. about comodo event stuff

    i want about that npc comodo event stuff when you want put that npc at asgard
  2. Some concerned played just reported to me that there is a afk farmer in eclage dungeon about 30min or so, using reflect. Then i check it.. and this is what i saw IGN: Migthy Duck AFK Leveling/Farming/Battleground/Fishing Do not train yourself or farm items while away from your computer. This includes by homunculus, reflect, autocasting, or any combination of the three. Doing so under this method will earn you either jail time, item removal, base level removal, or a combination of the 3. If requested to respond you are expected to do so, either by GM or otherwise. Punishment can extend to a temp ban or a permanent ban based on previous infractions.
  3. Save them!

    Topic Name (Make +7 and below refine ticket tradable) Character Names: Ken Ma / Chrow Lucilfer Describe your suggestion What is this? (Make +7 and below refine ticket trad-able) Why do we have to add it? Someone just got scammed again, took his item and disappear. it Keeps happening. Who will benefit this? All, mostly new players who does not now how things works in our server and how retarded people are. Will this change the system drastic? NO Room for improvement? YES, Other
  4. The dead bodies which spawn maggots on ogh final boss room normal mode keeps on respawning after cleared (1-3 minutes respawn). Normally after you cleared it, it should not respawn. If it keeps doing ths it will give unli chance to drop coagulated spells. (Prone to abuse so check on this asap). I dont know if this is present in hard mode. Dont have a screnshot as proof but was thinking video would be better, sadly no rosources to do video editing so please just chek on this, so many bugs after the maintenance getting frustrated already. Dont really care about the rewards for bug reporting i jut want a fix and better game play quality. Tnx
  5. Wild Milestone [1], I tried to put any headgear cards on Wild Milestone, but the results are the same