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    [Rebellion] Dragon Tail can only be used with sphere ammunitions

    • Screenshot & Proof: Fixed
    • Skill Name Dragon Tail
    • Screenshot of the skill usage. See below
    • When you use this skill, which statuses are you in? No buff
    • When you use this skill, which equipments/ammos/accessaries do you wear? See below
    • When you use this skill, are you mounted/do you have push cart/do you have falcon? No
    • When you use this skill, what requirements do you think you need to meet? Have a grenade launcher equipped,have a "Dragon Tail Missile" item in inventory, have bullets equipped
    • When you use this skill, do you meet the requirements you think you need to meet? Yes, see below
    • What effects/behaviors do you expect the skill to have while it doesn't? I expect the skill to work with all kind of bullets but it shows the message "Please equip the proper ammunition first" unless you have sphere bullets equipped.
    • How you draw the conclusion that it doesn't have the effects you expect it to have? In a recent patch all grenade launcher spheres have been replaced by bullets in the gunslinger stores, implying that the bullets would replace the spheres as the grenade launcher ammunitions. The other Rebellion grenade launcher skill (Howling Mine) works with regular bullets (see below). Seems like an oversight to me but I could be wrong.


    Data :

    -gif of me trying to use the Dragon Tail skill with a regular bullet (fails), a freezing sphere (works) and a flare bullet (fails).


    -gif of me using the Howling Mine skill with regular bullets (no problem)


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      Fixed = The issue has been fixed and the resolution will be available in the next version.

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