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Found 28 results

  1. helo ... wanna post about doram bug magical skill. #nb : INFO for matk 1100 with this : skill "bunch of shrimp" and weapon + 9 magic type.... Skill Name : Silverine Stem Spear Screenshot of the skill usage. # i have it. When you use this skill, which equipments/ammos/accessaries do you wear? # use 2 x Shining eggplant talisman (boost damage skill and reduce casting) When you use this skill, are you mounted/do you have push cart/do you have falcon? # nope When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? # nothing When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? # only use this skill What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? # bleeding 10 % chance How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? # can't see bleeding and the most important is LOW Damage with 1100 Matk. Have you tested in person? YES Your Char Name : Met Meow .. thx alot, hopely can fix it next maintanance
  2. kopet

    skill damage doram

    hai :3, wanna give some info for doram skill from youtube test skill ( i think its KRo coz use korean's letter on interface of skill ) this for MAGICAL Doram type : # test on skill limit RO : = meteor catnip hit slowly on each meteor and enemy can escape easily (on video more fast and continouse hitting enemy ) = meteor catnip ,must check damage calculation = silvervine stem spear, number of hit, must check damage calculation, chance repetition of skill depens 30 or over base lv, and casting duration (idk its bug or not ) add some skill info meteor : ================================================== this for PHISICAL doram type : # test on skill limit RO : = Picky peck, number of hit, chance repetition of skill depens 30 or over base lv, and casting duration ( idk its bug or not ) = Scar of taraou, damage calculation = Lunatic carrot beat, number of hit and maybe re-check on hitting speed... ++ ask : about 20 % Matk (power of land) and 20 % range dmg (power of life) ... its still bug or already fix? thx alot .. thx alot GM ... Limit RO :3
  3. Hi. Great to see Doram race at LimitRO. Want to enlist bugs detected (and not forgotten xd), hoping to see more catlike players welcomed and be useful ^^ The reports are made on mtk-type (Power of Land: magic, buff, debuff) only, level 175/50, full Doram set, no DP. 1) Invisible Root Twist: - invisible on mobs/ visible at pvp - needs to be fixed since root twist skill works properly until the third Root twist, when forth root is set the first root loses its power (official). 2) Catnip Meteor: - Report is already made by @Yuuki @kopet - Not enough catnips summoned to hit mobs. We are not expecting hitlock obviously. but mobs are just fleeing away due to lack of meteor. *ADD* The AOE range for the skill (also for Carrot-type skills) is not working as the description says. Max level indicates 7x7, which, according to the test, works in 1x1 range only. - It is said that 'Skill duration depends on skill level', but has 4 hits (4 meteors xd) done when max level is 5: - Compare (kRO Player): 3) Hiding Skill: Are you working properly? - Hiding Skill is famous at kRO for allowing to hide from mobs (if not "detected" by skills), here it looks like poo-time inside bush : Left: LimitRO, being attacked by noob mob / Right: kRO, hiding in bio - When your partner buffer uses party-buff (e.g. Gloria, Magni etc.) your bush sprite gets away. Seems like that skill remains, but feels like you are stuck. 4) Catnip Fruit or Basil: - Magical Doram Skills require Catnip Fruit for extra damage/debuff options. Question is, are those fruits implemented? I searched in kRO and bought Basil from the same Lasagna NPC, where I could buy Basil instead of Catnip Fruit: - Anyways, Basil is not consumed when related skills are used. Obviously. 5) Doram's official set and mtk overall: - Anyways. I've been playing magic type Doram with other players around last two days, and it makes me doubt whether Doram's status is working properly with Doram Official Sets. Idk, maybe it is bugged overall. But 2k deal with full set, even with DP is desperate :> Why ASPD gets lower when naked anyway? 6) Doram and Invisible wings issue: Someone has raised this problem before, but want to make clear that invisible wings on dorams is an official issue even in kRO. Sprite is set up in that way. Will be fixed someday~hopefully ^^ 7) Doram and @who2 issue: Doram is recognized as Rune Knight when searched with @ who2 Charname. 8) *Added* Doram and Badges: Lasagna NPCs dealing with cat badges in exchange to weapons/armor give out 2 badges e.a. However, in officials they give 2 badges for 100lvl gears/ 3 for 140lvl/ 4 for 175lvl gears: One of official forums (KOR):!/ko/KRO/post/240///1/0//106 Pls check and fix this, otherwise it is too slow to collect for exchanging into acc. which are necessary for catlikes Waiting for quick response and encouraging other players to fix doram race~ Otherwise it is such a troll char with enough reasons to be avoided :> PM me for any other questions.