• Lowered/missing DEF from equipment refines/upgrades on status window!

    • Fixed
    • Your Char Name : Uchiha Zantetsu
    • What did you EXACTLY do 1 minute before you saw this bug?: I was checking my stat window, what I usually do from time to time because I expect bugs like this to come every now and then, due to experience.
    • Describe the bug as much as possible. : Stat window missing def from equipment refines. It doesn't count them, and they must not be taking effect too! (Also, it now counts defense penalties from cards/gears such as porcellio card (minus 5 def), which I'm sure it didn't use to do before, and I'm not sure if that's a bug or an intentional update? please tell me.)
    • Give your source (why you think it's bug, according which website?) : no need for source, read description below and see attached proofs/screenshots above.
    • Have you tested? Yes, please read description below and see attached proofs/screenshots above.

    I noticed just now that I am missing 26 DEF (equip def when all my usual gears are equipped) on my gx's status window, you see I've been keeping records (lots of them), including records on my stats, specifically in case something like this happens, because bugs like this happen all the time. I asked Devo from in-game if he noticed the same, and he said his RG's def seemed low (207+138), when he casts prestige it's 207+356, when it should be +400-500 he says. I asked GM Lai about this, and he doesn't seem to know what caused it, it's definitely caused by changes from before, not today he says as he hasn't changed anything on the main server yet. I tested unequipping and re-equipping and counting, and it seems that it doesn't count the def from gear/equipment refines anymore BUT THEN it counts defense penalty from cards/equips (example: porcellio card def minus 5), WHICH IS UNUSUAL, because it didn't use to count def penalties from gears/cards before (Must be an update that I missed on changelogs? Is it? Please tell me, thanks.) and I know this for sure because if I count all my missing refines, it doesn't add up to 26 (which is the total def I'm missing compared to before) unless I count the 5 def penalty from porcellio card which means the old stat window didn't use to count penalties. I hope that didn't confuse you but that was important to note.

    See attached screenshots above showing 2 gears equipped : +4 gigantic bapho horns 10 def (+4 refine) and +4 nab cloth 45 def (+4 refine) with porcellio card minus 5 def, it should show "+58" def including the refines and the minus 5 def penalty from porcellio card, but it's only showing "+50." (missing 8 def from refines) Please fix this bug, unless this is not a bug but also an intentional update that I missed from the changelogs.

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    Why isn't anyone taking notice of this bug? Is this not an important issue???? It's missing def points for crying out loud! Not even the players give a damn about this??!

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    On 10/31/2017 at 10:34 AM, Inkfish said:

    Changed Status to Fixed

    what about the def penalty from porcellio card being counted on the stat window, is that an intentional update or a bug too? also is the missing def from gear refines just a visual bug or is it not taking effect too right at this moment ? thanks a lot

    update: oh nvm, it's back to normal now, exactly how it was before and I got all my missing def back, thanks!

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