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Found 6 results

  1. KucingKucing

    Comodo's quest

    Hi team, -char name: KucingSoul I was wondering about this quest: It says that: Note: Kagerou, Oboro and Rebellion will receive a random hat. And then I finished the quest by using Soul reaper and I've received 'Focus Beret'instead of ''Deadman Bandana'' Kindly assist, cheers!
  2. MoonMinstrel

    Parfait Vigilante Hat Appearance

    Hello! I just started the game doing the Doram quest in Lasagna after which you get the Parfaille Vigilante Hat and I simply love its original looks like in the description window, but when I equip it, it turns into a tilted pink tophat. Is that normal? Any way I can change it back to normal? I really like how it was before <w> Thanks anyway ❤️
  3. Takudan

    Donation recycle

    IIRC donation hat recycle used to return 200cp, today when i checked it says 150cp. so is it really 150cp now? and why is it reduced so much? @[email protected]
  4. zhero15

    Cherry Township Headgear

    No item description
  5. Makes it easier to search/make/preview the right/desired hat. Shouldn't be hard to implement.
  6. Alright so I finally managed to get a Cat Santa Hat item on my male account. And I see it doesn't work. Is that going to be fixed? I would like to give it to my GF but not if its gonna crash her game.