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Found 2 results

  1. Yuuki

    Ramadan Moubarak

    Ramadan Moubarak Intro Celebrate the completion of rebuilding efforts in Morroc City! However, some Morocc Citizens seem to be in need of help... Aladin & Genie Quest: Talk to Aladin in Morocc City (157, 258). He will ask you to go Yuno to help him find a lamp. Talk to the Mad Scientist in Yuno. Keep talking to him (until you become mad) until he gives you a flashlight. Return to Aladin. He will direct you to the Mjolnir Mines. Talk to the Mjolnir Miner just outside the coal mines (mjolnir_02, 76, 353), he will ask for 1000 Lanterns. He will pass you a Bright Lantern (not actual item) he made from the 1000 Lanterns. Return to Aladin. This time he will ask you to get him a Genie Lamp. It is dropped by a special anopheles found in a map south of Morocc City. Bring him the lamp, and he will allow you to trade in 30x Genie Powder daily for a random reward (It is drop by Bandits found in all Morocc Fields). Talk to to the Genie to turn in your Genie Powders. You can only turn in 30x Genie Powder on maximum 3 characters per account every day (max 90 per account). Genie's Random Reward List: 10x Ketupat Opor Ayam 10x Honey Tea 3x Isis Mercenary Scroll 10x Whole Roast 10x Special Royal Jelly Herbal Tea 10x Incredibly Spicy Curry 1x Magical Carpet 1x Aladin Lamp 1x Costume: Tarnished Lamp Daily Ramadan Feast: Tamarin's new part time job to be a Chef in Morocc City (141, 166). Everyday from 1600~0100 Server Time, he will serve a feast to all players. Default: 10x Honey 10x Milk 10x Grape Juice 10x Ketupat Ayam Opor Chef Tamarin can do better than that, but he needs some ingredients! If he were to receive the following items before 1600 server time, he will serve 7x Morocc Kebab instead (per account). 1000x Clam Flesh 1000x Savage Meat 1000x Tendon 1000x Live Coal 1500x Cooking Skewer Effects of Morroc Kebab: activates a random buff (only 1 may be active at a time, latest buff override previous buff). Armor becomes ghost property for 7 minutes. Armor reflects melee damage for 7 minutes. Armor has chance to freeze enemy, effect last 7 minutes. Healing increased for 7 minutes. After cast delay reduced for 7 minutes. Movement speed increased for 7 minutes. Cast time reduced for 7 minutes. New Items Ketupat Opor Ayam Recovers 100% HP, 10 seconds reuse delay. Fresh Milk Increases HP for 3 minutes. Fresh Honey Increases SP for 3 minutes. Jallab Increases resistance to certain status effects by 10% for 9 minutes. Sahlab Increases HP & SP recovery by 50% for 9 minutes. Amar al Din Increases resistance to all elements by 5% for 9 minutes. Magic Carpet [0] Accessory AGI +1. Enable Lv2 Teleportation Aladin Lamp [0] ALL STATUS +3 During Ramadan Event, add chance when defeating monster to drop Fresh Milk, Fresh Honey, Jallab, Sahlab and Amar al Din. Event Time: 2016.06.13 to 2016.07.04
  2. Lai

    Hello 2016!

    Hello 2016! About LimitRO simply wish you an awesome HAPPY NEW YEAR! Event For us to reach our goal of 2016, we would need your help! If you haven't written any greetings to your friends yet, then this is a perfect chance to do so! Share the following content to your Facebook wall! Hello 2016! This is my resolution of 2016: <Write your resolutions here> <Write your resolutions here> <Write your resolutions here> <Write your resolutions here> <Write your resolutions here> I wish everyone, to keep an eye on me during 2016, and remind of those resolutions, to help me achieve them! Happy New Year, everyone! <3 Thank you so much! See you in 2016!!! Reward Share the content Reply under this topic with the link of your share. Char name: Comment: You will receive 16x Cash Point Coins when done! Example Post